This is your Brain on Games

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This is your Brain on Games - The science behind gaming that proves gamification and simulation make sense. Computer and video gaming… It’s a $25 billion dollar entertainment business per year which in 2010 sold over 257 million video and computer games.

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Celebrating Brain Awareness Every Day


Today, much has changed, as neuroscience has increasingly captured the headlines and fueled our imaginations with the possibilities of our own brains. Change Management practices have been dramatically enriched through the understanding of the brain’s reaction to change.

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MOOCs and Brain-Based Learning: The Perfect Combination?

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Over the past few years, there has also been a huge amount of new research into the brain basis of learning, which has lead to a host of new and more effective teaching strategies. We’ll also look at some ways to effectively implement brain-based learning in MOOCs. Brains like novelty.

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This Is Your Brain on Learning

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It’s no secret that there’s an ongoing change in how learning happens — and it’s in part due to leaps in our understanding of how the brain works. “We The growing body of research reveals fundamental things L&D professionals can do to make sure brain science is built in to learning.

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. to associate that content with the pre-existing schema in their brains, helping them to. As a busy L&D professional, you want to spend more. learning on business outcomes. true business impact.

MOOCs, Games, and the Brain

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Part of the problem is that the traditional models of education and training aren’t brain-friendly, meaning that they are completely removed from how people actually learn. Here are some ways MOOCs promote brain-friendly training programs: No more long boring lectures.

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3 Brain science insights about adult learning


Not so long ago people believed that we only use around 10% of our brain capacity and that once a neuron dies, the brain loses it forever. And neuroscience placed the 10% usage of the brain right next to the other erroneous beliefs.

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Motivation is More Important Than Information

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If root cause analysis reveals that a business’ employees “just don’t care,” all the information and training in the world won’t improve their job performance. When it comes to learning, motivation is critical for gaining attention and encoding new information in the brain.

The Science of Connection

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Now, new technology enables “hard” science to provide more evidence into how our brains work. And we can leverage that insight to build trusted business relationships, both internally and externally. The Relationships Business.

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Perchance to Dream – How sleep affects learning, memory and brain health


While your body and your conscious mind appear to zone out during sleep, your brain is still very active, and doing some amazing things. Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM) changes this pattern of slowly descending into lower and lower brain and body activity levels.

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Top 10 Benefits of Microlearning for business

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It can be of huge benefit to all learners, especially to adult learners and especially especially to unwilling- adult learners in a business environment: those who resent doing things like corporate training.

Why your Business needs an LMS for Performance Support


While businesses are investing time, money and effort to upskill their employees, but the harsh reality is – not all of the imparted knowledge is retained. Wondering how should businesses address this challenge? Are you aware how do employees in an organization learn?

Learning, Extended Brain and Topic Hubs

Tony Karrer

There's a bit of a back story, but I think it helps to paint the picture of a learning pattern that I'm finding myself using and the resulting topics hub and how they act as an extended brain. A few weeks ago, I was asked about presenting to the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association. I'm guessing that many of you, like me, have never heard of the National Speakers Association. It is my extended brain on the subject.

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4 Reasons to use video for business training


Many of today’s employees simply associate workplace learning with videos. 4 Reasons to use video for business training. This way, less experienced employees can pick their brains without interrupting them repeatedly.

Offline Marketing for Online Courses with High Ticket Ecommerce and Consulting Business Expert Sayan Sarkar


Learn about offline marketing for online courses with high ticket ecommerce and consulting business expert Sayan Sarkar in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Sayan Sarkar: Yeah, so it first evolved as a way … I got successful, my selling business.

“Brain Freeze: Does your eLearning System Cause Learning Paralysis?”

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However, the influx of information to an individual’s brain may prove to be debilitating to one’s decision making process or may result to learning paralysis for learners. A serious side effect is “ brain freeze.” In her study, volunteers’ brain activities were measured with an fMRI.

Brain Science: Assessments—a Powerful Tool in Your Training Arsenal by Art Kohn

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Mention “assessment” and many of us think of “tests,” and of the associated anxiety. and in business results. This can taint our thinking about. evaluation within the corporate environment. But in fact assessment is a valuable tool that can aid improvement in learning. Here is a quick review of the benefits. Design Strategies Getting Started Management Measurement Training Strategies

The Shoemaker’s Children – How Travel, Training and Social Learning Expand Your Mind


The hippocampus is a remarkable structure within the Limbic system , sometimes called the “midbrain,” referring to our understanding that it evolved in early mammals as a means of separating mammalian species from more primitive species with “reptilian” brains. Travel Wakes Up Your Lazy Brain.

eLearning Pet Peeves

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If their brains have to work overtime to figure out what they’re looking at or supposed to be doing, they’re not in a good state for learning. Once upon a time, we subjected you to “the worst eLearning course ever.”

Why the right content is key for propelling your business forward


During last week’s webinar , David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst at Brandon Hall Group (BHG) and Craig Wahl, Vice President of Client Experience at Axonify talked about the role content plays in corporate learning and how crucial it is for driving business outcomes. But, leaders have to first embrace this shift in mindset, before they can begin focusing on business impacts. He suggests focusing on the business result first. Fitted to a busy employee’s schedule.

Video games in business training? Don’t reject the idea just yet


Valuable information needed to be stored in the all-time amazing filing system that is the human brain. Having to remember and reproduce lines and rhymes is a great way for the brain to train memory formation. “The finding is a powerful example of how plastic the older brain is.”

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Curated Insights: The Human Side of Extracting Business Value from Information

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For decades, employees have attempted to collect and sort information, and management has sought to derive associated quantitative business value — largely to no avail. Big data and business intelligence are not enough. Measuring Business Value.

Higher Ed’s Commitment to Freedom of Inquiry Benefits Business

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It activates the same part of the brain that lights up, so to speak, when it experiences cognitive dissonance — that moment of mental distress, when, for instance, you’re being told one thing but see something that’s contradictory to it.

Learners Aren’t Robots: Put Emotion Back into Training

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After all, our brains have an easier time recalling memories that are linked to emotional events, regardless of whether they’re happy or upsetting. Taco Hut” is meant to be a generic sample name and does not reflect in any way on any business that may in fact have this name.

Axonify Solves the Employee Knowledge Problem


Maybe your store associates aren’t demonstrating your high standards of customer service. Maybe your employees aren’t following policies and procedures and are making mistakes that are putting your business at risk. Maybe you’re struggling to keep associates safe on the job.

LMS Demo Do’s and Don’ts

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The second buyer is a non-profit healthcare association providing continuing education to members and non-members. The best vendors are pulling me aside a week in advance and picking my brain on their demo strategy, most important drivers, compelling events, decision making criteria, etc.

Talking eLearning ROI

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Do you see an opportunity for your association or organization to get ahead of the curve and leverage its collective expertise to become an industry expert? When I help associations formulate their strategy, we create what I call “strategic strings.”

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5 Ways to use Insight About Your Noggin to Create Better Training


On May 17, I’ll be at the ATD Conference in Orlando, Florida participating in a panel discussion with Dr. Alice Kim—Research Associate at York University and the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest—and Jackie Morton—Manager, People Potential at Lululemon Athletica. It’s just business.”

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Mirror Neurons, Brain, Performance, Schools, eLearning, & Gladwell

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The brain learned new sensory-motor associations, and it is these associations that underlie the mirror neuron-like effect. Top 10 ways to un-bake your brain - jonathanfields - awake @ the wheel. My Unfashionable Legacy - strategy+business. Mirror Neurons -- Rock Stars or Backup Singers? Scientific American.

17 Awesome Resources on Micro Learning


Micro learning suits the constraints of the human brain with respect to its attention span. Micro learning is not a newly invented approach but rather a realization of how the human brain is wired to learn. Associations/Events/Meet-ups.

Axonify Solves the Employee Knowledge Problem


Maybe your store associates aren’t demonstrating your high standards of customer service. Maybe your employees aren’t following policies and procedures and are making mistakes that are putting your business at risk. Maybe you’re struggling to keep associates safe on the job.

Obama Kicks Off ATD 2018, Foreshadows Session Themes

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“Worry less about what you want to be and more about what you want to do,” said former President Barack Obama to learning and talent professionals from around the world at this year’s Association for Talent Development International Conference and Exposition.

Success Tip: Give Yourself a Break!


Trade publications, associations, conferences , and professional organizations all provide great learning opportunities. Your Brain is a Muscle – Treat it Like One. Your brain is a muscle. business

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The Knowledge Crisis: the signs are all around us


Take retail associates, for example. In the multi-channel retailing world, sales associates must know more than customers, who’ve likely done their homework before coming to the store. It’s a problem that’s only getting bigger.

LearningBinge: Meet Margie Meacham


Brain-aware Instructional design and performance improvement consultant Margie Meacham, “The Brain Lady,” is a scholar-practitioner in the field of education and learning and president of Learningtogo. Margie’s clients include businesses, schools and universities.

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Axonify Solves the Employee Knowledge Problem


Maybe your store associates aren’t demonstrating your high standards of customer service. Maybe your employees aren’t following policies and procedures and are making mistakes that are putting your business at risk. Maybe you’re struggling to keep associates safe on the job. Working with our customers, who are a combination of business leaders and learning visionaries, we’ve figured it out. Think about the biggest challenges you’re facing in your organization.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): " Visual Thinking, Imagery, and the Brain" (Eide Neurolearning Blog)

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Their post mentions and links to a PDF of an article in press, entitled " What Brain Imaging Can Tell Us About Embodied Meaning ," by Marcel Just. We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay