Big Brained: Smart Ways to Look at eLearning Development

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Ivan Bigney is an eLearning Brothers Custom Solutions Consultant and a regular in the local improv comedy scene here. Yes, And:” An Improviser’s View on Custom eLearning. Check out our events calendar to see what else we have planned for you.

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Talented Learning Greatest Hits – 2018 Edition

Talented Learning

Hard to believe, but the calendar doesn’t lie. ” At every turn, new issues, opportunities and solutions have been vying for the market’s attention. And what business benefits should you expect when educating customers or others outside of your organization?

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Implementation of Effective Blended Learning Program for Employee Onboarding


Induction programs are an integral part of the training calendar of any organization. However, it is a challenge to develop an effective induction program that covers distant geographies and conflicting learners’ schedules, and at the same time retaining the learners’ attention.

Zooming In on Purpose-Driven Microlearning

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That challenge is compounded by a diminished attention span. At Avanade, we rolled out the content most closely aligned to key business initiatives first with a calendar of planned content based on the evolving needs of the company.

Tips For Running Your Business Smoothly

Your Training Edge

The technological advancements and new opportunities available in the business world due to globalization have resulted in higher profits, new customer bases and innovative business models. You can use an online calendar to schedule projects, appointments, and deadlines.

The Success and (some) Failures of Gamification in Training and Learning


Gamification has received a lot of attention in the recent times, in both business and education. We carry our address book, e-mails, notes, calendar and so on, in one smartphone.

Increasing LMS utility with Learner Dashboards


The reporting function of new age LMSs also makes sure that there is room for customized reports that the learners can also utilize to take control of their learning. Visuals are important: Dashboards should be visually attractive to grab the attention of the learner.

Creating Impactful Learning: Experiences in the BFSI


We developed a game for a leading multi-national bank to train their sales staff on the ways of developing effective customer relations. ? The game had a series of activities to depict customers and their varied queries.

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Smart Habits

Clark Quinn

memos, tasks, contacts, calendar) and any other built-in features, but for me the real opportunity is the distinction between smartphone and the app phone as David Pogue calls it. The ability to customize the device with software that meets my particular interests and needs lets me configure with free or paid apps to get the capabilities I need. Pay attention to how a meeting is being run next time, or what the coaching process you are receiving (or not) is?

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Make eLearning Effective with these Top Mobile Learning Platforms 

Hurix Digital

Thus, it helps in the retention of learners, even if they have short attention spans. Mobile learning platforms can be integrated with calendars to enable pop-up notifications regarding any reminders related to the ongoing course. Customization. Customization.

Recent LMS Trends That Affirm The Continuing Increase Of LMS Popularity For Corporate Training


In addition to having more control and security of the platform, an on-premise learning management system also gives more room for customization – which is again a big benefit for larger organizations with specific learner needs.

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Sales Managers: Get More out of the Time You Have in the Field

Managers, make the most of your time in the field with custom coaching plans. You have a team member who needs to improve her listening skills and there’s a customer meeting on her calendar this week. Product reps can learn about enterprise customers from the account managers.

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3 Tech-Powered Tips to Improve Your Association’s Events

Web Courseworks

In this post, we’ll walk you through the top ways to enhance your association’s upcoming event calendar with tech solutions. In order to find the right event registration software to take care of your association’s needs, look for features like: Custom form builders.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | January 10, 2019

Mike Taylor

The Science of Attention and Engagement. Catch Julie Dirksen ( @usablelearning ) in this free ElearningGuild webinar reprising one of the best-rated, most popular sessions from the Learning Solutions Conference earlier this year: “The Science of Attention and Engagement”.

Make eLearning Effective with these Top Mobile Learning Platforms 

Hurix Digital

Thus, it helps in the retention of learners, even if they have short attention spans. Mobile learning platforms can be integrated with calendars to enable pop-up notifications regarding any reminders related to the ongoing course. Customization. Customization.

5 Amazing Features That Make UpsideLMS 5.0 So Desirable

Upside Learning

is an evident departure from the traditional LMS systems where mostly functionality is all that’s cared for and practically no attention is given to the User Experience (UX). Just over a week since we released UpsideLMS 5.0, and the interest it has generated in these few days is mindboggling!

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This Week in MakingBetter: Teamwork and Tough Questions


creating custom reporting and data visualization to go with the PDF Annotator Application they developed with Float Mobile. Marshawn to me on if he's surprised he didn't get the ball on the 1: "No. Because we play football. It's a team sport."

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3 Secrets Chick-fil-A Leaders Know About Culture That You Should Too


People cannot stop talking about their impeccable customer service or the fact they make more per store than any other fast food restaurant and they are closed on Sunday. It’s Not Just the Customer Experience.

Building a Middle School Flipped Classroom

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It is not in my personality to invest my time and energy into long-term planning and looking at when lessons will land on the calendar. The weekly calendar would not be determined by anything other than what students know and what students do not know. Customized paths means I need to write out detailed plans for every single student. Which student needs extra attention on a topic and which student needs to be pushed to explore more advanced topics?

Training & Development: How sensible is it to outsource?

Origin Learning

This was also a training program that was rolled-out globally,which meant delivering customized training for different learner segments was a challenge. also had a training calendar to help employees and partners plan their development schedules.

Product Review: Totara

eLearning 24-7

In the center of the screen is the “Featured Course” which is not to be mistaken with “My Course Completions” although if you are not paying attention you could easily assume it to be. But if you click the month “October” then it goes to the big calendar.

10 Tips To Create Online Training For Busy Employees


For example, how the online training course is going to help to improve their sales or customer service ratings. Create An Online Training Calendar. Integrate an online training calendar that features important deadlines and reminders.

Twelve Ways to Add Value to Open Source LMS Systems

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

I've been too wrapped up thinking about interactivity to pay attention to the pains learning managers must go through for making their Moodle implementations effective. Examples include news, events, calendar, assignments, course list etc. A well-customized Moodle can do that. The solution needed is a custom course reader with several lockdown levels (machine access lockdown, copy disable lockdown).

Why Technology Is Critical To Innovation In the Workplace


When we pay attention to how much time we actually spend in our inbox, the minutes can be daunting. helps you to better manage your calendar by eliminating meeting-tag over e-mail. Calendly syncs with your calendar, providing you with a link to share with others.

How to Design Workplace Learning Like a Pro – Start with These 5 Dangerous Questions


Or maybe your boss can’t stop talking about how great it would be to have some “online learning” about great customer service. It’s great that she calls you the “customer whisperer” because you’re so good at the job yourself, but now she wants you to build the learning she has in mind.

How to create effective online training courses on a budget

Your Training Edge

You can use old tutorials, resources sections, forum questions and answers, customer service responses, website blogs, etc. You can scale the repurposing of the old content by developing a process and content development calendar. Grab Attention using Stock Photos.

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Don’t Look Now, but We May Have Just Missed the Singularity


It is merely a meta observation of how my unique brain changed the way it pays attention to these fields as they have developed over time.

5 Hot Sales Trends of 2016

CommLab India

Another trip around the sun and the calendar year has almost come to an end. This is the integration of Sales and Marketing functions and refers to their alignment to ensure harmony in catering to the needs of customers. This way, customers feel relieved of the selling pressure.

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LMS Integration – What it Means and Why is It Important


Take as an example your customer relationship management system (CRM), like Salesforce. Rich data lies within each app you use in your organization and when that data communicates with your training software you gain a more comprehensive understanding of your team, partners and customers.

7 Tips To Create A Self-Paced eLearning Course


However, there must be a foundation they can build on, such as a customized eLearning plan. Many even feature group calendars, task trackers, and due date reminders to make the process more productive. Use subheaders, italics, and bolded fonts to grab their attention.

5 Traits of the Winning Salesperson

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Well-performing salespeople don’t push their products; rather, they add value to the customer. And, to do this, good salespersons offer the right solution that helps meet the goals of the customer. Good sales reps realize this and “study” the customer thoroughly before approaching him.

Daily Bookmarks 06/19/2008

Experiencing eLearning

“If you start with … hands-on activities and things that are fun, their attention is focused.&# Ideas for using social bookmarking for a portfolio, database of people, calendar of events, and more. You could build on this idea by posting the RSS feed from your custom tag to another site where you could control the look and feel. ZaidLearn: University Learning = OCW + OER = FREE!

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How to Create an Online Course (in 2020)


– Services & Customer Support Centers. – Customer Education (Marketing & Sales). Educating customers on the use of your product can bring in new leads, customers, revenue streams, or increase retention. Attention spans are getting lower.

The Perfect White Label LMS: A 10-point Checklist

Growth Engineering

1: Custom Logo. 2: Custom Colour Palette. 3: Custom Banners. The Academy LMS lets you use banners on the main dashboard to draw attention to specific training, or even important events in the company calendar. 5: Custom Email Alerts.

10 Things Great Leaders Do


Pay attention to these details, as it not only shows that you care but it will help them reach higher, with you guiding and supporting them along the way. Pay attention to signs. Keep your calendar open. 10 Things Great Leaders Do. By Debra Corey.

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