Downloading Captivate 2017

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Hi, I am unable to download Captivate 2017 due to the following ‘file missing’ error. The post Downloading Captivate 2017 appeared first on eLearning. Installer Product Download Question 64-bit support Adobe Captivate Adobe Captivate2017 Get Started question

Free Download: Lectora Interaction


Wendy Miller created a character dialogue interaction with two characters that you can download to use in your own course. Download this character dialogue interaction in the Trivantis Community now. Download Interaction. Blog Free Downloads

The Safety & Compliance Lookbook (Free Download)

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Click here to download the lookbook. Compliance Training e-Learning Safety Training free download safety safety & compliance Safety & compliance training is required by law, but it can have a greater purpose besides simply meeting a requirement.

Download Adobe Captivate Example Courses

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So, where can you go to get Captivate example courses with source files to download? In the link below, you’ll be able to download these source files. So, why not try downloading these Captivate example courses and start learning.

How to Create a Customer Training Strategy

Download this guide to learn some simple steps you can follow to set your team up for success. Click to download Want to develop an effective customer training strategy for your organization?

Serious Game Evaluation Worksheet (Free Download)

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We’ve put together a template for you to download so you can do your own game evaluations. Download the Game Evaluation Worksheet. Fill out the form below to download the Game Evaluation Worksheet for yourself.

Get a Head Start: 2017’s Most Downloaded Course Starters

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We took a look back at this year’s most downloaded course starters, broken down by authoring tool. Download for Captivate. Download for Storyline. Download for Lectora. Download for PowerPoint.

Course 143

Download Job Aid

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Download a Job Aid. This article explains how a learner may download a Job Aid. When you find the Job Aid you want, click on Download. Conclusion: You have successfully downloaded a Job Aid. The post Download Job Aid appeared first on eLearning.

Job 52

Online Learning Maker Faire Pre-Session Downloads

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The participants will download the trial software for each software we are going to discuss and get to experiment for 20 minutes on a small project and then move to the next station. If you don’t have audio software, you can download Audacity for free and us that software.

Download my slides from “Smarter Brains for a Smarter Organization,” Enterprise Learning Conference online


Download my PowerPoint slides: Smarter Brains For a Smarther Oganization – (smarter-brains.pptx). Downloads LearningToGo Blog Presentations & Videos

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Living up to the Promise of eLearning: Closing the Learning-Doing Gap

1 312-846-6656 Hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since the term “eLearning” entered the corpo- rate learning lexicon. And just in the last five years, the velocity at which new solutions have entered. the market has gone through the roof. We now.

Community of Practice and the TorranceLearning Download

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TorranceLearning has created a kind of community of practice that they call the Torrance Download. The Download is a time and place for people to come together to share experiences and ideas, with the intention of everyone learning something new. .

2017 Learning and Remembering Report (Free Download)

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The post 2017 Learning and Remembering Report (Free Download) appeared first on Bottom-Line Performance. Thank you to everyone who recently participated in our Learning and Remembering Survey.

Report 166

Free Download: Lectora Puzzle Interaction


Download the Photoshop template files in the Trivantis Community to create single-drop and multi-drop puzzles with your own images in your eLearning course today! Download Single-drop Interaction. Download Multi-drop Interaction. Blog Free Downloads

Product Launch Training Template (Free Download)

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The worksheet is available for free download here. If you have spent much time developing training to support product launches, you know that the need extends far beyond a single launch meeting.

How to Use Customer Training Data to Make Better Business Decisions

Download the guide now, and learn how to prove the value of your customer training programs You may think customer training is crucial to the success of your organization, but do you have the data to prove it?

Downloading Adobe Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate

I downloaded Captivate Release 2019 before realizing the course I was taken was using 2017. I have been trying to download 2017, however it is not going through. Is it because I have 2019 downloaded? The post Downloading Adobe Captivate 2017 appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Q&As Question "Elearning authoring tools" 508 compliance Accessibility question

4 Ways Serious Games Link to Learning (Free Download)

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The guide, titled 4 Ways Serious Games Link to Learning , is available as a free download. The post 4 Ways Serious Games Link to Learning (Free Download) appeared first on. A growing body of research supports the use of serious games in the workplace.

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The Corporate Learning Starter Pack (Free Download)

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Click here to download the starter pack! The status quo is no longer working in Learning & Development. Rapid authoring, agile learning design, game-based learning platforms and mobile have made their way into our field, along with other innovations.

Training Needs Analysis Worksheet (Free Download)

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You may fill out the form below and download it for free. Download our needs analysis worksheet. Download the Resource. We will send the download link via email.

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

1 312-846-6656 Hard to believe that it’s been almost 20 years since the term “eLearning” entered the corpo- rate learning lexicon. And just in the last five years, the velocity at which new solutions have entered. the market has gone through the roof. We now.

Download Sound Effects

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We're sorry, has closed. Please send an e-mail to support@ with questions or to receive more information

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Downloading Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate

Where do I find the download button for downloading the Adobe Captivate 2019 software? I have paid for my renewal, and have signed in, but no “download here” button is to be easily found. The post Downloading Captivate 2019 appeared first on eLearning. I was hoping the process would be far more intuitive, but cannot find it. 508 Compliance Accessibility Question 508 compliance Adobe Captivate question

Free Download: Course Development Plan Template

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Click the image below to download the template, or click here. I’ve been working in higher education for awhile now, and one thing that I always found helpful when working with faculty is to provide them with a template to guide their development.

Free E-Learning Storyboard Download

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The post Free E-Learning Storyboard Download appeared first on Oh That Rachel. e-Learning ELH Challenge Instructional Design Free DownloadHey look! A free thing! I created this storyboard with a few things in mind. Complexity – People needed to be able to read it, but without getting directions wrong. I added a lot of room for details. Articulate Storyline – I created this with Articulate Storyline in my head, but I’m sure it can […] Continue Reading.

How to Price and Package Customer Training

Download this guide to learn more To charge or not to charge? That is the question many customer training teams are facing today. The answer, however, is not always a straightforward yes or no.

5 great reasons to download the Kineo Insights Report today!

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The latest Kineo Insights report is hot off the PDF presses! Think of it as an early Christmas present - a stocking filled with insightful nuggets, analysis, and trends. Definitely worth the read over your morning cup of joe. What is the Kineo 2014 Learning Insights Report ?

Report 196

Technology Evaluation Checklist for Learning Professionals (Free Download)

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Download The Technology Evaluation Checklist. Download the Resource. We will send the download link via email. We are living in the digital revolution and, much like the industrial revolution, progress is truly exponential.

30 Day Learning Challenges now available as Taskbooks to download

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It is up to everyone to take responsibility for their own self-improvement and self-development in the modern workplace. It is said that it takes 30 days to establish a new habit, so the 30 Day Learning Challenges are intended to help you kick-start modern learning habits that will last a lifetime. Each … Social learning

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What to Do With the Longest Days of the Year? Download Lectora Templates, Of Course!

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” To that, I simply answer with the obvious, “Download as many Lectora Templates as you can get your hands on, my friend!” Download Lectora Templates, Of Course!

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR. FRONT-LINE MANAGERS 4FOREWORD We’re in business to help organizations. achieve their goals by making sure their. employees have the knowledge and skills. they need to succeed. Our experience. and research led us to identify that one.

Train the Trainer Tips: 7 Truths About Remembering (Free Download)

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You can download a complete guide to our 7 truths by filling out the form below. Download Our “7 Truths About Remembering” Need to Train some Trainers of your own? Download the Resource. We will send the download link via email.

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The Ultimate Customer Training Program Checklist (Downloadable PDF)


And because of this, we’ve decided to create and share a downloadable “Customer Training Program Checklist”. DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST. This downloadable document contains a list of areas to consider and review before you launch your training, including: Awareness and Promotion.

PDF 59

Can I Add a Downloadable Document into a Rise Course?

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In our very first Articulate 360 class, we were posed with an interesting question: “Can I add a downloadable document to a Rise course?” In this entry, we’ll focus on utilizing your own website or Google Drive to host documents that your learner can readily download.

Selling Your Training Online is Easier Than You Think [Plus Bonus Download]


The post Selling Your Training Online is Easier Than You Think [Plus Bonus Download] appeared first on Administrate. Does the thought of making the switch to selling your training courses online send shivers down your spine? The fact is, the transition doesn’t have to be painful and the potential benefits are huge. In a recent survey, we discovered that 33% of training companies sampled have yet to make Read More. Published on November 3, 2016.

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[eBook] How to Market Customer Training

Download this guide and learn how to keep your content at the top of students' minds using email marketing, social channels and other effective strategies Want to increase awareness of your course offerings?

Bonus Learning Styles Report Free to Download

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Bonus Learning Styles Report Free to Download. cori-miller. Thu, 09/20/2018 - 11:00