mLearning: Smartphone statistics and the impact they have on learning

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We have isolated a few of the statistics to highlight why understanding this is important for mlearning. Statistics are based on UK analysis of smartphone users. Statistic 1. When we talk about efficiency in learning the statistics are very important. Statistic 2.

10 Astounding Statistics about Online Video

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Customers that watch videos of products or services are 85% more likely to make a purchase (Making video 6 times more effective than print and direct mail). 9. 37% of total Internet usage is video streaming. Online video has gotten big – but seeing just how big it’s gotten may surprise you. And, it’s just going to continue growing! Here are 10 standout stats about online video that are bound to astound you. 1.

Are Digital Textbooks More Effective for K-12 Curriculum


Surely, students must have demonstrated a liking towards eBooks or there must have been statistical evidence of students scoring better grades when learning from digital textbooks. There are many reasons as to why K-12 students must leverage digital textbooks in their learning journey; portability and cost-effectiveness being two of the major factors inspiring this change. Let us have a look at why digital textbooks are more effective for K-12 curriculum: 1.

It’s Showtime! How to Enhance Conference Learning With Online Video

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Consider these statistics: Online video consumption will represent more than 80% of all internet traffic by the end of this year. Video may be everywhere we look these days, but effective educational footage doesn’t just appear out of thin air.

Effective Learning – Musings from the UnConference

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This blog post is a summary of the “ Effective Learning ” stream of the Learning Cafe UnConference which was led by Bob Spence. Bob argued that the accountability for learning effectiveness does not rest with the learning and development function solely.

Top 6 Types of Content and Perks to Offer Your Members

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Slipping engagement statistics can be a serious warning sign for your organization! We’ve outlined 6 of the most effective types of content, digital activities, and other perks to offer your members: eLearning Opportunities. Streaming video thank-you messages.

The Impact of Declining Enrollments

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics , “While total undergraduate enrollment increased by 37 percent between 2000 and 2010 (from 13.2 Enrollment at 4-year institutions is projected to be 2 percent lower in 2027 than in 2016, as reported by the National Center for Education Statistics. A less traditional revenue stream is coming from those universities with established brand loyalty.

Why Your Existing E-Learning is Failing, and How MOOCs Can Help

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According to recent statistics, 80% of organizations offer online training and companies that have adopted e-learning have realized significant benefits, including 60% reduction in training time.

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7 Shocking Ways the Internet of Things Has Changed e-Learning Process

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Nowadays, students are asked to use the internet to find answers to questions including the adding of statistics and data. For instance, companies such as work with experts who can do it fast and effectively.

Is Your Lesson Like the Sinking Titanic? - Tip #131

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How can we help learners cut through blocks of statistical information in intellectually and emotionally engaging ways? Ideas to Try Start with a short conclusion Give learners what they need to learn or start with shocking statistics. Are we still capable of human wisdom?

Making the case for content curation

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These schemas make sense of the thousands of cause and effect relationships that underlie any specialist activity. If they’re subjected to a continual stream of unstructured new information, they’ll inevitably suffer overload.

Why Your Employees Get Frustrated With eLearning (and How to Fix It!)

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If you want your introduction to capture their imagination, you should: Surprise them with a fascinating fact or statistic. Loading students with too much information will have a less than desirable effect.

Writing & Grammar: More Confusing Words

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The boyscout enjoyed his celebrity/notoriety after saving the little dog from the stream. In the aftermath of the election, one clear winner was statistics. And here are your results, statistically speaking:  Correct Answer. Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents.

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Using a Learning Video for eLearning

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If you aren’t using video in your eLearning, you are likely missing out on a powerful tool for effective learning. Let’s start with some statistics about videos. Cost-effective. It is the most effective way we learn.

Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 5

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This article talks about many such startling statistics. But exactly how the digital wallet will become main stream is still up in the air.

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Why Should Employees Pick Your Company?

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Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the Society for Human Resource Management reports there could be a shortfall of 20 million workers over the next 20 years. At the same time, it helps people perform more effectively in their current jobs.

Free L&D webinars for January 2019

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Coaches are especially aware of the power of accountability in working with others, as holding clients accountable to their own agendas is one of the key ingredients in effective coaching engagements. And it would be ideal for just-in-time learning, if only it could be effectively searched.

Use of E-Learning in Hospital Training


It personalizes the training experience and allows timely feedback while being cost effective at the same time. E-Learning is More Effective Than Traditional Methods. Usually, it is live training but it can also be saved and viewed later, which is as useful as the live stream itself.

5 Popular Ways to Increase Conversion Rates with Video

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And with 5G wireless connections about to stomp the gas pedal on streaming and data transfer speeds video will become even more important. But, what if there was a way to make digital ads even more effective? They also tend to grab attention more effectively than static images.

Using an LMS to Support Blended Learning

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This is an important yet seemingly obvious point to make, automation in the delivery of training is not compulsory however it does provide a number of advantages: If configured correctly it is effectively infallible.

How Apple Killed Flash for eLearning (and What to do with All That Non-Compatible Courseware)


Thanks to new platforms like HTML5, Apple users happily stream movies, games, and other multimedia on their tablets and phones without the use of Flash. percent are using the platform, according to web statistics site W3Techs.

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

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Typically, groups tied closely to profit centers are considered essential to serve efficiently and effectively. These sponsors require learning solutions that drive revenue streams and improve or accelerate revenue-related processes. What to include in an effective augmentation plan.

Free L&D webinars for October 2017

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017, 11AM – 12PM PT: Why Aren't B2B Sales Presentations Effective? And How to Fix Yours This session is geared specifically toward helping sales managers and sales professionals create more effective and more persuasive B2B sales presentations.

Association Learning Systems: Why and How to Invest in a Specialized LMS

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1) Increased Revenue Streams. Effective association learning systems facilitate delivery and tracking of all these learning activities, including related purchasing transactions. These days, no LMS can effectively operate as a standalone application.

Writing & Grammar: More and More Confusing Words

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The  Boy Scout  enjoyed his  celebrity  after saving the little dog from the stream.  The statistical analysis is interesting this week, as several words proved to be no challenge: everyone correctly answered  led ,  soundly  and  latest. Join her online and learn about  Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts  and  eLearning: Writing Step-by-Step Scripts and Training Documents.

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3 Ways to Show Your Organization How Valuable You Really Are


From course completion statistics to learner assessment data, having a clear portrait of the success (or failings) of your CME courses is key to the future success of your program.

Learning in your Pocket!!

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It is important to note that this statistic does not include browser access – therefore time on the smartphone per day is much higher! The most interesting statistic was the browser usage. This is interesting for 2 specific reasons: 1) smartphone devices provide immediate access to the internet on the move; and 2) content/information delivery on mobile browsers must be effective for the end-user otherwise they wouldn’t use it. Introduction.

Scaling with eLearning: How & Where to Grow


But how can you scale your eLearning investment effectively? Video streaming of the manager/tutor, along with active, live comments from session viewers, allows for learners to benefit from a more social, interactive learning experience.

Which Learning Content Trends Matter Most to You?

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I’ll discuss preliminary statistics at the August 22nd webinar , but we’ll keep the poll open until November 30th, so we can include more responses in our annual trends analysis next January.

How To Use Visual Communication and Why It Matters

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You know what I’m talking about: That seemingly eternal stream of emails, meetings, phone calls and desk drop-bys we go through trying to get a particular project or document approved. This infographic outlines some interesting statistics—only 10-20% of text (or spoken word) is recalled.

Content Marketing 101

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Indeed knows that its visitors don’t just visit the site to search for jobs, but that they also want to see deeper statistics that reflect the state of their job hunt and the health of their industry. (Guest post from Adria Saracino, head of outreach at digital marketing agency Distilled.).

Tips for Adding Visuals to Your Social Media

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According to video statistics released by Adobe, “shoppers who view video are 1.81 Don’t increase your number of or frequency of posts, but rather, increase the effectiveness of your posts. Video is HOT right now! Like, on fire.

Security for WordPress Websites with Kathy Zant from Wordfence Security Plugin


Some statistics show that over 50% of small businesses that get hacked have serious effects on their business due to the downtime or damage to the company’s reputation.

Five Reasons You Can’t Ignore Gamification

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The challenge now is in understanding why gamification is so effective and how to introduce it seamlessly into an organization. Gaming offers an immediate cause and effect. However learning leaders spin it, gamification is a fast, effective and fun way to train and motivate employees.

Unlock the Next Wave of Productivity

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And one in three are concerned that skill shortages will impact their company’s ability to innovate effectively. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, nearly half of the U.S. An effective enterprise learning strategy is fundamentally aligned with other functional strategies within an organization: information, technology and product. • More effective and efficient employee networks.