The Twitter Chat Conundrum (Part One)

Learning Rebels

My name is Shannon and I used to be a twitter chat addict. Seriously, it was nothing to participate on some level in no less than three twitter chats a week. However, there is something happening with the state of twitter chats that is making me less engaged than in years past, and has put me in a bit of a conundrum. In this two-part post, I am going to tackle the biggest issues I feel are affecting twitter chats today. Twitter chats used to make me think.

The Twitter Chat Conundrum (Part Two)

Learning Rebels

Last week our conversation centered around the twitter chat. How twitter chats, in general, may be improved and I have to say the response was great. If CSI can do it, surely we can make it happen in twitter chats? ” Which will be the first “Learning” chats to create a cross over event and connect their participants? A modern day intellectual salon is how I always viewed twitter chats. As Kim says here : “I enjoy my Twitter chats.


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Social Learning: An explanation using Twitter

Jane Hart

In preparation for a short, Twitter event (#t4sl) I am involved in this afternoon, I’ve updated my (2010) presentation: Social Learning: An explanation using Twitter. View the story "Twitter for Social Learning" on Storify]. Here’s a Storify of our live chat. Social learning

L&D-related Events for April

Mike Taylor

Over the course of the past year, I’ve been working on a searchable, easy-to-use listing of L&D-related conferences and events. While there are a lot of great events happening in our field it feels like you’ve gotta check a zillion different places to find them all. I’m sure this isn’t 100% complete, so if you see a conference or event you think belongs on this list you can add it via this quick and easy submission form.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-09-11

Jane Hart

This looks interesting Consumerization of IT online event on 11 October [link] Follow @ CO_IT_event for more info #. Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterDon’t forget to hear The Truth About Social Learning [link] with @ janebozarth #. Learning the game of social media – – [link] #. RT @ EdenTreeToolkit : Jane Hart @ C4PLT talks about working and learning smarter ahead of her # LEARNINGLIVE session: [link] #.

Twitter Chats in Education

TechSmith Camtasia

If you’re on Twitter , you may have come across hashtags or people talking about participating in chats. Twitter chats in education are popular because they give educators an easy way to participate in a community around a specific topic that matters to them. Twitter chats can happen on any topic, but today I’m going to talk about some education-specific chats coming up. For those unfamiliar with Twitter chats, first things first! What is a Twitter chat?

Join us! Snagit contest on Twitter: #TuesdayswithSnagit

TechSmith Camtasia

Check the Twitter widget below…. TuesdayswithSnagit combines weekly themes, quick thinking, deadlines, and color commentary into a social contest on Twitter. Second, they use Snagit to add color commentary and annotations before uploading their picture to Twitter, sharing it with everyone. To get up and running, you will need a Twitter account and a copy of Snagit. On Tuesday, share it on Twitter by 6pm ET using the same #TuesdayswithSnagit hashtag.

Twitter can Support and Enhance the Impact of Instructor-led Learning: 3 Popular Ways


It is evident that web-based tools, such as Wikis, Blogs, Podcasts, Videocasts and Media sharing sites and social messaging sites like Twitter, can create collaborative knowledge with the concerted efforts of all learners. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform for sharing different types of media files along with short and concise text, which can contribute to interaction in the classroom and improve the quality of knowledge imparted.

2 Stupidly Simple Ways to Use Twitter For Training


Millions of people enjoy twitter for social or leisure purposes, but it can also add a little variety into your training. Here are three different possible ways to integerate twitter into your next learning event. Since twitter timestamps tweets, you can see which right answer was submitted first. There are certainly more ways to use twitter. In fact, there are plenty of unique apps that integrate with twitter that enhances its functionality for specific task.

Working with Your Audience’s Learning Styles Part 3: Post Event Digital Strategy


But If your post-event strategy doesn’t invite attendees to the next level in their development you’ve done it all for naught. Develop a robust digital strategy to extend the impact of your event. After a successful event, you may be tempted to flood your timeline with photos. Twitter: choose a hashtag and host a Twitter chat where professionals can tune-in the same time each week to discuss topics related to your industry.

Twitter Learning

Tony Karrer

Saw a tweet this morning from @willrich45 ( Will Richardson ): Reading: " Why Most Twitter Users Give Up " Interesting how edTwitterers use it for learning, unlike most, it seems. This is a big meme right now based on a Nielsen study that resulted in the blog post: Twitter Quitters Post Roadblock to Long-Term Growth. I enrolled about a year ago ( Twitter Status ) and I've personally struggled a bit with the purpose, value, etc.

Tips for Successful Event Capture


Between the venue, speakers, catering, and marketing, associations spend millions of dollars each year hosting continuing education events and conferences. Here, I share wisdom from the team to help you avoid these mishaps for a successful event capture …. Before Your Event. Most of an event planner’s heavy lifting is going to take place well in advance of the event. Post Event.

Why I don't like Twitter

Learning Rocks

I like Twitter very much. Backchannel I follow a lot of people from different arenas, but the only ones who consistently use Twitter to amplify what they are hearing in a conference are those in the learning technology industry. Twitter, with it's low barrier to entry and ability to work on all manner of devices, makes an ideal platform for taking this notion of the "backchannel" anywhere. This is Twitter 90% of the time. This is Twitter as a backchannel.

Getting Granular with Twitter

Learning with e's

The first, 'Getting Granular with Twitter' was a paper primarily written by my old friends in Austria, Martin Ebner and Sandra Schaffert and their colleagues, and a very good job they did of making sense of Twitter as a conference back channel and event amplifier. I hope you find the slides useful: Getting Granular on Twitter View more presentations from Steve Wheeler. I recently presented two papers at the World Computer Congress in Brisbane, Australia.

Gaming with the Nine Events of eLearning

Integrated Learnings

At one point, the training project team discussed how to include Gagne’s nine events of instruction in each game, or whether it was even necessary to do so. For me, pondering that question reinforced the brilliance of using game for learning – games address most of the instructional events inherently. Would you agree that the nature of a learning game’s design inherently accomplishes most of these instructional events? By Shelley A. Gable.

Games 132

Twitter: Le triple filtre

Learning with e's

I've been discussing the merits of Twitter as a professional social network recently in conversation with colleagues. One of the regular objections to using Twitter professionally is that there is too great a noise-to-signal ratio. In other words, people are reluctant to get too deeply involved with Twitter because they think they will be swamped with people talking about what they had for breakfast, how their cat was sick on their auntie Bessie, or other niff naff and trivia.

The State of Virtual Events


As we have mentioned, part of that content delivery strategy should absolutely include live online events to meet the needs of all member preferences. In Tagoras’s recently launched Virtual Events Report 2018 , sponsored by Community Brands, we learned that 81.6 percent of survey respondents stated that the primary reason they have held a virtual event is to expand their reach to learners who would otherwise not attend place-based events.

Twitter Mass Follow - Nevermind

Clark Quinn

I saw that Tony Hirst has posted a pipe that aggregates the twitter posts (tweets) from the learning professionals that Jane identified. They r still in beta and improving fast GeekMommy: Only I could somehow accidentally end up with 2 Twitter Moms profiles. You know I'm trying to pretend that it doesn't mean I spend too much time twittering! ;) chrisbrogan: Can't even dent my inbox. The past year has been a whirlwind! :) An aqua-blue Twitter whirlwind.

Travel, tracking and Twitter

Learning with 'e's

Within the hour, KLM were on Twitter, responding to my tweet. Twitter is quite a powerful communication tool, but don't just take it from me. An article on the BBC News site also shows why it pays to complain on Twitter. Twitter is seen by many as a valid indicator of public emotional and political temperature. baggonise customer relations higher education opinion mining sentiment tracking Technology Twitter viral content

Track 46

Captivate Twitter Widget- download it now on Captivate Exchange!

Adobe Captivate

The Captivate twitter widget is now live on Captivate exchange ! You can see a quick demo of the twitter widget in a previous post here: [link]. The demo shows how an eLearning course has been integrated with Twitter to enable collaborative learning. The twitter widget allows the users to collaborate with their fellow students even in an asynchronous elearning setting; and also catalyzes teacher-learner interaction.

Incorporating Sponsors Into Your Live Online Events: A Win-Win!


According to the 2018 Tagoras Virtual Events Report , 72 percent of the organizations that have held virtual events in the past didn’t incorporate sponsor or exhibitor fees. It’s hard to believe, considering how crucial sponsors and exhibitors are for hosting in-person events like conferences and annual meetings. . Rotating Slides: Many live event platforms offer the opportunity to show pre-event rotating slides before the program begins.

Education events in June: UBtech, CanFlip, FlipCon, and ISTE

TechSmith Camtasia

Be sure to stop by and say hi, give us a shout in the comments below, or chat us up on Twitter. View our full calendar of events. Connect with us on Twitter: Matt Dennis | Sam Curcuruto | Jo Sutka. Follow the conversation on Twitter with #CanFlip14. FlipCon is an onsite and virtual event for and by flipped educators. Learn more about this event in Flipped Learning Network Executive Director, Kari Arfstrom’s blog post.

Twitter Tips for Your Business


If you’re just beginning with Twitter, it can be daunting trying to keep up with the 24/7 activity. These apps help you organize, schedule, and analyze your Twitter. There are countless sites out there to help you manage Twitter, but we’ll tell you about three of the most popular and useful. . In addition to allowing you to schedule Tweets to be posted at a later time, TweetDeck has a strong focus on customizing your Twitter experience.

Learning from mistakes: the London Fishbowl event write-up


Learning from mistakes: the London Fishbowl event write-up. The event was organized again by Trent Rosen form PSK Performance who runs Fishbowl events on a regular basis ‘at home’ in Australia. The Dorchester Academy hosted the event in one of their fantastic meeting rooms. Fishbowl Fishbowl event? Stigma, mistakes and language So, the topic of this event was ‘removing the stigma of learning from mistakes’. Events Trends online learning trends

Twitter Digest for 2011-05-17

Jane Hart

link] — 6 Steps to Finding The Twitter Chat That's Right For You | BlogHer #. Infographic: College Students – Is Twitter Hurting Your Grades? 11 Twitter tools you (probably) don't know about [link] <some good ones here! #. Lemonade Day is a nation-wide event that teaches kids the skills they need to be successful in the future. Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet.

How to create social buzz at a learning event

Jane Hart

In Jeff Bullas’s recent post, 9 ways to create and share social media content at an event , he described how you might use the following 9 social tools to encourage participation in an event (in this case a fashion show). Twitter. I think this post is just as relevant to create buzz around and involve others in a LEARNING event too – whether it be internal or external, large or small, conferences, seminars, or workshops. Tweet.

Twitter and Webinars

Tony Karrer

Many of the participants are Twitter users who are becoming used to chatting via twitter. have a chat stream happening and there's one going on via twitter. Presentation Mastery: Twitter as a Presentation Resource There are lots of good suggestions in these, but they don't really address the issue of how to present when the audience may be splitting their chat between the webinar tool and twitter. Twitter Chat Annoying?

4 Hot Trends to Boost Fundraising Event Engagement and Revenue


As you begin to plan your 2019 fundraising events, we’ve got just the thing to get your creative juices flowing! Run an “Un-Gala” Event . The “un-gala” type of event, as deemed by Chicago’s Innovation Awards, is popular with Millennials who typically find a more laid-back event to be fun and engaging. Finding a unique venue in your area that can accommodate your event is a great alternative to ballrooms, conference centers, hotels, and restaurants.

Juice 40

Emphasizing the “Doing” in the Nine Events of Instruction

Integrated Learnings

We know that Robert Gagne’s nine events of instruction is a helpful guide for designing engaging eLearning. At a glance, it may seem as though the first five events are telling-oriented, or invoke passive learning tactics. And then the grand finale of hands-on activities begins at the sixth event. For a quick overview of the nine events, click here.). If we’re clever about our design, every event can actively engage learners. By Shelley A. Gable.

#TalkTech Guest Host RJ Jacquez Discusses Benefits of “Flipped” Approach to Twitter Chats in Weekly Podcast

Bottom-Line Performance

#TalkTech , BLP’s weekly Twitter chat on all things learning and technology related, has become one of our favorite weekly events. As RJ mentioned in his podcast, the Twitter chat proves to be an excellent tool for organizations to share ideas and interact. In the past, we would have needed to reserve a conference room or host a call… now we can just gather on Twitter.

10 Sales Engineering Experts You Should Be Following on Twitter


While you probably won’t meet too many high-profile sales engineers personally, the magic of Twitter enables you to connect with them on a day-to-day level. Follow his Twitter for useful sales articles and the occasional funny personal story. Nick was once an actor on Australian TV and you can follow him on Twitter to read about his SE experiences. Vik continually engages with other users on Twitter, replying with his own opinions on industry news and trends.

Don’t Let Virtual Events Scare You!


What do all these things have in common: ghosts, zombies, werewolves, virtual events, witches, and vampires? According to the 2018 Tagoras Virtual Events Report, there are still organizations with concerns about embracing the online event format. percent of survey respondents see one or more significant barriers to offering a virtual event. I recommend finding a solution that can support live event hosting, along with on-demand, in the same platform.

Collaborative learning using Captivate and Twitter

Adobe Captivate

captivate , twitter , collaborative learning , adobe learning summit , devlearn. Tags: Conferences and events I’ve finally managed make a decent recording of my session at the Adobe Learning Summit. The session was titled ‘Collaborative learning using Captivate and Twitter’- and showcases a new idea around how we believe Captivate courses of the future can help bridge the gap between 'Classroom based training' and eLearning.

Anatomy of an eLearning Lesson: Nine Events of Instruction

Integrated Learnings

One of the more popular models is Robert Gagne’s nine events of instruction. Here are the events: Gain attention. You might also be interested in our page on Facebook or Twitter feed. By Shelley A. Gable. You’re tasked with outlining an eLearning lesson. You’ve analyzed your content and audience, and you have a clear understanding of what learners need to be able to do by the end of the lesson. But how do you avoid designing a lesson that’s little more than a basic info dump?

Lesson 160

Why You Should be Using Twitter as a Learning Tool


Twitter is starting to be utilized in classrooms and virtual-learning situations to supplement and encourage a shared learning experience. Twitter is a 140-character microblogging site. But Twitter isn’t just a casual experience shared among friends. Here are five ways Twitter can be an effective learning tool in your classroom: 1. Twitter is an excellent way to get students involved in a larger conversation. Professionals in every industry are on Twitter.

How Twitter Changed the eLearning Community with Conversations

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

As I was thinking about it I began to remember other Twitter tools like the open source TwitterCamp we used at live events to display the twitter stream. In the beginning You can find out more about the start of twitter by just Googling it. The Business Insider has a good article titled The Real History of Twitter. Here''s another good article from SocialNomics titled The History of Twitter. Twitter launched in 2006. Twitter became a big deal.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-07-17

Jane Hart

One Million Registered Twitter Apps [link] via @ twitter #. Twitter is the newest tool for self-published stories, from FastCompany [link] #. Running a Successful Yammer Event [link] via @ Yammer #. Why I Still Prefer Twitter Over Google+ (Way More) | [link] <I agree, simplicity is the key #. Following Twitter (an infographic) via @ techcrunch [link] #. Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet.