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Points, Levels, Badges and Pipe Dreams

Adobe Captivate

If that’s the case it seems like this is either an oversight in the incentive program or a pipe dream. The post Points, Levels, Badges and Pipe Dreams appeared first on eLearning. Does anyone have any information on the matter? Is there anyone who has more info on this or can help me get my first couple of projects published?

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Learning Analytics Teams: Are They a Pipe Dream or Reality?


Implementing your learning analytics strategy requires people, technology, and budget. In this post, we focus on the people who create, organize, and evaluate learning analytics.

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Lockout Tagout Training Saves Lives

ej4 eLearning

A maintenance person working on a pipe gets a blast of steam when a nearby valve automatically vents. An employee works to clear a jam on a conveyor belt, only to have their hand crushed when the conveyor belt suddenly lurches back to life. An electrician working on faulty wiring gets a nasty shock.

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Rustici Engine 23: Building up the foundation with even more support

Rustici Software

You and your partner have been going over swatches for months, figuring out whether you should go with shiplap or maple, and you can’t quite figure out where that pipe is going. support along with other LRS improvements Like a rusty pipe that keeps squeaking, “xAPI 2.0 pipe flowing.

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The L&D Detective: Solving Performance Mysteries with Mager’s Flowchart

Mike Taylor

Mager and Peter Pipe, is a widely used step-by-step guide that helps L&D professionals diagnose performance issues and determine the most effective solutions. In this blog post, we’ll break down Mager’s flowchart, explain why it’s so helpful, and highlight the benefits of using it in your L&D practice.

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What Is Corporate Safety Training? Everything You Need To Know

Roundtable Learning

Once located, learners walk over to the manhole and tap their screen to place a pipe specific to that location. After the pipe is placed, learners explore what kind of pipe it is, see the connection type, and see a 3D visualization of the pipe underground.

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Arvine Pipe and Supply Co.

E-learning Uncovered

Bruno's Marketplace offers gourmet food products from Northern California, including Bruno's Wax Peppers, Sierra Nevada Chileno Peppers, Waterloo BBQ Sauce, Bruno's

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