Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

This month's LCBQ is What are your Predictions and Plans for 2011? Tony Bates - eLearning Outlook for 2011 1. Of course, you can’t look at learning in 2011 without mentioning mobile learning. My Predictions So with all of that as a lead up.

2011 Predictions

Clark Quinn

For the annual eLearn Mag predictions, this year I wrote: I think we’ll see some important, but subtle, trends. The eLearning Mag predictions should be out soon, and I strongly encourage you to see what the bevy of prognosticators are proposing for the coming year. Deeper uses of technology are going to surface: more data-driven interactions, complemented by both more structured content and more semantics.

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eLearning Predictions for 2011 and Beyond

Web Courseworks

Some very interesting topics came up in the facilitated Think Tanks, and I wanted to share some of the predictions that were developed from these active group discussions regarding where eLearning will go in the next ten years.

2012 eLearning Predictions and How to Cope

Web Courseworks

With 2011 nearly behind us, I’d like to look ahead to the New Year and share my predictions for the eLearning industry and how to cope with the changes. eLearning 2012 Predictions distance learning elearning eLearning Design eLearning Management Jon Aleckson Patti Shank predictions social media Technology Web Courseworks

My E-learning predictions and plans for 2011 #LCBQ

Challenge to Learn

On that community he runs a series of post regarding ‘The big question’ The question of the month is: What are your Predictions and Plans for 2011? My predictions. I don’t think that 2011 will be a year of great transformations but these changes will slowly gain importance. 2011 Moving from the LMS to the workplace. 2011 will be a crucial year for easygenerator. Kasper Spiro: My E-learning predictions and plans for 2011 #LCBQ.

eLearning & mLearning: It's All Happening--And Faster Than You Think

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

It's that time of year again so the 2011 Horizon Report has been released with some interesting insights on just how far we've come in a year. I would say that this prediction is spot on-if not even a little behind the times. by AJ George.

mLearning: The Time is Now

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

"However, after nearly 10 years of predicting that m-learning will go mainstream, we're finally seeing enough momentum now that it really is going mainstream, and it's driven by the consumer market."

Top 5 eLearning Skills for 2011

eLearning Weekly

I focus here on what I think are the top skills for elearning now, in 2011. Instead, when looking to hire, I think managers are going to care more about these job skills, my top skills for elearning in 2011. What are the skills you need to land an elearning job?

Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

mLearning Trends

How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions? It’s time once again to take stock of what happened in enterprise mobile learning and see if any of my 2011 predictions hit their intended targets. Prediction #1 - mLearning Engagements Expand. Prediction #2. a.k.a.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2012

mLearning Trends

As in the past, this year’s list includes predictions across a gamut of new technologies, consumer/buyer trends plus a few anticipated seismic shifts in the world of business that should collectively reshape the landscape for the adoption and accelerated growth of mobile learning for businesses. So, in no certain order, here are my predictions… 1.

What does 2011 look like for consultants?

Spark Your Interest

2011 is 1/12th over and thanks to my exalted status as thought leader (!!) for the BQ, I am compelled to write my predictions for 2011. Others have put together a ton of great predictions already. For those of you who are independents, here are my predictions for you (us). Prediction #1 – Lots of consultants will try to incorporate social media into their practice and tell their clients their expertise includes that.

Horizon Report 2011 – Electronic Books And Mobiles

Upside Learning

The Horizon report for 2011 has been published and is available for download. This year, the predict mainstream adoption of electronic books and mobiles. I’d referred to last year’s report in one of my posts at the time.

My 1-liners from ElNet 2011

E-Learning Provocateur

Lisa Vincent – well actually, Lisa’s guest – claimed the responsible investment approach predicted something bad was going to happen to BP. Last week I attended ElNet’s Workplace E-learning Congress in Sydney.

Feedback Essential for Video Games and Learning

Kapp Notes

Feedback in a classroom or in an online learning module…usually not so constant, predictable or helpful. One of the features video games, board games and other types of games have over traditional learning environments is the frequency and intensity of feedback.

Video 140

LMS: Build Vs Buy – A Decision Paradigm

Upside Learning

An off-the-shelf LMS does offer greater predictability with respect to the overall implementation time. Off-the-shelf LMS offers greater predictability to plan the roll out.

2012: The Year of Learning in a Social Business

Jane Hart

Year End Musings, Reflections, Predictions and Thoughts: Part Two

Kapp Notes

In Bloomsburg, the year 2011 will always be known as the year of the big flood until, of course, we have another big flood. Out and About predictionThe Great Flood (Metaphor). But this year’s flood was bad, the water covered over 25% of the town of Bloomsburg, houses were lost and people were wiped out. They lost everything. The university was closed for a week due to the flooding of the town. It was and continues to be very sad.

Mobile Learning Revolution – Round-Up Of Our Best mLearning Posts

Upside Learning

Today, mLearnCon 2011 opens it doors to hundreds of visitors from in and around the US. Over the last three years there have been various predictions, ranging from pessimistic to optimistic, about the role that mobile learning will play in the world of learning.

eLearning Startup Opportunities

Tony Karrer

I'm very much looking forward to hearing from the speakers and panelists, but I thought I would use this as an opportunity to both respond to this month's #LCBQ ( 2011 Predictions ) and to prepare for the session.

mLearning marches ahead: new trends in mobile learning

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Robert Gadd has written an insightful post on emerging trends in enterprise mobile learning for 2011. His predictions are backed by his long experience with mobile learning. In his prediction concerning authoring tools he points out the possibility of authoring tools providing 'publish to HTML5' option. They ring true, given the telltale signs of some of the changes he discusses.

Predictions are what likely will happen…not what *should* happen

Janet Clarey

The annual predictions for e-learning in 2011 are in at eLearn Magazine. Some bullet points based on others predictions: More content curation. I found the predictions encouraging in a “new moon rising&# way. Uncategorized E-learning elearn mag predictions

Cheatsheet: Three Action Items from the Bersin Prediction Report


Bersin & Associates, leading analysts in the talent management, leadership and learning technology sector, just released an excellent new report: “Strategic Human Resources and Talent Management: Predictions for 2012”.

The Reports of Flash’s Death are Slightly Exaggerated

Web Courseworks

Some people are predicting the end of Flash entirely with the looming promises of HTML5. eLearning elearning Flash game based learning HTML5 Jon Aleckson predictions Samantha Amjadali Tony Karr Web CourseworksThe Reports of Flash’s Death are Slightly Exaggerated: Implications for eLearning Managers Over the last few weeks, Flash has been quite the technology water-cooler topic. Don’t forget to take into account where these reports are coming from. Many of the [.].

Flash 27

App Fusion: Five Predictions About The Direction of Social Learning Culture by Terrence Wing

Learning Solutions Magazine

Humans have long tapped into each other’s experience and knowledge in order to learn and to solve problems. Today, social technologies greatly expand the range of our networks and our ability to collect and consider what other people know.

Is Mobile Learning A Reality Now?

Upside Learning

Is mobile learning becoming a reality rather than a prediction? Over the last three years there have been various predictions , ranging from pessimistic to optimistic about the role that mobile learning will play in the world of learning.

Embracing Innovation in Learning | Social Learning Blog

Dashe & Thomson

This reminds me of a session I attended on emotional intelligence at the eLearning Guild ‘s Learning Solutions 2011 conference last month. I predict those who don’t make the change will be phased out, unable or unwilling to keep pace with the new innovative environment.

Mobile Learning Has A Promising Future In India

Upside Learning

If this pans out as predicted, it would sidestep a number of hurdles relating to providing cheap internet access across a large country. It is a well-known fact that Mobile learning hasn’t yet picked up steam within India.

Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 9

Upside Learning

Predictions and Hopes for Elearning in 2011. Predictions for e-Learning in 2011. At the start of each year, eLearn Magazine’s editors, advisory board members, and other contributors predict what changes are afoot for the coming 12 months.

eLearning Australia

Upside Learning

This blog claims that analysts predict Australia is likely to become the 2nd biggest market for eLearning after the USA. We’ve been serving the Australian market for more than four years now. It’s not a large market for us but one that has been growing consistently. I just returned from a two week-long business visit to Australia this Sunday, not my first visit to the country but definitely the one where I sensed that the local eLearning industry is gaining momentum.

Observations of a Critical Theory newbie

E-Learning Provocateur

Maybe we can’t predict how it will change, but we know that it will. How many “facts&# do we accept at face value? For example, do we really remember 10% of what we hear, 20% of what we see, 50% of what we do …?

My 2011 Predictions

eLearning Cyclops

Here are my e-learning predictions for the coming year. You know I have to include a Flash prediction. I predict a Flash player will finally be included on the iPad and iPhone this year. Say goodbye to the "e-" and the "m-" and say hello to just "learning" in 2011.

Michael Allen's e-Learning Annual 2012

Clive on Learning

The postman has just delivered my copy of Michael Allen's e-Learning Annual 2012 (when I was originally asked to contribute to this book it was going to be a 2011 annual, but that's traditional book publishing for you!). There's nothing safe and predictable here, so expect to be unsettled.


Michio Kaku #devlearn opening keynote

Learning Visions

An authoritative look into the future (he says, while making making jokes about our abilities to predict the future). These are my live notes from today’s devlearn keynote. Forgive typos and omissions! Michio Kaku: author of Physics of the Future. link] (co-founder of string theory, a physicist) Today – a guided tour on the future of the elearning process. Education hasn’t changed much in 2000 years. Automation has reduced everything in price – except education.

What Can eLearning Learn from “7 Ways Video Games Reward the Brain?”

Integrated Learnings

When we don’t quite predict something perfectly, we get really excited about it. By Shelley A. Gable. I’m a big fan of TED talks. A few weeks ago, a colleague pointed me to a recent talk, “ 7 Ways Video Games Reward the Brain ,” presented by Tom Chatfield. It sounded like a great source of inspiration for eLearning I immediately clicked the link and viewed the 17-minute video.

2020 teachers

Learning with e's

It's hard to say, because we can't predict the future. I will predict this: there will still be a place for teachers, because teachers are irreplacable. What kind of teachers will we see in 2020?

ADDIE isn't dead; how can it be?

Integrated Learnings

And the May ISPI Atlanta topic is 'Predictive Evaluation.' By Jay Lambert. There has been a lot of discussion, and an infamous article or two, in our field about the death of the ADDIE model. This came up again in the comments on my recent blog post, Adapting 20th Century Training Models for the Future. As a reminder, ADDIE stands for Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate.


‘Mobile learning, just for the sake of it, is definitely not a good idea!’ – Some insights on Mobile Learning


And finally, what are the future trends that you predict in mobile learning that will affect the way we learn in years to come? In these times of ‘just-in-time’ learning, mobile learning is fast gaining popularity as a medium for learning across all learner groups.

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