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#INDIETECH: Stock Photography Must Die

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Like the vast majority of B2B software companies we’ve used stock photography across all of our marketing, communication and social channels for years. The post #INDIETECH: Stock Photography Must Die appeared first on Wisetail. We’re guilty. We’ve spent hours pouring over Pexels and Veer for “the right” photo only to see it being used all over the Web. All Founder Perspective & #INDIETECH

Illustration vs photography for elearning

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Choosing a visual style for your elearning often comes down to illustrations versus photography. If you’re not getting your photography, or your illustration created for your course, then you’re missing out on the impact it can offer. Budget and scalability Custom photography is likely to cost more of your budget than custom illustration, but both are more expensive than stock images.

‘Dermandar’ Photography App

Dont Waste Your Time

Related posts: ‘Noir’ Photography App. Apps App Application Facebook iPhone iPod Panorama Photography twiDermandar (iPod/iPhone App): I like panorama photos, especially when done well and you can spin the full 360 degrees and see a room, courtyard, scenery, sport venue, etc. While this is not necessarily the ‘best’ it is still good and worth the price (free!).

Top 7 places to find free photography. The holy grail of free images

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Sick of searching to find free images or photography to use on your website or e-learning course just to find a hidden charge? Here is a go-to list of the best places that exist right now (Sept 2015) for finding free photography and images online. The post Top 7 places to find free photography. Posted in Uncategorized. Image licenses? Do you want to be a design hero?

Be a Stock Photography Model!

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We’ve written a lot about the importance of choosing the right images for your e-Learning projects and suggested some sources for economically priced stock photography. Don’t forget—the nice thing about digital photography is that you can always edit it later! The post Be a Stock Photography Model! Then it’s time to start taking your OWN stock photos! Lighting. Rule of Thirds.

4 Lessons Photography has taught me about Learning

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If you follow me on the web, then you perhaps know that I'm big on photography. Gradually, I got interested in photography as an art and only over the last few years have I gotten over the desire to 'snapshot' my life. haven't yet been to a photography course. It has taken me 10 years to learn what I know about photography, which frankly is precious little. Try Again.

Photography for Elearning Developers - Why shooting in RAW makes sense

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Note this - I wasn't on a photography trip and most people won't be looking for photography opportunities on Indian highways. Photography is quite like that - readiness is a big strength. They say that luck is when preparation meets opportunity and this couldn't be truer for photography. photography lrnchat design learning media media elearningSo let's begin.

eLearning Photography

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Do you have doubts about your ability to do eLearning photography? Post from: The eLearning Coach eLearning Photography. Get a skills makeover right here. Graphics Media

‘Noir’ Photography App

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Apps App iPhone PhotographyNoir (iPhone/iPad): I downloaded this a while ago now and keep coming back to it. It can make some amazing and moody photographs out of the most ordinary and mundane (and even boring) shots. “Noir Photo lets you transform your photos with beautiful, dramatic lighting and instant results. Peel away the color to a cinematic black-and-white, apply a lovely tint, and then light up your subject. Touch and pinch the brightness Vignette and spin the Contrast and Exposure dials for white hot thrills and shadow-rich drama.” Original. No related posts.

Photography for Elearning Developers - Choosing a New Camera

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In my presentations and learning programs I’m using more and more of my own photography and I can imagine this could be a really useful thing for other elearning designers too. Over the next few weeks I’m going to do a few posts on basic photography that’ll help you take high quality photographs for your learning materials. For a lot of photography, a little pocket device is adequate.

eLearning Brothers Breaks into the Stock Photo, Video and Audio World

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“Everyone in the training and development world uses stock photography. Company eLB News eLearning eLearning Template Library Products/Reviews Resources Stock Images Templates eLearning Stock eLearning Stock Assets eLearning Stock Audio eLearning Stock Images eLearning Stock Photography eLearning Stock Video stock images Stock Photo Stock Photography stock photos

Stock 56

Over 500,000 Stock Images, Audio, and Videos for eLearning

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Company eLB News eLearning Featured Our Favorites eLearning Music Loops eLearning Stock eLearning Stock Graphics eLearning Stock Images eLearning Stock Library eLearning Stock Motion Graphics eLearning Stock Photography eLearning Stock Sound Effects eLearning Stock Videos Stock Audio stock images Stock Vector Graphics Stock Videos Here’s a huge announcement from eLearning Brothers!

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ISO and Night Time Photography


Here are some photographs which demonstrate the effect of changing your ISO settings during night time photography while everything else is held constant. These photos were taken a few weeks ago on the shores of Lake Superior around midnight. Exposure Length: 32 seconds. Aperture: 2.7. Click upon any photo to view at it's full resolution. 200 ISO. -  400 ISO. -  800 ISO. -.

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Course of the Week Highlight: Diversity, Digital Photography, and More!


Whether you’re looking to move from selfies to more advanced photography or become a business analyst (or both!), Learn Digital Photography Basics. Introduction To Digital Photography. This three-part course is the perfect beginner digital photography tutorial. Improve your digital photography with this mobile-ready course for 50% off—$12.11 Happy Wednesday! Hope you’re having as nice a day as we are here in Portland (warm, no rain, sunny skies!). this week’s courses have you covered! .  . Encourage Diversity in Your Workplace. By: ej4. By: Pro Photo Insights.

NorthStar Nerd Photography


Actually I have been focusing upon my photography passion, which not that I am retired, I am able to focus upon improving my picture taking skills. In my case, back on January 23rd I started a year long photography project. Some of my longtime readers may have noticed that I have not posted much on this Summer. Mea Culpa! My focus is birds. Stormy Sunrise Lupines.

Creative Commons Infographic: Licenses Explained

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eLearning Creative Commons Creativity Flickr Infographic Learning Objects Learning Technologist Learning Technology pelc12 PELeCON Photography TeacherDo you use images or photos? Do you check with the owner before saving or copying or using? Do you in fact understand what Creative Commons is? If in doubt, before you go any further, watch this video: Creative Commons Explained.

Stock Photography Must Die #INDIETECH

Wisetail LMS

The post Stock Photography Must Die #INDIETECH appeared first on Wisetail.

eLearning Brothers Acquisition of Expands the Planet’s Largest eLearning Image Library

eLearning Brothers

Company Cutout Video People eLB News eLearning eLearning Template Library Our Favorites People Pictures Products/Reviews Stock Images Templates eLearning images eLearning Stock Photography elearning templates elearningImages With this acquisition, the eLearning Brothers library has more than doubled the number of eLearning assets over the last 12 months. ).

Lego Mindstorms Meets HDR Photography!


really can not think of enough adjectives to complement French photographer Tanguy Louvigny , who created a time lapse video of the Normandy and Brittany country-side using High Dynamic Range photography ( HDR Wikipedia Link ). Fantastic! Superb! learn more from my prior post on HDR ). you'll find more equally fascinating creations. Hdr skies from Tanguy Louvigny on Vimeo.

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Playing - Learning - HDR Photography


A entire new world is opening up to me. HDR Photogaphy ! Early this Summer I purchased a new camera ( Canon Powershot SX30 IS ), and I'm finally learning how to use all its features. including image bracketing while I either give preference to Aperture Size or Shutter Speed (takes 3 images while adjusting the exposure up and down from my settings). Click to view at full size. Northern Life

10 Reasons to Use Illustrations Instead of Stock Photography in Learning


The grinning woman eating a salad; the perfectly multicultural meeting; the man with a headset: these are the standards for stock photography. And while it definitely has its place, stock photography isn’t the gold standard when it comes to learning. Photography puts real people in front of learners, and their own unconscious biases could affect the connection (or lack thereof) they feel. Let’s face it: film and photography are pricey because of how many people are involved in the creative process. Learners can sense stock photography from a mile away.

Selfie number 6

Learning with e's

She does this through her writing, videos, photography, artwork, live sketching (see Graffikon ), keynote speeches and her very popular workshops on creativity, making and learning. blimage Amy Burvall creativity education History Teachers learning photography selfie Technology video YouTubeThe combined viewing figures for this collection of teaching videos is now in the millions.

13 Free e-Learning Resources to Make Your Courses Beautiful

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Are you bored with your existing stock photography? by: Andy Schiemo. Does your eLearning feel stale or still have that 1990s vibe? Are you still using photos that look like this? Free Resources

Photo finish

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And so we took time reminiscing over all the tasks we needed to perform as we learnt photography in the studio and the darkroom to produce our work and remarked on how much more involved and difficult it was to make images then than it is today. ALT-C darkroom Digital digital camera education enlarger FP4 Jonathan Worth learning photography TechnologyIt really did feel magical.

Photo 36

22 Free e-Learning and Graphic Design Resources

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Free Stock Photography Photo Sites When I say “stock photography” you’re probably picturing a multiethnic  group of… The post 22 Free e-Learning and Graphic Design Resources appeared first on Dashe & Thomson. Everyone loves a freebie. Below is a collection of design resources that I have personally found useful as an e-Learning, web, and graphic designer.

Mobile Photography for Creatives (Live, Online, 100% Interactive Mini-Course)

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

iPhoneography and Mobile Photography offer an endless array of apps to edit and enhance your images, as well as combine them and create artwork that can be posted online or printed and framed. Then we will explore some of the best apps on the market for creative photography, available on a variety of platforms including iOS and Android. During this class, you will learn tips for using your phone’s camera and for getting better shots. Creative techniques will be shared and when possible, using apps available on multiple platforms. Who Should Attend? More information or to registe

Photography for Elearning Developers - Working with a Histogram

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photography visuals histogram tips elearning post-processingIf you've owned a prosumer camera or a DSLR/ SLT, you may have seen the histogram display on your camera. It may have even left you confused. One of the more ignored tools in your arsenal, the histogram is a great diagnostic for your image. Taken step further, it's also a pretty awesome guide to post process your image. Why is that?

The Benefits of a 365 Day Photography Project


This past January 23, conicentally on my wife's birthday, I began a 365 day photography project. In addition to my "bird photography" I have learned how to take photos in low light, and the dark of night. Many of my long time NorthStarNerd readers will have noticed I have not posted frequently on this web site. Now in mid October I have reached day number 268 of my effort.

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Google Maps + Photos

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eLearning Google PhotographyI’ve not seen this before – when viewing Google Maps on Streetview you can overlay photos on the view! This is a Streetview of the Bodleian Library, Oxford, with a geo-tagged photo overlaid on the Google view: The Panoramio photos (only these?) If this has been done (and not an App!) then please leave a comment with a link so we can all see it?

Photo 40

NorthStar Nerd Wildlife Photography


more via my outdoor photography web site: 365DaysOfBirds. This blog is a maintained as an archive to my 28+ years as a web development / software project manager with Honeywell. However in the Spring of 2014 I decided to retire at the early age of 57. have never looked back. Here is just one image. Northern Hawk Owl After the Storm. Legos Northern Life

A quiet invasion

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mobile phones Technology teachers students photography education learning school This image shows students taking notes. Whenever I show this image, I see many people in my audiences nodding in recognition. It seems to be a familiar, every day occurrence in some classrooms. In others it is rare or unlikely, because mobile phones are banned in some schools and colleges. Which are you?

E-Learning by Design - The New Edition

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Over the last two years, Bill and Kit have been on sabbatical and have traveled all over the country pursuing a photography interest that they share with the world through their websites (see below for links). William Horton Photography. Bill Horton is back! Bill and his wife, Kit, were early e-learning pundits and have taught many workshops over the years. William Horton’s Zenfolio.

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App or Web Site? An Example Using Wildflower Photography


decided it would be a nice photography lesson for me if I practiced closeups where the flower's bloom is the focus of the picture, with the background blurred out. Two days ago I took a 38 mile bike ride along the Luce Line Trail. This abandoned gravel railroad grade reaches out into the central Minnesota countryside. No app required. and it's cheaper too! Dames Rocket. Ground Ivy.

20th Century flops?

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digital photography Apple iPad touchscreen computers Westcountry TV Apple Mounts Bay AcademyI have just recorded an interview for my local TV station Westcountry Television. Here is the story as reported by BBC News. The moaning is from the Tax Payers Alliance, who consider the iPad a 'gimmick' and a waste of taxpayers money. It's to be expected of course. She is right. Unported License.