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This captivating institution is dedicated to the history of technology-mediated communication, from the cuneiform tablets of the Sumerians, through the gamut of the postal service, telephony, telegraphy, radio, television, computers and the Internet.

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Agent of Change

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When Michael Dowling was promoted to CEO of Northwell Health in 2002, one of his first moves was to lay out plans for a new learning center to support the fast-growing health care network in New York state.

The survival of higher education (1): Changing roles

Learning with e's

A Tale of Two Keynotes We live in tumultuous times where change is constant and disruptive and where technologies are increasingly pervasive throughout society. Such change and disruption has been in the background of my thinking about learning technology for the past decade. 2002).

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8 Strategies To Capitalise On Flash To HTML5 Migration Opportunity And Get A Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

EI Design

I founded EI Design in 2002, and for over a decade, Adobe Flash was the de facto authoring tool for creating online courses. Use innovative formats that appeal to learners (rather than traditional eLearning approaches), such as: Videos and microlearning videos. Innovation Solutions

Definition: Metacognition

Kapp Notes

2001) Students’ metacognitive development in an innovative second year chemical engineering course. 2002) Aplying cognitive strategies to instructional design. 2002, December). The short definition of Metacognition is "Thinking about Thinking."

The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

Learning with e's

This is a continuation from yesterday''s post on changing roles , disruptive innovation and the survival of higher education. Finally, I will suggest that there are five key objectives to achieve if universities are to achieve success in the use of learning technologies in the future.

Gamification is Increasing Learner Engagement

Your Training Edge

Though, the term gamification was first coined in 2002, it has actually been there for around 40 years, with a number of organizations already applying the features in their work, taken from video games.

BLP Wins 2016 Horizon Awards for Knowledge Guru ‘Drive’ and Custom Mobile Learning Solution

Knowledge Guru

The prestigious competition has received over 10,000 entries from over 40 countries since its inception in 2002. TE Town demonstrates our commitment to innovation.”. TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) is a $12 billion global technology leader.

Learning on the move

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I cited Puro (2002) who declared: 'The mobile phone. Digital Futures: Innovations in Mobile Learning View more PowerPoint from Steve Wheeler There is no denying that at its heart much good learning has a social component. 2002) Italy: Stereotypes, true and false.

Meet 50 Northwestern alumni behind some of Chicago’s top startups


She received her MBA from Kellogg in 2001, with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Marketing and Strategy. In 2002, Jordan Dolin co-founded Chicago-based Emmi, a company that provides tech-based solutions to drive superior patient engagement.

Growth of online learning


Technological innovations have enabled people of all ages to learn from a distance and by utilizing a variety of different mediums; from video tutorials to info graphics and slideshows. In recent years, online learning has exponentially increased in popularity.

Arming Kids with

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In an effort to eliminate the "digital divide" between wealthy and poor students, Maine public schools in 2002 and 2003 distributed 36,000 laptops to seventh- and eighth-graders across the state. So the issuing of technology to students helps with learning.imagine that.

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The Real Truth about ROI – the Learning Performance Model

Learning Wire

Business goals relate to a firm’s performance, and include for example profit, productivity, quality, innovation or customer satisfaction. Organizational outcomes: productivity, quality, innovation. 2002; Saks, 2006). 2002) and thereby improving its financial performance.

Brain Drain: The "Perfect Storm" of Unfilled IT Jobs

Kapp Notes

Just returned from a conference sponsored by the National Center for Telecommunication Technologies (NCTT ) held in San Francisco, CA. million new computer and IT related job opening between 2002 and 2012 By 2008 the number of young adult workers from 25-40 will decline by 1.7

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A little reflection ahead of Craig Weiss' annual LMS report

Unicorn Training

Every year since 2002 the TOMMI Prize has been awarded at the Frankfurt Book Fair to the most innovative and outstanding software title developed specifically for children, showing Amuzo are appreciated far beyond these shores too. We’re just a few days away from eLearning guru, Craig Weiss, revealing his much-anticipated Top 50 LMS Report for 2017, and yep, there are a few nerves kicking in.In

The changing Web

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Van Dijk, 2002) or simply another phase in its relentless progress. As with most other technology innovations, Web 2.0 What roles will online games and mobile, personal technologies play in developing the skills young people need to study independently?

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2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

Talented Learning

Because continuing education providers often look to technology vendors for hands-on guidance, these learning solutions usually come with professional services that are much more extensive than standard implementation and administrative support.

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iPad or iFad?

Learning with e's

In 2002 I was so enthused by the idea that a school could provide one laptop for every child in its school that I launched a major research programme to study one of the first schools in the UK to achieve that goal for each of its 41 Year 6 pupils.

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Quotes and excerpts on the need for Learning 2.0 from the Best of T+D: 2007-2009

ID Reflections

Ted Hoff, Vice-President of IBM's Center for Learning and Development: Some managers will complain that use of social networking tools will eat into productivity, but the reverse can also be true; they can be a tremendous boost to productivity, allowing people to get answers to work-related questions, as well as to build social connections, collaboration, and innovation.

BLP Wins Four Horizon Interactive Awards for Mobile, Game-Based Solutions

Bottom-Line Performance

The prestigious competition has received over 10,000 entries from over 40 countries since its inception in 2002. TE Town demonstrates our commitment to innovation.”. TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) is a $12 billion global technology leader.

Unleashing Superheroes – Getting the Balance Right

Growth Engineering

We’re connecting people globally and changing the world with our innovations! The figures from the UK are equally concerning, where the women in the digital workforce fell to 27% from 33% in 2002. At first glance, women’s interest in digital technology seems to be declining.

14 Articles on MOOCs

Jay Cross

What You Need to Know About MOOCs – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education. The technology driving this change is already at work, and nothing can stop it. Barnett (2002) had his own interpretations of knowledge in relation to uncertainty and change.

Beyond the Lab

CLO Magazine

We conjure images of people dressed in lab coats at places like Johns Hopkins University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. With the growth of technology, research is being conducted by more companies and practitioners are expanding their role. In short, to promote innovation.

Big data, what’s with all the big buzz?

Learning Wire

All those companies have been able to adapt to the context of an ever-innovating market by reacting and predicting customer and staff behavior and creating competitive internal and external policies. Back in 2002, Target was one of the first organization to hire a data analyst.

Should Leaders Communicate or Listen?

CLO Magazine

The best leaders are innovative and inventive as they communicate and listen. Another example is former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano, who guided the company to prosperity from 2002 to late 2011. He positioned IBM as helping companies solve problems and make decisions in the new era of technology. Some leaders are great communicators, while others are excellent listeners. Great leaders excel at both.

eLearning Topics

Tony Karrer

When you look at the keywords on the left you see things like: Social Learning (356) Social Media (411) Twitter (725) Google Wave (22) Camtasia (76) Adobe Captivate (71) Social Network (460) Now, the content set in this case are highly skewed towards innovators as compared to the topic sets being used by my past analysis (training conferences). 2006 2010 2007 Does the associated years for SharePoint suggest it's a technology for the future? eLearning Technology.

How to Become a Learning Organization (An Interview with Michelle Ockers)

Convergence Training

And so, for instance, Polaroid had a blind spot to digital video technology. And here in Australia, there’s a bank called ING, who are asking its staff and leaders to think more like technology companies than like a bank. So, what do we need to do to innovate and to improve?

The State of E-Learning in the Medical Device Industry


The medical device industry can garner increased strategy implementation with the use of this fundamental technology on the whole, and may look and work well into future representations by utilizing this strategy as a core and vital necessity. Development of Next-Generation Technologies.

Mike Rustici – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT MIKE RUSTICI (President, Rustici Software): In 2002, Mike Rustici founded Rustici Software to help Learning Management Systems and e-learning content creators work well with each other using the SCORM standard. Join us on this exciting journey as we engage with thought leaders and learning innovators to see what the future of our industry looks like. How do you think the community will drive further innovations in the standard?

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Dr. Will Thalheimer explores neuroscience behind q.MINDshare.


As such, it is subject to the same learning curve that all new technologies entail. It’s thrilling to see new subscription-learning applications enter the learning field, but it’s even more interesting to explore the human aspect of invention and technology-dissemination.

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Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

I tell them they need to go beyond dumb technology. Innovating in the face of change. Yet dot-com mania’s article of faith was that the technologies of the Internet essentially made human beings irrelevant. Support innovation (which requires making failure “okay”).

Learn by Doing: Get Faster Every Lap

Marcia Conner

The variety, excitement, and suspense of automobile racing is why Dennis Buede of the Stevens Institute of Technology and Bill Mackey of the University of Maryland believe that it provides the ideal learning environment for their graduate students in systems engineering.

Learning while working

Jay Cross

2002). As if oblivious to the title, Learning while Working, the report repeatedly returns to training as the solution to all ills: “When companies introduce new working processes or technological innovation the inadequacy of skills becomes apparent.

Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace

Janet Clarey

In a nutshell, my main points: The “younger” generation (&# millennials&# born in the 80s-90s) are not [automatic] masters of technology and often use a limited range of technologies (i.e., When the “younger” generation goes to work, their expectations are influenced more by prior educational experiences than use of technology outside an educational setting. Your exposure to technology defines how tech savvy you are, not your age. Educational Technology Systems, Vol.

The 70:20:10 Model – Today, Tomorrow & Beyond


From 2002 until the end of 2008, Charles was the Chief Learning Officer for Reuters and Thomson Reuters where he had responsibility for developing the global learning and performance strategy and leading the learning organisation for the firm’s 55,000 workforce. Join us on this exciting journey as we engage with thought leaders and learning innovators to see what the future of our industry looks like. fuelled by the enormous possibilities thrown open by emerging technologies?