5 digital learning trends for 2018 and beyond


OK, so why are we already thinking about next year’s learning trends when we’re only halfway through 2017? Well, I think we would all agree that the world is moving at such a pace that we need to look forward and prepare now for some changes that are likely to impact the L&D community next year.

Research Spotlight: Corporate Learning Management Systems 2016 – 2018 by Sharon Vipond

Learning Solutions Magazine

Regardless of industry, learning management systems (LMSs) remain the staple for managing traditional course delivery, reporting, compliance, and onboarding. This summary of The eLearning Guild’s latest corporate LMS research study explains. Learning Research Learning Systems

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Content as a Service (CaaS)


The etextbook in 2018 will be coupled to an app that will provide you with Content as a Service (CaaS). By 2018, you will be purchasing the services which the app and the etextbook will provide. It will be designed to make learning easier and more effective. It will replace the old print (and even current online) proto-etextbook that used content as the product you bought. Dream with me a moment …. Future of education Learning Learning Technology

Top 13 eLearning Trends for 2015

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billion by 2018. A research by Global Industry Analysts (GIA), states that the “eLearning market is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the global education industry”, predicting the global market to reach $168.8 eLearning, which was instituted on desktops, has gradually shifted its base to tablets and smart phones, now evolving into multi-device […]. Upside Learning

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14 Cool ELearning Facts


By 2018, the United States will account for 51% of all elearning revenues. By 2018, elearning revenues in Latin America will reach $2.9 It seems that every day there is a new list of new elearning facts and stats. Well, consider this short post just that!

Curated Insights: 4 upcoming learning opportunities for learning professionals


TechKnowledge 2018 from the Association for Talent Development. January 24-26, 2018 | San Jose, CA. Training 2018 from Training Magazine. February 12-14, 2018 | Atlanta, GA. Training 2018 provides the opportunity to explore a wide range of L&D topics. In 2018, I’ll be partnering with Training to create a new, immersive microlearning experience open to all attendees.

9 Top ELearning Trends for 2017


I will be keeping an eye on this for 2017 and we could very well see it appear as a more prominent prediction in 2018.

2015 Reflections on Games and Gamification for Learning

Kapp Notes

billion USD by 2018. billion in 2018. billion by 2018. It seems to me that the year 2015 was the year that gamification got “real” for learning and development.

ELearning Stats Show Industry Growth


billion come 2018. With every year comes new and exciting figures in the elearning field. As to be expected, the data is showing a continued rise in elearning use among a variety of industries.

Gamification in Education Stats


By the year 2018 it is projected that the global market will reach nearly $5.5 Gamification in elearning is the hot-topic these days, and with good reason. It has proven to be useful in helping learners further comprehend and apply new information.

Top 10 Learning Conferences You Need to Attend


Learning Solutions 2018: March 27-29, 2018. HCM Excellence Conference 2018: January 31-February 2, 2018. Training Conference & Expo 2018: February 12-14, 2018. ATD International Conference & Expo 2018: May 6-9, 2018.

4 Design Practices for Effective E-Learning Courses on Tablets [Infographic]

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An industry forecast shows that the number of tablet users in the US is around 166 million for 2016 and it may increase by 10 million in the next two years and exceed 176 million by 2018.

ELearning Market Exploding in China


By 2018, the elearning market in China alone is predicted to be $5.9 We hear a lot today regarding the growth of elearning across the world. It’s no secret that elearning is getting a lot of attention given all of the benefits it possesses.

Interactive Soft Skills Training with New Customizable Courseware

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Includes the following: License to 15 Professional Soft Skills Courses ILT and eLearning Materials All Source Files Year 2+ License Renewal Fee: $5,000 Year 1 License Good Through July 2018 SIGN UP NOW.

Does Gamification Warrant The Hype?


By 2018 it is projected that this number will reach close to $5.5 Gamification has been the buzz word of elearning for the past few years, but during many conversations with elearning professionals I have found that not everyone is convinced about its impact.

Is it Time to Switch to a New LMS?


It's estimated to grow 23.17% between 2017 and 2018. The LMS market is booming. And where demand increases, so too do your options. So even though you may already have an LMS that gets the job done, you might also be missing out on a lot of highly beneficial features without realizing what's passing you by. How can you tell if it's time to switch to a more robust or niche option? Start asking the right questions.

Tech Headlines for November 2014

ATD Learning Technologies

Tech headlines for November 2014 include: Workplace Wearables, TrainingIndustry.com Names Top 20 in Gamification, MOOCs Expected to Grow 56 Percent by 2018, U.K.

Can VR make learning viral?

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Look at the data delivered by Kzero, a UK-based agency: according to them in 2018, 39 million VR goggles will be sold worldwide, and the 5-year aggregate sales will reach a total of 83 million units. Sensory, stimulating, and sticky – that’s how learners would want their learning to be.

How mLearning is Revolutionizing the Learning Landscape

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By 2018, more than fifty percent of users will use a tablet or smartphone first for all online activities [1].

20 facts about eLearning [Infographic]


eLearning is self-paced learning, a practice taken up by 51% of residents in USA alone by 2018. eLearning is now the fastest growing teaching and learning strategy. Not convinced? Read through this infographic based on extant statistics and consumer behavior analytics.

2016 LMS Market Overview

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billion and will grow to $8 billion by 2018 with North America leading the market share. The learning management system (LMS) market is growing fast and it doesn’t look like its about to slow down anytime soon. According to Forbes the LMS market was well over $2.5

NextGen LMS Features (Now and Later)

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On top of that, they are hitting in stride the next tier of next generation feature sets, some nearly have all, others are moving at a good clip – by having various capabilities on the map by the end of 17 or early Q1 2018. Lastly, there are “future as in 2018” feature sets, that I see as “next gen” No one has all of them, but you should keep a look out. I surmise that you will see some vendors touch into the extension space by Q1 2018.

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Reflecting on Learning Solutions 2017


I hope to see you in Orlando next year for Learning Solutions 2018! Axonify was literally EVERYWHERE during the Learning Solutions 2017 Conference! Our team hosted 6 sessions, including a rousing game of The Family Feud—L&D Edition.

4 Major Design Tips to Create Unique Learning Experience on Tablets

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An industry forecast shows that the number of tablet users in the US is around 166 million for 2016 and the number may increase by 10 million in the next two years and exceed 176 million by 2018. Tablets or iPads come with the combined features of computers and mobiles.

The NexGen LMS Grid

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The GRID focuses only on next generation functionality and growth and not where a vendor ranks or doesn’t rank in my Top 50 for 2018, which will be live in 2018. . It’s been a long time coming.

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Tech Headlines for November 2014

ATD Learning Technologies

Tech headlines for November 2014 include: Workplace Wearables, TrainingIndustry.com Names Top 20 in Gamification, MOOCs Expected to Grow 56 Percent by 2018, U.K.

Virtual Reality in Training Slowly Becoming a Reality

CLO Magazine

It is set to open in the fall of 2018. You can have top-notch design and the best trainers possible but the fact remains that most effective learning happens on the job. The ideal situation is to put employees to work right away but minimize the risk of mistakes.

How eLearning Transforms Your Pharma Sales Reps Into Agile Sellers

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According to Gartner 2 , it is predicted that 70% of professionals will do some work from their own, personal Smartphones or tablets by 2018. Are your reps agile sellers?

3 Revolutionary Developments Transforming the Pharmaceutical Landscape

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This is expected to rise to 90%, by 2018. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the key components of the American economy.

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2013 Corporate Learning Trends: Where Are We Now? (White Paper)

Bottom-Line Performance

billion by 2018. In January, BLP President Sharon Boller published a white paper exploring the trends in the corporate learning landscape.

Hey LMS Santa!

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What I see by 2018, are the “experts” within the company or outside (as in not part of your business) not just appearing as photos within a profile, rather, video enabled, whereas a person can ask them in real time on X topic or schedule a video call for Y topic.

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Top eLearning Trends for 2015

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billion in 2018. According to Statista , “the augmented reality market is expected to grow significantly – from 60 million users in 2013 to 200 million in 2018”. The eLearning industry grew substantially in 2014 and it will continue to grow and expand as we progress through 2015. There are a few topics that will be trending this year, including the type of content and technology. Let’s take a look at some of the top eLearning trends we will see in 2015. Gamification.

Virtual Reality – The Reality is that VR is not ready for real time learning (at least not yet)

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I firmly believe that VR will have an impact in learning by 2018, with solid growth if you for e-learning (online learning) by 2020. I definitely believe by 2018 that yes, it will be seen at least in the digital (classroom learning tech) and e-learning (online learning tech) as a form of learning technology. Training division, 2018. Virtual Reality. Creating an immersion experience in a virtual environment. Ability to perform a series of actions, manipulate items.