Corporate LMS Forecasts 2018

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I anticipate solid growth for 2018. Super speed hot for 2018. Expect solid growth for 2018. Anyway, SMB is the big gorilla for 2018, across all online learning systems. Several LMS forecasts for 2018. Let’s check back and the end of 2018, to see how I did. Say it ain’t so – DEAL DEAL $100 OFF MY Top 50 2017 Report, Use promo code “NEWS” Tagged: LMS , LMS forecast 2018 , lms forecasts.

HT2 Labs Amongst 2018 Learning Awards Finalists

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The post HT2 Labs Amongst 2018 Learning Awards Finalists appeared first on HT2 Labs. [PRESS RELEASE] HT2 Labs staff & clients shortlisted in 3 categories categories at the LPI's annual Learning Awards. Curatr News

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A Modern Professional Learner’s Toolkit for 2018

Jane Hart

Based on the Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2017 list, here is the Modern Professional Learner’s Toolkit 2018. Social learning

5 digital learning trends for 2018 and beyond


OK, so why are we already thinking about next year’s learning trends when we’re only halfway through 2017? Well, I think we would all agree that the world is moving at such a pace that we need to look forward and prepare now for some changes that are likely to impact the L&D community next year.

Research Spotlight: Corporate Learning Management Systems 2016 – 2018 by Sharon Vipond

Learning Solutions Magazine

Regardless of industry, learning management systems (LMSs) remain the staple for managing traditional course delivery, reporting, compliance, and onboarding. This summary of The eLearning Guild’s latest corporate LMS research study explains. Learning Research Learning Systems

The EU GDPR: Are you ready?

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The EU General Data Protection Regulation will bring vast changes to data privacy in 2018

How to Fireproof your elearning Journey in 2018

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As 2017 draws to a close, many have started to wonder how elearning will shape up in 2018 and beyond. Today we are be discussing few of the top trends which businesses and training providers can offer to ensure elearning success in 2018.

Learning Culture & Human Capital: The Reality, the Myth and the Vision


Sally Ann wrote this as part of her preparation for the conference, that I am honored to be speaking at, this January, 2018. While preparing the Learning technologies France 2018 conference programme, […]. Sally Ann Moore is the Director General iLearning Forum at Closer Still Media. iLearning Forum is the most important learning meeting in Europe. Managing Minds

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Top 13 eLearning Trends for 2015

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billion by 2018. A research by Global Industry Analysts (GIA), states that the “eLearning market is one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the global education industry”, predicting the global market to reach $168.8 eLearning, which was instituted on desktops, has gradually shifted its base to tablets and smart phones, now evolving into multi-device […]. Upside Learning

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LMS Market Overview | 2015

Lambda Solutions

billion and will grow to $8 billion by 2018 with North America leading the market share. The learning management system (LMS) market is growing fast and it doesn’t look like its about to slow down anytime soon. According to Forbes the LMS market was well over $2.5

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3 Elearning Examples to Inspire you in 2018


The post 3 Elearning Examples to Inspire you in 2018 appeared first on GO1 Learning. Get some inspiration in your tank with a taster of our favourite digital learning projects from this year. From curation to caring, these three elearning examples all strike at the heart of their users and their behaviours – delivering fantastically immersive experiences as well as practical, personalised toolkits – they help shape what we mean […].

What should you be paying for your LMS?

Roundtable Learning

With the year’s end approaching, every CLO, CTO, and CFO is thinking about closing out the 2017 learning and development budget and looking to save money and increase training efficiency in 2018

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Content as a Service (CaaS)


The etextbook in 2018 will be coupled to an app that will provide you with Content as a Service (CaaS). By 2018, you will be purchasing the services which the app and the etextbook will provide. It will be designed to make learning easier and more effective. It will replace the old print (and even current online) proto-etextbook that used content as the product you bought. Dream with me a moment …. Future of education Learning Learning Technology

Upcoming Event: Creating a Culture of Learning at TLDC 2018 (Phoenix, AZ – Jan 29 & 30, 2018)


Conference Co-founders Brent Schlenker and Luis Malbas have put together a creative, intimate “un-conference” setting for 2018 in beautiful Phoenix, AZ, where I’m joining an impressive slate of speakers, including the folks you see here.

Send Us—and Accessible Elearning Development—to SXSW EDU 2018!

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“Upvote” Our SXSW EDU 2018 Workshop: “Online Learning for Everyone! Designing for Access” Friends and partners, we have a chance to present an accessible elearning workshop at the SXSW EDU 2018 Conference and Festival next spring. Design for Access,” and help send us to SXSW EDU 2018! Designing for Access ” at SXSW EDU 2018 in Austin! Join the passionate and innovative community at SXSW EDU, March 5-8, 2018 in Austin, Texas.

14 Cool ELearning Facts


By 2018, the United States will account for 51% of all elearning revenues. By 2018, elearning revenues in Latin America will reach $2.9 It seems that every day there is a new list of new elearning facts and stats. Well, consider this short post just that!

9 Top ELearning Trends for 2017


I will be keeping an eye on this for 2017 and we could very well see it appear as a more prominent prediction in 2018.

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Research Spotlight: Academic Learning Management Systems 2016 - 2018 by Sharon Vipond

Learning Solutions Magazine

Learning management systems are ubiquitous today in higher education. They are integral to the experiences of students. and faculty alike, and to the communication and management plans of academic institutions. But what is in store for. academic LMSs in coming years? This article summarizes the results of The eLearning Guild’s latest study on the academic. Learning Research Learning Systems

Learning Culture & Human Capital: The Reality, the Myth and the Vision

The Peformance Improvement

While preparing the Learning technologies France 2018 conference programme, I have been doing research and reading, and in particular looking at L&D trends, Talent Management and Human capital management.

Top 10 Learning Conferences You Need to Attend


Learning Solutions 2018: March 27-29, 2018. HCM Excellence Conference 2018: January 31-February 2, 2018. Training Conference & Expo 2018: February 12-14, 2018. ATD International Conference & Expo 2018: May 6-9, 2018.

2015 Reflections on Games and Gamification for Learning

Kapp Notes

billion USD by 2018. billion in 2018. billion by 2018. It seems to me that the year 2015 was the year that gamification got “real” for learning and development.

ELearning Stats Show Industry Growth


billion come 2018. With every year comes new and exciting figures in the elearning field. As to be expected, the data is showing a continued rise in elearning use among a variety of industries.

Gamification in Education Stats


By the year 2018 it is projected that the global market will reach nearly $5.5 Gamification in elearning is the hot-topic these days, and with good reason. It has proven to be useful in helping learners further comprehend and apply new information.

Curated Insights: 4 upcoming learning opportunities for learning professionals


TechKnowledge 2018 from the Association for Talent Development. January 24-26, 2018 | San Jose, CA. Training 2018 from Training Magazine. February 12-14, 2018 | Atlanta, GA. Training 2018 provides the opportunity to explore a wide range of L&D topics. In 2018, I’ll be partnering with Training to create a new, immersive microlearning experience open to all attendees.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday discounts on MWL Workshops

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Supporting Continuous Independent Learning in the Workplace 15 January – 2 March 2018 In the modern … Social learningFrom 9 a.m. GMT Friday 24 November through 9 a.m. GMT Tuesday 28 November, 23% discount on the following 2 online workshops. Follow the links to find out more and sign up at the special prices.

ELearning Market Exploding in China


By 2018, the elearning market in China alone is predicted to be $5.9 We hear a lot today regarding the growth of elearning across the world. It’s no secret that elearning is getting a lot of attention given all of the benefits it possesses.

Is Your Business in Need of a Change?


With 2018 fast approaching, individuals naturally begin to reflect on what has come to pass and start thinking about changes they want to implement in their lives for the coming year.

Learning Experience Platform – WRONG

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Three of them are in my Top 50 for 2018. However, no one has hit impressive in the social category, and utilizing the social capabilities of late 2017, nor the soon to be 2018. I’ll get right to the point. I totally dislike the term, “learning experience platform” It really makes no sense, because anything and everything we do, can turn into a learning experience. Secondly, it does a major disservice to any platform that is called by that name.

Does Gamification Warrant The Hype?


By 2018 it is projected that this number will reach close to $5.5 Gamification has been the buzz word of elearning for the past few years, but during many conversations with elearning professionals I have found that not everyone is convinced about its impact.

4 Design Practices for Effective E-Learning Courses on Tablets [Infographic]

CommLab India

An industry forecast shows that the number of tablet users in the US is around 166 million for 2016 and it may increase by 10 million in the next two years and exceed 176 million by 2018.

E-Learning Tricks and Treats

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I’ll keep them on my system to watch again for 2018. Blog Nov 7th – Top Forecasts for 2018. This is Voodoo. He is a little devil, wrapped in black and white fur that can create terror and joy in a single bound. Right after he jumps full throttle on me. He looks so quaint.

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Tech Headlines for November 2014

ATD Learning Technologies

Tech headlines for November 2014 include: Workplace Wearables, Names Top 20 in Gamification, MOOCs Expected to Grow 56 Percent by 2018, U.K.

Interactive Soft Skills Training with New Customizable Courseware

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Includes the following: License to 15 Professional Soft Skills Courses ILT and eLearning Materials All Source Files Year 2+ License Renewal Fee: $5,000 Year 1 License Good Through July 2018 SIGN UP NOW.