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Listen: Researcher Sarah Kimmel on the future of the CLO role

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There’s a creeping sense of unease in the CLO role, with the future both uncertain and full of opportunity. For the second year in a row, her research team conducted an in-depth survey and deep analysis of current and future learning executives to uncover the path forward.

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CLO Podcast: Visa’s Karie Willyerd on Learning Strategy

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She took on the brand new role of global CLO at Visa in 2018. In this conversation recorded on stage at the Spring 2019 Chief Learning Officer Symposium, Karie talks about why she decided to take the job at Visa, what it means to be strategic in corporate learning and how she manages the function at a high-growth company. You’ve done a lot of things over your career before you started as CLO at Visa. What is it about being a CLO that brings you back?

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Kraft Heinz CLO Pamay Bassey is reimagining corporate learning with laughter and passion

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Ekpedeme “Pamay” Bassey, CLO of The Kraft Heinz Co., The program, sponsored by Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) focused on applying technology as a tool for the L&D industry. Through surveys, we measured satisfaction with courses.

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Technology choices need to be strategic

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Chief Learning Officer is uniquely situated to see all the new and interesting things organizations are doing with technology in their learning and development functions each year, thanks in large part to our LearningElite and Learning In Practice awards programs. At the CLO Symposium on Oct.

Evaluating Sales Training Programs


But before you zero in on new training, consider the following when evaluating sales training programs. The more accessible a sales training program is, the more involved your team will be. Because of this, off-the-shelf programs can get you results fast and keep costs down.

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How CLOs are meeting the expectations of modern learners with VR training


Yet, CLOs are hamstrung by old technology and outdated training programs – even if they’re only a few years old. Download L&D ebook: How to provide engaging learning programs in VR. The majority of today’s workforce was raised on digital technology.

Burgers and Basics

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Access to the world’s entire collection of knowledge and expertise is at the tips of our fingers and learning organizations will march ever forward with new initiatives and programs. The post Burgers and Basics appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

How L&D Is Earning Its Seat at the Table

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According to LinkedIn’s “2019 Workplace Learning Report,” talent development is moving from the periphery to the core of business strategy, with 82 percent of learning and development professionals now reporting that corporate leaders actively support their programs. As a result, nearly half of talent developers expect a budget increase in 2019. A key way for talent developers to socialize their programs and create a culture of learning is through managers.

How upskilling turned everyday employees into ardent advocates for change

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A key element of the program is that it isn’t just for consultants. An updated version is expected to launch in 2019, which PwC will share with clients as well as employees. As of July 2019, more than 80 percent of U.S. Sarah McEneaney, digital talent leader for PwC.

What does the future hold for AI-enabled coaching?

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One of the first AI-enabled “coaches” — a chatbot named ELIZA — was built during a study conducted in the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the 1960s and programmed to simulate a session with a psychotherapist using basic natural language processing technology.

CLO Joe Ilvento is unlocking potential at Commvault

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They created a role for me that didn’t exist,” said Ilvento, who became their first CLO and director of talent development in 2011. For his first act as CLO, Ilvento brought together the leaders of every business unit to agree on a single learning management platform.

The 101 on a Chief Learning Officer


In fact a survey by Robert Half found a strong learning culture led to a 30 to 50 percent higher retention rate in companies. You hire an individual who oversees this process, a Chief Learning Officer (CLO). A Chief Learning Officer is a senior level executive who oversees a company’s learning program and strategy by supporting its overall business goals. One of the CLO’s main goals is to develop key skills of the employees, but also to advance the company as a whole.

Top-down tinkering from the ground up

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The Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board is a group of 1,500 professionals in the learning and development industry who have agreed to be surveyed by the Human Capital Media Research and Advisory Group, the research and advisory arm of Chief Learning Officer magazine.

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Automation is coming: Why isn’t Gen Z worried?

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According to a new survey from Bright Horizons, 90 percent of working adults acknowledge that automation will change their job as they know it — but a whopping 62 percent of Gen Z workers reported having no concern about automation affecting their job function or industry.

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The AGES Model can help learning stick

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Most corporate learning programs are designed to be popular. When organizations track metrics at all, they tend to focus not on how well participants remember what they learn, but on net promoter score — essentially a measure of how enjoyable the learning program is.

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Excellence in Community Service

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In the less than three years since the launch of their new training program, ICF and its partners completed 14 training cycles. In a survey done, 90 percent of individuals surveyed gave the course the highest possible approval score.

Is There a Gender Gap in Workplace Training?

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New survey results suggest there is a gender gap in training in the workplace. The survey found that 64 percent of men said they have access to online learning platforms whereas just 48 percent of women said they did. appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Seeking Targeted Talent Development

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26, Chicago voters narrowed the giant field of 2019 mayoral candidates from 14 to two in an historic election that sent two African-American female candidates to an April runoff election. The post Seeking Targeted Talent Development appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Letting Learners Take the Wheel

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But just under a quarter of organizations that participated in the Chief Learning Officer Business Intelligence Board ’s 2019 “Learning State of the Industry” survey reported employees as one of the stakeholders involved in choosing learning delivery methods.

The 7 Trends Reshaping Talent Development

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To better understand this changing landscape, the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) recently surveyed hundreds of learning and development leaders from more than 65 countries. Assess each new leader’s skills and tailor development programs appropriately.

Excellence in Technology Innovation

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Faced with low engagement and completion rates of their 7-week Story Impact workshop, Microsoft reached out to GP Strategies to revamp the optional program for meeting preparation, executive presence and storytelling.

A Bright Future for State Farm

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So, in 2014, Yerington and his team decided to take a closer, more strategic look at one of the company’s top recruitment and retention tools: its tuition reimbursement program. There was also a lack of insight into the outcomes of the program. “We

The Language of Business

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However, in 2016 Gonçalves’ group conducted a review of the language training program and found it came up short. The programming took a one-size-fits-all approach that wasn’t meeting every learner’s needs, and the vendor didn’t provide enough metrics to track learners’ progress.

Student debt is an impediment to lifelong learning

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A recent survey found that half of employees say they feel worried about student loan debt most or all of the time — and more than 65 percent say they have considered finding a second job to help them keep up with their loan payments. About 45 million Americans now collectively owe $1.6

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Doing workplace diversity and inclusion properly

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locations so its 175,000 employees could complete a four-hour anti-bias training program, also following a racial profiling incident in a Philadelphia store. The post Doing workplace diversity and inclusion properly appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Experiential Learning Through Cultural Immersion

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Diversity programs are often introduced into companies that are struggling with representation already, which means filling diversity slates takes longer and requires more investment. But perhaps the biggest reason for burnout is the simplest: The existing programs aren’t working.

The Talent Management Award

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The Talent Management Award is for learning executives who have developed a program that effectively integrates learning into broader talent management initiatives such as employee engagement, onboarding, succession planning, recruiting or performance management.

What happens after the MBA?

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If you think your company doesn’t have an MBA sponsorship program, you might want to look again. That can be a good thing and a bad thing, said Daniel Szpiro, dean of the school of professional programs at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. “In

Excellence in Academic Partnerships

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In 2017, RCC launched its initiative on personal accountability utilizing the Accountability Builder program. This collaboration resulted in the creation of a rigorous developmental program with sessions led by seven subject matter experts and Daikin leadership.

If You Like It Then You Better Put a Badge On It

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While the millennial stereotype is one of a job-hopping worker eager to find a company with an aligned social impact orientation, initial surveys of Gen Z suggest they seek something else: financial and job stability.

Looking Back and Ahead on the Measurement and Management of L&D

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I am also thinking of all the work done by the Association for Talent Development to promote measurement and to benchmark key measures through their annual industry survey. Level 3 is the starting point and should be measured for all key programs.

Debunking the Meritocracy Myth

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That morning, I was chatting with Annie McKee, director of the University of Pennsylvania CLO program. Forty-seven percent of managers felt they helped women “explore other roles for growth and development” as opposed to 28 percent of the women surveyed.

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Banishing Evaluation Fears

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Countless articles, white papers and programs address this issue and provide solutions that range from simple to complicated. Are there key metrics that should be improved as a result of this program? What would make this program a success in your eyes?

Searching for a Higher Purpose

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While Fierce, a small, growing company, doesn’t have a formal leadership development program, Engle said company leaders and mentors taught her how the business works and gave her a sense of connection to the company. Almost equally uncommon is millennial satisfaction with learning programs.

Learning at Large Ep3: Digital first learning strategies, at scale


Sam has led large scale digital learning programs at Barclays, Tesco, and Hitatchi Rail, reaching audiences of up to half a million people. That would be through focus groups or poll surveys, or something like that.