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Meet the CLO Advisory Board: Christyl Murray

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Chief Learning Officer recently sat down with Christyl Murray, VP Academy lead and vice president of firmwide talent development for JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Learning Officer: Where is your hometown? I was born in Sacramento, California, but grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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5 moves that actually increase diversity, equity and inclusion

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Since the protests over the police killing of George Floyd, companies are looking for ways to combat racial bias and discrimination at work. The stats are jarring. Diversity training is often the go-to after a diversity PR disaster.


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Becoming a Learning Culture: Competing in an Age of Disruption

The Performance Improvement Blog

(This article was initially posted on the Hospitality eResources blog on February 7, 2017.). All industries are undergoing enormous change, mostly due to new technologies, globalization, and a very diverse workforce. For example, in the hospitality industry smartphones put scheduling and reservations at our fingertips, literally. These services are competition for established companies and are changing the industry and guest expectations.

Want a more inclusive culture? Consider the power of peer leadership

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Peer leaders are an underutilized asset in helping organizations achieve performance objectives as well as learning and development goals. They ask candid questions about his experiences at the firm, any culture barriers to success and how he paved his way in the corporate environment.

Creating a Culture of Servant Leadership

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Servant leadership is all about enriching the lives of others, building better organizations and ultimately creating a world that is more caring and equitable. When you describe your corporate culture, is being of service to one another and the community a core value? Details of these studies can be found in the following books: “Good Company” by Laurie Bassi, Ed Frauenheim and Dan McMurrer, with Larry Costello. Leverage diversity of thought, experience and expertise.

Reimagining the learn-it-all culture in a hybrid world

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We are experiencing a learn-it-all revolution. Much to the delight of learning and development executives, Carol Dweck’s research and insights inspired an emphasis on a growth mindset, commonly understood as the belief that our abilities are not fixed, but can be developed.

Women and Diversity in the Workplace: Do Your Inclusivity Initiatives Measure Up?

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“We don’t just have one identity — our identities are made up of many things, both physically and culturally, and the intersections matter.” — Elise Birkhofer, global lead for Google’s largest employee resource group. Companies across the globe are striving to increase their support of women as a group. The benefits of diversity in the workplace are clear. A “check-the-box” approach to D&I may leave important multicultural issues unaddressed.

Kraft Heinz CLO Pamay Bassey is reimagining corporate learning with laughter and passion

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Ekpedeme “Pamay” Bassey, CLO of The Kraft Heinz Co., has held many different personas, both in her career as a learning and development professional and beyond. She later earned her master’s in computer science from Northwestern University with the goal of working toward a career in technological development. The program, sponsored by Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) focused on applying technology as a tool for the L&D industry.

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A not-so-white paper on succession

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Montgomery was famous as legal counsel for Bobby Seale and the Black Panthers. Later, Jones got to do legal work for major tech firms and eventually made the jump to become CEO of tech firm Aeris. A few concepts can help learning professionals widen the path for nontraditional leaders.

5 strategies to diminish sexual harassment and toxicity in mentoring

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Mentoring, long touted as one of the key solutions to inequality at work, may be less appealing to both men and women these days. Prominent men are being publicly outed for sexual harassment, with the latest examples coming from French gaming company Ubisoft , U.S.-based

The values-driven leader

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On January, 8, 2021, Bradley Rukstales , CEO of data analytics firm Cogensia, was fired by his board of directors after participating in the mob that stormed the nation’s capital. The company was getting negative feedback from clients for not using more people of color in its ads.

Inclusion is practice

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When it comes to advancing organizational diversity and inclusion, too often leaders rely on the latest off-the-shelf training program or policy, but these initiatives do little to change employee behavior. Talent Management diversity and inclusion

Mitigating the effects of implicit bias

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This is the third and final article in a series exploring implicit bias by CLO contributor Michael Bret Hood. For learning leaders, this can affect people throughout an organization. The building blocks.

The kids are alright

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The millennial and Generation Z experiences have primed “kids” to be valued contributors in jobs with greater relevance. Celebrate the Noobs. It’s easy to default to stereotypes, but for leadership development, the single difference that matters most is: being new.

The Feedback Phenomenon

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By letting their work stand on its own, women are abdicating control of the message their work should send. For women to get past the “hard work fallacy,” they must understand and embrace the power of feedback — the right kind of feedback. Their male colleagues, on the other hand, receive more aspirational feedback, helping them to better understand what’s needed for them to advance in the organization. The result? Rosina L.

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Career progression knocked off course for high-potential women

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There has been significant media attention this year on professional women effectively balancing the demands on their time, particularly the trend of working moms exiting the workplace. We heard a real sense of loss about the absence of casual interaction with leaders.

Debunking the Meritocracy Myth

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A few years ago, I was the keynote speaker at a women’s diversity conference. That morning, I was chatting with Annie McKee, director of the University of Pennsylvania CLO program. We are both from the same generation, having entered the workforce with the hope of a more promising future for women in corporations. As we got ready to go into the conference, Annie asked me, “Why aren’t we seeing more success in advancing women?

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Clearing the path for learning

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In February 2020, Leah Houde was hired as PricewaterhouseCooper’s new chief learning officer. The Duke University graduate and former Duke Corporate Education executive was excited about the opportunity to work with PwC’s global workforce. “I It’s a CLO’s dream.”.

There and Back Again: A Journey of Learning

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Roz Tsai’s fascination with learning is rooted in her history. She grew up during China’s Cultural Revolution and Mao Zedong’s Communist movement. “My My kids grew up in the U.S. They have access to libraries everywhere, and when I was growing up, most libraries were closed for examinations and censorship,” she said, recalling the distance she had to walk to reach a neighborhood bookstore, only to find empty shelves. Leadership at the $13.5

At the edge

Clark Quinn

Another response to my request for topics asked about moving from the classroom to the ‘fringe’ Here, I have a very simple response: the case studies in Revolutionize Learning & Development. Each was chosen and structured to talk about the context, specific situation, the plan, the results, and advice. Each also represents a diversity of settings and needs. The problem was too much hierarchy.

Accelerate Female Leadership Development

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Zsuzsanna Tungli will never forget one of her earliest experiences of gender inequality in the workplace. Tungli, the founder and managing partner for Developing Global Leaders Asia, and her team recently designed two new leadership programs specifically for women: an advance and thrive course for women in senior management and an acceleration course for women with five years of experience. It’s actually the smart thing for businesses,” Tungli explained. “To

The Workplace Self-Training Paradigm

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Much has been made of the abbreviation of employment tenure, now averaging just four years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And it’s true, the notion of a mortarboard-to-gold-watch career has been largely replaced by at-will employment, outsourcing and automation. Educating workers for lifelong careers has been disrupted by the searing pace of change. Some responsibility for learning and development has shifted from corporations to workers.

The Training Technology Conundrum

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By the early 2000s, human resources developed a reputation in some circles as being a bit of a stick-in-the-mud, no-fun-allowed department, its trainings a necessary distraction from “real work.” This image of corporate training was popularized by characters like Toby the HR guy on the sitcom “The Office,” who constantly foiled the well-intentioned but often legally and morally dubious shenanigans of management.

ManTech’s strategic commitment to career enablement

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In January 2020, ManTech made a strategic commitment to transform the way our employees experience meaningful, rewarding careers at our company. Based on an original graphic from Gartner’s “The New Path Forward.” How to achieve the employee’s career goals.

Extremophiles & Organizational Agility

Clark Quinn

A number of years ago, I co-wrote a chapter with Eileen Clegg called The Agility Factor , that appeared in Marcia Conner & James Clawson’s excellent collection of organizational culture articles in the book Creating a Learning Culture. The focus of the book was on empowering organizations to be nimble in a context of increasing change. I saw several ways in which to augment the thinking we had then.

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Grow multicultural leaders with coaching, not just business English

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As workforces continue to grow more diverse, human resources and learning and development teams have embraced language training programs, such as Business English and ESL, for multicultural employees. Conflicting working styles across diverse teams.

Bend & Flex: Building Learning Agility

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A former manager once told me I had the ability to quickly assimilate information, that he could tell me how to do something and I would then apply that knowledge to a variety of different situations. I now see this feedback as the ultimate compliment, for my manager felt I had learning agility. Learning agility is openness to new information and the ability to gain and apply insights derived from this information. Look for the common thread.

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Social Learning Cannot Be A Bolt-On Strategy


“ I’m arguing that something much bigger is happening than the application collaborative tools within the enterprise – it’s a profound transformation of the enterprise as we know it. ” Don Tapscott (italics mine). I recently wrote about the challenges of integrating social learning in the workplace. Even as I was mulling over the topic and browsing through Dion Hinchcliffe’s posts for insights on social business, I had a moment of epiphany.

Career advice from Dave Rude

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How did you start your career in learning? I’m glad you asked that question because it’s a testament to the power of mentoring and taking a chance on a new career. I have seen profound impacts on those colleagues and clients who have a sustained focus on learning.

L&D: A Safe Place for Women

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But the learning and development industry doesn’t seem to fall into the same category. Kathy Gallo, SVP and CLO at Northwell Health, said she didn’t face any obvious challenges in her career because of her gender. I don’t know, but I never felt that because of being a woman, I was not getting either the appropriate roles, compensation or voice in the organization,” she said. “I I sat around the table at the C-suite.”.

Gender parity is a journey, not an initiative

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In my interactions with people across the diversity and inclusion spectrum, I often hear their frustration and discouragement. “I’m Not enough results for the effort expended.” “Why That’s a major part of the problem.

Never Too Late to Learn New Tricks

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Today’s workplace reflects unprecedented diversity. Organizations experience both the benefits and challenges of bringing together people from different races, with different sexual identities, who practice different religions, speak different languages, demonstrate different abilities and whose ages span the greatest number of generations ever to labor together in modern history. Demographic reality: The workplace is currently home to increasing numbers of older workers.

From the Vendor: Degreed on the Evolution of E-learning

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E-learning has come a long way, according to Todd Tauber, vice president of product marketing for Degreed, an education technology company. It’s not just a cheaper, more scalable substitute for classroom training. It’s the connective tissue that makes learning an everyday part of how we live and work. Chief Learning Officer: What is e-learning today? Those things command the biggest share of CLOs’ budgets and … attentions.

Relativity’s Dorie Blesoff shares lessons from her career

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How did you start your career in learning? My career did not move into the learning field until I realized in my late 30s that I had a passion for working with organizations moving through and adapting to change — and that learning was instrumental to that.



“ I’m arguing that something much bigger is happening than the application collaborative tools within the enterprise – it’s a profound transformation of the enterprise as we know it. ” Don Tapscott (italics mine) I recently wrote about the challenges of integrating social learning in the workplace. Even as I was mulling over the topic and browsing through Dion Hinchcliffe’s posts for insights on social business, I had a moment of epiphany.

Let’s get real about unconscious bias

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Many organizations are rushing into unconscious bias training, also known as implicit or cognitive bias training. This “check the box” approach typically results in poorly planned and delivered learning experiences, which can lead to an unanticipated backlash against the material.

Team Learning Up With Talent

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Traditional CLOs are up against a serious challenge right now, according to Dave Koll, enterprise learning leader for CGB Enterprises Inc., It’s not enough to have a learning management system and a portfolio of content. “If To do that, learning leaders need to get much closer to talent leaders to help identify those business problems and figure out how learning can help solve them. A strong learning program is an important part of that story.”.

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Diamonds in the Rough

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The need for leaders at all levels in organizations continues to grow as the business ecosystem becomes more complex and competitive due in part to globalization, emerging technologies and an acceleration in the speed of disruption. Unfortunately, according to the same study, despite investing about $14 billion in leadership development, only 8 percent of these companies felt they had a good leadership development process. Searching for the Right Experience.

Reflecting on the evolving leadership landscape

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I’m excited to celebrate two important milestones in my life this year: the 40th anniversary of The Ken Blanchard Cos. The biggest change in leadership I see today compared with 40 years ago is the marked increase in servant leadership advocates and practitioners around the world. Top-down leadership is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. Once the vision and direction are clear, the servant aspect of servant leadership begins.

Don’t close the door on disabled workers

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Like the opening to Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities,” current U.S. unemployment data is the best of times and the worst of times. percent during the past year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That, in turn, creates a culture of dependence.

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