Accidental CLO, Intentional Learning

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A self-proclaimed “accidental CLO,” Jesse Jackson has served in numerous roles at the multinational banking and financial services firm JPMorgan Chase & Co. ” About four years ago, Jackson moved into his current role as CLO of consumer and community banking.

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Innovation and the CLO

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The CLO Role. Given these conclusions, the CLO is in a great position to make a difference in innovation. So, what can the CLO do? The CLO should also sponsor programs such as innovation champions, innovation labs and innovation task forces. Jack J.

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CLO Summit Comes To India

Upside Learning

Upside Learning is happy to be associated with the inaugural CLO Summit India. CLO is a respected forum worldwide and it is exciting to see them initiate activities in India. CLO Summit organizational learning

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Brenda Sugrue Is the 2018 CLO of the Year

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She says working in so many roles has allowed her to identify principles to guide the development and delivery of effective learning regardless of audience, content or context. That is the role of the CLO,” she said. “To Learning Delivery CLO of the Year LIP 2018 Practitioners

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Tech Company Grovo Hires First CLO

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Our mission is to create microlearning content that is effective and impactful. Homepage Top Story - Right Column Learning Delivery CLO Grovo microlearning Summer SalomonsenTags: CLO , Grovo , microlearning , Summer Salomonsen.

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CLO Roadmaps: Collaborative Learning

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This the most effective way to dig into the challenges, and ensure business unit leaders feel joint ownership of the solutions you develop,” Patel said. Nike has a “voice of the employee” day where CLO Andre Martin’s team reviews the learning experience and locates the greatest/least value.

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CLO Q&A: Learning is a Technology Role

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She sat down with Chief Learning Officer at the CLO Breakfast Club event in Atlanta in May and shared her perspective on the role of a learning executive, her career path and how learning and technology are increasingly intertwined. Ashley Williams, Deputy CLO and COO, Learning and Development, McKinsey & Co. For more on Williams’ talk along with highlights from the full event series, visit the CLO Breakfast Club library.

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Effective Leadership is Transformational

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Effective leadership is a transformational journey made up of four “spheres of influence.” It comes first because effective leadership starts on the inside. Effective leaders working at the team level realize they must honor the power of diversity among team members.

CLO Thinking (& Measurement)

Clark Quinn

I attended the CLO Symposium with my ITA colleagues Jay Cross and Jane Hart. A special lunch was held specifically around creating a standard set of measurements: effectiveness, efficiency, and business impact. Effectiveness was less clear, but I’m afraid we’d see pre-post test messages instead of number of people completing the competency test (happy to be wrong).

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The CLO’s Guide to AI

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Learning departments may soon roll out virtual learning assistants, or learning bots, which could upend workplace learning by making users more effective. What if CLOs could predict personalized learning needs or deliver targeted learning content based on work tasks before employees need it?

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Professional Services e-learning Forum (PSEF) welcomes CLO of the year

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Fresh from being awarded CLO of the year by the LPI, forum member Sarah Lindsell , Global & UK Director of Digital Learning and Learning Strategies at PwC, was the guest speaker at PSEF’s 3 March meeting hosted by Deloitte.

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The CLO’s Critical Role: Nine Areas for Action

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The previous Business Intelligence column presented an instrument designed to assess the extent to which the CLO and the learning enterprise add value to the organization. The 30-question instrument detailed specific areas that define this critical role of the CLO.

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CLO Competencies: The Path for Future Learning Leaders

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They agreed that the future CLO should have experience in: strategic management, general management, knowledge management, leadership skills, and learning methods and concepts. This focus on closing gaps is again rooted in the ability of the future CLO to think strategically.

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CLO Q&A: Leaders Need to Be Psychiatrists

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and KPMG, Kennedy sat down with Chief Learning Officer at the CLO Breakfast Club event in New York in May to share his perspective on the role of the learning executive, his career path and the keys to effective leadership. For more on Kennedy’s talk along with highlights from the full event series, visit the CLO Breakfast Club library. CLO: How prepared are leaders to think of themselves in that way? CLO: In your experience, is that trainable?

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Wake UP CLO’s – Change Now

eLearning 24-7

Traditional learning is still very effective. As a CLO if you are in any of the above boxes, I would say I feel for you. . A CLO sees an LMS as an LMS never harnassing it to its full possibilities because of a variety of factors (one or all play).

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CLO Apps, Please!

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Imagine if we had an open learning app format that allowed a CLO to select an app that would work safely and securely on top of and with most learning systems. That could have a powerful effect on the app marketplace, triggering inventions from a range of sources, including traditional LMS companies, small startups, even individuals with cool ideas that would support learning — much like the mix of mobile apps available to the public.

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What’s the CLO’s Role in the Gig Economy?

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Would a light travel schedule be better and more cost effective? Employees come. They go. Sometimes they come back. Often they don’t. The rise of the contingent workforce, the ranks of which are filled with increasing numbers of men and women working for “Me Inc.,”

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A Leader’s Guide to Effective Dialogue Under Pressure

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How can a manager become measurably more effective? Evidence is lacking that these approaches to managerial effectiveness have enabled managers to markedly improve their personal influence and results. Managers who can effectively hold crucial conversations outperform their peers.

Be a Triple-Threat CLO

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” “Today’s educators,” she said, “must wear multiple hats — entertainer, personal coach, emergency responder, gizmo wizard and social media guru — to be judged as informed and effective.” And they must be able to provide compelling evidence of the efficacy of enterprise education, its effect on business results and its effectiveness as a competitive advantage. Today''s educators must wear mutiple hats. CLOs are no different.

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What Does Effective Leadership Mean?

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As a leader, you have likely spent time thinking about the strengths that would make you, or leaders on your team, more effective. How do senior leaders describe the difference in the way the most effective and least effective leaders lead?

3 Guidelines to Consider as a CLO

Training Industry

When is microlearning effective? In this case there is both a current issue to be addressed and the realization that ones actions may trigger second and third order effects. When discussing training, the debate rages. How long is short enough and how short is long enough? On the one hand, how do we optimize the limited time employees can spend on learning and keep their attention in our fast paced world?

CLO Investments Focus on Relevance and Technology

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This reflects the continued and growing acceptance of e-learning and a focus on cost effectiveness. CLOs continue to be thoughtful with their use of training dollars, spending most on areas that offer fast, visible results.

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Questions from the CLO Executive Network

Jay Cross

We broke into groups to discuss: What’s the role of the CLO as learning shifts from push to pull? The CLO must take a broader role, getting out of the learning silo and into the broader job of improving the way the business works. However, both can be made more effective.

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GE CLO Peters Named Head of HR

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The appointments are effective Aug. Susan Peters succeeds John Lynch, who is retiring. Raghu Krishnamoorthy, vice president of human resources for GE Aviation, will succeed Peters as head of executive development and chief learning officer for GE. Fairfield, Conn. — July 1 General Electric Co. Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt announced Monday the appointment of Susan P. Peters as the company’s senior vice president of human resources. Peters succeeds John Lynch, who is retiring.

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A Taste for Growth: CLO of the Year Rob Lauber

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To solve Yum Brands’ challenges, CLO Rob Lauber has created a learning strategy that helps the business and employees grow, making him this year’s CLO of the Year. This platform ensures learning at the restaurants is delivered in a consistent, efficient and effective manner. In the past year, he has visited several domestic restaurants and some in Vietnam, Moscow, Thailand and India to ensure learning technologies are effective.

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Top Chief Learning Officer Conferences of 2019


However, it is also a great Chief Learning Officer conference since you’ll learn the latest strategies, and solutions to effectively train and develop talent. CLO Exchange. The CLO Exchange is a yearly conference that is invitation only.

3 Tips for Truly Effective Workplace Learning

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For example, some organizations have found that a short video on key learning content is most effective before a required in-person class. Also, think about providing resources and how-to information to help employees create effective and impactful content.

The CEO and Me

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It goes without saying that the most important relationship a CLO has is with the CEO. After all, how the CEO defines, embraces and supports the role of the CLO will determine how much impact the CLO can have in the company and whether the role will be fulfilling.

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What's a CLO to do?

The Learning Circuits

Recently I've had the circumstances to discuss the role of a CLO in a couple different environment. With the new input I've discussed and pondered, I've come to a high level definition of what a CLO's responsibilities are. The Role of a Chief Learning Officer A CLO's responsibility is to create an environment in which all involved are meeting the company expectations for performance and are exceeding their personal value proposition. How does a CLO meet this responsibility?

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Training

Training Industry

Another report, from CLO Media and IDC, found that between 2010 and 2015, an overwhelming number of CLOs were dissatisfied with the tools, resources or data available to them to measure learning impact. Something must be done so that business leaders can find useful and pertinent information about the effectiveness of training programs, make better use of the training budget, and obtain the results they seek. For evaluation to be truly effective, we must start with the end in mind.

Career Advice: Jesse Jackson

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My role as a CLO for JPMorgan Chase, specifically with our consumer community banking business, is a bit nontraditional. What will the CLO role look like in five or 10 years? The post Career Advice: Jesse Jackson appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Is Your Organization’s Learning Brand Effective?

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appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. Tags: brand , branding , learning and development , marketing The post Is Your Organization’s Learning Brand Effective?

Trish Holliday Teaches Tennessee a Lesson

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In 2005, Holliday left the ministry for a job as training officer with the state of Tennessee, where she quickly moved up the ranks to assistant director, then director, and ultimately CLO. The post Trish Holliday Teaches Tennessee a Lesson appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Stressed, Pressed and Blessed

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I’m a short-term skeptic when it comes to the effects of emerging technology on learning. But I’m bullish on the long-term effects of technology. The pressure and stress are just the side effects of the incredible privilege it is to be the leader whose No.

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Origin Learning Wins the 2014 Chief Learning Officer Gold Award for Excellence in Social Learning

Origin Learning

Its these set of features and effective use for training that has helped win the CLO award.

The 101 on a Chief Learning Officer


You hire an individual who oversees this process, a Chief Learning Officer (CLO). One of the CLO’s main goals is to develop key skills of the employees, but also to advance the company as a whole. Next the CLO needs to create a learning strategy based on what the company’s goals are. If there are holes within the organization, the CLO will need to hire these individuals. How much does a CLO earn? According to Payscale , a CLO makes on average $152,820 annually.

KPMG Puts People First

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Muñoz said what sets KPMG apart is the fact that they put their people first, and that’s key to making learning effective. One way KPMG has evolved is by adding a CLO role. Uncategorized Learning Delivery Strategy LearningElite CLO LearningElite Awards KPMG