2013 Corporate Learning Trends: Where Are We Now? (White Paper)

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In January, BLP President Sharon Boller published a white paper exploring the trends in the corporate learning landscape. The white paper focused on 7 trends we expect to see grow in 2013 and beyond. You can download the white paper here.

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New Learning Game Design White Paper by Sharon Boller (Free Download)

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BLP president Sharon Boller has written a new white paper titled Using Game Mechanics and Game Elements in Learning Games. It explains, in clear terms, how to design games that will support your desired learning outcomes. Download the White Paper.

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Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success (White Paper)

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Your product might be ready to launch, but what about your sales and support reps? No matter how good your product and its message are, its success or failure will still rest in the hands of your sales and support teams. Click here to download the white paper!

Using Game Mechanics and Game Elements in Learning Games – New White Paper by Sharon Boller

Knowledge Guru

Sharon Boller , creator of Knowledge Guru® and President of Bottom-Line Performance, has authored a new white paper on using game mechanics and game elements in learning games. Click the image to download the white paper! Download the White Paper.

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The Future of Game-based Learning White Paper

Unicorn Training

We explore the trend of games and gamification in learning, including their purpose, behavioural outcomes and benefits, against current trends and forecasts in our white paper The Future of Games-based Learning.In

Download our White Paper: Top Five Ways to Enhance Learning In and Out of the Classroom

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We were delighted to discover that there actually was a lot of support for how video can contribute to increasing both student retention and engagement in higher ed. Check out our white paper on the Top Five Ways to Enhance Learning In and Out of the Classroom.

Guild Announces Performance Support White Paper by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

The potential for performance support has never been greater, but. eLearning Guild’s free new white paper, Selling Performance. Support: Building Stakeholder Buy-in. Getting Started Performance Support Professional Development your leaders are still resistant. So how do you persuade them? Rosenberg examines ways effective ways to make the case in The.

News: YUDU White Paper Proves Value of Mobile In Training

Unicorn Training

Unicorn partners, YUDU, have published a new white paper highlighting trends in corporate training and the impact of mobile devices in 2015. The main focus of the paper is on mobile devices, and how they are changing the sector.

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100 eLearning Articles and White Papers

Tony Karrer

My collection of eLearning Articles, White Papers, Blog Posts, etc. Each cell is supported with video examples. re a new brEEd Still new on campus, social software tools can support students and staff beyond the classroom, reaching around the world for learning and communication 17. Mzinga : White Paper Series : eLearning 2.0 & Podcasting and education - White Paper 74. just reached 100. Thought I'd share. No particular order to these.

Unicorn to launch new ‘Learning Ecosphere’ white paper at Learning Technologies

Unicorn Training

Unicorn is to launch the Learning Ecosphere at next month's Learning Technologies show, which introduces a brand new way of reimagining the dichotomy of traditional vs new eLearning.The explosion in digital and social technologies holds great promise for L&D professionals, and the learning community is rightly excited by the potential of collaborative learning, point-of-need performance support, serious games and even augmented reality.But amid the hype, how do enterprises identify what is relevant, affordable and good value, in the context of the practical day to day demands on time, budgets and resources?This is the focus of a new White Paper being launched by Unicorn Training at the Learning Technologies conference and exhibition next month.The Unicorn ‘Learning Ecosphere’ reimagines learning in the context of balancing enterprise-focused ‘you must learn’ and learner-focused ‘I want to learn’ demands.The White Paper argues that a firm’s learning strategy does not have to sit on one side or the other, rather seeing the possibilities for utilising different technologies to create a better blend and balance in an overall learning approach.The free ‘Learning Ecosphere’ White Paper can be picked up from stand P14 on both days of the Learning Technologies exhibition at Olympia on 1-2 February.Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), custom content, LMS and apps/games are all key elements within the Learning Ecosphere, and Unicorn will be showcasing its solutions in each of these and explaining how, far from being in competition, the ‘new’ and ‘old worlds of learning technologies, are, in fact, complementary.There will even be the chance to win a giant Unicorn (yes you did read that right!) by having a go at Unicorn’s new app-based game, Quizcom. This gamified application allows firms to manage their own question banks to create quizzes and push them to individuals or groups of learners. Who doesn’t need a giant Unicorn in their life?Peter Phillips, Unicorn CEO, said:“The mobile revolution has opened up exciting new opportunities for L&D to radically improve the effectiveness of their investment in learning. But mobile learning is inherently different from, and does not replace, the more traditional enterprise led training. We still need to ensure staff are safe and competent to do their jobs.“The Learning Ecosphere is designed to help businesses to recognise what new pieces of the learning jigsaw might be missing in their business and how it is possible to make the many different elements on both sides work harmoniously together.“What is needed is balance, and anyone visiting the Unicorn stand at Learning Technologies will go away with a much clearer understanding of how that balance could potentially be achieved within their business.”More information about Unicorn Training is available at www.unicorntraining.com and registration for free entry to the Learning Technologies and Learning and Skills 2017 exhibitions and seminars is available at www.learningtechnologies.co.uk

Guild Announces Mobile Storm White Paper by Kat Gore

Learning Solutions Magazine

The eLearning Guild has released a complimentary white paper, Harnessing the Mobile Storm: The Power and Potential of. This white paper paints a colorful picture of the power and potential of the mobile storm now reaching the. Emerging Topics Mobile Learning Performance SupportMobile Learning. shores of most learning and development groups.

White Paper: eLearning Reporting Standards: SCORM and Tin Can

The Learning Dispatch

In this white paper Linda Warren and Mike Hruska discuss the significance of the Experience API also known as xAPI and “Tin Can”. The jump from SCORM to xAPI is a big one and learning managers and designers need to be aware of the limitations of SCORM and how xAPI is designed to address them.

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How Data Analytics Helps Boosting Your E-Learning Experience


The prime focus of Learning Analytics is on developing structures that help adjusting content, learning support levels and other customized services by capturing, processing, reporting and acting on data. To know more, click here to download the white paper for free.

Product Launch Training Template (Free Download)

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If you have spent much time developing training to support product launches, you know that the need extends far beyond a single launch meeting. Blended Learning Product Launch Training White Paper

Time for Training? 11 Rules for a Better Product Launch

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The following is an excerpt from Nancy’s Harkness’ new white paper: Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success. What are you doing to support the efforts of local leaders? Click here to download the white paper!

Less Desktop; More Mobile… but Not That Fast

Bottom-Line Performance

This is an excerpt from Sharon Boller’s newest white paper, Learning Trends, Technologies and Opportunities. The white paper describes today’s learning landscape… then predicts 7 trends for the next 12 – 18 months.

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Serious Games + Smart Implementation = Win! (Free Webinar)

Knowledge Guru

These organizations come from a variety of industries (technology, financial services, healthcare) and used the games within diverse functional areas (new hire training for sales reps, product knowledge for sales and support reps and process training for HR associates). Access the White Paper.

Foster Training Success By Extended Enterprise LMS


When you see this talent supporting your organizational success, the outputs can vary from improved recruitment to increased branding. Self-registration is preferred over administrator-supported management. To know more, click here to download the white paper for free.

Top 5 Reasons You Will Leave your LMS – and How to Switch Successfully

Association eLearning

Some attendees were the victims of an LMS that had been acquired from a merger which had affected the product support. Lacks technical support. For more information on those steps and other tips, check out our white paper: “8 Steps to Selecting your Association LMS.”

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Starting young: learning entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship education can be a critical support in helping youth to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and obtain the skills needed to become successful entrepreneurs. Support for teachers. In many countries, teacher networks have been formed to provide peer support (e.g.

The Evolving Face of Embedded Performance Support


THE QUOTE: “ Design and develop performance support solutions with a focus on context, not content.” – Jeremy Smith. “ business problems are more complex and hence demand quicker, effortless, and effective performance support solutions than ever before. White Papers/Documents.

Informal Learning – the other 80%

Jay Cross

Years ago a start-up commissioned me to write a white paper that would help put them on the map. I wrote the paper that follows. The start-up stiffed me but the paper morphed into the Informal Learning book. IBM white paper by Rob Cross.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Does anyone else see "Student Records" in "Data Portability"?

Mark Oehlert

White Paper Solicitation and I came to this section of items that would be valuable to have addressed by submitted white papers: "Collaboration and Community. enable interoperability among learning systems and the technologies that support collaboration and community, including social networks, community learning, wikis, blogs, multiplayer games, and the emerging world of user generated content?" That white paper would be a prize itself.

Making the Case for Performance Support by Jennifer Neibert

Learning Solutions Magazine

With insights from today’s leading performance support experts, Marc Rosenberg underscores the need for a new performance framework in a white paper from The. eLearning Guild, At the Moment of Need: The Case for Performance Support.

Deployment Vs. Implementation – Is There a Difference?

Living in Learning

Okay…so my trigger got tripped this morning on a white paper put out by HR.Com…which, by the way, was very well done. Discovery & Consulting Learning @ the Point of Work Rants & Ramblings deployment implementation LinkedIn performance support performer support PSO work contextWhat tripped my trigger was not what was included in the article, “An Overview of HCM Technology Deployment and Factors Influencing the Strategy, but what was left out.

Digitec Supports iMIS at the Users Group Conference

Association eLearning

During her time as Director of Marketing at Digitec, Amy has authored numerous white papers, case studies and newsletters. On September 12-14, Digitec will attend the iMIS Users Group gathering in Philadelphia, demonstrating our Knowledge Direct learning management system for associations.

Adobe RoboHelp: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Help System

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Neil Perlin  has written a well-rounded white paper covering the top mistakes Help authors make when creating a Help System. Among the mistakes: Not developing mechanisms to support content consistency. Not developing mechanisms to support format consistency. Not revisiting project design in light of 'environmental' changes. Not planning to test QA (Quality Assurance) and usability. Not planning to create an index   Read more.

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Research Spotlight: Learning Analytics: A Practical Pathway to Success by Sharon Vipond and A.D. Detrick

Learning Solutions Magazine

The eLearning Guild’s newest white paper provides timely information and guidance that supports and extends the ongoing. presented in the white paper. goals of the September 2016 Data & Analytics Summit. This article reviews some of the basic concepts and practical advice. Learning Research Management Training Strategies

Multiply Learning Successes with This Number-Backed, Modern Approach


Change as the Cornerstone of Survival: 3 Stats Supporting Modern Learning to Survive in Business. “It It’s a central concept in our soon-to-be-released white paper, Beyond the LMS: Modernize Your Corporate Learning Programs by Supporting Social and Informal Learning.

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Our 10 Best Corporate Learning Articles of 2014

Bottom-Line Performance

When Remembering Really Matters – White Paper from Sharon Boller. Speaking of instructional design, Sharon went even more in depth in this white paper. Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success – White Paper.

Our Top 5 Training & Development Webinars from 2015

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Many of the webinars also have a supporting resource, such as a white paper, project sample, or lookbook, to go along with them. Access White Paper. Access White Paper. Access White Paper. Access White Paper.

Redesigning Learning Design

Clark Quinn

Of course, to support good application of the content to develop abilities, you need the right content! I’ve provided many resources about better learning design, from my 7 step program white paper to my deeper elearning series for Learnnovators.

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When Instructor-Led Training is No Longer a Sustainable Model

Bottom-Line Performance

Sharon Boller’s Learning Trends white paper uses a variety of recent statistics to show that ILT is still a major part of the learning mix for most companies. From ILT to eMag for “just in time” support. Blend ILT With Performance Support.

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Shocking outcomes from ATD research on Instructional design

Challenge to Learn

Are the still using pen and paper? At number 1: 41% of the respondents indicates that the lack of leader support is their main challenge. You can download the white paper or book at the ATD (The white paper is free for members, $ 19.99

How to Use Spaced Practice to Support Memory in Job Training

Convergence Training

In this article, we’re going to continue looking at issues related at this general theme of forgetting and how to better support memory after training. How can you better support memory? The human brain is amazing.

What Is a Product Launch Curriculum?

Bottom-Line Performance

This is an excerpt from Nancy Harkness’ new white paper, Learning Solutions and Your Product Launch: The Secret to Success. We define a curriculum as: A set of learning solutions that support a common goal, solving a business problem. Click here to download the white paper!


Clark Quinn

And a wee bit of self-promotion: if expertise comes from years of practice, how about 3+ decades of investigating the breadth and depth of learning & performance, and exploration of technology support? A white paper talks about this. Another white paper talks about this.