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Video Learning Platforms

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The new kids of the block (please no jokes here) are Video Learning Platforms. While a video learning platform might have multiple products at the end of the day it is built upon two key components (which they all have in some form). – this is the backbone of the platform. APIs – as in their (video learning platform itself) API is open. Flashback. Flashback.

Could an Open Learning Platform Work for Your Company?

CLO Magazine

Enter open learning platforms. Editor’s note: The author works for a learning platform company.] Rather than focusing solely on individual development, like traditional learning management systems do, open platforms allow CLOs to create a collaborative environment that involves employees, as well as current and prospective customers. To comment, email

Elearning platforms meeting PENS standard makes online training easier


Publishing course content to a learning management system ( LMS ) is often time consuming, causing frustration to course authors. Before the PENS LMS , course authors would have to upload SCORM content to an elearning platform , using a tedious multistep process. Are your course authors spending too much time uploading content to your LMS ? Source: [link].


5 MOOC Building Platforms


This platform contains software and instructions for presenting your materials. Content can be access online from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Now that MOOCs are hitting the scene, everyone wants to jump on board! Granted, some want to get into the game in the hopes of making a quick dollar (somehow?), but others genuinely want to know how they can create their own MOOC for educational purposes. Well, you have options! More providers are likely to spring up as we will only cover five potential options. In no particular order, some of your options include: 1. MOOCs

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

situations, or present individualized content. While the mainstream social media platforms can provide opportunities for. foundational content from OTS elearning and additional training that speaks specifically to. Secret 6: Add Your Own Content into the Flow. can add content “blocks” such as videos, templates, forms, examples or stories, internal or. capital.

Micro-learning Through The Mobile Platform: Is That Where Learning Is Heading?


Micro-learning when delivered through the mobile platform , becomes more accessible and provides an opportunity for learning, anywhere and anytime. The learners can take small quizzes or activity-based tests, which can provide a tool for learner-assessment, and increase learner’s engagement with the content. The merits of micro-learning are many. Tips for Creating Micro-Learning.

eLearning Content And Social Media

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In eLearning, it is said that you have 8 seconds to engage your learners before they move away from your content. Luckily, this is more than the 2 seconds we supposedly have with general web content. You want your eLearners to stay with you much more than 8 seconds and be engaged by your social media marketing (SMM) content. How Else Can You Use This Video Platform?

Why so many companies want to replace their online training platform


One-third of companies are not satisfied with the formal aspect of their learning content management system (LCMS) technology functions. Social and mobile features have been increasing in importance for years, and the new Brandon Hall Group study found 46% of companies consider discussion forums essential to their learning platforms. DOWNLOAD THE INFOGRAPHIC. How important is UX ?

Sponge partners with Axonify to bring world’s first Employee Knowledge Platform to the UK

Sponge UK

NEWS: Sponge UK, a leading provider of custom-made workplace elearning solutions, announced today that it is complementing its corporate learning services with the Axonify Employee Knowledge Platform. The platform uses advanced technologies to help improve business performance by ensuring employees build and retain their knowledge over time.

Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

curation Page 26 Contents L&D “THE FUTURE OF LEARNING IS ON. attention on how learning content is. or be engaged with intelligent content, the same as they would if they’re picking. MIND-SET CAREER DEVELOPMENT IS NOT A LADDER SOCIAL LEARNING WISDOM OF CROWDS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY CONTENT CURATION AVAILABLE, ACCESSIBLE AND. You deliver a piece of content that your.

Detecting Mobile Platforms the Smart Way for Lectora

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Lectora has some great features to take learning off the desktop and on the road, such as dynamic templates for mobile layout, but one of the more interesting ways is the ability to check the platform type as a condition for an action. Checking for platform “iPad” would let you show a button overlay to play the media so the user would have to click it to start the page.

9 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating eLearning Content

eLearning Brothers

Steve is a freelance blogger and content writer for He loves writing about education, content creation, and learning techniques. With so many courses being created on a daily basis, it’s not surprising that some content will be better than others. Here’s how to avoid some common eLearning content mistakes: 1. Guest post by Steve Aedy.

Skillsoft Targets Modern Learners with Content, Platform Redesign by Pamela S. Hogle

Learning Solutions Magazine

Skillsoft is launching a redesigned business-skills curriculum—and a new learning platform—aimed at modern, tech-savvy. learners. Design & Development Tools Instructional Design Learning Media

Is Content Curation the Future of Instructional Design?


Even if you’re in a large Fortune 500 enterprise with the luxury of a Learning and Development department, do you really see content curation as part of curriculum design, management leadership development, onboarding, sales training, etc.? What Other Professions Curate Content? Do other jobs exist that include curating content? Perhaps digital content curation is different.

Why is a Social Learning platform important for business?


The applications of a social learning platform on training have been known for sometime, but the idea of a social learning management system is relatively new. A social learning platform isn’t really anything new – similar models have been used for years. More importantly, a social learning platform facilitates a connection to ideas. Observe, repeat, perfect. Next steps.

LMS Utility For Content Providers: Helping Content Companies Sell Better, Market Better


Within the plethora of organizations utilizing LMS for their training management needs, a large chunk of learning management system users are content companies which create and sell e-courses to other organizations. So modern LMS should build in value for learning content companies and accommodate their needs. They expect the same visual appeal in the learning platform as well.

Why your Enterprise Social Network is your most valuable social learning platform

Jane Hart

For this reason the new enterprise social platforms (like Enterprise Social Networks (ESNs) that underpin social collaboration are your most valuable social learning platforms. as these platforms are designed to foster collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing among employees. This is the article I wrote for the January edition of Inside Learning Technologies magazine.

New to Docebo LMS: 9 ways to supercharge your online training platform


9 New ways to supercharge your online training platform with Docebo 6.9. the latest version of the online training platform and our biggest update ever. Meanwhile, learners can upload content straight from their mobile device with Docebo Mobile, a new application available for both iOS and Android smartphones. Docebo 6.9 available now on demand. Docebo 6.9 Docebo Mobile.

There is no one ‘right’ online platform to support learning

Janet Clarey

I’ve found that selecting the ‘right’ technology is less of a daunting task when you realize there really is no ONE right platform. The platform must suit the activities. Yet many still have a desire to find the holy grail of learning platforms. Of course it’s not easy continuously searching for platforms and then supporting those platforms.

Mobile Devices in Learning: Utilizing the Ubiquitous Platform for Corporate Learning


One of the many strengths of the mobile platform is that it really is the primary portal for social communication for many professionals, who are always connected on the social media. Delivering learning content on the Mobile Learning Management System: Not only supplementary material, but entire learning courses can be delivered directly to the learners on their personal handheld devices.

The Genericization Of Content

Upside Learning

We are starting to ‘genericize’ content, it is starting to look the same, feel the same, and function in a similar manner. Why doesn’t the courseware we make scale across platforms as we have come to expect from most mobile/cloud applications? Sure, it’s great to have courseware that runs across platforms and devices, but is that really what you need? Why do I think this way?

Do you want to predict learners’ path?

Origin Learning

Konnect , the next-generation learning platform, is an ideal forum for showcasing the collaborative and the informal nature of learning that happens at the workplace. With its inbuilt predictability feature, it is a platform for learning by choice and not by force. Your users will have access to front-end learning content, while you are the real driver in the seat! And more!

Three ways to streamline your elearning content in one afternoon


We know it’s a no-brainer that learning content needs to be clear and concise – but when it comes to what your customers actually need to get on with their day? Whatever your solution, your content needs to feel approachable , not intimidating or dull. Here’s our best tips for making your learning content the best it can be. That’s a different story. Do a little research.

Why YouTube Isn’t Always Your Best Video Platform Fit

KZO Innovations

Showcasing your company’s video on any platform is a great way to share content. If you didn’t already know, YouTube is one of the world’s most popular video platforms – and one of the easiest ways to share video content. For your business: most likely a secure enterprise video platform. Competitive organizations should consider using a video platform that allows you to: Publish videos securely. The right enterprise video platform supports security, manages branding, and controls accessibility more effectively than YouTube does. Branding.

Turning Offline Content into ELearning


Finding content for your elearning can sometimes be the most challenging aspect of course creation. But what if the only material available is in the form of offline content? If you are going to transition offline content to an elearning course, then you need to do it properly. There are other options for bringing offline content into an online form.

Multi Tenant LMS – When you need an ‘Extended Enterprise’ e-learning Platform!


Our LMS seamlessly integrates with more than 100 platforms, which makes it stand out amongst the other LMS players. 5. The reseller feature of the multi tenant lms lets your organization harp profit by selling the courses and content owned by the company to the tenants. The post Multi Tenant LMS – When you need an ‘Extended Enterprise’ e-learning Platform! are the children.

Typography for e-learning content design


In our last post, “10 Graphic Design tips for e-learning educators”, we provided a few essential guidelines for improving the look and feel of your e-learning content. which involves choice of fonts, font-sizes, line length, columns etc, can lift even the most mediocre content. It’s more important that the font sits well with your content. . Good typography ?

SCORM – When you need Inter-Operatibility between E-learning Platforms!


What is it about SCORM ( Shareable Content Object Reference Model ) that the e-learning folks are going gaga over? It specifies the way in which content from the client side interacts with a given LMS. To cut a long story short, SCORM compliance makes sure that any type of content will work on any system that’ll read SCORM. In addition, content re-usability is made possible.


5 Tips For Creating 21st Century Learning Content


The first step in doing that is creating effective content. If you’re trying to create better content for your 21st century employees, these five tips are a good place to start. Keep lesson content under 2 minutes. There’s no rule for how long learning content must be, but a good rule of thumb is “short enough to be engaging, complete enough to be effective.”

Grovo 59

Best of the Best: Content Authoring Tools

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Updated Content Authoring Tool Directory. Considering there are over 120 content authoring tool products in the space, being one of the top ten – puts you IMO – as best of the best. Works across multiple platforms, SCORM, learning object generator and more. authoring tools Awards content authoring tool e-learning craig weiss e-learning software elearninfo247 elearning rapid content authoring toolsWhile traditionally best of the best are announced in December, I decided why wait. Here are my criteria. One product reminded me of bad shareware.

Why You Need More User-Generated Content in Your Training Program

Staff training can be created by and for employees with user -generated content. You may have heard a lot about user-generated content (UGC) with respect to marketing. Employees create training content for their peers to learn from. User-generated content refers to anything employees create for their colleagues to reference or learn from.

Tear down this wall! Seek, Sense, Share

Origin Learning

Harold Jarcherefers to the “Seeking, Sensing, Sharing” pattern in content, learning by using social technology and tools are creating a dynamic learning environment that has a pull rather than a push force at work. Don’t you “seek” out relevant content?Don’t Don’t you “share” that new story of how content (read learning) applies to your context with others? Competency mapping.

Content Curation: One More Role for an Enterprise Community Manager

ID Reflections

Faced with the tsunami of information, we are all floundering to find our way to content that actually matters. Hence, we see the rise of content curators as a breed who will help us to make sense of this world of worldwideweb that has suddenly gone amuck. We are all striving for a world where we find exactly what we need, the conversation we want to be a part of and the content that helps us make that breakthrough decision. Find what users need on the platform without getting lost in the maze This will entail a blend of manual and automated work.

Using social media for eLearning (a look at the top 6 social platforms)


It makes sense then to want to use those powerful and hugely popular platforms for things besides posting cat videos or catching up with Alex from high school. The most appealing thing about Twitter is also its major limitation: you have to fit your content in 140 characters. On the other hand, the 140-character limit makes Twitter a handy platform for micro-learning. Twitter.

Using QR Code in Your KZO Platform

KZO Innovations

For example, if you print the code on a banner at a convention, people can quickly scan it with their smartphones and get to your content. . Here, we’ll walk you through the 3 simple steps of using QR Code in your KZO platform. Inside your KZO platform, simply search for the title of the chapter you’d like to embed. How To / Tips KZO Platform QR Code QR Code stands for Quick Response code. It’s designed to be used on printed material. You can scan the code using your smartphone and be quickly taken to a predefined link. So, why use QR Code? 1. Get Your Link.

Content is a tyrant.

Learning with e's

Better coverage and faster download/upload speeds would ensure that just about everyone who is connected would have even greater access to online content and services anytime, anywhere. But in adopting these communication advances, are we also opening the door for a deluge of content? Are we not already swamped by a tsunami of content? At least that is the plan.