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30+ Ideas for eLearning Portfolio Samples

Experiencing eLearning

What if you can’t use any samples of your existing work due to confidentiality or security requirements? For example, the Instructional Designer or eLearning Developer demo in my portfolio is based on an activity I originally created for a health care client. For portfolio samples, you don’t generally need to create a full-blown, 60 minute course. Resume writing.

Likert-Type Scales: Examples, Samples and Information

Kapp Notes

If you are doing a formative or summative evaluation of instruction or doing a needs assessment or a program evaluation, sooner or later you are going to need a Likert-type scale. You also may have a question about using odd or even numbers in the Likert-Type Scale, here is some insight on that. Here are several types of scales that you might find handy. Also, here is an article about preparing a Likert Scale. Here is a link to a page that has some templates that might be helpful. Finally, are you really pronouncing "Likert" correctly. I'll bet not.

Sample branching scenario + cool tool

Making Change

Use simple codes to keep track of variables or limit learners’ choices (not shown in the sample scenario). It might also be mobile-friendly — at least, the sample scenario works on my iPhone. For example, the default version of the sample scenario had white text on a black background. That’s way more work than I wanted to do for a quick sample.

Sample branching scenario + cool tool

Making Change

Use simple codes to keep track of variables or limit learners’ choices (not shown in the sample scenario). It might also be mobile-friendly — at least, the sample scenario works on my iPhone. For example, the default version of the sample scenario had white text on a black background. That’s way more work than I wanted to do for a quick sample.

New research explores the common myths and realities around the 70:20:10 learning model

For example, organisations. Data from a sample of 1,681 learners taking part in a Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit during 2015. We compared those responding 7, 8 or 9. (47% of sample) with those responding 1, 2 or 3 (20% of the sample). In-Focus. Report. February 2016 Authored by Charles Jennings, Laura Overton & Dr Genny Dixon. Supported by. 70+20+10=100.

4 Steps to Creating a Portfolio of your eLearning Projects


Authoring Tool eLearning tools training eLearning projects eLearning samples online samples training projects This post provides four quick steps on how to create a winning eLearning portfolio. If you already have a portfolio, use these steps to update it. Your next eLearning opportunity may hinge on an updated winning portfolio! 1. Locate all [.].

eLearning Example – Make Compliance Courses Engaging


One of the ways I become a better eLearning designer is by finding good examples and trying to replicate the elements I like. Recently, my friend Brooke Schepker from Yukon Learning shared a sample course. View the sample course. Yukon was bold in selecting a compliance course as an example and kudos to them for showing us a better approach. Well done!

Download Adobe Captivate Example Courses

eLearning Brothers

Looking for Captivate example courses to feed your creativity? So, where can you go to get Captivate example courses with source files to download? You can find the latest source files here: Captivate Example Courses. Also, here is another helpful resource if you are only interested in Captivate 8 example courses: Captivate 8 Responsive Example Courses. Good news!

Download Adobe Captivate sample Rapid eLearning Course modules

Adobe Captivate

Looking for some examples to feed your creativity, help you learn more about how Adobe Captivate works, or just to add inspiration to your New Year? Look no further. I’ve added the big yellow download button to the sidebar of the Captivate blog so you can find the latest downloadable source demos. You’ll find them [.]. Documentation eLearning Suite eLearning this week Extending Captivate How do I. Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Technical Support Training and Tutorials Under the hood Whats new Adobe Captivate 5 Adobe Captivate 5.5 rapid elearning

Examples of eLearning–Ten Great Resources

Tony Karrer

I was just asked for some examples of eLearning. I had collected up eLearning Examples a couple years ago, but thought it was worth going back to look for more. The following are some very good lists of widely varying examples of eLearning. Elearning samples eLearning Examples Examples of E-Learning Where are Examples of eLearning? Instead, most examples of eLearning actually fall outside of that realm. Lots Right Here! eLearning Technology. Subscribe to the Best of eLearning Learning for updates from this blog and other eLearning blogs

How to Convince Higher Ups That “Fun” eLearning Is Good Business

Bottom-Line Performance

We use examples from real projects to help you uncover the best way to meet these challenges in your organization. Here are some examples: An illustrated example. The example below is from the Building Evacuation course we developed for Roche Diagnostics. photo-driven example. Learning eLearning Challenges gamification Training case study elearning work sample

Business Architecture Sample - Student Registration Into Archi

In the Middle of the Curve

link to Archimate, a couple of work samples, and the invitation to ask him any further questions. THIS is why you want to make friends with your IT folks. Huge swaths of things I had planned to do, he had already done. All I needed to do was fill in the blanks. - I took my Visio version of the Classroom Trainee Registration workflow and began to convert it to Archi. And here.I

Requirements Sample - Survey Tools

In the Middle of the Curve

I have been working with our lead architect on a couple of survey projects. The first project captured self-reported application development skills. We've had a couple of projects this year where our in-house staff didn't have the skills needed for the new application. No one's fault - it happens when you replace a major piece of your enterprise system after using the same thing for 10+ years.

Design for Motivation – Free Sample Chapter

Usable Learning

Hey folks, There’s a free sample chapter of the book (Design For How People Learn) available here: [link] It’s Chapter 8: Design for Motivation (In which we learn that we don’t always learn the right thing when we learn from experience, and … Continue reading →

Request for Proposal (RFP) Samples

Tony Karrer

Based on my post LMS RFP , I've been asked several times if I knew where you could find samples of Request for Proposals (RFPs) for custom eLearning development, performance support tools, learning content management systems (LCMS), elearning authoring tools , etc. LCMS Request for Proposal Search LMS RFP Search eLearning RFP Search Custom eLearning Development Search Click one of the above examples, and modify with your terms Today the question was for Microsoft Project. The keys are: (filetype:pdf OR filetype:doc) - only show me actual documents in either of these formats.

How Do You Choose Your Sample Size?


Random sampling is the basis for most of the procedures of statistical inference. An appropriate sampling methodology ensures the equal likelihood of drawing another sample with the same characteristics as the previous sample, even though both samples may not be exact copies of the population Written by Dr. Ken Reynolds of SRA International, Inc.

Learning-by-Doing: GuitarBots

Twitterpated with Learning

Random Musings Samples Game-based Learning Games Real world practice Yesterday, I wrote about how most “learning-by-doing” is really is actually “learning-by-doing-something-really-similar-to-what-you-ultimately-want-to-do.” This is the a post in a series where I explore games and online learning that incorporate authentic practice. . by tuning my real guitar. More tomorrow!

Instructional Design Pointers shared by Nadine Jeffers


Education Software Free webinar Gaming interactive learning raptivity be creative edutainment Heroskills interactivity samples humour and cartoons instructional designRecently, Raptivity had organized a Games Show Webinar where Nadine Jeffers shared some vital pointers on designing instructionally sound interactivity using raptivity. gist of these points is listed below: 1. Be Creative 2.

Examples and Samples of Game Design Documents

Kapp Notes

These samples will give you some ideas. Chris Taylor Game Design Document Sample : As the web site says, "for all of you who have ever wondered what they look like or need one for your own personal game project, check out Dungeon Siege creator Chris Taylor's example" Example Blank Design Document : This one is simple and too the point, not much detail but it will get you stared. Here is a collection of several game design documents and information about game design documents. But how to write one? Game Design Document: Play with Fire. Document for Ant Game.

4 Excellent Examples of E-learning Courses

CommLab India

Check out this example of e-learning in action regarding genetic mutations. Please do share your ideas and sample e-learning courses in the Comments section below. Have you been hearing your online courses are having high drop out rates? As an instructional designer, this could be your worst nightmare. Well, ineffective and boring courses are the main reason for e-learning drop outs.

Presentation does matter!


eLearning Software interactive learning PowerPoint rapid learning raptivity compelling learning experience effective learning high content retention Rapid interactivity samples series of blogs visually richWe talk about evoking high content retention among the learners. It’s truly important because effective learning happens only when a learner can show it easily.

Design for Motivation – Free Sample Chapter

Usable Learning

Hey folks, There’s a free sample chapter of the book (Design For How People Learn) available here: [link] It’s Chapter 8: Design for Motivation (In which we learn that we don’t always learn the right thing when we learn from experience, and … Continue reading →

Sample Solutions Survey or.How Training fits in

In the Middle of the Curve

I've had a number of people ask me recently about what questions we are asking in our Pilot surveys. The largest survey we did was for our Unified Communications rollout. have started to use some of these questions during other implementations to get a feel for how the training programs impact the adoption of a new tool. These surveys are being sent out one month after the implementations. We have found that we get a better idea as to whether the solution and the training that supports the solution worked. People have had time to work with the new solution and processes.

Deeper eLearning Design: Part 4 – Examples


Here we’re talking about the role of examples in learning, and we’ll continue on through emotional elements, and finally putting it all together. Examples are a part of learning, as we know, and learning design is, or should be considered complex. So too with examples, we tend to treat them as easy to write. However, an example that is missing the nuances, the details that make them work, can be as useless as nothing at all. To do examples right, you need to understand what their role is in the learning process, and ensure that you are addressing the subtleties.

Design Overview: Childhood TB for Healthcare Workers

Twitterpated with Learning

For example, in each diagnosis case, learners ask questions to uncover the patient’s history and gather notes. Amanda''s Projects Samples Childhood TB for Healthcare Workers , a six-module online course for which I was the learning designer and developer, launched yesterday on World TB Day. This

Sample Presentations

Kapp Notes

Here are a couple of samples of presentations about Games, Gadgets and Gizmos. Here is my appearance on CBS station WYOU And here you can listen to a radio interview on public radio station WITF.

But I’d Never Say That! Choices for Conversation-Based Decisions in Scenarios

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For example, instead of specific dialog I might offer these choices in a sales scenario: Tell Mr. Jones about how Awesome Robot is great because it will save him time by doing all of his housework for him. Amanda's Projects Branching E-Learning Samples Scenario-Based LearningAsk Mr. Jones if he ever wishes his house were cleaner. Ask Mr. Jones if he’s ready to buy an Awesome Robot.

Business Architecture Sample - Student Registration classroom

In the Middle of the Curve

The article this image came from talks about how the client-side marketing research department could politically position themselves to make use of the data. fascinating read itself - if not related to the below post. - As you might have guessed, I''m writing these posts as I am doing the work. Such is the risk when a venture like this is done as a "side job". There are many ways to do this.

Other Ways to Inspire Change

Twitterpated with Learning

Amanda''s Projects Samples Behavior Change What interests me most about learning is its potential to inspire change: ideally a measurable change in behavior, but barring that, at least a shift in attitude or understanding. What if, though, in many cases it’s not actually a lack of information that’s preventing learners from doing things differently?

Games that Embody an Emotional Experience

Twitterpated with Learning

As part of a project-in-progress, I’ve been gathering examples of various types of serious games. Samples Emotion Games Inpsiration As a start, here is an informal list of games whose purpose seems less about uncovering a winning strategy and more about embodying a particular emotional experience. All of the games listed below are available online to play for free. Spent. link].

Raptivity Interactivity Samples for Education Sector


Raptivity Interactivity Samples for Education Sector We have designed some interactivity samples of Raptivity learning games, simulations for education sector. These samples demonstrate the use of Raptivity interactions in Math, Science, Economics, Business Administration and more such online training courses. [.].

Instructional Design by Example

Janet Clarey

I launched a new blog this week for showcasing e-learning examples. The plan is to provide a centralized location for examples of e-learning courses and details about the instructional design process used in creating them. Anyone is welcome to submit an example using the submission form. Tags: Uncategorized examples Instructional Design samples

8 eLearning Quiz Design Tips


For this course, terms like “outtie” and “shiv” and their use in a sample sentence made me laugh. eLearning examples. Jackie is always creating cool examples and sharing them on her blog. Articulate Storyline Resources eLearning Examples Examples Graphic Design Tips Instructional Design Tips Posts Storytelling blogWas there anything on the screen besides text?

My iPhone Died of Dysentery: Games That Simulate Difficulty

Twitterpated with Learning

Samples Game-based Learning Games SimulationsThe game Spent has been making the rounds through the serious games and eLearning communities. In case you’ve been hiding under a rock (or don’t use twitter), the premise of this game is that you’ve lost your job, your house, and most of your savings. Your challenge is to make it through a month of difficult choices. 3rd World Farmer. Peacemaker.

Blended Learning Design Tip: Create A Course Map Like This One

InSync Training

I''ve had a lot of requests lately for sample "Course Maps," which visually lay out course requirements for blended learning. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Blended learning Motivation

Articulate Challenge #79

Oh That Rachel

Learning ELH Challenge drag navigation e-learning sampleI’ve fallen way behind Articulate Challenges this past year, and now I’ve just been picking and choosing which ones I want to do. The most recent one intrigued me – so I did it. Twice. The challenge this week centered around custom navigation. My first entry was a resume that you clicked on to get […] Continue Reading. The post Articulate Challenge #79 appeared first on Oh That Rachel.

Graphic Layering for Better E-Learning Design

E-learning Uncovered

Uncategorized articulate Articulate Storyline Articulate Studio authoring tools captivate design development e-learning e-learning design eLearning lectora resources samples tools Often times, new e-learning designers struggle with the graphic design aspect of development process. One of these tips is something I call: “graphic layering.”. What Is Graphic Layering?

Dipping in the Sample Cabinet

In the Middle of the Curve

Psych departments in multi-specialty practices have the best sample cabinets. (We keep trying to convince them to share.but they are very protective of their stash.) It figures that a Psychopharmacologist would dip into that cabinet to come up with this video: I will never be a psychopharmacologist - but I suspect Dr. Stephen Stahl is a heck of a teacher.

Mini-Lessons: A Different Learning Approach


These observations, along with a simplified example of the process of learning, are presented using Raptivity Linker below. Have you created any mini learning sample(s)? Looking forward to see your creative samples. And of course, do let me know your thoughts on my mini lesson sample. The key feature of each mini-lesson is that it is quick and specific.