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Vary Sentence Structure in Voice Over Scripts

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When you use voice over for elearning, do you want it to sound natural and flowing, or do you want it to sound stiff and didactic? great voice over person can make a good script more engaging, and a great script sound fantastic. However, if the script itself is completely stiff and unnatural, there’s only so much a voice over person can do. Formatting Voice Over Scripts.

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Voice Over Script Pitfalls

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Instructional designers sometimes run into pitfalls when writing voice over scripts. Jill Goldman of Goldivox is a voice over professional who graciously agreed to share with me the issues she sometimes sees in scripts. I’ll share her perspective in block quotes below, along with my own tips. This is part 3 of my series on writing voice over scripts. Lists. Abbreviations.

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Best Practices for Voice-Over


If you are designing and developing eLearning, you are most likely going to need voice-over work. Voice Principle – People learn better when the narration in multimedia lessons is in a friendly human voice, rather than a machine voice. Using professional voice-over is expensive and time consuming, so many projects opt to use “in house” voices.

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Rise Against Robotic Voice-Overs

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One might think that eLearning voice-overs would be the place to take your enunciation skills to the max, but that’s not quite true. This is also big reason why a human voice is usually a wiser choice than a machine voice. ” The problem with computerized voices is that, at this point in time, they are not very customizable. Sorry? Pardon?” Richard E.

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6 Quick Voice-Over Tips

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You want your eLearning audio to go smoothly, especially voice-overs. Using your voice properly is a skill in itself. This will prevent unintended mouth sounds and keep your voice consistent though out your session. #4. If you have any other voice over tips for eLearning , please share in the comments section below! Smile! Your listeners want to hear your enthusiasm.

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Voice Over Scripts: Writing Style Tips

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Instructional designers often need to write voice over scripts, but many of us have never received any formal training on how writing for voice over is different from other writing. She did a terrific job and brought energy and life to my script (as a great voice over professional can). And after all, you are having voice talent record the script for a person listening.

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How to Make Your Own Sound Booth for Better Voice Overs

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When recording voice overs in a non-professional studio, you’re bound to run into unwanted background noises, and other pesky sounds that your microphone picks up. If you want to clean up your audio and make better voice overs for your eLearning projects than keep reading. The post How to Make Your Own Sound Booth for Better Voice Overs appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

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The Art Of Voice Overs – Part 2

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The Art Of Voice Overs – Part 2. Producing voice overs is an acquired skill. Just because you talk all day does not mean that you are fully qualified for voice overs.  As a matter of fact in part 1 of this series we referenced the fact that when we hear our own voice it can be quite disconcerting. You can quickly isolate the imperfections in your voice quality.

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4 Priorities For Your Voice Over Recording

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Whenever the camera is on our actress, we used a boom microphone to record her voice. If the voice over audio sounds different from the camera-recorded audio, you may be in trouble. Many times you can tell when a voice over was done in a recording booth as opposed to being recorded on site with the camera. We had to make a choice about how we were going to record that audio.

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Formatting Tips for Voice Over Scripts

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If we as instructional designers write scripts that are easy for voice over talent to understand, the voice over professionals we work with can record and edit those scripts faster. This is part 2 in my series of posts on tips for creating voice over scripts. Part 1: Voice Over Scripts: Writing Style Tips. Vivitrol [voice over: VIH-vih-trohl. Formatting Tips.

Student voices

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Photo by Pedro Ribiero Simoes on Wikimedia Commons Student voices by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 bett2014 BETT show BYOD collaboration education interaction learner autonomy learning student voice Technology university video My presentation at the 2014 BETT Show is a little different from my normal presentations.

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How to Soundproof a Room for Quality Voice Overs

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Your point gets lost in the static along with your voice. But for anything with a voice over, on-screen dialog, or interview, you’ll want to make sure the sound quality is as good as possible. Once we understand what makes a voice recording echo-y or scratchy, we can start fixing the problem. Direct sound comes from sound waves going directly to your ears (or voice recorder).

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How to Record Voice Overs for eLearning (Part 1)

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There are several things you can do before, during, and after recording to make your voice overs for eLearning sound more professional in your courses. Nothing is worse than when you are on a roll recording a voice over and then you come across a misspelled word or incorrect placement of a comma. This is probably the most important aspect to having a professional sounding voice over.

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Putting a Voice to Your Courses


If you are a writer then you have probably heard how important it is to develop your unique “voice” In fact, writers spend years trying to perfect their voice. It often becomes their “brand” Anything we put in a digital format has a “voice”, even videos. In either case this has to be planned and done intentionally. instructional design

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Podcast: Writing Voice-Over Scripts for eLearning

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Voice-Over Scripts for eLearning. IconLogic's Kevin Siegel and Jennie Ruby recently sat down with the folks at the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) and discussed Writing. We talked about how critically important it is to. write the scripts in advance.    Learn some important Dos and Don'ts you can put to use. immediately. Audio eLearning mLearning

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Tips for Working with E-Learning Voice-Over Talent

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Working with professional voice-over talent can help your courses be more polished and professional, but this comes at an expense. Over the years, I’ve discovered several tips for working with voice-over talent to help make the process easier and more efficient, which can help keep your costs down. Here are my top three tips for working with voice-over talent. 1.

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Captivate 8: Working with Text-to-Speech and Voices

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Recently a question came up in one of the help forums: “How do I install the Captivate 8 TTS voices?” So here’s a quick overview of Captivate 8’s text-to-speech features as well as some details on how to obtain the voices, install them, and a couple related options and further resource information. restart Captivate, and those voice options should appear.

eLearning & Training: Casting Cross-Cultural Voice-Over Talents

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Adding voice-overs to your eLearning lessons can increase the interaction a learner has with your content, often boosting the lesson's overall effectiveness. Providing high-quality voice-overs is a tremendous feat in only one language or accent. Here are some facets to consider when casting cross-cultural voice talents. The desired voice-over role. voice talent may function as a narrator, instructor, spokesperson, or actor in a storyline. The voice may be conveyed in a playful manner, factually, formally or informally. Voice-over experience.

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Guide to Selecting the Best Voice Over Microphone

iSpring Solutions

Shared. Recording a voiceover is a field of knowledge that includes many disciplines from learning how to speak into a microphone to selecting the right software for recording your audio narrations by reading a script. Picking the right recording gear is the lion’s share of the overall success in recording a professional voiceover. Read more ». Comparisons

How to do Voice Overs for eLearning – Post Editing (Part 3)

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There are several things you can do before, during, and after recording to make your voice overs for eLearning sound more professional in your courses. Now that you’ve finished your voice over recording, you have an unedited audio clip that needs to be touched up. Audacity and NCH Wavepad  are also other good options for editing voice overs. Normalize your Audio.

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Inside the Voice Actors Studio

ATD Learning Technologies

This blog post from Ben Butina focuses on the performance aspect of voiceover. Professional voiceover actors and directors draw on a variety of techniques to get the best possible performance, and learning professionals can use these same techniques to improve our work. Click here to read full version

The Art Of Writing Great Voice Over Scripts

The eLearning Coach

Post from: The eLearning Coach The Art Of Writing Great Voice Over Scripts. Tags: AUDIO DESIGN MEDIA STORYBOARDING narration scripting scriptwriting voice over Want to improve how you write for the ear? Then you'll want to read these tips.

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Voice Over Tips for eLearning – During Recording (Part 2)

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For voice over tips there are several things you can do  before , during, and after recording to make your voice overs sound more professional in your courses. Here are some simple voice over tips to think about as you begin and while you are recording your next project. . 1. Being properly hydrated for your recording session can help your voice sound like it should.

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Voice-Over in eLearning

The Learning Circuits

However, there was a comment on one of my posts that made me realize that the discussion of the use of voice-over in eLearning was far beyond the conversation that Joel and I were having. There is no substitute for a professional voice talent, who can interpret the meaning and message of your e-learning scripts. The September Question is: Effective voice-over in eLearning?

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How Your Visual Voice Helps Build Better E-Learning

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And that’s when listening to your visual voice is critical. What is the Visual Voice? That’s because there’s a voice in the back of your head that lets you know. Each one of us has a visual voice that we can hear and learn to build better looking elearning courses. The secret is learning to hear the voice. The Visual Voice for E-Learning. What about fonts?

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Interaction with Digital Devices through Voice Commands – The Future of Learning

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The mobile learning module is searched and the specific answer is voiced. When I say, ‘interacting with digital devices’, it’s much more than voice or speech recognition. In the ‘interaction with digital devices’ environment, mobiles or any other digital devices will listen your voice commands and respond appropriately. At your voice command. Year 2020….

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Voice Lessons for the Instructional Designer by Walter Murphy

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Create a persona whose voice. Learners prefer facilitated training—the personal touch. Adopting a persona when writing content can help. an instructional designer make self-directed eLearning more personable. your learners will respond to, whether as colleague or as guide! Design Strategies Getting Started Instructional Design Training Strategies

ID and E-Learning Links (7/24/16)

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Voice Realm. Hire voice over with free auditions. Bookmarks mobile learning plagiarism research voice overHow Relearning Old Concepts Alongside New Ones Makes It All Stick | MindShift | KQED News. Rather than studying and practicing a single skill in blocks, it’s more effective to use “interleaved” or variable practice of multiple skills. You remember better this way. It’s the opposite of cramming where you might do well on a test but forget it all soon after. tags: learning research spacedlearning memory. tags: voiceover. Is it original?

Storytelling with technology

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It's important we listen to the student voice - educators are foolish if they don't. I've written about this in previous blogs, and have also put this principle into action by incorporating student voice into many of my own public presentations. learning narrative education storytelling student voice teaching Technology videoUnported License.

Tip of the Week: Include narrations for interactions using your own voice!


audio recording narration recording Raptivity Interactions Tip of the week

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11 Steps to Effective E-Learning Voice Overs [INFOGRAPHIC]


If there is one area that is often overlooked in the realm of e-learning, it is effectively implementing voice overs. Doing voice overs is an art in itself, more than most people think. To help you with this process, I have included an infographic detailing 11-steps to effective voice overs. elearning instructional design

Tips for Audio and Voice Overs

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One of the biggest challenges in video is getting good audio. Want to know some of our secrets? Chris McQueen, one of TechSmith's instructional designers, shares his secrets on how he gets great audio for the videos he creates! It's a quick video that runs just over 7 minutes. What other tips and tricks would you like to learn about? One of the biggest challenges in video is getting good audio.

Writing & Grammar: The Power of Passive Voice

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Jennie Ruby    As writers, we know we are not supposed to use the passive voice. Nearly every writers' guide tells us to prefer the active voice. This week's challenge: Rewrite the following entirely passive paragraph using mostly active voice. This is a view I generally endorse. But, as a student in one of my grammar classes recently argued, knee-jerk conversion of every sentence to active may actually make the writing lose its point. For example, if a paragraph is about Bob, Bob should be in the subject position in most of the sentences.

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Top 18 Incredible Resources on Using QR Codes in E-Learning & M-Learning


QR Voice : This is another interesting tool that encodes a given text message (up to 100 characters, in a language of your choice) into QR code. This code, when scanned by a smartphone, reproduces the message with a synthesized voice. THE JOURNEY: We at Learnnovators have always been excited about Quick Response (QR) Codes. We have been doodling about leveraging the possibilities these quirky square codes offer while developing cost effective and powerful mobile performance support solutions. What is the process of creating QR Codes? What are the options available? Use Cases.