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SumTotal is calling their product a Human Capital Management system. Oracle then followed suit by acquiring SuccessFactors who had acquired Plateau in the past. Oracle in short fashion soon made an announcement that employee recruitment, training and management tools would merge with Fusion, which is a Human Capital management software.  I’m sure the people who had purchased Plateau or even SuccessFactors Learning system were delighted to hear the news. And now a brief announcement: Shocking news! Oh wait, others were starting the trend. The Taleo Spin. Call to Arms.

Profile of a learning architect: Bill Sawyer

Clive on Learning

Bill Sawyer, who works in curriculum development within the highly-technical and fast-moving environment of Oracle. Bill is currently Senior Manager of Applications Technology Curriculum for Oracle, based in Orlando, Florida. The work of Bill’s team results in some $12m of course sales for Oracle. Oracle University delivers instructor-led courses designed by Bill’s team.

Top 5 ELearning Development Programs


Personally, most of my experience has been with the Adobe and Articulate products. For example, when it comes to software simulations, I am a big fan of User Productivity Kit by Oracle. If you are involved in the elearning industry, then there is a strong possibility that you have at some point needed a rapid elearning development tool for course creation.

Vitalize Your Online Training Programs with Videos

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Giants such as Microsoft and Oracle reported substantial savings in training costs after they started using videos as part of their training initiatives. Oracle saved over $10 million  by replacing a single, annual in-person event for its entire sales staff with on-demand videos.  . Reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was a thrilling experience that left me asking for more.

#HRTECH Learning Vendors Preview – Who to see and who to avoid

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Between the two systems, I am leaning more towards LMS365, just because I honestly believe it has a future in the SharePoint space much more so than their other product (nothing against it, but…).   I mean ELF SharePoint LMS isn’t going anywhere,  but again, this is just my opinion, LMS365 is a new take with the integration of Office 365. Oh, strategic learning, extended enterprise and compliance are all included in their LMS.  I’m not sure why they “appear” as separate products on their site. HCM product all the way, but learning is offered. 

The 70:20:10 L&D Model for Developing a High-Performing Workforce


Some of the most successful products from Google such as Google News, Google Earth, and Google Local were employee-initiated projects unrelated to its core business! “Too many teachers see education as preparing kids for the past, not the future.” ” ~ Marc Prensky. ” ~ Eric Schmidt (Ex-CEO, Google Inc.). INTRODUCTION. THE 70:20:10 MODELS. Eichinger and Michael M.

How do you measure how training creates value? – The 7 learning principles

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Phillips identifies several intangibles: leadership, innovation, creativity, teamwork, quality of service, reputation, intellectual capital… which happen to be some of the key values of companies such as Coca Cola, Boeing, Oracle and Novartis. And They transform organizations, management approaches, and the way new products and services are designed, produced and sold. Why evaluating?

Gamification: How Gamification Benefits Corporate Learning

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Game-based support applications for Oracle, SAP and other companies are an integral part of most company-wide implementation programs. Organizations have realized the benefits of gamification and its role in enhancing productivity, and are embracing it.  . Gamification is changing the way corporations train! Sadly, classroom training methods are not performing up to expectations.

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

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Have partners sold more or less after being certified?  Do customers renew at a higher rate, or buy complementary products when trained vs. untrained?  An integrated CRM/LMS solution can answer all these questions and more, turning learning into a strategic, measurable tool, as well as a competitive differentiator in any industry.  There are a variety of approaches to LMS integration.

Why MOODLE Is the Best Course Management Software

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Today, most course management software products come with enhanced learning management capabilities that enable firms to track learner progress, assess learners online, and generate reports to evaluate the effectiveness of training. The developers of MOODLE don’t impose any restrictions on access to its code and don’t charge users if they use their product for non-commercial purposes.

Why Use WordPress For ELearning


remember working with Moodle, Oracle LMS, modified versions of eFront, and homegrown systems developed from scratch. At some point though, too much of this thought pattern can disrupt productivity. I’m often asked why I consider WordPress the best LMS? Interacting with all these tools was not only fun, but also taught me a lot about the industry.

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

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Trying to proactively dislodge Cornerstone, SumTotal, Saba, SuccessFactors or Oracle as a business model is a fool’s errand.  One of the best business application example comes from channel learning:  When partners achieve a certification, they automatically receive an increased commission percentage for related products and services they sell from that instant forward. Free Webinar.

A Powerful Tool to Gain a Competitive Edge: How Webcor uses Snagit

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Their projects include the San Francisco General Hospital, the Museum of Modern Arts, Oracle Headquarters, and many others. Webcor is just one example of how Snagit and TechSmith products are helping organizations of all types accelerate teamwork, reduce costs, and speed time to market. These are just a few of the ways Snagit can improve productivity and improve communication.

Why MOODLE Is the Most Widely Used LMS

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The developers of MOODLE provide full access to its code and do not charge users if they use their product for non-commercial purposes. MOODLE can be integrated with various enterprise platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, SalesForce, and SugarCRM and so on.  . Do you wish to make the best use of your e-learning materials? Do you wish to get the best ROI on your training dollar?

Move Forward

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The changes they make to their products which are truly innovative and new are simple and relatively small. Then what happened at Oracle? Progress can seem like a scary thing sometimes. It can mean that the things we’re comfortable with are suddenly pulled out from under us. Of course we all feel like this about something, but often not everything. Apple. Move Forward.

#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

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Their product is more geared towards a human capital management system, especially with the BizX Suite. If this is something you are looking for – i.e. a HCM, then they are the ones to go with – over Cornerstone, Oracle-Taleo, SumTotal and alike. Talk about a system that is under the radar, the product is really quite strong. Well here it is, the final countdown.

Adobe Flash and the Danger of Zero Day Exploits


Adobe, Microsoft and Oracle (for an unrelated – but serious – set of Java vulnerabilities) rushed out patches in an attempt to close these security holes and protect their users. The recent Flash debacle is a vindication of this decision, as it means that the impact of these recent exploits on our core products and services is very low. The Danger of ‘Zero Day’ Exploits.

Flash 24

Hello from Our New VP of Partnerships and Distribution Strategy


Innovative companies such as SuccessFactors / SAP , Taleo / Oracle , Saba , SilkRoad are enabling companies to deeply integrate employee learning and skill development with other aspects of Human Resource Management (and generating billions of dollars of value in the process). believe that enterprise elearning (particularly the content side) is one such market. Breadth of Content.

Profile of a learning architect: Julie Wedgwood

Clive on Learning

This was very much just-in-time learning. “ A bi-product of creating this e-learning was that it could also be used by other professionals that needed to understand and use the same healthcare systems. Julie admits she had no money to obtain Oracle’s performance support system (Oracle systems are heavily used in the NHS) but would have loved it. This was going to be tough.

5 E-Learning Forecasts for 2012

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Product training becomes real – they interact, engage and see it in real time, rather than a static experience. These vendors, I believe will consist of: Vendors who offer an authoring tool or game sim and will develop additional product lines tied to Augmented Reality. For vendors creating standalone apps for the masses on a variety of offerings or new product lines, costs will need to be significantly lower, otherwise it will not be successful. However, at the minimum you should be offering (regardless of your product line). ” The Future. #1. Boring.

B2B Top Five LMSs

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Resellers who are part of your business learning network – maybe you provide them courses on how to sell your product. This is just top five and not top 10 or top 20 or top 8.  If you want to find more details on the information about each of these vendors including their profile information, then feel free to purchase my report , it contains all – as the Oracle of Delphi would say, oh wait, that is sees all, never mind. I admit I love lists.  I’m one of those people who sees a book of lists about anything and then I must have it. Yep, people love lists. Uh, no.

2016 LMS Market Trends, Observations and Predictions

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The behemoth TM providers such as Oracle or SuccessFactors devalued the LMS when they incorporated their LMSs into broader HR software suites and took their foot off the innovation accelerator. The 2016 LMS market is not what you think. Culture shifts happen slowly and then instantly.  Now individuals and not organizations are responsible for lifelong learning and continuing education.

Channel Learning and Business Success: Can Your LMS Connect the Dots?

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This includes companies like Dell, Oracle, Honeywell, AT&T, Saver and Stanley. They found that certified partners were over 143% more productive and delivered more value than non-certified partners. Everyday I speak with founders and senior executives, sales and marketing teams, as well as customers and prospects from all over the learning solutions sphere. Where do we get paid?

Give User Adoption the Respect it Deserves | Social Learning Blog

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Whether you’re implementing SAP, one of the many Oracle products, or the latest Business Intelligence tool, user resistance, misaligned business processes and lack of user skill and understanding are most commonly at the root of most failed technology initiatives. Organizational change came in at 16%, followed by process alignment at 13%, and software functionality at 1%. Blog this!

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Authoring Tool Market – What I am seeing

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From an interaction (listed as interactivity) to a feature within the product.  In just the past month, I have seen quite a few vendors add this capability in their product – and for the most part they are all RCAT products. How hard is it to offer such a capability within your product? Well some vendors have more than 15 come with their product. You would think this has always been a standard with authoring tool products – but you would be wrong.  At one time you needed the Oracle to tell you where the future was heading.  How basic?

The Cornerstone Effect

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Similar thoughts are often associated with SumTotal (although they have vastly improved their UI, but they do see themselves at least from my take, and even through a Google search as a HCM, especially after the acquisition by Skillsoft), SuccessFactors, Oracle Learn, Saba, Kenexa and a few others. Perception can go a long way in any industry.  It can make or break any product. You either buy all their products or as much as you can OR you go against them and buy Android OS devices and non Apple products, including Microsoft PCs. The statements were eerily similar.

How to have a Happy Ending to Your ERP System Implementation Story

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Implementing an ERP system – whether it’s SAP, Oracle eBusiness Suite, Microsoft Dynamics AX – is a big, hairy deal. In a recent blog post Using Storytelling to Add the Why to ERP Training my colleague, Andrea describes it this way: The systems are complicated; users have to learn new terminology, new codes and numbers for products, vendors, accounts and everything in between. Really?

SAP 27

LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers

Tony Karrer

Several of the LMS vendors appear more than once, such as Oracle. Most of the time (as is the case with Oracle) these are different products. know the folks from CornerStone and their product does some really interesting things. Over the past few years, they've been able to fend of Oracle, PeopleSoft and SAP through superior products. Oracle 14 7.48

A peak under eFront’s hood


If you’re reading this you’re either evaluating eFront (or eFrontPro, our revamped, flagship product) or you have already joined the ranks of those who use it and love it. On the contrary, most respected software companies, from Microsoft and Apple to IBM, Google and Oracle release tons of Open Source products themselves, and rely on many other Open Source tools.

Top 10 Cloud myths busted, pt. 2


Installation, updates, security and backups are all taken care for them by the SaaS / Cloud vendor, enabling them to be more productive, competitive and cost efficient. Besides, all those Cloud servers, also have to run traditional server OSes and applications: from Linux and Solaris down to Oracle DB and SQL Server. Mythology. We use to think of it as something ancient societies did.

The Season for Giving Helpful Tips – November Must Reads

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We are always looking for the most productive way to get our work done, but that sometimes means adding a lot of stress to our lives. This article gives 3 essential tips to skip the stress while still providing a productive workflow. Your HR department always puts their best foot forward and makes sure that they hire the best employees that will be a right fit for the company, they also put employee engagement as a top priority to ensure maximum productivity. We are in the season of giving and spreading love and wisdom! HR tips: How to handle negative online reviews?

Video-based Learning to Spice Up your Online Sales Training

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Using on-demand video for an annual sales kickoff saved Oracle $10 million. Develop individual sales training videos on each topic, such as preparing for sales conversations, handling objections, in-depth product knowledge, demonstrations, follow-up procedures, and more. Product Explainer Videos. Comprehensive product knowledge is a must for sales staff to close deals.

2015 Talented Learning LMS Vendor Award Recipients

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Oracle acquired Taleo who had acquired and the list goes on.  The cloud enables new LMS vendors to create and support one product that all customers use providing economies of scale in research, customer support and required investment capital.  Learning management systems didn’t die.  They evolved, and today we recognize them. Quick LMS History. Cloud to the Rescue. Docebo.

Real learning – let’s not confuse it with completing templated exercises

Performance Learning Productivity

They have developed from stand-alone classroom training scheduling and administration systems (Oracle’s OTA was a classic of that genre) to incorporate the launch and tracking of eLearning courses and shorter nuggets of content, the Boolean logic of pre-and post-requisites, and so on and so on. like Kate a lot. We’ve known each other for a number of years. This is already happening.