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Adobe Captivate Prime: The Fluidic Player

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

The Fluidic Player is the universal content playback experience for Captivate Prime and allows for a simple, unified playback experience, regardless of the type of content being played.   Thanks to the Fluidic Player, learners will be able to bookmark any section of the course, or add explanatory notes at any point in their content, which they can reference during revisions. 

Player 154

Searchable Video Player for Training and Development

eLearning Brothers

I just took a look at a  searchable video player like no other! Imagine using the ultimate searchable video player training tool that works with any platform, any browser, and any device. The searchable video player is made by eLearn Incorporated and allows you to complete a word-for-word or phrase style search that links you directly to your video content. intuitive layout.

Ready Player None: The Pitfalls of Gamification

eLearning Alchemy

Length: 777 words. Reading Time: ~3.5 minutes. It’s hard to have missed the rise of gamification in the learning industry over the past few years. Self-proclaimed gamification “experts” have seemingly dropped from the sky to fill our conferences and social media channels. There’s even an Education Edition of Minecraft. What’s not to like? Or, am I using game elements? PITFALL 3: MAKING IT TOO EASY.

Customizing the Articulate Storyline Player

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But one of the more underutilized features in Storyline is the ability to fully edit the Articulate Storyline player. Imagine having an amazing template that you have been pouring your blood sweat and cramped fingers into surrounded by a boring pasty white player of mediocrity. Features: Now, you want to go to the player and then click on the Features tab in the top left hand corner.

Ditching the formal performance review? Kineo shares 3 Elements for Success

will matter if the key players aren’t willing participants. based on different Coats personas, are the key players. From Performance Management. to Performance Development eGuide 2Part 2: A Roadmap. for Change In Part 1 of this eGuide, we explored the confluence. of factors that’s driving change in how performance. is managed and how organizations are moving. away from the traditional annual review process to. more real-time dynamic approach. This all sounds. very logical, of course, until an organization starts to. push forward with change then finds that there may. Moving.

MOOC Major Players


The MOOC landscape is taking shape , and just like social networking sites before it, the major players are starting to emerge.  It’s still too early to tell which one of these will fall the way of MySpace, but as Facebook has pointed out, there is often very little room at the top. Given the shifting environment, it isn’t always clear what options are out there. MOOCs

Amp Up Your Storyline Project with a Custom Player

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A general rule in our eLearning development (and specifically with Storyline) is that a good template needs and deserves a good player. But what does a good player look like? In one of my previous blogs , I talked about how you could turn the built-in, mundane Storyline player into a customized masterpiece. The custom player will have all of these features built in.

Customising the Player in Articulate Storyline 2

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There’s lots of options for changing the configuration and design of the Player in Storyline and here’s some of my favourite customisation tips! Moving Player Tabs As you may know, the features displayed in the Player – such as the Menu or Resources – are turned on (and off) by clicking in the checkbox next […].

Making Learning Games Effective: 5 ways of ensuring that players LEARN


With the advent of computers, internet and communication technologies games have become more accessible, less costly, highly engaging and lots of fun for players of all ages. Games designed for entertainment need to make sure that by utilizing the above attributes, the players enjoy playing and keep coming back for more. particular goal or outcomes to achieve. Compelling storyline.

Player 109

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]

based on different Coats personas, are the key players. 1Making Dynamic Performance. Development a Reality eGuide 3Introduction Does your organization want to adopt. more dynamic approach to managing. performance and developing employees? We see a stampede of organizations. moving in this direction. At the same. not prepared to follow through because. they themselves have not yet developed.

Player Types/Levels in Educational Video Games

Kapp Notes

To start with, when creating an educational game, the various skill levels of current and future players must be considered. The approach taken to motive and attract a new or novice player needs to be different from the approach used to hold onto players who consider themselves masters of the game. Once the player gets to the area, they receive a reward or token—immediate reinforcement. One task after another slowly brings the player up to speed so he or she can then be fully engaged in the game. The teaching happens seamlessly. Design Games

Two Key Players Create Value from Competency-Based Learning

CLO Magazine

Tags: competency-based learning , partnership , strategy The post Two Key Players Create Value from Competency-Based Learning appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Adobe Captivate 5.5: Flash Player Version Aversion

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One of the big decisions you will need to make during the Publish process ( File > Publish ) is which Flash Player to choose from the Flash Player Version drop-down menu. sports three versions of the Flash Player: 9, 10 and 10.2. While the Flash Player 10.3 Which Flash Player should you choose? Flash Player version 10.3 is in use in 40.5% of those same markets.

Consider Player/Game Interactions

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The best way to design from that perspective is to think about what the learner needs to do on the job and try to mimic those activities, actions or behaviors in the game and then design the game so the player has to do those activities. Instructional or serious games should be driven, in part, by the types of interactions you wish to illicit from learner. common mistake among novice instructional game developers it that they focus too much on the topic or instructional goals and not enough time on the interactions that will drive the learner toward those goals. Is it poor service?

5 Major Players in Distance Learning


To explore the distance learning major players in more detail, let me introduce Allie Cooper – an individual who has a passion for all things learning, education technology, and the latest industry happenings. Below, we’ll feature five major players in distance learning worldwide. Distance learning is growing so much, even Google is getting into the game. Verizon Wireless.

Get Comfortable in Your Captivate Player Skins

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We have several Adobe Captivate player skins to use on your next project, and we’d like to point out some of the benefits of doing so. Above, you’ll see our Racecar Player Skin  which employs commonly used icons for each of the navigation buttons, making it a cinch to get around the course. Player skins can also put control into the hands of the learner.

One Player Video Game that is Multiplayer: Intriguing Concept

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When the player dies they pass on the game (available only on a jump drive). Start a single-player game and pick “Chain World.”. Jason Rohrer, well known game designer, created a fascinating video game concept called Chain World. Rohrer unveiled Chain World at the 2011 Game Design Challenge, held on March 4 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Rohrer created a game where a person only plays it once. He or she goes into the world, creates an artifact. The person can never play the game again. There are nine commandments of Chain World. 1. Suicide is permissible. 4.

This Flash Player (Frash) Runs On iPad

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It’s an effort to take the Android implementation of Flash Player to run on iPad/iPhone. Related posts: Smokescreen – The Future Of Flash Player? Adobe AIR & Flash Player 10.1– How it Can Benefit Mobile Learning Apple iPad Disappoints eLearning Industry. Today while checking my twitter feed I discovered Frash which runs Flash content on iPad/iPhone in a Safari browser.

3 Trends Proving mLearning is a Power Player


Although mobile learning, also referred to as mlearning, is not yet as readily available as companies would like, it has already proven to be a major power player in elearning. What’s the one electronic device you take everywhere you go? Whether you’re at work, at the grocery store, or at home, mobile devices and tablets seem to never leave your sight. They have become an essential part of both our personal and professional lives. And now, mobile devices are emerging as leading tool for elearning. billion industry by 2017. Bite-sized Learning. Gamified Learning.

Improve Sales Performance by Identifying Poker Players Part 2

Training Industry

Can your sales team identify Poker Players? Negotiation process begins by assessing Buying Behaviors Sellers with a strong backbone learn how to identify the poker players and how to counter the game with tactics to neutralize the playing field for successful negotiations.  So, how do sellers know when a buyer is playing poker?  Poker players deliberately play the game to acquire high-value products and services for as low a price as you will allow them to get.  They wear the costume of the poker player to hide their need for your expertise.  Confusing, right?

The Importance of Player in E-learning Courses: Customizing it in Articulate Storyline

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Let me guess… You love it when the skin of your music player or the interface of your messaging app gets updated. It displays the Player of an e-learning course. You would not mind taking the e-learning course with such a Player, would you? At first you might feel ok; but with time, you start getting bored of accessing the courses with the same old Player.

Avoid Confusion: Hide the SumTotal LMS Player Controls Using Articulate Storyline 2

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Now click the Web based Training Tab, select General and find the Content Player Settings. 5. Uncheck Hide content player navigation. So if you want to Hide the SumTotal LMS player controls, you need to apply these steps for every SCORM compliant eLearning course. Every eLearning course includes navigational elements by default. What if your LMS provides navigation options too?

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8: One Smart Player

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Although your learners will not need Camtasia installed on their computer to use a SWF, they will need a modern web browser and the free Adobe Flash Player ( According to Adobe, the Flash Player is installed on most of the world's computers.  When you produce a SWF in Camtasia, the output includes a  Smart Player. The Smart Player automatically detects if the learner's device or browser supports Flash.  window, select  MP4-Flash/HTML5 player.   But SWFs have a problem. Transparent is the default.).

SWF 27

Developing An eLearning Player?

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An eLearning player is a building block for more conventional [one with back and next for navigation buttons] eLearning courses. What’s an eLearning player? This post is based on our experience with development of Flash based eLearning players over the years. Here are some of the key considerations for developing an eLearning Player –. based eLearning player are –.

5 Things Successful NBA Players and Good Salespeople Have In Common

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Good salespeople, like successful NBA players, see failures as learning opportunities and use them to hone their skills. 2. Successful NBA players know who their opponents are. Top NBA players understand this very well and lay emphasis on regular training. Fitness is the key to good performance, and top NBA players leave no stone unturned in keeping themselves healthy.

How Gamers Learn: The Game Player’s Brain

Growth Engineering

With games, the player is thrown into an environment and they’re often given no instructions on how to proceed. Games are rich in interactive elements which keep the player engaged and because they seldom come with a rule book, gamers have learned to think outside the box in order to solve the problems they encounter. Gamers love mystery. Gamers are lateral thinkers. Gamers share.

Know All about The Players in the E-learning Outsourcing Process

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The success of outsourcing in e-learning depends on the quality of people management on both sides, especially the vendor side. Working together becomes smooth when both parties know their individual roles and responsibilities better. Once they clearly know what they are supposed to do and expect from each other, the process becomes streamlined. Let’s get started. 1. Stakeholders. Project Manager.

Securing your Video Player

KZO Innovations

When utilizing an enterprise video platform , one of the top concerns is almost always securing your video player. secure video player means content owners can select the level of permissions for groups, the level of user authentication, and secure the delivery of the video stream. Ensuring that your videos are secure is a necessity for protecting against unlicensed viewing. KZO’s Video Suite provides a flexible, secure enterprise video platform – but what exactly does this mean? The video stream can be securely delivered to protect against unlicensed viewing.

Learn (and Win) Like a Professional Football Player


Don’t wait until the off-season to sharpen your skills. Focus on professional development as a critical ongoing component of your game plan. elearning

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Lesson II, Part I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player.


Skip to content Follow: RSS Twitter LearnNuggets Nuggets of Learning Stuff Home About Resources Tags articulate , eLearning Lesson II, Part I: Making your own Custom Articulate Player by Kevin on July 13th, 2010 In this lesson, we’re going to learn how to build the graphics for the skin of your player. The basic layout of the player graphics are in place. Walla! Be creative!

Google Talk on Gamification: Designing the Player Journey

Kapp Notes

Here is a great video discussing Gamification, where it is in the hype cycle and how Gamification is going to become part of the tool kit of user experience designers and instructional designers. Gamification, using game design and other forms of design to create really engaging products. Check out the video for yourself. Content Guide

3 Navigation Player Options in Adobe Captivate 7

Adobe Captivate

Guest Blog Post by By Shawn Scivally (eLearning Brothers) Brother Shawn is the co-founder of eLearning Brothers. Along with my brother Andrew, we create awesome eLearning stuff. Specializing in eLearning Templates, games, page layouts, cutout people pictures, interactions, quizzes and much more. Having much success, and now being a trusted brand in the eLearning industry—we […]. Whats new

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Check Out Adobe Captivate eLearning Content on the Motorola Xoom Tablet via the Flash Player 10.2 [VIDEO]

mLearning Revolution

During the closing session, our panel received many questions on this very topic, and we shared some of the things Adobe is working on, including Wallaby, which is an experimental technology on Adobe Labs for converting Flash files to HTML5 , Device Central, as well as what the availability of Flash Player 10.2 On Friday, Adobe released Flash Player 10.2 on the Android Market for Android 3.0

The power of one

E-Learning Provocateur

In Conscious Business , Kofman defines the difference between a “victim” and a “player” A victim blames all of his or her woes on external factors – the bus was late; the traffic was horrendous; my boss is an idiot; our IT sucks; we don’t have a learning culture around here. Are you a victim or a player? However, you do have a sphere of influence.

The power of one

E-Learning Provocateur

In Conscious Business , Kofman defines the difference between a “victim” and a “player” A victim blames all of his or her woes on external factors – the bus was late; the traffic was horrendous; my boss is an idiot; our IT sucks; we don’t have a learning culture around here. Are you a victim or a player? However, you do have a sphere of influence.

How to Get Your Learners as Addicted as Pokemon Go Players


You can barely go online–let alone leave your house–without meeting a barrage of Pokemon Go players hunting for a Jigglypuff or looking for tips to level up. It’s the players themselves driving the craze. Message boards and forums are abuzz with tips for Pokemon hunting; players are interacting out in public; and, most importantly, players are logging in again and again throughout the day. In short, Pokemon Go players–even those that may not seem like video gamers–are completely addicted. The reason for the mass Pokemon-related hysteria? The good news?