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Good To Great

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: eLearning Guild Demo Fest: Sun MicroSystems

Learning Visions

Thursday, December 06, 2007 eLearning Guild Demo Fest: Sun MicroSystems The eLearning Guild hosted a webinar this afternoon featuring the winners of The eLearning DemoFest which took place at the DevLearn Conference & Expo on November 7, 2007. Sun added a lot of page-level restrictions.

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Sun, Elite, and the future

Jay Cross

At the CLO Symposium, Karie Willyerd showed samples of how Sun Microsystems is preparing to greet the workforce of 2020. Sun is constructing a platform that makes the nuggets available; you can mine for them however you choose. Sun and ILA are developing what I call learnscapes.

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Opening Keynote: Andrea Jung "Leading a Global Business" #ATD2015

Learning Visions

They were given the right to own and run their own businesses -- 35 years before they were given the right to vote. You may need to fix the roof when the sun is shining. Have a constant turnaround mentality, even when business is thriving.

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21 Business Phrases that Should Never Be Used in eLearning (or in Business)

eLearning Brothers

This expression comes from an illegal investment scheme to grow companies for the sole purpose of selling it regardless of what corners are cut or how making short term decisions hurt the business long term. Here are some other articles that are good references: Top 10 Business Terms.

"NSA joining social network for intelligence analysts" (Baltimore Sun)

Mark Oehlert

Its big news because the NSA is just a wee bit on the secretive side - a friend of mine who works there, never had business cards as a minor example. So the upshot of this article is that the NSA is joining an ongoing effort called "A-Space" within the intelligence community to share info.

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Get Out of the Training Business

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Clock watching replaced working to the rhythm of the sun. Deciding is everybody’s business when networks rule. Any remaining training staff will become mentors, coaches and facilitators who work on improving core business processes, strengthening relationships with customers and cutting costs. “I’m It will not work if we try to implement it while still doing business as usual. Jay’s column on Effectiveness, CLO magazine , February 2009. The dawn of a new age.

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Why Your Software Company Needs Virtual Training Labs


We’ve all been there: stuck in a classroom while the sun blazes away outside, unable to concentrate as you struggle to stay awake through an all-day training session. In this article, we’ll explain why your business should implement virtual training labs.

Down But Not Quite Out: what can we learn from the plights of Learning Tree International and Readers Digest?

Performance Learning Productivity

Of course, Learning Tree International's business is selling face-to-face courses, but most of us will have had the Learning Tree catalogue 'brick' of courses dropping onto our desks on a regular basis for many years. Old business models cannot be maintained forever.

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3 PowerPoint Layout Templates For a Better Look

eLearning Brothers

It’s useful for business, teaching, and a myriad of other situations. Business 05. This business template is the perfect combination of class and style. Business 12. Business 13. PowerPoint is an essential tool in the modern world.

Alternatives to Second Life Continued

Kapp Notes

MPK20:Sun's Virtual Workplace "Wonderland" The MPK20 virtual world is also known as Wonderland. Sun employees can accomplish their real work, share documents, and meet with colleagues using natural voice communication.

Is Your Training Path Full of Traffic Lights (Instead of Roads)?


Before you answer that, check out the following video from Rogert Ebert’s blog for the Chicago Sun Times. In the volatile business climate we’re all enduring, maybe this is the time and place to ask ourselves: A re we building traffic lights or are we building roads?

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Nothing Has Changed. Everything Has Changed.

Performance Learning Productivity

Whether you’re working in an HR or L&D department, or for a commercial company providing learning tools and services, or for a college, university or business school, results matter. Measuring Time by Observation For millennia people measured time based on the position of the sun.

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Now What? 6 After Conference Tips

Learning Rebels

The glow of the conference is fading as quickly as the warmth of the Orlando sun. You collected business cards. If you are a business owner or vendor, I don’t have to tell you this – but for the “I gotta a day job” Learning Rebel, what better way to tell people you enjoyed meeting them.

Eclipsed – How the Great Eclipse of 2017 May Have Changed Our Brains Forever


The Earth, Sun and Moon combine in a complex dance to produce a total eclipse that is visible somewhere on the Earth approximately every 18 months, but the Earth is a big place. With the edges of the Sun still showing as a thin band of light, the effect looks like a brilliant diamond ring.

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LearnTrends: Extending Learning to the Edges of Organizations

Experiencing eLearning

technologies including a ‘Learning Exchange’ based on Sun technology, a virtual Technology Institute and other global immersive eLearning solutions including a virtual world collaboration environment. Performance support–business process guidance & JIT learning. Working with Sun for Thomson Reuters Social Learning Exchange (SLX). Public version from Sun: , site about the product here: SLX. Business results?

3 reasons why your competitors are outshining you

Your Training Edge

In order to keep your business afloat, you need to fight tooth and nail. No matter what line of business you’re in, it’s never easy being your own boss, owning your own company – being an entrepreneur. While you don’t need to on every social media platform under the sun, you should definitely set up Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore, if your business centres on anything where visual appeal matters (from photography to clothing, to drywall) you need to get Instagram.

Jay Cross - Untitled Article

Jay Cross

The Ultimate Business Time-Saver. Results: About 20% of the small-business owners I spoke to had heard of the product, and approximately 0% could describe what it actually does. Tags: Business learning Gene Marks , 04.02.09, 02:45 PM EDT.

Sales eLearning – 21 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

Instructional and Performance Strategies for Sales eLearning Learning Theory 101 for Sales and Marketing Professionals (Part 1) - Business Casual , October 13, 2008 When consulting with sales and marketing professionals who work for companies that create training products and programs, I try not to be a "training purist" when discussion goes to "positioning" their product for the market. The Business Case for Social Learning.

How I Went from Arc Flash Training Newbie to Guru in 2 Weeks


. Arc flash training is serious business—deadly serious. Far Hotter Than the Sun Right People die from a lack of knowledge on this topic. In fact, every single day at work in the United States, one person dies a painful death from shock, electrocution or arc flash.

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How to Build Effective Mentoring Relationships

Determine what the business purpose of your mentor relationship will be. Are you helping your mentee build a business network, gain useful skills, adapt to a new position, or something else? Keep this evaluation focused on your business goals and tangible progress toward it.

Bloomsburg Students and Alumni Doing Great Things

Kapp Notes

Starting a Business. The ELC is focused on helping students and faculty members start businesses. As the assistant director, I have had the pleasure of working with two students, Paul Rosa and Sean Roth who have a great business idea and they have really run with it.

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Happy 5th birthday, TalentLMS


Five years have passed since TalentLMS was first released and for all of us here at Epignosis, it has been a busy period but loads of fun! Most importantly, it has helped thousands of businesses to train their people in a smarter, faster, and more effective way. What a ride it has been!

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After the Classroom: What Can You Do to Make Sure New Skills Become Old Hat? [Infographic]

When they’re done with the course, review the original goals and their strategic importance to the business. You can escape the rigidity of pre-set courses and focus on what your business needs today.

Innovation In Induction Training: A Case Study


However, organizations often struggle with the challenge of conducting induction training across spreading geographies, different time-zones and busy schedules – all this while keeping the program interesting to sustain learners’ interest.

Importance of Mobile Learning for Training – Explained by Ryan Tracey


Getting the learning experience to our people, rather than vice versa, makes business sense. If we try to fly too close to the sun, our colleagues will be disappointed when our wings inevitably melt.

Guide to Building the Perfect Workday


Have Your Moment in the Sun. Exposure to the sun triggers the production of serotonin. so it is best to contact them before they’re too busy to respond. Refrain from responding to emails or complaining about the busy workweek ahead.

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eLearning Learning Hot List Feb 1-14

Tony Karrer

Sacred Training Cows Here’s How I Built That PowerPoint E-Learning Template Blogging in a Walled Garden Itiel provides more food for thought Get Out of the Training Business Multi-Tasking & Social Media - Mastering the Balance Advantages of 3D for Learning Pacing the mobile project update 1: html + mp4 + mobile moodle On Blogging – Report on Index Page Economic Impact Younger Generation NOT Good at Multitasking Either!

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Ah, Wilderness: Outdoorsy Lectora Templates

eLearning Brothers

With summer now in full swing, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and loads of people are flocking to the unspoiled nature to partake of the fresh air and enjoy all manner of outdoor recreation. Several fish scurry by in both directions, just minding their own business.

Think xAPI is Next-Generation SCORM? Think Again

Talented Learning

Rewind briefly to a day in 2010, when the dew was still fresh and early morning sun filled the meeting room at Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL). It also provides the kind of data that illustrates the business impact of learning initiatives.

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Time Is Money

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

At the end of the last century, Sun Microsystems was a high-flier in the workstation business. Sun was bringing 120 new salespeople a month to a one-week immersion course in Santa Clara. The new hires went through briefings on equipment, applications, competition, Sun, and more.

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7 After Conference Ideas: Don’t Lose the Momentum!

Learning Rebels

The glow of the conference is fading as quickly as the sun on the Rockies. You collected business cards. If you are a business owner or vendor, I don’t have to tell you this – but for the “I gotta a day job” Learning Rebel, what better way to tell people you enjoyed meeting them.

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Classical and Rigorous

Clark Quinn

We used to believe that the sun circled the earth, and that the world was flat. And typical business thinking is still visible in ways that are hierarchical and mechanical. Not all approaches will yield this, but it appears to me that we’re getting convergent evidence on theoretical and empirical grounds that the newer approaches to business, as embodied in stuff like Harold’s diagrams and other representations (e.g.

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Recap ATD China Summit 2015

Kapp Notes

They have several board games teaching basic business skills like reading a profit and loss statement as well as games to teach sales skills. Karl Kapp and Ivy Sun at the ATD China Summit. Karl Kapp and Ivy Sun at the bottom of The Peal building in Shanghai.

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Team Learning Up With Talent

CLO Magazine

If they aren’t solving clearly defined business problems, they aren’t adding value,” he said. To do that, learning leaders need to get much closer to talent leaders to help identify those business problems and figure out how learning can help solve them.

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Irish Learning Alliance Visit

Kapp Notes

The event was attended by learning leaders from KPMG, Diageo, UBS, Citi, CitiCards, RiskTrain, Deloitte, Astra Zeneca, Morgan Stanley, Tiffany and Sun Micro Systems.

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Technology Shifts Shine a Light on the Future of Learning


One of the last products in my video above is of the female swim suit (formerly known as the bikini) that let's you know when you've exceeded your levels of healthy sun exposure. In business, think of the sun data as a business metric.