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Workplace Learning Professionals Next Job - Management Consultant

Tony Karrer

Well not quite, but it is pretty dang close to the definition of Management Consulting in Wikipedia: Management consulting refers to both the industry of, and the practice of, helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. In this world, you can't really distinguish the mandate of Management Consulting from the mandate of: Enterprise 2.0

Software for Associations | 15 Platforms to Consider

Web Courseworks

Your association is responsible for creating engagement opportunities—from continuing education courses to conferences and events—to help your members grow in their careers and meet like-minded professionals in related fields. Self-service portals. Create sessions.

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How Does LMS Selection Work? This Case Reveals All

Talented Learning

With 13 years in LMS sales and now nearly 3 years as LMS selection consultants, we’ve been directly involved in $65,000,000 worth of LMS selling and buying. People often ask me, “What exactly should I expect from your LMS selection process and services?”

Top tips from industry experts to maximize learning success in 2020


These are the types of questions we ask of ourselves all the time, and with the Learning at Large podcast we started asking them of other people too: consultants to CLOs, HR leaders to CEOs. We don’t want to create a belief that the knowledge is what makes it possible.

Introduction to Microvideo

TechSmith Camtasia

For over 20 years, Lodestone has provided organizations education technology services including: public and private classes, video production, eLearning development and consulting. These values are my benchmarks based on reviewing hundreds of video content patterns.

Mobile-Learning for a Retail Training Company — Case Study

Enyota Learning

Creating an application that hosts training content is simple, but creating an application that tracks the outcome of the training being provided is not that simple. In this case, the client was a well-known retail consultancy firm based in Australia.

Top 6 Job Skills AI Can’t Replace


Currently, AI excels best at completing repetitive tasks, processing large amounts of data, and answering basic questions in customer service and recruiting. AI machines are able to create music, writing, and art.

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Uncertainty: Learning’s Final Frontier

CLO Magazine

George Binney, leadership consultant and co-author of the book “Breaking Free of Bonkers: How to Lead in Today’s Crazy World of Organizations,” says our increasing uncertainty is often articulated in this simple real-world question: “Who is my boss this week?”.

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LMS Selection Roulette: Who Can You Trust?

Talented Learning

What are your usage patterns? For example, how much did you spend annually on your LMS license, support, content, hosting or other services? Create a test plan that includes real or sample courses and data. It happens at least once a week.

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The Road from Training to Performance

CLO Magazine

It appears we’re finally moving beyond lip service and making some measureable and scalable progress! Performance assets are created spontaneously, as needs arise, with no methodology, planning or strategy behind it. The data suggest a progress pattern of two-year increments.

Nine Challenges with Compliance Training in Biotechnology

Interactive Services

Successful companies seek compliance training support from experts in the field such as Interactive Services. Your use of a consultant does not relieve your firm’s obligation to comply with CGMP.

Is Your LMS License Model Misaligned? How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

Talented Learning

These buying organizations are working with us as LMS selection consultants to define their learning technology requirements, identify the best vendor options and then conduct a formal proposal-based buying process. Making Sense of LMS License Models.

Social Learning Cannot Be A Bolt-On Strategy


Social Business means that every department, from HR to marketing to product development to customer service to sales, uses social media the way it uses any other tool and channel to do its job.

Re-imagining Work & Learning in a Networked World

ID Reflections

The key question then is: " How do we re-imagine the workplace such that organizations become platforms for individuals to come together to collaborate, and innovate, and deliver services and products that are valued? "The nature of work is changing.

Good Vibrations

CLO Magazine

The good vibrations fit a pattern of optimism over the past three years with the positive mood dropping only slightly and pessimism about spending plans slightly rising. E-learning came in third (58 percent create e-learning in-house and 49 percent use e-learning from an external provider).

A conversation with GamEffective

Kapp Notes

GamEffective uses real time performance tracking and goal setting to create employee engagement and improved employee performance. Maybe they are selling a product, maybe they need to consult clients on how to best make use of these products and maybe they are servicing them.

IoT/ Internet of Things and Its Application


These data can be accessed by an authorized person(could be a physician, insurance company, health firm, or a consultant) regardless of their place, time, or device. Improve customer service and experience.

AI and Learning Systems: Is This Combo as Great and Powerful as it Seems?

Talented Learning

That means AI will be everywhere, thanks to enabling technologies like cloud computing, the open source software movement, AI Platforms-as-a-Service, conversational AI, virtual assistants and more. Tips for creating a business case your board will support.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

For those who create training or administer training programs, that means considering and meeting the needs of learners with disabilities. A Guide for Creating and Buying Accessible Online Training within Your Organization’s Training Program. Consider an Accessibility Consultant.

Skills Series: A Beginner’s Guide to Affinity Mapping

General Assembly

But tracking all of that data and finding patterns can be difficult, especially when trying to navigate a long text document or pages of handwritten notes. With just a few tools, you can create a visual representation of large amounts of data that will help to inform your future strategy.

How to Get More Website Traffic and Conversions through Better Messaging, Positioning, Landing Page Optimization, Multi Channel Marketing, and PPC with Pedro Cortés


Pedro spells out the definition of key concepts to understand as they apply to converting leads to paying customers for your products and services. This may include signing up for a free ebook or hopping on a consultation call.

Don’t Frustrate Users With Gaps in Your Product Experience

General Assembly

Ever called customer service by phone to learn they have no record of the two detailed chats you had with online agents about your issue? If you present users with a custom call to action in a social media ad , your customer service teams must be ready to respond.

How to Think Like a Futurist

WBT Systems

In other words, futurist thinking gives you the ability to create change in your own life and the world around you, today.”. For example, think about hobbies, products or services you use regularly, or where you live or like to vacation. Association consultant Jeff De Cagna, Executive Advisor at ?Foresight Futurist and association consultant Marsha Rhea, president of Signature I, echoed De Cagna’s advice. Every January, articles about trends take over the internet.

Top Learning Systems Trends – A 2019 Extended Enterprise Market Guide

Talented Learning

That’s because each category involves distinctive use cases, technical requirements, professional services and licensing models. Often, different groups share common content requirements, yet each creates and maintains its own content. Welcome to our 5th annual trends post!

Caveat Auditor: The Role Of Critical Thinking In Modern Business Training

Adobe Captivate

Note that there is very little logic in the aforementioned examples – but they are derived of past patterns. The article identifies a pattern of behavior among professionals that demonstrates application of the gambler’s fallacy to successive decision making patterns.

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How Performance Support Apps Are Faring In Today’s Workplaces


He helps us get a glimpse of the suite of interesting employee apps his organization has created for performance support (for onboarding, increasing productivity, and providing information on company culture). As part of this, the consultancy recommends six considerations for app development.

Continuing Education: Will You Sell More CEUs With an LMS?

Talented Learning

For-profit training companies, associations , academic institutions, corporations and even entrepreneurial subject-matter experts all create, sell and deliver continuing education content. 4) What Usage Patterns Do You See? Check out our services for LMS Buyers !

Are YOU HIPAA (TX HB 300) Compliant in Texas?


Is an employee, agent, or contractor of a person or entity described above if they create, receive, obtain, maintain, use, or transmit PHI. Texas HB 300 can impose these fines in addition to any federal fines imposed by Health and Human Services. Negligence, intent, and evidence of frequency to constitute a pattern are all considered when assessing penalties. It’s the law! Federal and state laws require patient medical information be protected and secured. .

Interesting Developments in 3D Learning and Collaboration Space

Kapp Notes

Reported the following in an article Linden Lab laying off staff, closing Singapore office : there are signs of what seems to be a significant series of layoffs in progress at Linden Lab.There's a pattern at work when various key staffers are about to depart from the Lab fold. Second, ProtonMedia , the developers of ProtoSphere has announced a strategic partnership with IBM (specifically the Global Services Division.)

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Your WordPress LMS Freelance Business Transformation with Matt Inglot


If you build websites as a service, Matt’s podcast is one to follow. Building up recurring revenue and delivering value to your clients is a great way to get the recurring revenue you need to make a website service business thrive.

Bend & Flex: Building Learning Agility

CLO Magazine

Consulting firm Green Peak Partners collaborated with researchers from Teachers College at Columbia University in New York to assess the value learning-agile individuals bring to their organizations. Your first strategy here is to establish an in-person committee dedicated to coming up with one new revolutionary process or service a month. Your team should also curate learning content so that you create a powerful brain trust and no one feels they must reinvent the wheel.

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Clark Quinn – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


The opportunities are huge and exciting; to create a performance ecosystem where the network is vibrant, performance support is ‘to hand’, and when courses are needed they’re deeply engaging, but we’re not seeing this except in isolated pockets. Clark: I’m a strong believer in social constructivist pedagogies, e.g. problem-based and service learning, whereby a curriculum is activity, not content. ABOUT CLARK QUINN (Learning Technology Strategist): Clark Quinn, Ph.D.,

What You Need To Know About Corporate Gamification of Learning


The term hit mainstream when location-sharing service Foursquare came out in 2009, employing gamification elements like points, badges, and mayorships to motivate people to engage more with the service and “check in”. Simply creating a game. Creating an Emotional Connection.

[IN DEPTH ANALYSIS] Do your employees know how to learn?


A new link is created between learning and technologies that transform the relationship to time, spaces, places and knowledge. Create events and spaces to share informal learning. Create a professional portfolio. ” Online training at the service of the informal.

Dr. Will Thalheimer explores neuroscience behind q.MINDshare.


As a learning researcher/ consultant who has been heavily pushing the idea of subscription learning in keynotes and articles recently, I’m fascinated by the human side of this burgeoning field. They’ve created something even more broadly applicable, but their story is instructive.

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