The Evolution of Workplace Learning in a SlideShare Timeline

Jane Hart

Jane talking about informal learning at the e-Learning Innovations Symposium held at George Mason University, Washington in June 2012. I am often asked about the keynotes, presentations and workshops I give at different events around the world – either in person or online.

20 Wonderful Resources for Using BLE Beacons in Mobile Learning


ThePush : This post (by Jen Quinlan) lists twenty-five innovative use cases for beacons that take place outside the commonly applied boutique or department store contexts.

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ThePush : This post (by Jen Quinlan) lists twenty-five innovative use cases for beacons that take place outside the commonly applied boutique or department store contexts.

Learning Pool Live 2019: Ideas worth learning

Learning Pool

Some of the presentations from the day can be found on Learning Pool’s SlideShare. They made the day an open and welcoming event and we were delighted to have our annual awards back this year to celebrate best practice and innovation across our growing community of 800 global customers.

Ideas 59

A Great Start to 2010

Upside Learning

We have also been short listed as a finalist for Red Herring’s Global 100 2009 Award , which recognizes the year’s most promising and innovative private technology ventures from around the world. The 200 finalists have been selected from a global pool of 1200 regional Red Herring 100 Award recipients or finalists, based on parameters such as technological innovation, financial performance, quality of management, execution of strategy, and integration into their respective industries.

Facilitating Change for Performance Improvement & Innovation: A Discussion with Arun Pradhan

Convergence Training

So what I do at the moment is I’m the founder of Learn2Learn , which is a product to enable learning agility and innovation at scale across organizations. So creating innovation and leading that change as well. Innovating to Lead Change.

How to replace top-down training with collaborative learning (1)

Jay Cross

White paper | Slideshare. Social Learning The process of Innovation WorkscapingThe Twenty-First Century Corporation. Businesses around the world are transforming into extended enterprise networks but their training departments are stuck in the previous century.

The benefits of business simulation

Sponge UK

the slides from the Learning Technologies Summer Forum presentation on SlideShare. Learning innovation business simulation GSK onboarding pharmaceutical simulation soft skillsBusiness simulations allow learners to interact with a realistic version of their work environment.

Presentation Resources

Kapp Notes

Today I am doing a presentation called "Innovations in Technology And What it Means to Learning and Training" Here are some resources related to the presentation; List of Recommended Books Definition of Mnemonic Here is a copy of the presentation.

#DevLearn 2015 Sessions That Impressed

eLearning Cyclops

No PowerPoint on the resources page, but here is Art’s SlideShare - [link] Interactive Video for eLearning Designers David Anderson David provided some creative ideas for using video and even showed some tips and tricks in Articulate StoryLine. link] Innovations in Interactivity and Interactions Rick Blunt Rick's session on interactivity reminded me not to get stuck recreating the same old interactive assets.

Lesson from Edutech Australia? Planned Failure.

Learning Rebels

Here is the slideshare of her presentation. (You may have also caught a couple of her sketchnotes of my presentation on the Learning Rebels Facebook page with the other pictures from the this conference.). Okay, I’m late. I was at Edutech last week, in glorious Brisbane Australia.

Lesson 247

Announcing Litmos C3 Keynote: Patty McCord


Now as an independent consultant, she brings to clients the Silicon Valley concepts of fresh ideas and innovation, and applies them to rethinking the way we work. We are very excited to announce that Patty McCord will be the keynote speaker in the Litmos track at C3 2017, September 18-20!

The Most Popular Blog Posts for 2016


And today some of the presentations went live on slideshare. So I'm glad I stumbled onto their slideshare and their company called Picmonic. I'm always looking for new innovative learning solutions to share with the L&D industry and this got me thinking of a lot of things.

Using MOOCs: Finding and Onboarding New Employees

Your Training Edge

In his SlideShare presentation “ Putting MOOCs to Work ,” Josh Bersin identifies seven ways companies are using MOOCs, starting with identifying and training new hires all the way through to customer relations and facilitating innovation.

2014: The Year of the Corporate MOOC?

Your Training Edge

Well, in a SlideShare presentation posted last December, Bersin suggests that more and more companies will likely start using MOOCs. Collaboration and innovation. If you’ve been following the MOOC news, you’ll know that massive open online courses have had their ups and downs.

Content curation: a way to increase the power of your e-learning course.


The first thing we do is collect and organize the content we have scattered about in different repositories and formats: texts that appear on our website, presentations we share in Google Drive or Slideshare , Youtube or Vimeo videos, different PDFs , etc.

Dear eLearning Designers, Please Stick To These Basic Design Principles

SHIFT eLearning

Watch this SlideShare Presentation. They are: Good Design Is Innovative. Innovative design has the element of surprise, which stops students from becoming bored and improves learners’ ability to encode new information.

eLearning 2.0 Presentation - ISPI Los Angeles

Tony Karrer

I'm including my slides (via Slideshare below, but it misses a lot of what the discussions were really about). Oh, and if you are interested in this topic, I will be presenting a slightly different take on it this Thursday at a Free Online Conference - Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations. I had a great time this Saturday presenting to ISPI Los Angeles on eLearning 2.0.

ISPI 100

Curated Insights: Using Video to Drive Learning


Video is an extremely relatable medium, and content creators are constantly innovating their approaches to engage new audiences. Matt is also a regular conference speaker on a variety of media production topics and has some great stuff on his SlideShare. “I just think that we’re going to be in a world a few years from now where the vast majority of the content that people consume online will be video.“ Mark Zuckerberg made this comment at the 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Social Learning – What’s the Point? Time to turn the tables on the naysayers

eLearning 24-7

Slideshare. They share them (the premises of slideshare) with other users, who want to view them and download them. Even with slideshare, you can actually post e-books and other documents, so it follows suit in a system. Innovation is the key. What’s the point? That is what one senior exec said to me, the other day when it came to social learning.

The Future of Learning is Still All About the Humans


From artificial intelligence (AI) to the advancing world of digital analytics and emerging technologies aimed at enhancing learning, this year’s DevLearn conference saw no shortage of innovation.

Getting Started With Mobile Learning?

Upside Learning

Recently we released an innovative mobile learning platform – Upside2Go. Along the way we’ve shared quite a few blog posts , a few SlideShare presentations , and a whitepaper about mobile learning. Mobile learning is in the air.

Reflecting on my 2011

Jay Cross

Where innovation comes in. Crowd-inspired innovation. SlideShare. I didn’t upload many presentations to SlideShare this year because my files are too big.

Jive 51

Best Customer Education Blogs: 25 Must-Reads for Learning Professionals

Talented Learning

For example, as an independent extended enterprise learning analyst, I’ve been writing for nearly 5 years about the explosive growth in customer training and the learning innovators who are defining this space. Don’t let the length of this embedded Slideshare deck intimidate you.

Audio Feedback on Student Assignments in Online Courses

E-Learning Acupuncture

I attended the inaugural Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) annual conference earlier this month in Banff, Alberta (this was formerly the Canadian Association of Distance Education conference).

Audio 52

The Future of Learning is Still All About the Humans


From artificial intelligence (AI) to the advancing world of digital analytics and emerging technologies aimed at enhancing learning, this year’s DevLearn conference saw no shortage of innovation.

Facebook for e-Learning


1) Interactions between Learner and Content SlideShare You can create and share presentation on Facebook. There are some very innovative ideas in this article.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (4)

Jay Cross

Bottom-up innovation. Here are the four posts: White paper | Slideshare. Fourth post in a series. In case you missed them, here are the first , second , and third posts. Is your organization ready? How ready are you to tackle Big L Learning?

Your Brain On 3D Learning

The eLearning Coach

Learning in an immersive environment appears to have many advantages, but these will only be achieved if the designer uses new paradigms to match this innovative approach. Slideshare Presentation : Learning in 3D Thought Leader webinar. Help!

Brain 68

How to Replace Top-down Training with Collaborative Learning (2)

Jay Cross

exibility and spark innovation. White paper | Slideshare. Second post in a series. In case you missed it, here’s the first. PEOPLE. Who’s going to be involved? Every Kind of Employee – Temps Included.

How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Jay Cross

Innovations in applications and user-interface design are born on the consumer side and migrate to the enterprise. Forbes named the world’s most innovative company. Where did that innovation come from? White paper | Slideshare.

In With the Old

CLO Magazine

On the work side, millennials use file sharing sites such as SlideShare to share presentations, documents and professional videos in and outside their organizations. Why is Google the go-to example for successful flexibility, collaboration and innovation? The face of the new economy is propelled by collaboration; I’ve told you this before. But there’s an aspect of teamwork that’s going unnoticed — sharing.

Ideas Favor the Connected Mind

Big Dog, Little Dog

Flickr & SlideShare), virtual meeting places, (e.g., Open Innovation. Thirty years later, Ronald Reagan opened it up and made it an open platform that anybody could build upon and anybody could build new technology that would create and innovate on top of this open platform.

Ideas 50

2014 - A Rambling Retrospective

ID Reflections

Here are the links to a couple of my slide decks on SlideShare: L&D Re-Imagined--21st Century Workplace Learning and Community Management--Toward a Learning Organization. Its innate ability to come up with creative and innovative reasons for procrastination have always amazed me.

eFront Wins Learning Technology Award


The Learning Technology Awards program showcases innovations in the products in the marketplace for creating and managing learning, talent, and performance. “These innovative products let customers make learning faster, better, and easier.&#

2010 in Review Part 2: My 10 favourite resources in 2010

Jane Hart

JPOD 5 June 2010 9 – Social Media for Trainers Jane  Bozarth's latest book   provides an ideal introduction for anyone who wants to understand how to use tools, like blogs, wikis, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Flickr, etc  to deliver training, facilitate discussions and extend learning beyond the confines of a training event.

CLO Summit

Janet Clarey

I’ve uploaded my slides to SlideShare. Her talk was “Social Learning Innovation: A View to the Future.” I had the pleasure of speaking at the marcus evans CLO Summit in Georgia last week. The other presenters and most of the attendees were directors, VPs, or CLOs. There were also several solution providers that I had the pleasure of catching up with or meeting for the first time too. The venue was a winery and resor t 50 miles North of Atlanta.

CLO 60