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Corporate Online Courses and NanoDegrees: Pluses & Minuses

The Performance Improvement Blog

This is good for the employees that take advantage of these programs and good for the economy which needs skilled and knowledgeable workers. Organizational Learning Post-Secondary Education Teamwork Training AT&T Cloudera Google Starbucks Udacity'

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Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | August 27, 2021

Mike Taylor

But Zoom calls all day are not going to create work environments where knowledge workers can deal with complex problems or create innovative solutions. The key to distributed work is social learning.”. What is organizational learning? What are the Top 200 Tools for Learning? Tools & Tips.


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Managing for Success in the Knowledge Economy - The Podcast

The Performance Improvement Blog

Listen in on my conversation with David Grebow and Andi Simon as we explore these changes in work, management, and learning. Today's "knowledge worker" is very different from the industrial worker of the past. We have moved from building things with our hands to using our minds to do our work.

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Defining the modern learning suite

Learning Pool

The starting point for Learning Pool’s vision of the suite takes us back to the beginning of our story. Businesses that have large numbers of tech-savvy knowledge workers may be more driven by the employee experience and the need to support self-directed learning.

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20 Awesome Quotes From Jay Cross


Millions of knowledge workers and their managers have been told they are responsible for their own learning but have no more idea what to do than the dog who got on the bus (Now WTF do I do?). ”. “ I have to admit that I like pushing people’s buttons to get them to think about what’s really going on. ”. “

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The Future of Work and Learning

The Performance Improvement Blog

Knowledge workers needed for nearly every job – From assembly line workers to auto mechanics to farmers to truck drivers, jobs will require increasing sophistication in the management of information.

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Develop Work Skills

Tony Karrer

There are also several studies of knowledge worker practices that suggest that a lot of what is effective is quite personal. It's always interesting to hear the perspective of someone with a background in Knowledge Management discussing these things. They immediately go from individual learning to organizational learning.