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As way of background for this month's big question - , I went to eLearning Learning and looked up Multitasking. " Clifford Nass, co-author of the study, claims "the study has a disturbing implication in an age when more and more people are simultaneously working on a computer, listening to music, surfing the Web, texting, or talking on the phone. " Also disconcerting, he notes, is that "people who chronically multitask believe they're good at it."

The Great Multitasking Myth

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Perhaps most interesting of all is the assertion that;“Learners cannot multitask; they task switch which negatively impacts learning” –The popular image of the digital native has them carrying out multiple tasks in parallel, but in fact this is not how our brains operate. Think of people sufficiently well-practiced at a musical instrument to be able to hold a conversation while playing. 1)The myths of the digital native and the multitasker (Kirschner and Bruyckere, 2017


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Maximizing Productivity Through Music


Just what you need. . As more and more research is developed, music in the workplace is being changed from a way to tune out to a way to tune in. . Music can be linked to increases in productivity through changes in mood. “In Through this, music is able to reduce stress and allow people a more open mind when confronting that large stack of work they’ve yet to get to. . Obviously, music doesn’t help everyone focus all the time.

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Typing, Talent, eLearning, Google, & Multitasking

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Multitasking Can Make You Lose. When it comes to Multitasking, it depends what you're doing. For some people, listening to music while working actually makes them more creative because they are using different cognitive functions. Typewriter stays relevant in technology-saturated world Boing Boing & LA Times. But the typewriter part of Flores' business never went away. In some ways, it's even made a small resurgence.

A challenge to the multitask assumption

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A few weeks ago I wrote on the Onlignment blog about The multitask assumption. By this I meant the assumption you can safely make with any webinar that a good proportion of the audience is multitasking - you know, checking emails, answering the phone, listening to music, finishing off a report, and so on. Your webinar audience might think that they're multitasking, but they're not. That's why computers can be said to multitask, and humans can't.

Don’t Try to Do So Many Things At Once

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Employee attempts to multitask are putting a serious damper on their performance. Digital Third Coast Content Manager Andy Kerns defined multitasking as the act of switching back and forth between multiple tasks — different from what many people believe the behavior to be: literally completing multiple tasks on a to-do list simultaneously. He compared multitasking to revving an engine and why highway mileage is better than city mileage on a car’s gas tank.

Ending the Vicious Cycle – Tips for Improving Focus in the Workplace


Today’s workforce spends its days multitasking with smartphones in hand, headphones in ears, texting while driving, talking on the phone and checking email. Music. Staying focused at work is something most employees struggle with from time to time.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | October 2, 2020

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What I’m Listening to: Andrew Huang is a super creative musician who creates music using everything from Legos to shaving supplies in a process you’ve got to see to believe. The Myths of the Digital Native and the Multitasker.

Apple iPad: Who Is It Really For?

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I think the iPad in its current form – sans Flash, multitasking, & camera – has very limited uses in workplace learning. While the iPad may have an impact over the music industry, it don’t think it would affect the mp3 players market at all. If you just have to listen to music the iPod Nano had great size advantages over the iPod Touch and that explains why iPad won’t impact mp3 players.

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Social Media - What’s the Impact

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After all, we know that humans can’t multitask, so when we hear about high school students who are on the computer and listening to music and watching TV while they do their homework, it’s natural to think they simply aren’t paying attention to anything. We’ve been talking all month about Web 2.0 - but we haven’t talked all that much about social media. Gayle is out in Vegas right now, speaking at Tech Knowledge (go Gayle!).

6 Essential Organizational Skills for Leadership Success


By using scheduling , prioritizing and focusing on certain tasks becomes simple, and allows increased opportunity for multitasking. Multi-tasking Most of us multitask all the time without even giving it a second thought: writing an email and answering a co-worker’s question, checking a text while watching TV, exercising while listening to music, and so on.

Common Driving Distractions & How To Manage Them

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To make sure you have great, distraction-free music for your next road trip, create a playlist before you head out. That way you won’t feel the need to scroll through all your music looking for the next song. Multitasking. Even though sitting in a traffic jam may seem like a good time to catch up on emails, it’s important to save your multitasking for when you’re out of the drivers seat.

Sparking Innovation in Your eLearning Design

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The advice here is to become immersed in what you’re doing and avoid multitasking. For example, it simplifies MTV to the connection between music and television, and the idea of drive-thru banking to the connection between cars and banking. By Shelley A. Gable. In scrolling through the Twittersphere , I clicked on a link to 14 Ways to Spark Innovation by Mitch Ditkoff.

Boost Your Productivity with These Simple Tips

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The world is filled with beautiful things such as reading a book, playing music, spending quality time with your kids. You may thrive at multitasking, but the fact remains you can only do one thing at a time. Many experts, successful people, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, managers and essay writers do well because they can get more things done in less time. That is the essence of productivity, isn’t it?

How we spend our time in the UK

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But by multitasking - effectively using two or more devices at once - the survey found that young adults were able to squeeze the equivalent of nine hours 32 minutes worth of consumption into that time.” Before getting carried away, it is important to realise that there are very real doubts about whether multitasking is actually possible.

10 Things the Motorola Xoom does Better than the iPad

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Notifications include Twitter mentions, Facebook updates, new e-mail, music playing or paused, remaining battery, wifi connections, as well as an option for getting to more Settings, etc. Multitasking. Not too bad but I still prefer the Xoom for multitasking. For the last 3 weeks, I have been Tweeting and Blogging about my experience with the new Motorola Xoom Tablet, which is the very first Tablet sporting Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb.

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Webinar Replays Killed the Video Star


Remember that they can (and will) multitask on their computers and mobile devices as soon as they get bored. If your subject-matter expert (SME) has important information to relay to the field, his or her cachet should be enough to support engagement, not whether or not there’s soaring background music or CGI graphics. Years ago, a research analyst determined that when it comes to retention, one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words.

Help! What software tool should I use to record audio?

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While generally beneficial, voice-over audio is particularly important for auditory learners (those who remember best when they hear the information), those learners who may struggle with reading, those for whom English (or the course’s target language) is not their native language, and those who may enjoy listening to your course while multitasking (commuting, exercising, etc.). Keep in mind that higher-end tools are often geared to complexity and demands of music production.

My First 72 hours with the Blackberry Playbook

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I enjoy listening to music and watching videos on YouTube. The Music and Books Services. One thing I really like about Apple and Google is that they both have a single user id and password for just about every service, so once I setup my device, it knows who I am and I can begin purchasing apps, music, movies etc. The Music store is managed by 7digital and the Books are managed by Kobo, which I’m sad to say, I’ve never heard of these two companies before.

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Let’s Focus a Little Better

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listen to music in a similar fashion, sitting there, or dancing around, or, wait for it, stopping and starting it on my cassette player to jot down the lyrics. I am assured that if my mind isn’t preoccupied with adulting — the stuff of paying bills, celebrating health insurance coverage and so forth — it’s darting between any number of digital disruptors: social media, email, music streaming apps, game apps, news apps, podcasts, text messages, bings, buzzes and everything in between.

Facing These Challenges with Mobile Learning? Check Out the Solutions

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You can scroll through social media, listen to music and shop online through your mobile phone. Multitasking might save you a lot of time, but when it comes to effective learning it only acts as a deterrent. In the last few years, no other technology has evolved and advanced as much as mobile phones. Mobile phones are changing every aspect of our lives. From the way we shop to the way we travel to the way we exchange information.

5 Reasons to Integrate Microlearning in Mobile Learning Strategy!

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In fact, in today’s multitasking and time-crunched environment, microlearning became an appropriate solution to corporate learning requirements. Audios-short snippets of speech or music. The corporate workforce and or employees of the present times are perennially busy. And due to time being the rarest of commodities available, learning avenues for them need to be easily accessible, quick, concise, and readily available at the time of need.

How to train productivity at work: Top experts reveal their employee productivity formula


Experiment with classical condition: Listen to the same music playlist, start work with the same beverage, or always write in a particular location. Haselberger has another interesting theory: multitasking is a myth. According to a 2008 Stanford study , multitasking doesn’t only make workers less productive; it also damages the human brain. We asked 37 productivity experts a simple question: can employee productivity be trained? 36 said yes.

Generation Z is Here. Are You Ready?


Gen Zers routinely multitask across five screens as they game, watch their favorite YouTubers, connect on social media, listen to music and collaborate on homework – all at the same time. The Homeland Generation. Founders. Plurals. Post-Millennials. iGeneration. Gen Z. Or, if New York Times ’ readers have a say, Deltas or Generation Scapegoat. Whatever we call the generation that comes after Millennials, born around 1995 or later, the oldest are graduating from college now.

Shout Out: Abbey Stahl--All the Rage

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We can easily carry [on] more than one converation, listen to music and search the web for a homework assignment all at once. Finally, Ms Stahl (probably 16 or 17) tells us adults what we have frustrately witnessed for years--teenagers expect to multitask and enjoy dealing with the whirlwind of technology that is constantly at their finger tips. Tonight's supplement to my daily newspaper is a paper within a paper called All the Rage, For Teens! By Teens! About Teens!

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/23/2005

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Humans attempt to do many things at the same time, such as driving and chatting on the phone, or working and listening to music, and now research suggests why such multitasking may be possible: the brain appears to have its own control center. Human Brain's 'Mastermind' Located.

Ted Nelson’s Unbook

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Her symphony and song, To such a deep delight ’twould win me, That with music loud and long, I would build that dome in air, That sunny dome! A year ago, Howard talked with Nick Carr about the importance of paying attention : There’s evidence that, as Howard Rheingold suggests, we can train ourselves to be better multitaskers, to shift our attention even more swiftly and fluidly among contending chores and stimuli. A new unbook.

Free L&D webinars for October 2018

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We have begun to reward speed over quality and multitasking over focus, and the negative effects on both our personal and professional lives are potentially catastrophic. The many elements of Accelerated Learning will be explored in this webcast, along with experiential exercises such as Brain Gym, Mind Mapping, and the use of special music as significant learning aids. “ Spider, Web, Tree, Branches ” by skeeze is Public Domain. Are you ready for October?

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Jay Cross's Informal Learning - Untitled Article

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Your Guide to Music on the Web, Part II - TechCrunch , September 26, 2009. Why Studies About Multitasking Are Missing The Point , September 15, 2009. Here are the top sites from Informal Learning Flow for September 2009. Featured Sources. The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. The Awesomeness Manifesto - , September 16, 2009. An Operating System for the Mind - Half an Hour , September 19, 2009.

TCC08 Keynote: Why Do We Need A Second Life?

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McLain, Professor, Music Education and Secondary Instrumental, University of Hawai’i at Manoa. Multitasking. Presenter: Dr. Barbara P. In Second Life: Professor Lilliehook. “Change ahead requires vision now&#. Visions for change. Touch screen computers. Holographic displays. 3D TV. Merged technologies. What would you do as an educator if you had a holographic display? Trends. Social networking. Visual communication. Diminishing attention spans. Game-based learning.

Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: Beyond iPoding

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Moving Beyond Music or Voice As with any new technology, at first there is unbridled enthusiasm or irrational exuberance quickly followed by fear and loathing and then the technology settles down into an every day tool. It provides an opportunity for them to multitask. Click on the link if you'd rather listen to the podcast of this post, Beyond iPoding , you can find it here. don't need an iPod to listen, just your computer.

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Kevin Bruny: Man of the People

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After graduating from West Virginia Wesleyan College in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in music performance, he took a job at a Thalhimers department store in Richmond, Va., Chesterfield is also experimenting with mobile learning, helping employees transition with online resources such as “iPhone Orientation: Multitasking on the iPhone.” For Kevin Bruny, chief learning officer for Chesterfield County, Va.,

10Q: Cathy N. Davidson

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We said if they came up with new learning uses for what was in 2003 a "music-listening device," and if they could convince a prof to change a syllabus to include this new learning application in the course, then we would give a free iPod to the professor and every student in that class. They argue that multitasking is making us inefficient, distracted, shallow, lonely, incapable of reading long or deep works, unable to memorize anything any more. Cathy N.