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Top 25 websites for elearning tips

Sponge UK

Keep up with the latest trends or focus on specifics with these 25 elearning websites. Cut down on the browsing and focus on really beneficial resources with our list of 25 websites for elearning tips. There are news posts mixed in occasionally, but as you’d expect from a magazine website, the really interesting pieces are long form articles. Presented in alphabetical order.

Shining At #26 On The Top 100 Highest Ranking Websites In Learning Technology List

Upside Learning

One of the prime forces that drove us to release a new version of the website (back in 2010) was enabling visitors make the most of their time spent on our website. And as such, our website has reflected information that is accurate and to the point. Little did we know that one day these efforts will put us on the chart of the best websites! To our team – Cheers!

12 Websites for Free Vector Images Good for E-Learning

Rapid eLearning

Websites that Offer Free Vector Images. To make things simple, I reviewed dozens of websites that claim they offer free vector images and narrowed them down to just a few. Do a search for “free vector images” and you’ll find hundreds of sites that boast tens of thousands of free images. The problem is many of them are junk and not even worth your time. Freepik.

Add SSL To Your Website (or Else)!


The topic I want to talk about is applicable whether you have online courses or not – and that’s implementing SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer ) for your website. In 2014 Google announced it would factor SSL into its algorithm for search rankings as a way to nudge websites to adopt certificates. Google is Changing the Game… Don’t Leave a Target on Your Back!

Quality Control process for E-Learning

Visit our Services page on our website to learn more about what we offer. GUIDE TO CREATING A. QUALITY ASSURANCE. PROCESS. FRESH EYE REVIEWS. 401 S. LASALLE ST., 1600M. CHICAGO, IL 60605. 312-772-1777. WWW.FRESHEYEREVIEWS.COM. FRESHEYEREVIEWS. Guide to Creating a Quality Assurance Process 2. Copyright © 2016 Focus Learning Solutions, LLC. INTRODUCTION. Let’s begin with a few definitions.

Job Hunting and the Power of a Personal Website


While many interview candidates will have various social media accounts, having a personal website not only makes you stand out, but also provides you with the opportunity to better showcase your skills. Although creating a personal website may seem daunting, there are many website builders that provide basic services free of charge. Getting Started. Things to Include.

Host Student Websites with Google Drive

Visual Lounge

programming language that brings interactivity to websites. problem I ran into when I was teaching a basic web design course was that I didn’t have a good way to host or display student websites. In other words, if your school or district has Google Apps for Education, every student now has file management and website publishing capabilities. HyperText Markup Language” ?

Introducing JoomlaLMS New Website! New Interface – New Experience!


You have probably noticed that JoomlaLMS website has got a new interface, haven’t you? If not, we would like to invite you to take a tour around and let us know what you think! Blog articles

Top 10 tips for creating a learning website

Spicy Learning

More and more often, a website is part of the blend for a successful change campaign. website is the logical solution. Websites are also invaluable for internal campaigns if you need to host a repository of resources and make it easily searchable. Above all, websites are great when you have a clear call to action that you want to build a community or movement around. It’s more than likely that you’ll be involved in building a learning website of some kind in 2014. But you also need to test your website with a smartphone. Create a pixel perfect website.

How I Make an Audio Podcast for Website Information

e-Learning Academy

There is still a role for audio podcasts on websites. [.]. Question from a client: We have new information to tell our clients, but we aren’t ready to make videos. We’d like to create an interim audio podcast to provide this information in a simple and accessible format. How do we do this using a PC? Client question Development Podcast

Kable.MY - Malaysia's Premiere Instructional Technology Website


Kable.MY "This website provides the latest news, articles and tutorials on emerging technologies for educational purposes, and serves as a hub for educators to congregate and share ideas that can be put into practice. It is hoped that this website will be on the forefront of Malaysia's instructional technology and inspire educators to use technologies to enhance their instructions."

Pros and Cons of Live Chat for your Website


An increasing number of consumers are bypassing traditional customer service mediums (i.e. phone, email) and opting for channels like Twitter and live chat due to the faster, more personal nature of the communication. While successes on these mediums can mean lots of attention via positive tweets and posts, it can also mean a big committment for your company

New Website Launched.To Promote the Practice of Learning Audits

Will at Work Learning

Last week I launched the website to promote the practice of learning audits. It is my passionate belief that our learning interventions would be tremendously improved if we took a research-based systematic approach to reviewing them. is dedicated to the proposition that we can all do this. On the site there is the research-to-practice report, " How to Conduct a Learning Audit " and a job aid to support the learning-audit process. Ideas Worth Considering Learning Evaluation & Assessment Work-Learning Research

7 Learning Industry Websites You Need To Know


Some of these may be obvious to you, while others may surprise you. If you are starting out in the learning industry (instructional design, LMS administrator, etc.), or even if you are seasoned pro, you should absolutely know about these different learning sites. Of course, this doesn't mean that you need to visit them daily; pick the ones that speak to you and run with them. 1. Learning Learning.


Ten more tips for a popular website

Spicy Learning

In April we published our top ten tips for building a learning website in a reasonable timeframe and on a reasonable budget. Well, since then it seems like everyone at Saffron has been hard at work on website building (and not just ‘reasonable’ ones either!), so the logical conclusion was… ten more tips. This time we share some of the secret sauce that goes into a flamin’ hot website so good your audience will want to eat it up! Not only will this make the content look messy and inconsistent, it’ll make the developers loathe you when they’re trying to style your website.

Heat Mapping top 3: CrazyEgg vs Lucky Orange vs ClickTale


Cloud services Marketing Technology clicktale crazyegg heat mapping lucky orange user journey website conversionsThe post Heat Mapping top 3: CrazyEgg vs Lucky Orange vs ClickTale appeared first on InsiderHub.

5 Tips for Making a High Quality Video for Your Website

Visual Lounge

Whether you’re a seasoned small business owner or a first time entrepreneur, creating a video for your website presents a number of challenges and opportunities. Tips for Making a High Quality Video for Your Website. 1. The post 5 Tips for Making a High Quality Video for Your Website appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Creating the perfect video, however, is no easy task.

Top 5 places to find free images to use on your website

eLearn Hub

Here are the top 5 places to find free images to use on your website. These image websites are all super easy to use, check out the list below. Posted in Course Tools. Related posts: What is an OER & Why would I Use One? Scratch – free animation and basic coding software. What is GIMP – The Answer To All Your Image Prayers.

Everything You Need to Know for Using Video on Your Website

KZO Innovations

Video has the powerful ability to humanize your content and bring your brand to life, which is especially important for people who are visiting your website for the first time. Telling your brand and product story via a full-screen video on your website is the latest trend in website design. This strategy generally leads to better conversion statistics and makes your website stick in consumers’ minds. How To / Tips how to using video on website video tipsThe best way to build trust in your business is by providing your customers with high-quality videos.

How to put an assessment in your Office 365 SharePoint Online Public Website

SharePoint and Assessment

Included with Office 365 is a basic Public Website capability which is based on SharePoint but doesn’t look like SharePoint at all! The Public Website capability is suitable for organizations who want a small web site with a handful of pages, which they can easily update without needing outside expertise. How-To SharePoint in the Cloud iframe Office 365 Public Website


How to put an assessment in your Office 365 SharePoint Online Public Website

SharePoint and Assessment

Included with Office 365 is a basic Public Website capability which is based on SharePoint but doesn’t look like SharePoint at all! The Public Website capability is suitable for organizations who want a small web site with a handful of pages, which they can easily update without needing outside expertise. How-To SharePoint in the Cloud iframe Office 365 Public Website


In our connected world, ratings and reviews websites more useful than ever


Similarly, holistic ratings and reviews websites give the consumer a trusted resource and a big-picture view of what it’s like to use that product or service. The post In our connected world, ratings and reviews websites more useful than ever appeared first on Collect My Thoughts Hearing firsthand about others’ experiences can help with making a decision according to your own needs.

Measuring user engagement by leveraging the power of ‘copy-and-paste’

Dont Waste Your Time

A year or so ago I wrote about the system Tynt “What’s being copied from your website?” Once you’ve signed up on the website you’ll be given some code to place in your website (if you’re running a CMS then you’ll need to put it in the template, as per the video above), and then sit back and watch the copy-and-paste happen. What is Tynt?

Guide to Website Navigation Design Patterns


Nice summary of patterns, but I like O’Reilly’s book on Website Navigation better From Six Revisions: This guide covers popular site navigation design patterns. For each site navigation design pattern, we will discuss its common characteristics, its drawbacks, and when best to use it.

Raptivity Honored with 2012 Readers’ Choice Award


Award Community Computer software Education Software eLearning eLearning Software eLearning tools HTML5 interactive learning mLearning PowerPoint rapid learning raptivity Award 2012 colleges Ed-Tech Readers’ Choice Award education software elearning interactive tool eLearning simulations elearning solutions eSchool Media K-12 category Kentucky rapid eLearning software rapid interactivity builder Raptivity Packs school hardware Support universities websites Whitley County SchoolsRaptivity is scaling new heights with every applause and acknowledgement from industry professionals. It [.].

Education and Marketing – Why the Two Must Team for Success in eLearning

Association eLearning

Even in a small association there is generally someone responsible for marketing and another person in charge of education and professional development. This is generally a good thing and ensures expertise in a particular area, whether it is marketing your association’s conferences and membership or designing certification programs and managing your association’s learning management system (LMS).

When is it time to switch from a free to a paid web analytics solution?


You might be new to the Web analytics scene, but if you’ve ever had anything to do with the analysis of Web user behavior, you’ve no doubt heard of Google Analytics (GA), the “Big Predecessor” of them all.  GA is a free service (though not the only free service) and can do quite a bit to help you track and report on where and how people use your website. ” .

Why Your Association Should Be Considering Responsive Web Design

Association eLearning

With the right website design and behind-the-scenes infrastructure, these sort of tasks should be easy for members to accomplish when looking at a big desktop monitor, or even a laptop. So some associations created dedicated mobile version of their website — simplified, streamlined editions that are stripped down of images and elements and some content. Bio Latest Posts.

Web 39

New Business Simulation Website Launched


Today, an update to the existing web site was launched. It's a completely different platform so you may notice some things either out of place, missing, or different from before. We'll be putting things back in place as we build on this new platform. In the meantime, let us know what you think and what you'd like to see added. Have a great weekend! General

Upside Learning Website Featured On CSSMania

Upside Learning

Our capabilities in both spheres reflect in our website. Our revamped website was recently featured in a CSS mania gallery. Our website uses CSS extensively, and now it’s recognized as being world-class in its use. We use our web-expertise for elearning just as effectively as CSS lets us tailor website content for a variety of devices and easy access.

PowerPoint: Using the Microsoft Office Website to Find Related Clip Art Styles

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Believe it or not, clip art images on the Microsoft Office website are grouped by style number. The Microsoft Office website is a great resource, as PowerPoint's clip art pane does not list the style numbers for images, nor does it let you search by style number if you already know it. The only problem is that now you need 20 similar-looking images for the rest of your project.

Welcome to Our Redesigned Website

The Learning Dispatch

Find out how we can support you in ensuring your training and websites are accessible to learners and visitors of all abilities. That applies to our own website, and feedback is always appreciated. The post Welcome to Our Redesigned Website appeared first on Microassist. Welcome to our new look! Now, we’re pleased to apply that mindset to our digital presence.

Portfolio: Concrete Website

eLearning Brothers

This client wanted a simple website refresh and help with their search engine optimization. This WordPress site allows them to easily manage future content changes and text edits. Visit the Site. Multimedia Portfolio

Portfolio: Flash Cabinet Website

eLearning Brothers

We recently had the privilege of partnering with M2Results , a brand-based marketing design group, to develop this stellar website. They came to us to assist them with brainstorming the sites functionality as well as developing the Flash content. It was an exciting opportunity and the site has been a great success. View the site. Multimedia Portfolio course Flash

Portfolio: Remodeling Website

eLearning Brothers

This is another example of a client that saw our eLearning design and asked it we could make their site look awesome as well. This is a WordPress site and allows the client to manage their own site changes. Visit Heflin Remodeling. Multimedia Portfolio

Portfolio: Flash Architect Website

eLearning Brothers

This “edgy&# site is custom Flash design and uses many different effects. This client wanted a fresh, abstract design. They are working on a project to build an amazing house in Park City UT that will showcase many market leading products. View the Site. Multimedia Portfolio