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Vygotsky, Piaget and YouTube

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Choose any subject, whether it be baking a sponge cake, playing blues guitar, or animal husbandry, and you will find dozens of YouTube videos that will teach you. They create the content and present it to you on YouTube, and the ZPD is still there. autodidacticism Bruner constructivism education learning Piaget Scaffolding Technology Vygotsky YouTube ZPD Unported License.

YouTube vs. Vimeo, What’s the Difference?

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Today, we’ll pit YouTube vs Vimeo! YouTube vs Vimeo. YouTube. Two of the most popular hosting platforms today are YouTube and Vimeo. There are some big differences when it comes to YouTube vs Vimeo and understanding those differences will help you select the right option for you. YouTube allows three options; public, unlisted and private. Vimeo.

Adobe Captivate: Embedding YouTube Videos

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by Kevin Siegel        If you need to include YouTube videos in your Captivate eLearning project, the traditional technique was to insert a click box or button on a slide and, on the Properties Inspector, use the  Open URL or File  action to target the video's URL. This is the perfect use case for the new YouTube Learning Interaction.

The 7 Best YouTube Channels for L&D

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We were curious which YouTube channels had the most content for Learning and Development, so we did some research and came up with a list of seven. Cogentys, a Hollywood-based educational technology company, has a YouTube channel focused on eLearning. eLearning developer and blogger Cathy Moore has  a YouTube channel where she shares her eLearning expertise. At 269,861 subscribers, the TED Education channel is the biggest YouTube channel for L&D. When you need to learn something new or keep up with the latest trends, a video is a good way to access information.

Learning through a “dressed up” YouTube channel?

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“The Khan Academy is a dressed up YouTube channel and purportedly the statistical tracking and indication of “progress” is what is driving any sense of engagement. Related posts: PowerPoint: embedding YouTube video. eLearning Khan Academy Video YouTube No, I don’t buy it either. Was it something I was missing? ” (Barratt, 2011). ” (Barrett, 2011). link].

Office 365 Video: Your Corporate YouTube

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YouTube is a great service for sharing videos and screencasts publicly with the world. Office 365 Video addresses the gap left by YouTube’s wide open security. Office 365 Video feels simple in comparison to more mature video offerings like YouTube, yet it’s privacy and security features are likely to be more important for companies trying to keep their video content confidential.

Adobe RoboHelp: Embed a YouTube Video

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by Willam Van Weelden      Last week, Kevin taught you how to  embed YouTube videos in your eLearning projects. This week I'm going to keep with the YouTube theme and show you how you can embed YouTube content into your RoboHelp project. Go to YouTube and locate the video you'd like to use. Paste the embed code in the topic.

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How we lost our official YouTube channel


This is the story of how we lost our official YouTube channel and the related Google+ page for TalentLMS. We also use it for sharing videos through YouTube. We considered YouTube to be “indestructible”, so we made those videos part of the product. couple of days after the merge, our YouTube channel suddenly disappeared. We are no exception. But we were wrong.

Transform YouTube into an ACTIVE learning tool for your students

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In her email she wanted to introduce me to a novel way in which the GMAT Prep team at Knewton was leveraging YouTube’s free video hosting service. YouTube branching logic questionNina Arjarasumpun, from Knewton Inc. , was kind enough to write me an email out of the blue earlier this week. It’s awesome. It’s a great posting that explains all the details. Very cool!

How Online Training is Better than YouTube


Solutions can come in many forms, from formal multi-day classroom training to online training to telling people to watch a YouTube video. YouTube has certainly enabled an enormous variety of learning options that anyone can find. On YouTube you can learn just about anything from making a healthy smoothie to how to negotiate a salary during your next job interview.

Adding YouTube Videos to Your Learning Management System

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YouTube is by far the world’s most popular video site. YouTube reports that: Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month. Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. YouTube is localized in 43 countries and across 60 languages. In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views or around 140 views for every person on Earth.

SCORM-ify YouTube Videos with ScoTube

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Many eLearning professionals are locked into creating SCORM compliant courses for their customers and that has been limiting in regards to new user-generated content on services such as YouTube. From the press release : "The first of its kind, ScoTube marries the power of SCORM with the wealth of content available through YouTube.

Best Practices for Publishing to YouTube in the New Adobe Captivate 5.5

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One of my favorite new features in Adobe Captivate 5.5 is publishing to YouTube. However before you hit the new YouTube button in the toolbar, I recommend you watch this short video where I share some best practices for you to consider, in order to get the most out of this feature. YouTube , Captivate , elearning. and I’ll go and check them out. Send to Kindle. eLearnin

PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: Inserting YouTube Videos

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by AJ George Over the last two weeks I've shown you how to insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2007 when presenting both with  and without  an internet connection. Find the YouTube video you would like to insert into your PowerPoint presentation. Paste in the URL for the YouTube video and click OK. Navigate to your saved YouTube video and click Choose.

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How to Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint to Gamify Your Course

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And fortunately, you can easily insert videos from YouTube using two ways: Use PowerPoint itself. How can I insert a YouTube video in PowerPoint? Embedding a video from YouTube into PowerPoint 2013 is pretty simple, as the program comes with a YouTube button. You will see that the first option is YouTube. If you prefer to use the second option, From a Video Embed Code , you can copy and paste the video embed code from YouTube into the box provided. Inserting a video avoiding YouTube’s embed code. How can I insert a YouTube video with iSpring?

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Is YouTube Actually The World’s Greatest LMS?


The reason YouTube is as addictive as candy is the way videos are presented and displayed to the user. If your LMS had some of the same features and capacities as YouTube, you could theoretically make eLearning just as habit-forming. YouTube is Topical. In doing so, YouTube ensures that visitors stay on the site and won’t navigate away. YouTube is Quick and Adaptive.

How we lost our official YouTube channel


This is the story of how we lost our official YouTube channel and the related Google+ page for TalentLMS. We also use it for sharing videos through YouTube. We considered YouTube to be “indestructible”, so we made those videos part of the product. couple of days after the merge, our YouTube channel suddenly disappeared. We are no exception. But we were wrong.

PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George I am often asked how to get YouTube videos into a PowerPoint presentation, and, unless you're using the latest version (PowerPoint 2010), it's an understandable question. Over the next few weeks I will show you how to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint 2007 (both with and without an internet connection) and PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac. Click the OK button.

YouTube for Education

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How to easily make a great YouTube Video

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Whether you are working to impress the boss or to share your favorite game tips with friends, virtually everyone is looking to YouTube videos to catch and create the latest trends. Rapid Authoring Under the hood Whats new "Video screen capture" Make YouTube video YouTube Adobe Presenter Community How do I.

Why YouTube Isn’t Always Your Best Video Platform Fit

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If you didn’t already know, YouTube is one of the world’s most popular video platforms – and one of the easiest ways to share video content. So, should your company have a corporate YouTube channel? If YouTube is not always good for corporations, what’s the better option? The right enterprise video platform supports security, manages branding, and controls accessibility more effectively than YouTube does. The right platform will give you more control over these factors than a YouTube account. The answer isn’t always yes, and here, we’ll explain why! Branding.

Mining for Meaning: When YouTube Hurts Microlearning


YouTube can, at times, represent a paradoxical universe: The same place that spawns all-out and nonsensical comment wars can be a haven for education-seekers. In fact, YouTube’s greatest weakness also supports its greatest strength: Short-form communication delivered in a snappy and engaging way. YouTube’s Catch-22. Think about the last time you browsed YouTube.

YouTube versus Vimeo — What’s the Difference?

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However, Vimeo, like YouTube, works best when your video is exported and optimized for the compression settings Vimeo prefers. YouTube. Technical requirements for uploading video to YouTube. So, should you use Vimeo or YouTube? Marketing New Media Presentations Social Media Video blogging vimeo YouTubeVimeo. Vimeo compression website: [link]. Format: MP4. link] |.

What These Three YouTube Channels Do Right in Educational Videos

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Check out the latest stats from popular Internet video site, YouTube. Here’s a look at three YouTube channels that get educational videos right , from which you can draw ideas to help you create your own inspiring videos. 1. Another science-centric YouTube channel is ASAP Science , which sports smart, easy-to-understand videos that explain the science of everyday life.

PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos, Part 2

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by AJ George Last week I showed you how to insert YouTube videos into a PowerPoint 2007 presentation, but in order for it to work you would need to be presenting on a computer with an internet connection. This week I'll show you how to insert a YouTube video when the computer you'll be presenting from does not have an internet connection. Copy the URL for the video.

Help! My YouTube Video is Blurry

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So, you just finished rendering your video and have uploaded it to YouTube. Understanding resolution and how YouTube works with resolution is the key to high quality videos.  In this one-page guide , we explain how YouTube handles your video after you upload it and some tips on how to improve readability before you export. My YouTube Video is Blurry [Infographic] by TechSmith.

Microlearning: Fab or Fad?

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We need only look to YouTube for evidence of its potential. People have been using YouTube for years to learn how to knit a sweater, change the oil on a car, or repair a broken appliance. Changing Workplace design Formal Learning Instructional Design microlearning Mobile Learning instructional design Microlearning mobile learning organizational learning YouTube tomspiglanin.

Bitcoin and Blockchains explained

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YouTube: The Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Explained. Technology Bitcoin Blockchain Education Internet of Things Learning Video YouTubeA slightly off-camber post here, but someone I trust mentioned that we ought to understand the bitcoin and blockchain development as it could be about to hit the mainstream. Here’s some explanation and videos to help. think?

2 Juicy Ways to Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint


RealPlayer YouTube Video Wizard Format Factory Today we basically have FREE access to millions (if not billions) of videos on the Internet ( my personal favorites! ) , and surely among them you are going to find some mind stimulating videos that you would like to infuse into your face-to-face learning sessions (like this amazingly funny video: Learning English Pronunciation ).

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How ‘long’ is too ‘long’?

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We have also used a mixture of both the above – taken a long interview and provided a shortened version for the students and the fuller version on YouTube, for those interested in more detail, background, and more depth to the work. Again, the YouTube video on it’s own is nothing without the purpose of why you’ve given it to the students to watch it … !

Camtasia Studio 7 - Sneak Peek, YouTube

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YouTube is the world's leading video community on the web. if you want your screencast in front of millions of people, YouTube is the place to be! With Camtasia Studio 7, you'll be able to produce and upload HD-quality videos to YouTube without even leaving Camtasia Studio! YouTube is the world's leading video community on the web. Plain and simple. Plain and simple.

iSpring Pro 7.1 Adds One-click YouTube Video Creation by News Editor

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video from slides and one-click publishing to YouTube. iSpring announces an upgrade for iSpring Pro 7.1, its classic PowerPoint-based tool. New in this upgrade is easy creation of. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies Learning Media Training Strategies

Teachers are like gardeners …

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Video Education Education Technology Learning Technology Sir Ken Robinson Teacher YouTubeAnother wonderful sound-bite from Sir Ken Robinson: ” A great gardener, a great farmer, depends upon plants growing under their care, otherwise they’re out of business. But the irony is that every farmer and gardener knows you cannot make a plant grow. The plant grows itself.

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Bring your courses to life with amazing YouTube videos


ProProfs makes it easy for you to add any YouTube video to an elearning course. Search for any video in the YouTube search box, watch the selected videos and add them to your course. Tip* You can also watch these videos without going to YouTube in a new tab. Benefits of YouTube Search. Add any YouTube video: Watch any YouTube video and select the best for your course.

The Future of Higher Education in a Digital Age

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YouTube: The Future of Higher Education in a Digital Age. Video Collaborate Collaboration EdTech Education Education Technology Educational Technology Future Higher Education MOOC Personal Learning PLE PLN Social Learning YouTube then it stands to reason that the voice of students yet to reach Higher Education also have a voice that should be heard? The Future of Education.

The Internet (in real-time) Infographic

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Social Network Educational Technology Facebook Infographic Learning Technology Pinterest Social Evolution Social Learning Social Media Twitter Video YouTube We all love infographics (well, I do. Well, decent ones anyway) which is why this one is really interesting. build over the time it takes you to view the details of the infographic. Related posts: Infographic: The Social Landscape.

Creating an interactive YouTube video - video-based scenarios

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Have you checked out interactive YouTube videos and wondered how they were created? The combined effect is a seemingly infinite number of choices, but for interactive YouTube videos it is in fact very finite: a separate video has to be created for each choice. Now they are transforming YouTube from a static video player to a tool for engaging the audience. The YouTube Annotations Editor is a creator tool that lets you layer text, hotspots and links over your video, thus enriching experience with information, interactivity and engagement.