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Tony Karrer

I just read George Siemens post Will online lectures destroy universities? He makes the point that despite articles like Why free online lectures will destroy universities – unless they get their act together fast : Statements like “universities are obsolete” or “universities are dying” are comical. And this is something that I’ve been thinking (and writing – see Physics Lectures ) about for a long time.

No Lecture Webinars

Experiencing eLearning

These are my live blogged notes from the webinar How to Create No Lecture Webinars by Ray Jimenez , presented through Training Magazine Network. Sent a survey in advance, including a question asking for ideas on how to stop lecturing in webinars. The lecture in webinars is Medusa.

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Figuring out the head fake

ID Reflections

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood I am putting the Lecture here. find today via Sumeet Moghe. I think it is one of those finds that coincide with an important day in a person's life (this being my birthday) and leaves an impact that leaves you feeling grateful for all those brick walls life puts in place for us so that we can prove how badly we want some things. This one is for my daughter.go

10 Ways To Learn In 2010

The eLearning Coach

Imagine a great lecture with no tests, papers or deadlines. Check out UC Berkeley Webcasts , which has a mix of video and audio lectures and MIT’s Open Courseware , which consists of PDF lecture notes and some multimedia presentations.

No-Lecture Webinars - Extreme, Hyper Interaction

Vignettes Learning

When I ran the Webinar on NO-LECTURE WEBINARS participants moaned due to the speed of interaction, largely hyper keyboard pounding. Many were amazed that a webinar is possible without lecture or at least near zero lecture. I DO NOT present (a form of lecture) the survey results. One can not allow learners to respond if one is busy lecturing. Images also speak louder than your lecture. Commit NOT to lecture in Webinars Change mind sets.

Online Academy Helps to Keep Lectures Where They Belong: Out of.

Dashe & Thomson

This YouTube-based learning environment was founded in 2004 by former Boston hedge-fund manager Salman Khan, and today contains more than 2,200 lectures on more than 100 topics (mostly math related). The eLearning modules act as the “lecture”, which learners do on their own time.

Best of informal learning since September 1, 2010…

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

September 1 to November 18, 2010. The state of mapping APIs - OReilly Radar , September 7, 2010. Welcome to the Decade of Games - , September 9, 2010. Full Frontal Nudity Doesn’t Make Us Safer: Abolish the TSA - News , November 14, 2010. Points of control = Rents - Lockergnome Blog Network , October 29, 2010. The Data Bubble II - Doc Searls Weblog , October 30, 2010. But. - Adaptive Path , September 30, 2010.

Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

Ways to Tell a Story (Alan Levine) - ZaidLearn , December 16, 2007 The power of Voice in online classrooms - eLearning Acupuncture , May 31, 2010 The Secret Recipe to Delivering World Class Lectures - ZaidLearn , August 29, 2009 E-teaching personality is good for e-learning - Electronic Papyrus , January 5, 2010 Online Discussions Face-to-Face Versus Threaded Discussions: The Role of Time and Higher Order Thinking Dr. Katrina A.

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Let's Jam/Webinar NO LECTURES - Brainstorming Scenarios-Series 1

Vignettes Learning

These are my initial learning in testing and NO LECTURE WEBINAR The goals: Conduct Jamming like Webinars with high interactions, almost ZERO LECTURE. The interactions allowed me (facilitator) to process the issues with the participants without lecturing. Structure: Provided participants vignettes for advance interactions in our community [link] (Scroll down the page to see vignettes) During the webinar participants got involved in active chats to do brainstorming.

Online courses must die!

E-Learning Provocateur

For example, many universities have a minimum 80% attendance policy for face-to-face lectures. A touch dramatic, isn’t it? Now that I have your attention, please bear with me. There’s method in my madness… The myth of rapid authoring.

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Features And Essays 2010 | P H O T O J O U - Cardpostage

E-learning Uncovered

If you follow Barron's vids on YouTube and his lectures and articles here, he always sets up a very insipid, unintelligent and, usually, dumbly nihilisticAgreed.

Augmented Reality and M-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Tired of being a talking head in a lecture hall, assuming that all 300 students are listening? Let me pose this scenario: Every day, you walk down the same street. You walk past the buildings, see the crowds and yawn.

Mediasite Rocks: UW DL conference presentation: Micro-Collaboration

Web Courseworks

Think university or corporate training department audio visual hardware tool that web casts instructor lectures –on-demand or recorded. I posted a Media Review for TMR of the Mediasite web casting product in 2007.

Sonic Foundry's Media Site

Web Courseworks

Think university or corporate training department audio visual hardware tool that web casts instructor lectures –on-demand or recorded. I posted a Media Review for TMR of the Media Site web casting product in 2007.

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Take a Course from Bill Gates Favorite Teacher

Kapp Notes

Sal teaches at his own online university called which is a vast digital trove of free mini-lectures all narrated by Khan. Do we need to rethink the 50 minute lecture? According to Fortune , Bill Gates (yes, that Bill Gates) his favorite teacher is named Sal Khan.

Seven Things I Learned This Year

Tony Karrer

And every year I use this as a Big Question – see: Learning 2010. During 2010, I’ve been ramping up my use of twitter as a learning tool. Learning Coach Model Very Powerful In 2010, I had a great experience where Dr. Joel Harband wrote a series of articles for my blog on Text-to-Speech in eLearning. Flash may Die and HTML 5 is Going to be Big 2010 opened my eyes are Flash and HTML 5. I really think that 2010 marks the Beginning of Long Slow Death of Flash.

Text-to-Speech Examples

Tony Karrer

Example #8 "Degree of Freedom E-Lecture with Animated Agent" - a bit older with an animated agent.

3 Barriers to adoption of Serious Games/Immersive Learning Simulations

Kapp Notes

This is due in a large part to the first point which is they don’t have experience learning from games/simulations and their educational models are lecture-focused and centered on linear delivery of content.

Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions

Experiencing eLearning

Lecture is a bad use of synchronous online learning. These are my live blogged notes from Karen Hyder’s webinar, Key Steps to Preparing Great Synchronous Interactions from the Training Magazine Network. My side comments in italics.

Brainstorming for eLearning: Rules of Brainstorming

Integrated Learnings

Or perhaps you’re trying to apply a problem-centered design to a lesson that’s currently a bullet point-driven lecture. By Shelley A. Gable. We know that some of the most effective training follows a problem-centered approach , engages learners , is abundant with practice and coaching, and simulates the work environment as closely as possible. Easier said than done, right?

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Augmented Reality and M-Learning

eLearning 24-7

Tired of being a talking head in a lecture hall, assuming that all 300 students are listening? Let me pose this scenario: Every day, you walk down the same street. You walk past the buildings, see the crowds and yawn.

20,000 US Hackers Wanted.Creating the Computer Elite (or Failing at it)

Kapp Notes

If you are going to insist on lecturing on and on from notes or PowerPoints created years ago.guess what?

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Training Outside the UPS Box

The Peformance Improvement

In the place of books and lectures are videogames, a contraption that simulates walking on ice and an obstacle course around an artificial village. Improving the method of employee training is only one of several factors critical to achieving sustained   employee performance.

Shades of green

E-Learning Provocateur

In the second part of my 2-part interview with Dr David Bubna-Litic, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at the University of Technology, Sydney, I posed the following questions. Environmental sustainability. It’s a term that seems to be bandied around a lot lately.

The elephant in the room

E-Learning Provocateur

I recently had the opportunity to discuss this topic with one of Australia’s leading thinkers: Dr David Bubna-Litic, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Editor of Spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility: Interpenetrating Worlds.

The two faces of blended learning

E-Learning Provocateur

Customising a lecture on-the-fly with Twitterfall. What is blended learning? Well, it depends on who you ask. For example, someone might say it’s a mix of pedagogical approaches, while someone else might say it’s a mix of theory and practice.

Employer-Employee Loyalty

The Peformance Improvement

Even solid world class institutions like the University of California Berkeley under the leadership of Chancellor Birgeneau & Provost Breslauer are firing staff, faculty and part-time lecturers. The social contract between employer and employee has changed dramatically in recent years. Loyalty has been the loser.

Corporate Advisory Council Starts Today

Kapp Notes

1:30-2:00: Media Site presentation with Ferdinand Bergen Ferdinand talking about the history of Media Site Mediasite allows you to record and deliver online learning, interactive lectures and multimedia presentations automatically and provides webcasting and a knowledge management platform.

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Don’t Convert! Redesign Instructor-Led Training for eLearning

Integrated Learnings

In other words, lectures become text-heavy slides, while discussion questions and activities are translated into dull knowledge checks. By Shelley A. Gable. Though eLearning isn’t new to the training field anymore, it’s still relatively new to many organizations. And once those organizations buy into the benefits of eLearning, many are tempted to run and dive into the deep end of the pool as quickly as possible.

Udemy for you and me

E-Learning Provocateur

Udemy has actually been around since 2010, but I only recently decided to dabble in it. Creating lectures, rearranging them and uploading the content is a dream. Udemy assumes that the bulk of your course will be lectures. The method for deleting a lecture isn’t obvious.

iPad: Is this the beginning of handheld education?

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

According to the authors, publishers will be interested in iPad apps that allow the ability to play video, highlight text, record lectures, take notes, search text and take quizzes. Today's Wall Street Journal carries an article by Jeff Tachtenberg and Yukari Kane titled 'Textbook Firms Ink E-Deals for iPad'.

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Books Not Recommended by Members of #lrnchat

eLearning Cyclops

Last Thursday, #lrnchat's topic was "book talk" and question five was great fun. The question posed was "What are book titles you hope never to see?" Here is a list of just some of the responses. They are not just very amusing, they are also a great reflection on so much of what we should avoid, or at least rethink, in our industry.

Anders Gronstedt Discusses How to Lead Learning Sessions in Virtual Worlds

Kapp Notes

One of the greatest sins in a virtual world is to put avatars in chairs and start lecturing to PowerPoint slides. The other day, I was speaking with virtual world learning expert Anders Gronstedt about teaching in a 3D virtual immersive environment.

Training is hard work

Clive on Learning

Someone delivering a lecture knows pretty well exactly what they are going to say, how long this will take and what the results are likely to be. This year I have delivered more face-to-face workshops than I have done since I was a fledgling trainer back in the late 1970s running development programmes for American Express managers.

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First Impressions of TelePresence

Experiencing eLearning

Lesson learned: if you’re going to use this, don’t waste it on lecture. But, I wouldn’t want to do 3 hours of lecture for training anyway; this just reinforced the idea that the technology doesn’t change that. I recently participated in my first TelePresence meeting. If you haven’t seen this technology, imagine videoconferencing, but life-size and set up so it feels more like you’re physically in the same room.

Meet Dan Spencer - Using Screencasts Effectively in the Classroom

Visual Lounge

Dan uses Camtasia for Mac in his classroom to create screencasts of his lectures and then he loads them onto iPod Touches so his students can learn the material at a pace that works for them. We're gearing up for the 24 hour screencast marathon about Camtasia next week.

The Advantages of eLearning

eLearning Brothers

With all of these advantages of taking classes online, it is hard to imagine why anyone would opt to sit in a lecture to learn new information. I came across this article and thought it listed some nice advantages of eLearning. Have a read! The Advantages of eLearning. By Karen L. Jones. Technology has revolutionized business; now it must revolutionize learning. In the 21st century, people have to learn more than ever before.