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Tips for Writing Instructional and Training Material

Convergence Training

It’s not easy to write well. Or, as Ernest Hemingway put it, “Easy writing makes hard reading.”. And while it’s true that all types of writing are difficult, it’s also true that each type of writing presents its own special challenges. That’s definitely the case when it comes to writing instructional or training materials. So, we’ve created a list of tips and resources to help you write better, more effective training materials.

Top Tools for Online Teaching


Recently Top5 Online published a list of the 99 Top Tools For Online Teaching , including eFront. Teaching Tools & Technologies. Articulate Studio is a tool for authoring eLearning course materials, and the company keeps a blog that updates on happenings concerning education and how it ties into technology. SmartBuilder is a suite of point-and-click authoring tools for elearning courses. Resources for Teaching Online.

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How to Write Compelling eLearning Content

360 Training

Teachers require great communication skills (listening, speaking, writing, and reading) to transmit knowledge effectively and motivate students to learn. Though online teachers do not need expertise in all four communication areas, strong writing skills enables them to share their knowledge successfully. eLearning courses require a great deal of writing for on-screen text, audio scripts, learning objectives, assessments, interactivity, feedback, case studies, stories, etc.

Teacher Voices: Naomi Hancock

Learning with 'e's

That is exactly the purpose of this series of blog posts. It's also a chance for them to voice their hopes and fears about teaching, now they are actually in the thick of it. I got into teaching because I wanted to continue my backpacking lifestyle in Thailand but needed some funds so teaching TEFL English was my ticket. I was teaching my own 6 year old daughter and my friends’ children.

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Writing & Grammar Workshop: Funny? Do You Think That's Funny?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

When writing training materials, I am always looking for new ways to introduce a lesson and keep the tone engaging. The introduction to a lesson needs to draw in the learners and get them motivated to continue the training, and the writing throughout the lesson has to keep their attention. To find an answer, I skimmed some of the writing in my shelf-full of training books. I'm teaching a new online class in May called Writing Effective eLearning Voiceover Scripts.

How To Write For eLearning

Your Training Edge

says Rena Hubbell, an author at Draftbeyond and Writinity. Use active voice. Passive voice sounds boring. You need to use active voice and strong verbs in order to get the message across without losing the student’s attention. No one likes that and it’s distracting,” says Zoe James, a tech writer at Last Minute Writing and Researchpapersuk. Just because you are trying to teach them something, it doesn’t mean that you should be dry and dull.

How to write scripts for webinars, videos and eLearning


This blog article could also be called ‘confessions of a voice-over artist.’ For several years I’ve done voice-over work here at BrightCarbon, lending my voice to eLearning courses, promotional videos, and webinars aplenty. So here are my top tips for writing a good script for webinars and videos. Writing scripts: Keep it simple, keep it snappy. Writing scripts: Use punctuation. Writing scripts: Be direct. Writing scripts: Be conversational.

Podcasting for E-Learning – Storytelling and Teaching

The E-Learning Curve

Sound – especially the human voice - has been a fundamental part of the transmission of information and knowledge since pre-history. In Western culture, for example, the oral tradition – story telling – was the primary means of passing on the learned, shared values of culture, encoded in legends, myths, and fables until the invention of writing. We can say then, that audio has be a core component of teaching for at least 3000 years.

Marisa Murgatroyd Teaches How to Build a Mission Focused Experience Product Instead of a Low Engagement Information Product


Marisa Murgatroyd teaches how to build a mission focused experience product instead of a low engagement information product in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Authority – Making money by speaking, selling books, and a lot of different products and marketing channels. You also made a comment, I saw somewhere on your site, that sometimes people go for authority positioning to early, can you elaborate on that?

How to Break into eLearning

360 Training

Ready to kick-start your online teaching business? As you begin, identify the industry that you can teach in. Search through different online course catalogues and identify the topics that interest you and that you may be qualified to teach. Write a list of action-oriented, performance-based objectives expertly exhibited by someone who successfully masters the skills you teach. Once you’ve decided to create an online course, it’s time to get started.

How Auto-Owners Insurance Made Insurance Training Interactive and Efficient With Lectora


On the Trivantis® blog today, we’re featuring a case study excerpt on Auto-Owners Insurance. An engaging activity Andy created in Lectora for the Effective Business Writing course at Auto-Owners Insurance. One crucial part of associate training at Auto-Owners Insurance is the Effective Business Writing course. This training teaches a company standardized writing voice, which is used when an associate is approaching customers or during intercompany communications.

Virtual Reality Learning: Ready for Prime Time?


Actor voices and language are defined using ResponsiveVoice, or you can use your own voice over files. Some common things you can do with ChatMapper include: Controlling actor avatars, voices, and gestures. NOTE: Interested in creating your own VR-Ready training experiences without writing a single line of code? While I did experience a bit of a learning curve with ChatMapper, I found my greatest challenge was learning to write effectively for a 3D environment.

I know what I like

Learning with 'e's

Jackie Gerstein writes about the contrast between learning in traditional environments, which is generally passive (Education 1.0) Robert Schuetz continues the social media theme with a chapter on how blogs create learning legacies. It is more a recipe on the art of blogging though, than a considered treatise on how the practice can enhance the learning experience. In total there are seventeen chapters, each offering additional voices to the growing narrative of heutagogy.

52 eLearning Experts Share their Best Tip for Creating Engaging eLearning


Tom also authors The Rapid eLearning Blog , one of the most followed eLearning blogs, with over 100k+ readers. He is well known for his books , courses, writing, consulting, and talks on interactive learning, games, and gamification. Write, speak, engage from your heart, try not to be a phony, be sincerely curious. Patti is the Founder of Learning Peaks, a published author , and a frequent speaker at eLearning conferences.

Building geographically diverse teams

Your Training Edge

Have one-on-one session with team members who need to understand to tone down, to make space for other voices. E.g. Get team members who are uncomfortable writing a long explanatory report in a foreign language (English might be one), to share a video/image of what they wish to convey, with a short write-up. Building a connect: This is the hardest thing to teach a team. Author Bio : Sophia is a newbie online ESL/EFL instructor.

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The Top 78 Captivate Features

Adobe Captivate

Hi, all, I’ve been working on finishing the writing of my first Captivate manual and I thought this portion of it might be helpful to anyone who needs to know or be reminded me of all of Captivate’s features. Text-to-speech voices – useful for several reasons. Extend Text-to-Speech Voices – Add new dictionary words, change the way words are pronounced, and access other voice sources.

Use Case: Front Desk Training


Her tone of voice is one of total apathy and I thought she would be the perfect host for our inn! Both require repetition (Candy Crush asks you to swap candies, learning words requires reading/writing). Passive methods are less effective while our platform is economically efficient while delivering active experiences that build problem solving and teach key learning objectives. About the author : Hi! Front Desk Training Series: Eliminating Negative Habits.

What Makes a Good Online Course? 7 Real-World Strategies

TechSmith Camtasia

Emphasize advantages, not authority. “We Get data to share effective online teaching practices. For example, while eight or ten biology instructors may all teach the same course across different time slots, some have a higher success rate than others. I would have killed for Knowmia years ago when I was teaching,” said Shawn. Combined with challenges inherent in online-only teaching, this course is a particular challenge.

Start an Online Academy ? A Step-by-Step Guide


While deciding what to teach online, you shouldn’t go for subjects which you like but have not yet grasped. Regardless of what you choose to teach, you can adjust the teaching environment and output to suit the subject’s needs. Is your teaching approach self-paced? It is no secret that teaching online can in fact be profitable , or an impressive lead magnet! Your school’s notifications are practically “the voice” of your school.

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Top 10 Free and Open Source eLearning Projects to Watch for 2012


Voki - a free service that allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages. Voki enables users to express themselves on the web in their own voice using a talking character. Your Voki can speak with your own voice which is added via microphone, upload, or phone. Annotum - Share what you know and write a knol! Just click the record button, capture your screen & voice, and share the link.

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


Connie, known online as the “eLearning Coach,” is the author of Visual Design Solutions , a top rated eLearning design book. Julie is a well known eLearning author and speaker. Tony is best known in the eLearning industry for founding eLearning Learning , which pulls in blog posts from the most popular eLearning bloggers. He is a recognized thought leader and author in the eLearning space with over 30 years of experience in technology-assisted learning and communications.

Daily Bookmarks 06/19/2008

Experiencing eLearning

Principles for assessing online discussions and other conversations (blogs, chat, etc.) Writing for asynchronous discussion isn’t the same as writing an essay, and the author argues that students who simply post essays to the discussion board should receive good grades. “What the animation does is it assists the children in visualizing the action,&# explains Mitchell, who teaches language arts enrichment classes. tags: web2.0 , blog , tools.

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The 6 common enterprise training mistakes and how to avoid them


But it’s also as difficult as it has always been, in the sense that it’s still up to you – the instructor or training content creator – to write quality content and to guide the learners successfully through it. The cardinal sin of enterprise training (or any kind of training for that matter) is attempting to teach others without really knowing the subject matter yourself. 6 Common Training Mistakes and how to avoid them – eFront Blog.

The Ultimate Guide to eLearning and Localization


The Economic Times defines eLearning as a learning system based on formalized teaching but with the help of electronic resources. Teaching can be conducted both inside and outside the classroom with a focus on using computers and the Internet. Some of the voices against this system said that it lacks the intuitive approach and that a machine cannot show empathy or diversify the approach towards different types of learners.

Crafting a Good Story for Your Product Video (free ebook)

TechSmith Camtasia

Guest post by German video producer and author Andreas Zeitler. One of the most valuable lessons this book teaches is that a good story doesn’t just appear. I recommend using mind maps to write down all ideas belonging to a project. Voice overs. About the Author. He is the author of 10 Tips for Creating Engaging Product Videos. How to Write a Good Script. I started with a long history of screencasting.

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The Year in Learning: 2019 Edition

The Learning Dispatch

I found myself thinking that almost everything she discusses applies to writing narration for. voice-over talent used in elearning. Probably Gregory Barber’s article on using science fiction to teach about ethics and technology. Stanford News introduces QuizBot, a chatbot that teaches. Fred Wilson at his blog AVC shares thoughts on Netflix and Disney that might give some insight. On its blog, Softchalk offers inspiration through its lesson challenge.

What’s in Your Technology-Enabled Learning Toolbox?

Your Training Edge

Last week, we looked at the building blocks of technology-enabled learning , from elements like learning objectives that are common across all training formats to those that are specific to digital formats, like content authoring tools. This blog will explore more than 60 tools and technologies for successfully implementing each of these elements in your technology-enabled training program. Performance-based courses do teach performance, and their goal is to change learner behavior.

Adapting to Technology in the 21st Century

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This article was written by guest author Jordyn Watson for our quarterly education newsletter, the Learning Lounge. We wanted to teach them how to utilize their tablets, be safe online, use our LMS, and follow copyright laws, so that there would be minimal problems on eLearning days. When our content was finished after multiple out-of-class meetings, we got to spend a week going to the elementary schools and teaching the students our curriculum.

Top 113 eLearning Posts and 28 Hottest Topics for 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

Social Learning Strategies Checklist - Social Enterprise Blog , January 11, 2010. Course Content Authoring Tools – Open Source (Free) - eLearning 24-7 , June 7, 2010. Instructional Design and E-Learning Blogs - Experiencing eLearning , July 6, 2010. Brain Learning and eLearning Design - The Learning Circuits Blog , July 1, 2010. A Defense of the LMS (and a case for the future of Social Learning) - Social Enterprise Blog , May 12, 2010.

Seven Things I Learned This Year

Tony Karrer

Over the past few years, I spend part of December going back through my blog to recap a bit of what some of the key things I’ve learned over the course of the year. Learning Coach Model Very Powerful In 2010, I had a great experience where Dr. Joel Harband wrote a series of articles for my blog on Text-to-Speech in eLearning. Instead, Joel would write it up. This, of course, means some really big changes for authoring tools in the industry.

Converting Live Workshops to an Online Course (Part I)

Web Courseworks

As with a lot of things in life, the design approach selected often depends on the authoring tools and resources at your disposal. In this first blog post in a series, we will discuss a main point of contention against repurposing face-to-face (F2F) workshops into eLearning: loss of human contact and interaction. Bill Winfield teaches an online course on online course design.

Flipping the Classroom: In Germany!

TechSmith Camtasia

In the years after the first PISA study and its eye-opening findings in international education, both educational structure and teaching methods in Germany have changed drastically, especially in German high schools. The fact that their own teachers are the faces and voices in all videos increases our students’ enthusiasm and their motivation to work with the videos. About the Authors. appeared first on TechSmith Blogs.

ScreencastCamper Profiles: Shannon Sellars and Erin Klein

TechSmith Camtasia

So if you want to co-lead a session on copyright and fair use with Shannon, or learn a thing or two about blogging from Erin, this post may be your perfect starting point. It’s a big topic so I’d like another voice to help lead. She has taught first, sixth, and seventh grade and is currently teaching second grade. She also runs her own tech-savvy blog. I even use Camtasia Studio to record my Skype interviews with authors and product developers.

The Ultimate Guide to E-Learning and Its Localization


The Economic Times defines e-learning as a learning system based on formalized teaching but with the help of electronic resources. Teaching can be conducted both inside and outside the classroom with a focus on using computers and the Internet. Some of the voices against this system said that it lacks the intuitive approach and that a machine cannot show empathy or diversify the approach towards different types of learners.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

But how to write one? Four roles for social media in workplace learning - Clive on Learning , September 28, 2010 I write this as I travel to Birmingham to participate in a panel discussion with Nick Shackleton-Jones and Robin Hoyle on the role of social media in learning. Voice-Over in eLearning - The Learning Circuits Blog , September 1, 2010 Over the past couple of months, Dr. Joel Harband has been teaching me all about Using Text-to-Speech in eLearning.