How to handle the handoff conversation

Making Change

Here's a quick slideshow with ideas for things you could say -- and not say. Do your clients expect you to create training on demand? By changing how you talk to them, you can steer them away from an information dump and help them solve the real problem.

7 Ideas for Running a Virtual E-Learning Event


Here are seven ideas for virtual e-learning events—which one fits your course? Lead a language session for conversation practice. It’s also possible to create language sessions for more than just conversation practice.

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6 Ideas for Leading a Language Tutoring Session


Here are six ideas to provide value during the lessons and help your learners achieve their goals. Informal conversation practice. With these kinds of lessons, you let the learner set the agenda so that they can focus the conversation on whatever they’re most interested in learning.

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50 Marketing Ideas for Course Creators to Thrive in 2021 [Quotes]


Then again, if you are eager to learn what these professionals have said, you are giving you direct access to their top tips, ideas and proven success methods. The MBP is the missing step between idea phase and signature program phase. Course marketing ideas e-learning

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Conversely, a health. These are just a few quick ideas that can visually. 12 Ways to Get the Most. Out of Your Authoring Tool @gomolearning eBook 1 11Index: Table of contents What should you look for and expect. from a modern authoring tool?

3 steps to improving conversational capacity

CLO Magazine

We participate in conversations all the time. Our company recently teamed up with Craig Weber, an expert in the field of Conversational Capacity®, a discipline that teaches people to find the “sweet spot,” where candor and honesty are balanced with curiosity and open-mindedness.

Conversation with Jane Bozarth

Kapp Notes

And often facilitates the twitter chat of learning professionals #lrnchat Here is some of our latest conversational snippets. For instance, I’ve just recently started doing a workshop on using Pinterest for learning and most attendees seem genuinely surprised by ideas like using images to build a virtual tour of the workplace for potential new hires. Learn to have conversations in which you can offer better alternatives with the promise of solving that problem for them.

Avoid This Pitfall in Conversational Writing for eLearning

Experiencing eLearning

We often talk about conversational writing for elearning. A conversational tone flows better in voice over and leads to better learning outcomes. However, I occasionally see examples of elearning where the narrator pretends to be in a literal conversation with the learners. This is a pitfall in conversational writing you can avoid. Reflection questions that ask learners to connect their own experiences or to brainstorm multiple ideas are fine.

How Come Nobody Here Has Any Good Ideas?

The Simple Shift

When leaders are flippant towards organizational social technology, they’re dismissing social activity; things like sharing, conversation, community, and collaboration. Yesterday I gave a presentation on Building a More Collaborative Organization. Afterward, I reflected a bit on the message and methods I shared and came to another realization.

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Quip: conversations

Clark Quinn

Conversations are the engine of business. How many problems are solved by saying “go talk to <so-and-so>&# , or ideas sparked by conversations around the water cooler? How many times has a chance conversation ended up leading to a new product, service, acquisition, or more? The conversations can be of many types: with co-workers, managers, subordinates, customers, stakeholders. The important work is done in conversations.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

assessments, or any initial ideas for the solution. Conversely, if you choose. conversation. some initial ideas or hypotheses regarding the solution. Giving them an opportunity to share ideas puts you in a. better position to either integrate those ideas (assuming.

Boost Innovation through Employee Idea Harvesting


Employees are one of the best sources for ideas and innovation on process improvements. However, despite being full of ideas many employees find that they do not have the capability to express them within their company. Create a Place for Ideas.

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10 eLearning Game Ideas for Instructional Designers

eLearning Brothers

Here are 10 simple eLearning game ideas that even non-programmer eLearning Designers can implement into their course design: Put Some Skin in the Game: Before the learner does anything, tell them what they’re about to do and ask them to “lock in” a guess as to how many they think they can identify, answer, pass, spot, etc. Conversely, if you fail to block a punch your life force goes down. These ideas and many other gaming strategies are up for grabs.

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Creating A High Conversion Sales Funnel Using Video


As a result, improving sales funnel conversions can result in a big boost to your company growth. Keeping leads engaged throughout the sales funnel is therefore vital to increasing your conversions. Helper explainer videos videos sales funnel conversions

A Conversation with Stephanie Nadda

Kapp Notes

Here is our conversation about learning technologies and her new partnership with Exult. We feel this trend will grow in the coming years and thus the idea of ExL was born to empower professionals to create engaging e-Learning courses. The other day I caught up with Stephanie Nadda. Stephanie is a consultant based in Chicago who has worked with large organizations like W.W. Grainger, Walgreens, the NCAA, the College of American Pathologists, Ace Hardware, Aon Hewitt, etc.

14 Badge Ideas to Engage and Motivate Learners


Top Audible badge ideas for online education: Daily Dipper: Listening for consecutive days. Looking around, here are a few more ideas that could work for online learners: Badges to encourage forum use: Conversationalist: For being active in the discussion forum. Discussion Leader: For starting a conversation topic. The post 14 Badge Ideas to Engage and Motivate Learners appeared first on LearnDash.

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Spring into Fresh Ideas and Inspired Content

Reflection Software

After many conversations with co-workers and family members, I realized that while our new “normal” is pretty different, there is still a great opportunity to reflect upon and freshen up our personal spaces as well as our professional lives.

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10 Customer Service Training Ideas

Ed App

In this article, we’ll discuss customer service training ideas that you can use to boost your team’s overall performance and provide positive experiences for your customers. Customer Service Training Idea #1 – Product Quizzes. Customer Service Training Idea #4 – Mock Calls.

A Conversation with Author Catherine Lombardozzi

Kapp Notes

Here is part of our conversation. In writing it, I wanted to share some ideas that have been useful to me in supporting learning in the digital age. ” Can you give us some ideas of the challenge of integrating these elements? The other day I caught up with Catherine Lombardozzi who is the principle behind the firm called Learning4Learning Professionals and author of a brand new book.

A Conversation with John Deligiannis of mLevel

Kapp Notes

The other day I had a great conversation with John Deligiannis. Coming back to the idea of fewer hours in the classroom, we’ve also seen lots of our customers reducing the duration of instructor-led learning by taking some of that knowledge-based content and putting it into an mLevel mission. John has been in the L&D space for his entire career, and joined a company called mLevel almost 2 years ago now.

A Conversation with Steven Just

Kapp Notes

Here is part of our conversation. When I first started in the field, the idea of using computers to teach people was considered somewhat heretical. I remember the conversation I had with my first thesis advisor. The other day I had a chance to catch up with my friend Steven Just, he and I met years and years ago and have both worked in the learning industry for a while.

A Conversation with Cammy Bean

Kapp Notes

It’s OK—and actually a good idea—to tell your subject matter expert that his 100 slide PowerPoint deck crammed full of text bullets really isn’t going to make an effective eLearning experience. Bean: The high point…definitely having Justin Brusino at ATD say “yeah, this is a great idea for a book!”

A Conversation with Connie Malamed

Kapp Notes

Because visuals can be processed in parallel, they can reduce the effort required to understand concepts, theories and ideas. Third, I am hoping people can browse through the book for ideas and inspiration. There are well over 100 graphics throughout, and I’m hoping that the graphic examples and chapters in the last section will give readers ideas of how to approach all kinds of visuals, from icons to stories to graphs.

A Conversation with Danny Stefanic of LearnBrite

Kapp Notes

The other day I had a great conversation with Danny Stefanic. In a 3D virtual world, ill-structured problems can be solved under the principles of constructivism whereby humans generate knowledge and meaning from an interaction between their experiences and ideas. Danny is an educational entrepreneur.

A Conversation with Clark Quinn

Kapp Notes

Here is part of our enjoyable conversation. The learning organization where there is concrete awareness of how to work and learn effectively, it is modeled and fine tuned, and done in a culture where it’s safe to share, where new ideas are welcome, where diversity is valued, and perhaps most importantly where there’s time for reflection are key.

10 Sales Training Topic Ideas

Ed App

Here are 10 sales training topics you can consider when selecting course ideas: Sales Training Topic Idea #1 – Effective Communication. If the customer opens up to you, it’s the perfect opportunity to float your proposition organically into the conversation.

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A Conversation with Doug Harward

Kapp Notes

For many years, we’ve been caught up in the idea that the training we provide should be focused on the learners needs. I found a few years ago, and in all due respect to all of them, many industry consultants and analysts have been addressing ideas on how to improve training, but lacked sufficient data or research to support the many assertions which led us to believe what they were telling was correct. The other day I had a chance to ask Doug Harward a few questions.

How to Increase Conversion Rates with Video

3Play Media

It might be hard to believe that something as simple as adding video to your landing pages can increase conversions by 80% or more – but it really shouldn’t come as a shock. . How to Increase Conversion Rates With Video. Measure Existing On-Page Conversion Rate and Set Goals.

A Conversation with Joshua Millage

Kapp Notes

Here is part of our conversation. However, the space as a whole needs fresh thinkers, ideas, and tools. The other day I had a chance to catch up with educational entrepreneur Joshua Millage, he is passionate about learning and is cofounder of LifterLMS. Kapp: What is LifterLMS.

50 ideas to change L & D

Jane Hart

Yesterday I read a post on TeachThought called 50 crazy ideas to change education and I tweeted it. Andrew Jacobs was on Twitter and he responded and the following conversation ensued: @C4LPT @TeachThought Was just reading that…inspiring me to think of similar for L&D. The smell of change is in the air!

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PowerPoint: Measurement Conversion

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

If this is for a one-off project, it may be a good idea to go back into your settings when you're done and change them back to US measurements before you forget.  by AJ George.   I was recently asked if it was possible to change the measurement system in PowerPoint from inches to pixels. The answer is no. at least not from within PowerPoint. More on that later.) Simply put, you are stuck with PowerPoint's default measurement system, which is inches. 

Speak Up with Lectora Conversational Scenarios

eLearning Brothers

As acclaimed journalist and science fiction writer Cory Doctorow once said, “Conversation is king.” ” Even though we’ve taken his words in a slightly different direction, we’d like to think that by that logic, our conversational scenarios have at least a little bit of royal blood in them. Today, we’re featuring a few conversational scenario templates for Lectora that are sure to give voice to your training topics.

A Conversation with Paul Rosa: Co-Founder of Sploops!

Kapp Notes

The two are about the launch the app and so here is part of the conversation we had the other day. Rosa: Sploops is a brand-new sports conversation app launching to the Apple App Store in November. Kapp: How did you get the idea? Rosa: Sploops was an idea that we had back in college in 2012. Thunderclap is a way for companies and ideas to get exponential reach all at one time through social media. If you have a great idea grab it by the horns and make it happen!

A Conversation with Clark Aldrich -Part One

Kapp Notes

This is Part One of a Two Part Interview: The other day I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Clark Aldrich and ask him a few questions about learning and development. Kapp: You’ve started an initiative called ClarkChart , can you explain what it is and how you got the idea. For those who may not know Clark, here is a little about him before the discussion.

3 Flash to HTML5 eLearning Conversion Success Stories

CommLab India

Tired of listening to Flash to HTML5 conversion without getting any real idea of what it entails? Check our success stories of Flash to HTML5 conversion. eLearning Design Flash to HTML5

How To Validate Your Course Idea


While I always enjoy seeing how people are using LearnDash for their online course programs, it’s quite clear that some ideas will likely experience more success than others. Validating Your Idea. There are many ways to go about validating your course idea, and you should explore all of these options. Given the industry of LearnDash and my experience within the elearning field in general, I have had the opportunity to come across a large variety of course offerings.

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A Conversation about New “Agile Courseware” Book

Kapp Notes

I received a notice in my in-box the other day about a new self-published book that discussed the idea of something called Lean-Agile Courseware by Raytheon. I was intrigued by the idea since I explored a similar concept in my Gamification book in a section called “ADDIE vs. SCRUM” so I wanted to talk to Raytheon and explore there take on the subject a little more. Monitor other domains beyond training for ideas that can help make our instructional efforts better.