Continu Partners with LinkedIn Learning


Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with LinkedIn Learning to bring more learning possibilities for your training and development! LinkedIn Learning has become a great source of training for employees of all types. The Power of LinkedIn Learning.

Employer Brand Matters for Recruiting Quality Employees


On top of that, LinkedIn reports that a strong employer brand can reduce your cost-per-hire by as much as 50 percent. Branding Matters if You Want Quality Recruits. The post Employer Brand Matters for Recruiting Quality Employees appeared first on KnowledgeCity.

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Knowledge Anywhere Is Now A LinkedIn Learning LMS Integration Partner


Knowledge Anywhere Is Now A LinkedIn Learning LMS Integration Partner. As part of Knowledge Anywhere’s commitment to continuous innovation, we are excited to announce that we are part of the LinkedIn Learning Integration Partner Program. “We’re About LinkedIn Learning.

Docebo Joins LinkedIn Learning’s Integration Partner Program


Docebo Enhances Learner Autonomy With LinkedIn Learning Integration. Docebo’s eLearning Content Marketplace gives L&D admins access to top-quality learning content directly within their Docebo LMS. How Access and Activate LinkedIn Learning in Docebo.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

investment if businesses are to enrich engagement. At LinkedIn, for example, the L&D team gathered success stories from across the. LinkedIn Learning (2017), ‘How to Overcome Top Challenges to Advance your Learning Culture’ 3 Quick, Accurate Auto-Captioning. true business impact.

Top 3 Reasons Your eLearning Needs Quality Assurance

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To address a drop in the quality of products being produced , full-time inspectors were employed to identify and correct any product quality failures. Software companies have entire teams devoted to quality assurance; that may not be a reality within your eLearning team.

Learning is Everybody’s Business

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Facebook 1 Twitter 3 Google+ 2 LinkedIn 5 Pinterest 0 In our previous blog , we articulated how a judicious mix of instructor-led and online learning strategies will make your organization conducive for learning. Learning is Everybody Business. Because Learning is Everybody’s Business.

Maximize Your Learning Platform’s Potential With These Integrations


Your learning technology must slot in naturally with your existing tech stack to help you to work more efficiently, keep learners engaged, and establish a robust and connected SaaS ecosystem that improves your business.

Five Tips To Make an Instructional Designer’s LinkedIn Profile Shine


LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with approximately 467 million members across the globe. It can offer a great networking experience to eLearning professionals and can also lead to new business or career opportunities. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to promote your brand (could be your company or you as a professional) amongst thousands of like minded professionals, decision makers, partners, talent seekers, or customers.

How to Start a Training Business


Plus, with people warming up to the idea that eLearning can be just as efficient and valid as traditional learning, it has never been a better time to get in the business. latin) it doesn’t mean others are too, especially in large enough numbers to sustain an online training business.

8 Game-Changing Social Media Tips to Grow Your Business


Are you still not convinced about the power of social media and the benefits it offers for your business? So, consider these game-changing social media tips that will help you grow your business: 1. Social media giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

What Social Selling Can Do for Your eLearning Business

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Learning to establish your personal brand through authentic relationships with your followers can be the X-factor that transforms your business from meh to yeah. Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and SlideShare give you access to real-time data.

35 More Qualities Of The Ideal Instructional Designer

The eLearning Coach

A few months ago I published a list of the 10 Qualities Of The Ideal Instructional Designer. Since then, the eLearning community contributed so many qualities to the list it is now overflowing. So here are the next 35 qualities. Develop Business Savvy.

Making the most of

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

I’ve been using the institutional partnership Coventry University has with Linkedin/ and have been taking a few short, video-heavy courses to further my understanding in a few area. Business, and. Videos are created at one of two LinkedIn studios.

How Social Learning is Powering Up Today’s Workplaces


Through 2015, 80% of social business efforts will not achieve the intended benefits due to inadequate leadership and over emphasis on technology.” – Gartner . Within that group, more than one-third either do not have a LinkedIn profile, or have fewer than 100 connections. THE QUOTE.

Need to Hire a Business Attorney? Here’s How to Do It

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Caption: Having the right attorney can protect (and propel) your business more than you think. Companies often hire business lawyers (aka “transactional” or “corporate” attorneys) to assist them with a variety of administrative, contractual, and operational matters.

The Most PROVOCATIVE Shout-Outs From Today’s Learning Innovators


Instructional designers need to run, not walk, away from classroom-thinking and get to the point of providing short, quick business focused learning points that are easily accessible when and where our learners need them.

Twitter as Social Learning: Seven Ways to Facilitate the Exchange.

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Where Facebook and LinkedIn serve mainly as social dashboards for our personal and professional networks, respectively, I see Twitter as a customized information portal. Look for businesses you love, people you know, or news sources you read.

The Power of Your Network | Social Learning Blog

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From the business perspective, however, networking isn’t only helpful, it is mandatory. Business networking not only brings new business and new talent, but it supports collaboration – whether it’s collaborating with internal team members or making connections outside of the organization.

What Determines Value in Training?

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It is interesting that many of these corporate training groups believe that they can take a 20-something trainer (please continue to read so that you get the point and not take offense at the example) and provide them with relevant material, and somehow that combination of inexperience and content will mix up a potent brew of high-quality-training! Making the hard decision to deliver high-quality programs will never be easy. How does one determine value when training?

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Working Out Loud: Using the Tools We Already Have


I have discussed each platform based on my usage pattern and preference; the order in which they are listed is not a reflection of the tool’s inherent quality or characteristics. Since LinkedIn is a professional network, trolling is likely to be controlled.

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How eBooks can help your business excel


How eBooks can help your business excel. When you think of eBooks, content marketing and business strategy probably aren't the first words that come to mind - but maybe they should be.

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How to Use Social Media for E-Learning


Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Having a profile in at least one of them has become second nature not only for individuals but for business too. LinkedIn. Use your professional social media profiles for business only.

How to Attract a Loyal Learning Audience, Even on a Tight Budget

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But if you sell educational content , you know this kind of wishful thinking won’t grow your business. Marketing: The Instructional Business Blind Spot. Both require you to: Define objectives that align with business goals. “If you build it, they will come.”

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Behind the scenes… Changing your life successfully: interview with Jean-Marc Tassetto, co-founder of Coorpacademy, on BFM Business (French TV)


BFM Business (French Television Channel dedicated to business news) was interviewing Jean-Marc Tassetto , co-founder of Coorpacademy and former Managing Director of Google France on Tuesday February 26th. The show was anchored by Stéphanie Coleau , journalist for BFM Business. So I wanted, with my two business partners Arnauld Mitre and Frédérick Bénichou , to launch a digital training platform project.”

Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


It enables universities and colleges to deliver a high-quality learning experience to remote students. People keep asking me to do this and I've just been too busy to do a good job of it like you have here! I will sent you a message via LinkedIn.

Video Statistics, Habits, and Trends You Need To Know [New Research]

TechSmith Camtasia

The vast majority of businesses have embraced video as a marketing, training, and communication tool. As employees, students, and customers increasingly expect information to be available in video format , businesses are embracing video for its benefits, visual appeal, and effectiveness.

Customer Training Pricing and Packaging: What’s the Best Strategy?

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It’s also a powerful business strategy that fuels a continuous cycle of revenue and profit. It depends on your business model, product positioning, competitive landscape and customer base. How to Package Customer Training: Digital Business Examples.

Online Professional Networking / Linked In Class So Far

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Thus far, I have conducted five face-to-face online professional networking classes, which focuses on leveraging Linked In for finding business opportunities and professional development opportunities. They were impressed with the amount and quality of the information available in group discussions. LinkedIn Social Media Networking

Continuing Education: Will You Sell More CEUs With an LMS?

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Continuing education is a big business. Thanks to a surge in learning technology innovation and greater demand for a workforce with proven professional skills , the business of selling continuing education units ( CEUs ) is growing bigger each day. 6) Business-Critical Priority.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Take Your Social Media Strategy to the Next Level


Most brands you know have already built some kind of presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social sites. The most common mistake that business owners make is posting random updates and sharing them across platforms.

4 Professional Fears to Conquer in 2019


And, remember that employers don’t generally fire workers who produce quality work, get along with coworkers and proactively address issues. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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Best Event Management Softwares for #eventprofs

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Here are a few tips for choosing an event management solution that will be worth the effort and price and a few providers worth considering to grow your business. Know yourself – know your businesses processes and requirements before seriously engaging a vendor. Business

4 Incredible Ways Technology is Fostering Smarter Communication

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Steve Jobs, Business Magnate. Social media platforms facilitate smarter personal and business communication. Technological advancement improves the quality of translation. It is said that the most important aspect of any translation job is its quality.

6 Reasons to Use Paid Ads to Sell Your Course


If you are running your online course business on a shoestring budget, any expenditure probably seems like a big deal – no doubt about that. A wide range of platforms offer a paid ads service to the businesses that use them. Of course, other businesses have the same idea.

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