Connected pedagogy: Social networks

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Photo by Steve Wheeler In a previous post I outlined some of the metrics around the use of digital media, technologies and social networks. I wrote that: "The age of social technologies has radically transformed the way we live our lives, and that includes how we learn and teach.

The Pedagogy of Learning Design: Creating Learning Communities with Social Presence

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This is the second post in a series of five titled The Pedagogy of Learning Design by Phylise H. To read the first in the series click here: The Pedagogy of Learning Design: A Translation of Pedagogies. Creating Learning Communities with Social Presence. Pedagogy

How The 8 Effects of Arts Education Are Changing Online Pedagogy, Part 2


s Director of Business Development, to discuss the distinctive effects arts-led learning is having on online learning design. Here he introduces the fictional-reality effect and the reflection effect. The Fictional-Reality Effect. The Reflection Effect.

Bear pit pedagogy

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In order to develop key critical thinking skills, learners need to be able to argue effectively. Image source Bear pit pedagogy by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 education social media learning

At the Intersection of Social, Teaching and Cognitive Presence

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Throughout this series we have explored social, teaching, and cognitive presence - the key elements within the Community of Inquiry framework. Pedagogy

Are Online Courses as Effective as In-Person Education?


Comparing the effectiveness of eLearning against its in-person peer poses a challenge. When we measure the effectiveness of education, we have to take multiple variables into account.

#EDENchat How effective is mobile learning?

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The advent of social media has further advanced this evolution at a pace. British Summer Time when we will engage in a free flowing, question driven discussion on the question ''How effective is mobile learning?'' edenchat education learning mobile learning pedagogy smart phone Storif

Freinet and social media

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When I wrote Blogging with Freire , I was speculating on what that great Brazilian educator and theorist might have made of educational blogging - a concept he never knew, because he died before the Internet and social media came in to common use.

Contextualized Learning: Teaching made highly effective!


Even in our everyday lives, we appreciate the effects of contextualization – behaving in one way in one situation, while using another set of behaviors in a different context – although we may not be actively conscious of it. 2) Design for effectiveness.

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Informal Learning For Startups: Preparing For Internal Social Collaboration


With increase in competition, companies have started pursuing more efficient as well as effective methodologies of social learning. [1] Though it is known that internal social networking is highly beneficial to any company, putting together a suitable network is easier said than done.

Is e-learning effective?

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and ' Will e-learning put me out of a job? ', my focus today is on another question that I am frequently asked by l&d people: ‘Is e-learning effective?’ On balance, the evidence would suggest that the medium, the delivery channel, is much less important in determining effectiveness than the learning strategy you choose to address the task in hand (exposition, instruction, guided discovery, exploration, etc.), Is e-learning effective?

Moving from Teacher to Facilitator | Social Learning Blog

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Even with the help of the newest technology tools to communicate and educate including social media, wikis, and Google, we still need to transform our ILT classrooms and training sessions into integrated blended learning environments.

How to Plan a New Online Course, Part 1: Establishing the Basics


Unlike a conversion, where you already have a solid base of effective content to build upon, designing a course from the ground up means you need to start by building the basics. You can read our detailed tips on creating effective learning objectives here.

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Blends, borders and boundaries

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Elements are often separated by boundaries, and these must be transgressed if blends are to be effected. asynchronous Blended learning border content distance education pedagogy remix synchronous teaching Technology

TCC09: Wikis that Work: Effective Wiki Practices for Virtual Learning Communities

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They effectively managed issues of trust, workload, and learning within their social network. Social Learning/Social Constructivism. Social presence–ability to project yourself in an online environment and make connections with others. Social gaming (e.g.,

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Tips for Better Data Visualization


So, what are the best and most effective practices to consider during data visualization? Mastering data visualization tools is just part of your path to effectively using data.

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Human enough #edcmooc

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If humans are gregarious beings and learning is social, how can face-to-face instruction possibly fail to out perform its online equivalent? So when we view online pedagogy through this lens, we recognise very little of it that is not human.

7 Instructional design principles for professors and teachers looking to create effective eLearning modules


As teachers and professors, was today begin incorporating eLearning as a key part of their curriculum, what are the instructional design principles they must keep in mind to make learning most effective?

Comfortably numb

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The process of co-learning between teachers and students can only effectively occur if and when teachers realise that learners can offer something new. co-construction of learning co-learning collaboration education negotiation of meaning pedagogy schools social constructivism teaching

The anomie in our midst

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Photo from Maxpixel The French sociologist Emile Durkheim's study of suicide led to a theory that instability resulting in a breakdown of standards or social conventions can lead to alienation. But what is the long term effect on children?

Blogging: Five of the best

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It's important to realise that the posts listed below have been amplified through social media, reposted and shared on various platforms, and also translated into other languages. blog education learning pedagogy schools teachers Technology

Video: The power and the story

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As politely as I could, I explained to him that making his students sit through a full 90 minutes of video was not particularly good pedagogy. There are many more effective methods in which video can be used to engage, inspire and motivate students.

Corporate learning in the digital age

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Some are ditching their training rooms in favour of digital delivery of content, and bosses that are forward thinking are investing in social learning, social media and mobile devices to support the learning of their employees. So don't turn your backs on social media in the workplace.

Video for learning: Today and tomorrow

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It is difficult to predict the future accurately, but we are able to analyse social trends and determine what we might see with reasonable accuracy for a few years into the future (Kaku, 2011). No wonder video is considered by many teachers to be so effective.

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The Sun has Risen on Learning Experience Design


Margaret Weigel, from Six Red Marbles , defines LXD as “a synthesis of Instructional Design, educational pedagogy, neuroscience, social sciences, design thinking, and User Experience Design.” Digital Learning Trends Effective Instructional Design Best Practices

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Generation next

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It's safe to claim that much of higher education is firmly rooted in the past , reflecting colonial history, traditional values and 20th (or even 19th) Century pedagogies. They are self-aware and conscious of their image, due to a lifetime of public exposure on social media.

Social Network Analysis - Twitter - Social Media - Best Stuff from Last Week

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Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Overcoming Top 10 Objections to Social Learning - Social Enterprise Blog , April 24, 2009 Ten commandments of e-learning (content design) - Clive on Learning , April 30, 2009 Twitter Learning - eLearning Technology , April 30, 2009 Learning Goals - eLearning Technology , April 29, 2009 An eight-step process using Post-it notes to gain meeting consensus.

A growing divide?

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Christian claims that a new pedagogy is emerging that is directly driven by the upsurge in online activity. Christian identifies three key changes in pedagogy that I want to discuss over my next three blog posts. In his blog on Learning Ecosystems, Daniel S.

The power of love

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I also wrote about phileo - a brotherly kind of love that relishes in social connection and mutual experiences. Rogers'' kind of unconditional pedagogy was person centred, where individual responsibility was placed upon each student.

Learning first, technology second

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Ideas range from games based learning , to the use of social media and networking, to simpler approaches such as the use of digital cameras in art or data logging in science. There is nothing wrong with any of these approaches, provided they don''t get in the way of good pedagogy.

The battle for education

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Social constructivist theory clearly derived from this set of tenets. A battle of words and ideals is raging about which is the most effective, and indeed, the most appropriate approach to adopt for the needs of today''s society.

Stuck in the past?

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By mass pedagogy, he referred to the factory production model of education that schools have been caught in for over a century. The mass production pedagogy model stubbornly persists, and personalised learning seems far from the reach of many young people.

The Informal Pedagogy of Anime Fandom: An Interview with Rebecca Black (Part One)

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Sent to you via Google Reader The Informal Pedagogy of Anime Fandom: An Interview with Rebecca Black (Part One) One of the central animating idea behind the New Media Literacies movement has been the observation that young people often learn better outside of schools -- through their involvement in informal communities, such as those formed around fandom or gaming -- than they do inside the classrooms.

Performance - Collaboration - Social Network Analysis - eLearning Hot List

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eLearning Learning Hot List June 1, 2009 to June 12, 2009 Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. World Part 2 - Social Enterprise Blog , June 6, 2009 Should you Care about Google Wave? yes, they went there - WISE Pedagogy , June 1, 2009 Time Spent - The Learning Circuits Blog , June 1, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals.

Passing of the year

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Social media channels may have glowed red hot with the seemingly relentless demise of a procession of celebrities - entertainers, astronauts, authors - occasionally entire bands, and other well known individuals from the public sphere.

How complex is learning?

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We flounder and stumble as we try to navigate a plethora of educational theories and we become bogged down in prescribed institutional pedagogies, providing no more than glimpses of true education for our students. Learning is highly complex.

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One of the best

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His condition made him very difficult to manage in class, as he oscillated between sudden, volatile behaviour and social withdrawal. The report said the school was inadequate, because communication with parents was 'not always effective', and some bullying incidents had not been recorded.