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Soren Kaplan, Leapfrogging to Learning Breakthroughs and Innovation, Opening Keynote at #LSCon

Learning Visions

Soren Kaplan, Redefining Innovation: Harness the power of surprise for business breakthroughs. So how do we create breakthrough innovations? Kaplan went out to research his book and looked for books with the words “Surprise” in the title. InNOvation. Cool things they’ve done at Inuit: The innovation wall of fame.

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Soren Kaplan #LSCon Keynote Mindmap

Clark Quinn

Soren Kaplan gave a keynote on innovation that nicely pulled together a number of strands around how to break through some of our cognitive traps.'

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Kaplan-EduNeering Knowledge Summit Kicks off Today!

Kapp Notes

In the introduction to the event, they announced a number of cool innovations. Lisa Clune, President of Kaplan EduNeering speaking about future directions. Here is a recap of some of what Joe spoke about in his keynote: Joe Hallinan making a point at the Kaplan-EduNeering Knowledge Summit 2011.

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Workplace as Learning Lab

The Performance Improvement Blog

Michael Noble, in his post for “Chief Learning Officer” titled, How to Build a Learning and Innovation Performance Lab , suggests that learning professionals should start looking for workplace opportunities to try out new ways of learning. Of course, he recognizes the obstacles. The imperative is to do R&D for new business models.

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#LSCon day 1, Leapfrogging serious lean agile innovation performance ecosystems for 90%

Challenge to Learn

Leapfrogging serious lean agile innovation performance ecosystems for 90%. Leapfrogging After this we had the formal opening (1500 attendees, 30% up from last year) by David Kelly and the Keynote from Soren Kaplan about Leapfrogging to learning breakthroughs and innovation. People love innovation but they hate surprises.

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How HR Can Improve Psychological Safety in the Workplace


When those conditions prevail, valuable strategies and innovations are often brought to the surface. Managers who share lessons learned from mistakes and support calculated risk-taking will “encourage innovation instead of sabotaging it.” Create space for innovative ideas. As Kaplan states, “Ideas themselves are a dime a dozen.

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Getting ready for #LSCON

Challenge to Learn

As keynotes we have: Soren Kaplan – Redefining innovation. Innovation, big data and our mind. Innovation. A lot of them will be at the same time slots, so I will not attend all them all. But it is interesting to see what is there, I’m always looking for trends. Douglas Merrill - Redefining Data. Interesting.