Semantic tagging can improve digital content publishing


Semantic tagging can improve digital content publishing. One of the most important, yet frequently overlooked, cornerstones of effectively publishing digital content and media is semantic tagging. Semantic tagging can be used for digital content enrichment.".

2016 Top Tools for Learning

Performance Learning Productivity

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies’ 10th Anniversary ‘Top Tools for Learning’ Survey closes midday UK time on Friday 23 September 2016. Last year’s ‘Top 10 Tools Survey results are here I’ve listed my 2016 votes (in the ‘Personal & Professional Learning category) below.

Tools 166

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Top 10 Tools for Learning

Clark Quinn

Jane Hart compiles, every year, a list of the top 10 tools for learning. I like what Harold Jarche did about tagging his list with the steps of his Seek-Sense-Share model for Personal Knowledge Mastery , so I’m adding that as well. Google: the core tool in my searching for answers for things. Mail: email is still a major tool for getting pointers, staying in touch, asking questions, etc. A different tool for the same purpose. What tools do you use?

Tools 175

Taxonomy 101 from an Association Learning Technology Perspective

Web Courseworks

Associations push to create more complex, facet-based taxonomies to satisfy user demands for better search functionality and content sorting on their website and CMS all the time. One easy way to help control and promote the chosen vocabulary is to use an auto-complete feature in search bars.

How Mobile Apps Can Act as Social Learning Tools

Origin Learning

A little effort to channelize their usage in the intended direction can make them wondrous tools of social learning at the workplace. Social learning and mobile learning have a lot in common. After all, what do we use mobiles mostly for? Communication, right?

How to Scale Your Learning Efforts While Improving the Learner Experience


If learners are searching for insights on recent regulatory changes, that course won’t help them. Organizations have looked at content curation as a massive tagging project. Employees and managers have less time than they’ve ever had to go search a catalog of content.

Five tools for global educators

Learning with e's

But what tools do we use to enable us to connect with these communities, resources, audiences around the globe? Here are my top five tools: Webinar: There are a number of ways to teach and present live from beyond the classroom.

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MagNet ‘09

Web Tools for Learners

iQ mobile Search - an iPhone Screenshot. As well, I’ve been tweeting using the hashtag #MagNet09, and when I’ve searched, very few seem to be using it. PowerPoint's Presenter Tools.

Mac 52

“Current Need-to-Know Tools and What’s Around the Corner” Nick Floro #olconf

Learning Visions

Current Need-to-Know Tools and What’s Around the Corner” Nick Floro with Sealworks Trends eLearning community and what we’re doing is rapidly changing. When creating content, think about making it more flexible – tagging and organizing it so you can easily shuffle it together. Think about the tools. If your current LMS/learning system doesn’t have the ability to do accurate searching , it’s up to you to make sure your content is well-tagged and discoverable. Free tool.

Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

Learning Visions

In Brandon Hall’s research, haven’t talked to a single LMS vendor who is NOT adding these tools. Used Ektron ( ) a content management system – which allowed search, tagging, RSS, links, blogs, polls, surveys. Polls, blogs, search (similar to chrysler). Not every single tool needs 100% participation. Tools that you bring in to your org. Are these tools being built into your LMS?

Video SEO: Using Transcripts for Online Video Excellence [VIDEO Part I]

3Play Media

The study showed that while marketers are embracing video to further their email marketing efforts, there is still room for growth with video SEO and discoverability, and especially using transcripts as an SEO tool. Of the respondents, 77% are tagging online videos with keywords.

Video 52

Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher


Audacity is a free, handy open source audio editing tool. Dropbox is our sync tool between all of the people involved with the show. Tagging and uploading. Airtable is an indispensable tool for linking all of the people involved in the show. Database Tool: Airtable.

Films Media Group: Future Focused on Searchable Interactive Video Transcripts

3Play Media

Films media group uses transcripts and time-synced captions data to offer new search possibilities. WENDY COLLINS: Now that we’ve got 100% of our content captioned, we can introduce a full transcript cross-search, whereas before, we were relying on metadata.

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5 Features That Define the Next Generation Social LMS

Origin Learning

should be tapped by providing convenience features such as forum tagging, bookmarking, and chat/blog exporting. Use social analytics tools embedded in a Tin Can-compliant LMS and track the learning metrics. Social learning has been in existence for ages now.

Social 244

Social Bookmarking: Your Favorites Really Want to be Free

Mike Taylor

Tagging can eliminate (or at least minimize) time-sucking searches for that elusive bookmark you know is in there somewhere. Tagging. Tagging is a flexible, informal way of categorizing that allows you to associate keywords with online content (web pages, pictures & posts).

The Best LMS Platforms for Effective Corporate Training – LPP and LXP


The LXP uses a Suggestion Engine for content tagging for easier and more effective search and filtering. ? The modern learning management systems (LMS) address various training challenges such as widespread workforce, evolving needs, and low adoption of technology.

Artificial Intelligence: Value-add


Many learning companies are investing in AI tools to “enhance” what they currently offer, but is this the right direction? What if your platform knew your learners’ preferred learning style and medium automatically? Everyone’s talking about it, some embrace it, others fear it.

Weekly Bookmarks (1-2-2011)

Experiencing eLearning

3 Web-Based Tools that Generate Awesome Tag Clouds. tags: visualization tagging tools. The article is from 2005 and has nothing earth shattering if you’ve been doing this a while, but it’s a solid introduction to how to use the tools effectively and blend synchronous learning with other forms. Better than your average tag cloud–interactive, colorful, shaped like clouds, etc.

Is E-Learning Possible Without Learning Management System?

Your Training Edge

It is software that enables you with an online platform for delivering learning material and managing all the movements through numerous tools. If you have designed your course in different pages of a website, you can track your learners by web analysis tools and by monitoring the clicks.

Boost Your Business By Publishing Accessible Web Content

Magic EdTech

What’s more, image tagging and alt text increase your site’s visibility, making it easier to discover through organic search. Proper structure and tagging within the content. In today’s web publishing world, accessibility is becoming a requirement.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): 8 Random Facts Meme (via Karyn Romeis)

Mark Oehlert

So I was thinking about how to respond to this tagging - Im a rebel, I live on the edge - you know, blog fast and die young, so I wanted to do something a bit different.

IM 41

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


Each year we list our top tools for learning to try in the new year. And now, in our third year of this series, we have collected 300 tools to choose from. This product combines the power of Google search with a digital file cabinet.

Webinar Digest: Benefits of Cloud Authoring

Web Courseworks

This, in turn, has created a line of new authoring tools available via the cloud. These web-based tools, such as dominKnow , ensure team collaboration and development allowing course authoring to adapt to the new standard. Cloud authoring has a reviewing tool already built-in.

How AI and Machine Learning Addresses Challenges in Educational Content Creation and Instruction

Magic EdTech

We already see machine learning used in everyday technologies such as search, recommendations, tagging photos, and speech recognition. Machine learning enables applications that can benefit educational systems and tools.

Personal Mobile Mastery

Clark Quinn

And you can use search engines and reference tools just the same. And you can use those social media tools as before, but you can also use them because of where or when you are. Certainly searching things you don’t understand or, when there’s unknown language, seeing if you can get a translation, are also options. I think there’s much yet, though tools like ARIS are going to help change that.

New Features of Moodle 3.1 that Make it the Favorite of Learning Experts

CommLab India

The latest version includes unique, user-requested features such as competency-based learning, assignment grading, easy retrieval of deleted files, enhanced tagging, improved course editing, and more. The ‘ Publish as LTI ‘ tool in Moodle 3.1 Global Search.

Digital literacy 6: Organising and sharing content

Learning with e's

Answer - you organise it by 'tagging' it. You think of words that best describe your content, and then insert them into the appropriate box within the tool you are using. Tagging content is a bit of an art.

3 Essential Themes for Mobile Learning Systems

Upside Learning

Social/Collaborative – Offering tools that mimic social media/network software will be one obvious theme. On the other hand, it’s important to understand that cataloging/tagging content/users on the systems requires a different set of tools.

How will content discovery evolve?

CLO Magazine

As internal learning teams develop more content with easier-than-ever-to-use authoring tools, libraries grow even larger. Google has thousands of engineers optimizing search. Some vendors are now tagging content according to skills categories.

On the Horizon

Experiencing eLearning

Games as Learning Tools: Kids have always used games, but school hasn’t recognized play for learning. Visualization: Tools make it easier to understand information and relationships between concepts. Collaboration authoring tools (Google Docs, Flat World Knowledge).

Benefits of a Digital Library for Associations and Non-Profit Organizations


This can promote higher productivity, too, by doing away with the laborious process of searching for physical files over and over again. Say, if you want to find a file to refer to some information, you only have to search for it to access it.

Sakai 3 Development Process

Experiencing eLearning

Content Tagging & Management. Academic Workflows, not just Tools. Tagging & Management. Find content through Search or Smart Folders w/filters that aggregate specific content. Academic Workflows, not Tool Silos. 4 tools right now. data migration tools. These are my notes from the webinar on the Sakai 3 development process by Michael Korcuska about Sakai 3 Participation.

Learning Professionals Leaders

Clark Quinn

tools from learning professionals in senior positions and too many barriers put up by over-zealous HR and IT departments. How can you design with these new tools if you don't understand them? So, yes, learning professionals must learn and use these tools, and then apply the tools to there existing framework. Information Creation tools : Exps: Youtube, SlideShare, Flickr. Tagging : What is this? How do I use to search for info I need?

PBwiki 159

LearnTrends: The Immernet Singularity

Experiencing eLearning

Tools and Virtual Worlds, are on a convergence trajectory towards an immersive web future that will redefine how we work, learn and play. knowledge discovery, blogs, wikis, tagging, RSS). Easier tools allow more participation. Q: Data mining, federated search. A: “People don’t want to search; they want to find.&# Given all these new tools, how do we help people make better decisions?

The push toward content curation


We’re seeing a rise in self-learning, with individuals searching for answers to meet needs in the workflow. One of the skills is around search: writing good search phrases and being able to interpret the results. And you want to be searching for feedback from your audience.