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A Conversation with Stephanie Nadda

Kapp Notes

Here is our conversation about learning technologies and her new partnership with Exult. The other day I caught up with Stephanie Nadda. Stephanie is a consultant based in Chicago who has worked with large organizations like W.W. Grainger, Walgreens, the NCAA, the College of American Pathologists, Ace Hardware, Aon Hewitt, etc. over the last 12 years. How to store it? How to reuse it?

Conversation with Jane Bozarth

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And often facilitates the twitter chat of learning professionals #lrnchat Here is some of our latest conversational snippets. Learn to have conversations in which you can offer better alternatives with the promise of solving that problem for them. Jane is the author of many books about learning including her newest book Show Your Work. Bozarth: Boredom LOL. Bozarth: YES.

Making constructive conversations

Clark Quinn

So, Charles advocates an approach to be taken in conversations with employees that involves a set of specific questions.  He’s developed even a little job aid (aka the ‘3 Questions’ card). As part of my thinking about the Future of Work, I’ve been thinking about how to make it safe to share, in the sense of an innovation culture (ala the Learning Organization ). My My colleague, Charles Jennings, shared a very useful format to facilitate this, and I wanted to think out loud about it in terms of actionable items. Finally, the third questions focuses in on lessons.

A Conversation with Álvaro Mas of Hooptap

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The other day, I had a wonderful Skype conversation with Álvaro Mas, business developer at Hooptap. Here is some of that interesting conversation. He showed me an interesting product to help gamify learning. He also provided some examples of how they are implementing Hooptap solutions in various organizations. Kapp: What is Hooptap? Hooptap screenshot. Notice Gamification elements.

New research explores the common myths and realities around the 70:20:10 learning model

conversation. Whilst the informal conversation ‘around the water cooler’ is no. learning across the spectrum and look at every workplace activity and conversation as an. In-Focus. Report. February 2016 Authored by Charles Jennings, Laura Overton & Dr Genny Dixon. Supported by. 70+20+10=100. The Evidence Behind. 2016 Page | 2. feeds.

A little more conversation

Learning with e's

It is informal by nature and is essentially conversational. What strikes me most about learning through PLN conversations is that the topics are always fresh, the discussions are on point, and the subsequent outcomes continue the learning process, through blogging, videos and other activities lead to further dialogue. This learning can come in many forms. Unported License.

A Conversation with John Deligiannis of mLevel

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The other day I had a great conversation with John Deligiannis. John has been in the L&D space for his entire career, and joined a company called mLevel almost 2 years ago now. John had some really interesting things to say about the learning industry and what mLevel is doing to increase learner engagement. Don’t get me wrong, we will always have classroom training.

A Conversation with Duncan Lennox

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Here is part of our conversation. The other day I had a chance to catch up with Duncan Lennox, the CEO and co-founder of a fascinating company called Qstream. Qstream is a mobile sales enablement and analytics company spun off from Harvard University to bring a unique and scientifically-proven knowledge retention and analytics methodology to a wider audience. Catch the Qstream video. Desig

A Conversation about New “Agile Courseware” Book

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I received a notice in my in-box the other day about a new self-published book that discussed the idea of something called Lean-Agile Courseware by Raytheon. So I chatted with a representative from Raytheon about the concept. Kapp: You’ve just released an eBook called Lean-Agile Courseware, what is the book about? New eBook about Agile Courseware creation. Design includes various constraints.

Emerging Asynchronous Conversation Models

Tony Karrer

I had an interesting conversation with Patrick Randolph from TalkWheel about different kinds of asynchronous conversation models that are emerging and how they might fit into broader eLearning Initiatives. Below I've captured aspects of our conversation (interestingly enough done via email - how old school). You can see an example of a conversation around phones below.

A Conversation with Danny Stefanic of LearnBrite

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The other day I had a great conversation with Danny Stefanic. Danny is an educational entrepreneur. His current company is LearnBrite which has virtual characters, adaptive learning and all other types of really interesting learning elements including some great work with avatars and text-to-speech. Kapp: Tell us a little about LearnBrite. BringToLife Screen for creating your own avatar.

A Conversation with Paul Rosa: Co-Founder of Sploops!

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The two are about the launch the app and so here is part of the conversation we had the other day. Rosa: Sploops is a brand-new sports conversation app launching to the Apple App Store in November. My role was to help coach them through the business plan competiton and bring university resources to bare when needed. Let’s encourage these two young entrepreneurs. Sploops Logo.

Move Beyond Learning to Applying: A Modern Management Development Program

like cost of client acquisition, net promoter score, and conversion rates. to structure her conversation with Sue, and ask that the manager records notes. about the conversation right in the. This conversation ties it. coaching conversations. And just in the last five years, the velocity at which new solutions have entered. the market has gone through the roof.

A Conversation with Cammy Bean

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The other day I had a chance to catch up with Cammy Bean, she is passionate about the field of L&D and is founder of the popular Learning Visions blog and a staple among presenters at various elearning and learning conferences. Kapp: First, what is an “accidental instructional designer”? Bean: Most of us didn’t get into this field intentionally, but rather stumbled into it. Really.

A Conversation with Clark Quinn

Kapp Notes

Here is part of our enjoyable conversation. The other day I had a chance to catch up with Clark Quinn, he is passionate about the field of L&D and has been a thought leader in the field for sometime guiding thinking and change in a number of areas. He has written a number of books on many topics in the field. Kapp: Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do? Good luck!

A Conversation with Bryan Austin of mLevel

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Now here are the highlights from our conversation. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bryan Austin, mLevel’s Vice President of Learning Innovation.  I’ve known Byran for a while and he has always been passionate about games for learning and it was good to catch up with him. Learning in 2012, and subsequently joined mLevel last fall.  mLevel Studio. A.G.E.S. Caroline G.

Free PowerPoint Template: Conversation Interaction

Rapid eLearning

used it to show how to create interactive conversations in PowerPoint using hyperlinks. In this example it’s a simple back and forth conversation. Here’s a free PowerPoint template I built for a recent workshop. This free template could be used as a way to share manager/employee information or perhaps as an FAQ interaction. Below is an example of the template in action.

A Conversation with Clark Aldrich -Part One

Kapp Notes

This is Part One of a Two Part Interview: The other day I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Clark Aldrich and ask him a few questions about learning and development. For those who may not know Clark, here is a little about him before the discussion. He then moved into designing and creating simulations for learning. Kapp: What type of work and projects are you doing now?

Workbook: Gamification and Your Enterprise Learning Strategy

Create a “safe- ty culture”, measured by the number of conversations and levels of. GAMIFICATION AND YOUR ENTERPRISE LEARNING STRATEGY W O R K B O O K GA I ION AND YOUR E I LEARNING STRATEGY W O R K B O O K 2Table of Contents. Introduction.3 What is Gamification? Gaming vs. Gamification.4 Key Elements of Gamification.4 Making a Case For Gamification.12 Gamification Requirements Gathering.12

Global conversations

Learning with e's

We would converse on a one-to-one basis using telephones (which were almost always tethered because there were also very few mobile phones before 1990, and they were the size of a house brick). My wife and I were having a conversation with one of our daughters last night, via Skype, on an iPhone. Now these are the kind of global conversations we simply cannot do without.

Lectora Conversation Scenarios Around the Water Cooler

eLearning Brothers

Our Lectora template library is bursting at the seams with conversational scenarios: a branching scenario in which two or more characters interact, guided by the learner’s conversational choices.Those who purchase Lectora Inspire also get in-app access to our Lectora templates. Download a Lectora conversational scenario template today at our template library ! Lobby.

The Power of Conversations

Performance Learning Productivity

Still active and in post as a Research Professor at New York University in his 95th year, Bruner has long realised the value of conversations and“we tell ourselves stories in order to live” Haruki Murakami Jerome Bruner (1915- ) is one of the greatest educational psychologists the world has ever produced. He has spent his long lifetime studying learning and the human mind.

Blogging as conversation

Learning with e's

"A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Although this took a little time for me to get my head around, I eventually came to understand that blogging is ultimately a conversation. If you choose to respond to their comments, the conversations starts. But this was a limited view.

4 Ways to Close the Learning-Doing Gap for Front-Line Managers [GUIDE]

Apply: With her new skills and knowledge, Sue is ready to try applying SMART in her conversations for a couple of weeks. conversations with her team members. FOUR WAYS TO CLOSE THE. LEARNING-DOING GAP FOR. FRONT-LINE MANAGERS 4FOREWORD We’re in business to help organizations. achieve their goals by making sure their. employees have the knowledge and skills. they need to succeed.

A Conversation with Reuben Tozman

Kapp Notes

Here is a summary of a great conversation I had with Reuben Tozman who I met one night at a conference (actually, we weren’t at the conference venue we were out getting a bite to eat and something to drink). One of the great things about my travels is that I get to speak with all kinds of interesting folks who are thinking about learning is new and innovative ways. Kapp: Tell me a little about your interest in the learning field and why you decided to form edCetra. also have a MA in Philosophy which has given me the tools to do deep dives into otherwise obscure areas of thinking.

A Conversation with Clark Aldrich -Part One

Kapp Notes

This is Part One of a Two Part Interview: The other day I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Clark Aldrich and ask him a few questions about learning and development. For those who may not know Clark, here is a little about him before the discussion. He then moved into designing and creating simulations for learning. Kapp: What type of work and projects are you doing now?

A Conversation with Louise Pasterfield, Managing Director/CEO of Sponge UK

Kapp Notes

Here is some of our conversation. We created this interactive video game aimed at new managers on the subject of dealing with difficult conversations at work. Game to help managers deal with difficult conversations created by Sponge UK. Kapp: First can you explain what Sponge UK does? Pasterfield: We create custom-made absorbing elearning for large, often global organizations.

A Conversation with Warren Apel, Co-founder of Scholastico

Kapp Notes

I recently connected with Warren Apel, an internationally-recognized leader in educational technology. After working in international schools for 17 years, he co-founded EdTech startup Scholastico. As an Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Innovator, he has given presentations, workshops and keynotes on educational technology at conferences around the world. So I took the big plunge!

Conversation as curriculum

Learning with e's

In his 1996 book Curriculum as Conversation, Arthur Applebee argued that much of the school curriculum of the time was based upon 'false premises and reflect a fundamental misconception of the nature of knowing. Carl Young (2004) relates the story of a language teacher who used pure conversation as the basis for all her teaching. 2009) Editorial: Curriculum as conversation.

Using a Conversational Tone in your eLearning Courses

B Online Learning

In my last blog post, I explored the Modality Principle from the book Elearning and the Science of Instruction by Ruth Colvin Clark and Richard Mayer. In this post, I’ve decided to examine another principle in the book – the Personalisation Principle in Chapter 8. The chapter examines 3 types of personalisation principles but I’m […]. Adult Learning Principles eLearning Design eLearning Development eLearning Strategy adult learning principles design elearning eLearning content eLearning course design instructional design Master elearning Course

Quip: conversations

Clark Quinn

Conversations are the engine of business. How many problems are solved by saying “go talk to <so-and-so>&# , or ideas sparked by conversations around the water cooler? How many times has a chance conversation ended up leading to a new product, service, acquisition, or more?  The conversations can be of many types: with co-workers, managers, subordinates, customers, stakeholders. The important work is done in conversations. And don’t assume conversations are optimal, ensure it.  Seriously.  Microblogging (e.g. And so on. social

A Conversation with Clark Aldrich -Part Two

Kapp Notes

Here is the second part of my conversation with Clark Aldrich. (in case you missed it, here is Part One.). Here is the rest of my recent conversation with Clark Aldrich. Clark asked me to see if I could find a picture of the two of us together so I decided to see how far back I could find a picture. think this one is from 2005. Aldrich: People will use it in whatever way suits them.

How to use conversations to embed content in elearning


I started writing a blog post about how to embed eLearning content into conversations. Then I had an idea: why not take that same content and embed it into a conversation? graphical approach to embedding content into conversations. In most of this article, I’m talking about the value of conversations alone. The tone of conversations is, well…conversational (duh).

Embed 53

A Conversation with Mike Lozicki of MediaLab 3D solutions

Kapp Notes

The other day I had a chance to talk with Mike Lozicki of MediaLab 3D solutions and ask him a few questions. Mike is the President & CEO of MediaLab 3D Solutions. Kapp: Can you tell me a little about your company–some background? MediaLab’s innovation is driven by its knowledge of emerging technologies and study of industry and consumer insights. Making it fun makes it stick.

A Conversation with Michael Allen–ADDIE, SAM & the Future of ID

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Subsequent prototypes led to a design that challenged learners to handle customer conversations effectively with appropriate dialogue and awareness of verbal and non-verbal cues. For those of you who may not know, Michael W. Allen is a leader in the field of design, developing and delivering online instruction. Apparently the book has stirred a little controversy around the topic of ADDIE.


Play, explore, converse

Learning and Working on the Web

David Williamson Shaffer says that we need to make space for conversations in order to be creative. Creativity is a conversation – a tension – between individuals working on individual problems and the professional communities they belong to. Play, explore and converse. Was the dominance of morality usurped by responsibility at the beginning of the industrial era?

PowerPoint: Measurement Conversion

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by AJ George.   I was recently asked if it was possible to change the measurement system in PowerPoint from inches to pixels. The answer is no. at least not from within PowerPoint. More on that later.) Simply put, you are stuck with PowerPoint's default measurement system, which is inches.      I started to think about why someone would want to change PowerPoint's measurement system. As I said, PowerPoint's default system is inches, which makes sense. PowerPoint is designed to build presentations that will be shown on myriad display types and sizes. Since

Do You Hijack Conversations?


Tip #3 to Avoid Becoming an Avatar: Sustain the Conversation Without Hijacking It. In your recent conversations, you''ve been asking the second question , which has shown that you care, given the other person permission to open up, and expressed your own bravery and willingness to go against the avatar grain. Now, how do you sustain these fruitful conversations by Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick. We are assuming that asking the second question has opened up more and richer dialogue with those around you.

Create conversation spaces

Learning and Working on the Web

Segal discusses how marketing is about curating all the conversations around a subject. The membership of a conversation is certainly not always well-controlled. A new meme or raconteur can abscond with it, if we’re not careful. Solving complex problems also requires “multi-participant communications” In the network age, learning is conversation.

A Conversation with Connie Malamed

Kapp Notes

I am so excited to be a stop on Connie Malamed’ s blog book tour. She already has one great book so I was anxiously waiting for her next one. It is awesome, filled with great advice for those of us who are visually challenged. This book contains all kinds of great tips and techniques for creating exciting and visually appealing eLearning. Can you tell me why you decided to write this book?

A Conversation with Author Catherine Lombardozzi

Kapp Notes

Here is part of our conversation. The other day I caught up with Catherine Lombardozzi who is the principle behind the firm called Learning4Learning Professionals and author of a brand new book. Catherine has been in the field of learning and development for over 30 years doing all sorts of things from the basic to the complex–she has pretty much done it all. Or from Amazon.

Twitter Conversation Types and Learning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

I''ve often wondered how much learning really occurs via twitter conversations and can the learning be measured. It''s a very interesting read and will no doubt spark conversations for a while, and supply information for many social media conversations to come. Twitter is fabulous for supporting your loosely joined networks. eLearning2.0 social learning social media twitter

Five Common Excuses Leaders Give for Avoiding Important Conversations

Training Industry

Over the decades I have been teaching leadership classes and coaching leaders, there are five excuses leaders use for not initiating conversations with their employees. explore the excuses in great detail in my book, “The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs.” private conversation could reveal an opportunity to expand their thinking.

Free Conversational Scenario Template for PowerPoint

eLearning Brothers

Try out this free  Conversational Scenario template , a nine page scenario PowerPoint file. Use Use this to mock up a conversation that takes place in a copy room. All nine pages are meant to help you streamline your eLearning process and create a unique conversational scenario for your content. Video Tutorial: PowerPoint Conversational Scenario Template.

ATD 2016: How Docebo is leading the conversation around 70:20:10


ATD 2016: How Docebo is leading the conversation around 70:20:10 for online training platforms. Leading the 70:20:10 conversation at ATD 2016. The post ATD 2016: How Docebo is leading the conversation around 70:20:10 appeared first on Docebo. It’s the final day of ATD 2016 , and our team is plugging away visiting with as many conference attendees as we can. REQUEST A DEMO.

Webinar: How to Build a Conversation Simulation to Practice Communication Skills

eLearning Brothers

We here at eLearning Brothers are big fans of a good conversation scenario. So, imagine our giddiness when our friends over at iSpring wanted to host a webinar to review their TalkMaster conversation simulation software. The post Webinar: How to Build a Conversation Simulation to Practice Communication Skills appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Watch the entire webinar below.

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