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Top 6 Cameras for Video Lectures

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In this article, we will review cameras (webcams and camcorders) for close-up filming of an instructor’s head at an office desk, also called a talking head. Select a camera from $50 to $2,000 to make your e-Learning courses more engaging and personal. Shared. Picking the right recording gear is the lion’s share of the overall success in creating an effective video lecture.

Lights, Camera, Action.Learn

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You don't just pick up a camera and go at it. You'll want to set up the cameras and microphones and place them in the positions they'll be used during the filming. by Jonathan Shoaf. good quality video can be a very helpful resource for workplace learning. Videos can be as simple as getting out an iPhone and clicking record or as complicated as hiring actors, setting up lights, and using a boom mic. If you've never done it before, it can be a very intimidating task. Here I'll layout some steps for getting through your next video project. Start with Learning Goals. Don't lose them!

Lights, Camera, Action! Welcome New Versions of Snagit!

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I'm happy to announce new versions of Snagit 11 for Windows and Snagit on Mac 2 are available today! You've asked and we've listened. The number one request from Snagit users? Video! The new release of Snagit is full of new video features and capabilities on both platforms! What's new in Snagit? Video Capture (Windows and Mac). Image Outputs to Facebook, Twitter and Evernote (Windows and Mac).

Lights, Camera, eLearning: What Project Managers and Hollywood Directors Have in Common

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When filming a movie, the movie director knows the goal of each scene before the cameras ever start rolling. I recently watched a sci-fi movie with tons of special effects. I’m always amazed at how these massive productions begin with someone’s imagination and evolve into the magnificent movies we see on screen. Organization. Project Plan and Schedule. Workflow and Communication. Budget.

Lights, Camera, WOOF!

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VCA Animal Hospitals (NASDAQ:WOOF) operates over 580 small animal hospitals in 41 states and Canada, staffed with 2,600 fully qualified, dedicated, and compassionate doctors. VCA partnered with Enspire to create an 11 hour blended curriculum focused on doctor communication skills, of which high quality video is an important piece. Here’s how your shoot can succeed, too. Duh, you say. Nail details.

Photography for Elearning Developers - Choosing a New Camera

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In today’s blogpost, I’ll show you how to select a new camera - after all, that’s a prerequisite to awesome photographs! The best camera is the one you already have Photography geeks can keep going on and on about the best equipment. So if you have a point and shoot and you need more creative control on your images then you perhaps should get a prosumer camera. have one too.

Creating a Dual Boot OS Digital Camera


Do you think of your camera as a mechanical device, or a computer? Although your camera may have mechanical components and mirrors for the actual process of taking a picture, what drives your device is software. Is it a surprise that cameras now have the same capabilities? Surprisingly, performing the hack is not too difficult for Canon cameras. Media 2.0 Web/Tech

Audio Best Practices

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If you are recording with mobile devices or lower end cameras, they will most likely have very poor built-in mics that are designed to pick up a wide pattern of sound. Unless you have a higher end camera that has a built-in shotgun mic, you are going to want consider recording audio separately from your video. Nothing turns off viewers faster than a video with bad audio.

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ScreenChamp Awards – Last chance to win a Canon T3i DSLR camera!

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The post ScreenChamp Awards – Last chance to win a Canon T3i DSLR camera! Doesn’t … Continue reading → The post ScreenChamp Awards – Last chance to win a Canon T3i DSLR camera! The deadline is looming! Do not delay, the time to submit your screencast is now! You could win some SUH-WEEET prizes and a custom-crafted trophy. Need something to give you inspiration?

Paper Cuts


The good news is you can record your own 360° videos using special cameras that are reasonably priced IMHO. All you need to record your own photo sphere is the Cardboard Camera app. My photo sphere works perfectly within my Cardboard Camera app; I wear my papery goggles and it’s like I really am surveying Sydney Harbour. THE DEVICE. 360° VIDEOS. These are great! 360° PHOTOS.

How to Record a Mobile Device Using a Camera – TechSmith Tips

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This week’s TechSmith Tip focuses on using a camera to record a mobile device. “Why would you use a camera to record a mobile device at a screen recording company!?” It can be jarring for viewers to cut from a “real world” camera video with actors right into a screen video. If your camera has focus assist, use it to check your focus on the screen.

Lights, Camera… Done!

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The post Lights, Camera… Done! That’s a wrap! Last day (of four!) on set at Brackenridge Hospital with our friends from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses. Thanks to our client, the great crew from Revelator, and the Enspire / Houndstooth team for a fantastic shoot. appeared first on Enspire. Events News Uncategorized AACN e-learning elearning medical nursing photo shoot

How to Make e-Learning Video with Digital SLR Cameras (and Why) by Stephen Haskin

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DSLRs are wonderfully capable cameras, but they have their limitations when it comes to shooting video. If you understand the limitations, though, DSLRs can offer benefits for e-Learning production. Steve explains how. Future Trends Getting Started Media Tools

4 Tips on What To Do With Your Hands on Camera

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Anyone who’s been on camera likely has felt self-conscious about what they’re doing with their hands. Instead, keep your shoulders open and your arms turned out a bit (so that your wrists are facing the camera slightly).  .        4. Some people feel more comfortable holding something in their hands on camera. Most times, people are so focused on delivering a natural line that hand gestures are an afterthought. That’s why we’re offering 4 helpful tips on how to avoid the stress and awkwardness that tends to come with being filmed.  .        1. But, don’t go overboard.

My Top 10 Photo Editing Mobile Apps for 2014

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started with a point and shoot camera before moving to a DSLR. The most interesting advice I read about photography was that the best camera is the one you have when you need it. Now I use the mobile phone more than any other camera. bought my phone based on the camera it has. The camera was one of the most critical criteria in my selecting the phone.

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Photo finish

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ALT-C darkroom Digital digital camera education enlarger FP4 Jonathan Worth learning photography TechnologyIt was a pleasure to spend some time with Jonathan Worth following his ALT-C keynote in Manchester last week. We got on just fine because we discovered that we have a lot in common, not least of which was that we both did formal training as photographers, in the pre- digital age.

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Is Augmented Reality really the answer? #edtech #AR

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Technology AR Augmented Reality Aurasma Camera Google iPhone QR Code Smart Phone TEDFollowing on from previous posts on Augmented Reality ( Does it have a place/future in education? and Augmented Reality on campus ) I’ve spent a little time trying, and enjoying, the experience of using and creating Aurasmas , but have not got anywhere past the stage of just trying it out.

Mobile gives the edge

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What will happen when the combination of GPS, cameras, augmented reality, voice control and mobility become mainstream, and everyone has access to information about everything, everywhere? video Howard Rheingold education camera augmented reality schools mobile learning GPS pervasive techology smart mobile phonesSmart mobile phones continue to disrupt our society. References Agar, J.

Freedom to imagine

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Give a child a camera and she will be creative. Technology imagination creativity education camera learning computer Vygotsky Scaffolding Sir Ken Robinson has a lot to say about creativity and learning. The two are, or should be, inextricably linked. One of his remarks is that imagination needs to emerge as creativity, as a natural process. But this may all be about to change.

Photography for Elearning Developers - Understanding Exposure

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Coming to the topic of today's blogpost, you may remember that in my last blogpost I'd explained how to choose a new camera for yourself. Simply put, exposure indicates the total amount of light that your camera receives during the time that you record a photograph. Aperture Aperture on your camera lens indicates how wide your lens is open when receiving light. Simple? Simple?

Stories without words

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cameras education history iMovie learning Moviemaker photography Plymouth Technology video This week I gave my first year education students a new project. In pairs they were asked to produce a short video - without words - to tell the story of a part of the history of Plymouth. Plymouth has a rich heritage and is steeped in history. Unported License.

You can't ban the blog

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They are armed with cameras and mobile phones and they know exactly how to use them. education camera Neverseconds primary school learning Marth Payne blogging free speech school dinnerOne Scottish local authority has tonight been left with egg all over its face. The blog has already amassed over 3 million hits. Go Martha! Unported License.


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And get this - the DSi also has a pair of tiny cameras, one facing in and one facing out. Will the DSi cameras create opportinuties for some new forms of social interaction during games playing? Tags: Nintendo DS Handheld Learning 2009 DSi Games console camera The new Nintendo DSi games console will be on sale in UK and US stores as early as first week in April.

Cultural hegemony and disruption

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Yet on this occasion, the cop - one Lieutenant John Pike (pictured) - was captured forever in an act of brutality by cameras owned by ordinary people, and subsequently suffered the consequence of becoming an infamous and universally parodied figure on the internet. The Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci is best known for his theory of cultural hegemony. Not anymore. It will not.

Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


To take a digital camera and take my own images wasnt an option. As a result, I had to do a research and find the best FREE stock photo sites. hope that the following list will be valuable to you. You should be sure that the e-Learning community will very much appreciate if you write a comment with links to FREE stock photo sites. They can be used either for private or commercial purposes.

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White Balance Video Preparation and Other Tips for Videographers

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There is a place for it though (see this live-action blog ), and so you need to learn some camera techniques. Coming from a live-action video background, I am sort of a snob when it comes to cameras. prefer cameras that offer me, the user, full control. In the video below, I’ll show how I did testing on my camera to know what white balance to select for two different rooms.

How to Make eLearning Video with Digital SLR Cameras (and Why) by Stephen Haskin

Learning Solutions Magazine

DSLRs are wonderfully capable cameras, but they have their limitations when it comes to shooting video. If you understand the limitations, though, DSLRs can offer benefits for eLearning production. Steve explains how. Future Trends Getting Started Media Tools

On camera

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The students recorded their work on VHS tapes using bulky old cameras with unreliable batteries. This is a form of personalised learning, said Derek, because some students are more articulate in front of the camera than they are on paper. Back in 1985 (strewth, is it that long ago?) I started using video with groups of nursing students. Sound like an easy task?

Are QR codes redundant?

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The Blippar app is designed to recognise an image from almost any angle, at a distance, and even in poor light conditions, depending on the quality of your mobile device camera. Blippar mobile devices education camera QR tags augmented reality learning QR codesIt seems only a short while since we first became aware of Quick Response (QR) codes. She has a point. Paper is not dead yet.

Review: Canon SX60 Super Zoom Bridge Camera


Perhaps you may wish to consider the purchase of a super zoom camera. recently completed a 365 day bird photography project where my camera was either a Canon sx40 or Canon sx60. Tired of lugging around your DSLR and all its lenses? Many manufacturers have entered this market, including both Nikon and Canon. Our fine feathered friends often spook quite easily. Economy 2.0

Camera charge tripod

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Ray Jimenez, PhD. Vignettes Learning "Helping Learners Learn Their Way

How to Dramatically Reduce the Length of your eLearning Courses

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The Vine app enables users to record short video clips up to six seconds long while recording through its in-app camera. The camera records only while the screen is being touched, enabling users to. click link to visit website for full episode, links, other content and more!].

eLearning: Creating a Self-Video with Adobe Video Express

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Tips for Improving Your Videos  Set up your camera  so that you can look into it as you give the presentation. On a laptop with a built-in camera, this is easy, because as you look at the screen, the camera typically faces you from the top center of the screen. However, even this placement means that often your eyes will be looking down at the screen instead of up into the camera. Try printing your script landscape , in large print, and tacking it up behind the camera so that you can glance at it and then back to the camera very easily.

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SnowFlake Nordic GoPro Camera Test


As many of you know, last Winter I wore a GoPro wide angle digital camera when I competed in several of the regions cross-country ski loppets, including the Mora Varaloppet, the City of the Lakes Loppet and the American Birkebeiner. In edition to enjoying some great early season snow conditions, I wanted to test some new firmware which I had downloaded to my camera.