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Motivating Online Learners – the MUSIC Model

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This blog was inspired by one of our Master eLearning Course (MEC) students, Catharina. She wrote a fantastic blog post (in our online learning community) reflecting on her own actions and practice when trying to motivate students completing online courses. Catharina questioned how do we motivate ‘adult learners where the course isn’t compulsory and there […]. Adult Learning Principles eLearning Design eLearning Development Facilitating eLearning adult learning principles eLearning course design elearning development

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Top places to find free music

eLearn Hub

Where do you go to find good free music to use online? Music can be the one element that is difficult to find. Have a look through the sites below to find the perfect free music to use on your project. Whatever music you use make sure that you read the conditions […] The post Top places to find free music appeared first on eLearn Hub.

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Royalty Free Music for eLearning


Recently a fellow member of the Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals' Group (14K+ of members) asked " If anyone know of where to find royalty free background music for training? " As you can understand this question was the inspiration for the following list that contains Royalty Free Music websites for eLearning. Download royalty free music! Enjoy! =>

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The music is in the musician

Learning with e's

One of his most memorable one liners was about teachers using technology, where he said: ''The music is in the musician, not the instrument.'', and he was also caught channeling Marshall McLuhan with his remark that ''we amplify our tools and then our tools amplify us.'' The music is in her head, and emerges through the dexterity of her hands. This is the beauty of technology.

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How to Successfully Add Music to Your Videos

Visual Lounge

Guest Post by Mike Russell, Creative Director at Music Radio Creative. Adding background music to any video you create in Camtasia will add a whole new dimension to your content. In order to add music successfully there are some simple tips you can follow. I’ll also provide some decent, legal sources of music that you can use in your videos today.

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Nuts and Bolts: Music as a Design Element by Jane Bozarth

Learning Solutions Magazine

The film and game industries have known it forever: Music is a critical part of user experience, creating atmosphere, supporting memory, and cueing emotion. As a designer of learning experiences, are you using music as a strategic design element? Here are some ideas for adding it to your toolbox. Instructional Design Learning Media

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Best Stock Music For Multimedia Projects

The eLearning Coach

Reviews of stock music sites for people who produce online learning, presentations and videos. Post from: The eLearning Coach Best Stock Music For Multimedia Projects. Audio

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Experience is the New Learning

Origin Learning

From music to media to FMCG to retail to engineering to automotive to hospitality or sports, the scope of using this technology for effective outcomes is expanding like never before! MUSIC. Classical music doesn’t have to be intimidating anymore! Music is soulful. Puzzled? Curious? Need more cues on the buzz around VR? Wear and watch’ the VR view. MEDIA. SPORTS. link].

Over 500,000 Stock Images, Audio, and Videos for eLearning

eLearning Brothers

Over 500,000 stock images, graphics, videos, motion graphics, sound effects, and music loops. Music, sound effects, and loops. Here’s a huge announcement from eLearning Brothers! We are offering a new stock asset library for eLearning. Unlimited downloads, at least 50 a day, for only $499 a year. High-resolution, royalty-free, and ready to go. Stock Vector Graphics. Learn More.

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Bringing Sass to Safety: Must-Watch Music Video from Virgin America


The classic image of a smiling flight attendant demonstrating how to buckle your seat belt just got a major overhaul. Virgin America has redefined the flight safety video by intermixing contortionists, child rappers and dance numbers with announcements about exits and oxygen masks. Virgin America isn’t the only company seeking to better engage viewers through innovative approaches to training.

Maximizing Productivity Through Music


Just what you need. . As more and more research is developed, music in the workplace is being changed from a way to tune out to a way to tune in. . Music can be linked to increases in productivity through changes in mood. “In Shockingly, studies have shown that in some cases even music you don’t like is more helpful than dead silence. .

Where do you find legal music for your videos?

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Adding music to your video can get viewers in just the right mood. Fortunately, there's a growing number of royalty-free and creative commons music sites. For the December episode of The Forge ( add to calendar ), we want to share some of the screencasting community's favorite sites for inexpensive, legal music soundtracks. ?? Jingle bells, Jing bells. ??

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Setting the Mood: Top Tips for Adding Stock Music to Your E-Learning

E-learning Uncovered

Do you use music in your courses? I’ve found time and time again that a little bit of well-placed music can add a surprising amount of polish and – more importantly – set the tone of the overall experience. Music can take a shortcut through people’s brains and tap into their emotions in a way that’s uncommon with spoken or written words. The impact came from timing the verbal and visual elements to a music track that perfectly captured the mood I wanted to create. Here are my top tips for finding and working with stock music. Uncategorized music resources

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Can Music Make for Better Learners?

CLO Magazine

Many people enjoy listening to music as they work. Will Henshall has touched just about every nook and cranny of the music business. ” From there, Henshall went on to create Rocket Network, a technology that networks audio recording studios (he sold it to music software company Avid in 2003). He has also developed other music-related technology, including a software add-on to Pro Tools, the industry standard platform for digital audio recording. ” Determining the type of music that actually makes people more productive comes down to brain science.

Nashville Notes: LUC 2015 at the Music City Center


This year’s Lectora User Conference location is the brand-new Music City Center in the heart of downtown Nashville! We’re looking forward to the Music City Center for a lot of reasons, but here are a couple of them: It’s walk-able. We think you’ll be excited about how close the Music City Center is to hotels, restaurants and live music. What will they enjoy the most?”

DabbledooMusic creative music-making in the classroom

The E-Learning Curve

DabbledooMusic is a free online resource for classroom-based creative music-making DabbledooMusic creative music-making in the classroom is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog. e-learning creative mindtool

Punk learning

Learning with e's

By 1977, punk music had emerged as a creative force to be reckoned with. It was a form of music that was furiously loud, aggressively energetic and full of discordant anger. To release a record you didn't have to bow and scrape to the multi-national music publishers and labels. Punk learning (some would call it Edupunk ) reflects that seventies music ethos.

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Bowie, Prince and teacher legacy

Learning with e's

It has been called 'the year the music died'. 2016 comedy education entertainment learning music TechnologySo far, 2016 has been a very bad year for celebrities. Many others, giants in their own genres of entertainment, are also gone. The genius of Beatles producer Sir George Martin is no more, and we also lost the flamboyant and hilarious producer David Gest. What are our legacies?

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Tipping the balance #blideo

Learning with e's

As he waits for the music to start, he toys with a snow globe - a piece of trivia which holds his attention briefly. Then the music starts. and he begins to weep as the music washes over him. And yet, the music it produced was able to reduce a man to tears. blideo Amy Burvall Beethoven education equilibrium learning music TechnologyPreston has an epiphany.

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5 Songs That Dramatically Improve Your Work (and Writing)


They were all wearing headphones and listening to music. Now there’s a time and place for listening to music at work, and it’s when you are doing what author Cal Newport calls, “Deep Work.” So naturally, I used music as a way to help me stay in the zone and be more focused for longer periods of time. A recent Cornell study found, “happy, upbeat music can lead employees to be more productive, cooperative, and work harder for the good of the company or team.”. He is far from a big name, but his music will lift you up and keep positive thoughts flowing.

Serious Comic – Voice Over, Music, and Sound Effects


First, let’s all agree that all serious comics don’t necessarily have to have or even need voice-over audio, nor does it need music Posted in Uncategorized I could probably bore you with a few more posts just on character development, instead I want to share some important lessons learned in designing the audio assets for a serious comic.

Legends in their own lunchtime

Learning with e's

When I attended AFCENT international school in the Netherlands, I would often find myself in the music room, listening to friends and staff playing impromptu concerts. It was great to sit cross-legged on the carpet, eating your sandwiches, chatting to friends and listening to live music. design education inspiration learning music pedagogy school TechnologyUnported License.

Music Licensing

Visual Lounge

While licensing helps protect people’s property (such as music), it can also be a nuisance to try and navigate. Most music is protected under a license of some sort, especially the good stuff, which makes it difficult to find cheap, quality music that you can use in your videos. Camtasia Music Library. The music selection may be small, but it’s diverse.

A British musical learning experience

Lars is Learning

Just this past weekend I took my family up to London and the O2 Centre (the rebranded Millenium Dome) to see an interactive installation called the British Music Experience. First of all, Tags: British Music Experience education It was great to see a modern attempt to create an environment designed to engage an audience of all ages. It had some real lessons in how to provide an effective learning experience in the 21st Century.

Music and learning: do they mix?

Clive on Learning

I've been listening in to some of the royalty-free music at My contact with library music in the past has been as soundtrack to corporate videos and that was a long time ago, so music in so far as it relates to e-learning is not a connection I've explored in any detail. On the other hand I am a musician and also a music lover - I realise what an enormous emotional impact music can have. So I'm keen to find out more about the potential applications for music in e-learning. Tags: music Your ideas would be much appreciated.

My ethos for teaching

Learning with e's

It was incredibly rewarding to sit at the back of the hall, and watch as my young people excelled themselves in their dance routine, with the music, lighting and performance space all combining to showcase their talents. creativity dance education learning music painting teaching I walked into the gallery, and there they were - with my name on them for all to see. Unported License.

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Soundscapes for elearning

Sponge UK

Sound is critical in many visual mediums; modern cinema uses sound effects to create a sense of reality and music to illicit an emotional response. Appropriate Sound or music must match the tone of the learning; get it right and it will complement the experience. Elearning games Music and games go hand in hand, remember Tetris? How important is sound?

Pop Music Good for Studies

Marcia Conner

Are you listening to music while you read this? The new app, Coffitivity , reminded me how much I prefer music to coffee shop chatter and airport terminal clatter (although I admit to having creative bursts with both in the background). Studying to loud pop music may help children in school. Much more from Sue Hallam on “ The Power of Music.” ” (.pdf).


Music for Games and e-Learning

eLearning Cyclops

If you are looking for music for your e-learning or educational games, I have a resource for you - mOsno. The right music can add great depth and emotion to e-learning and especially games. Just as any good instructional designer uses or creates graphics that support the learning, use of music and audio should do the same. Well meet mOsno. link] Desert level by mOsno.

Twilight Zone Music Please


You’re in a conference room filled with your team… Suddenly they start to disappear, one by one until they are all gone … gone to the four corners of the world … in different places and time zones … they’ve been zapped by the Virtual Vortex and it’s now you’re job to manage them … [.]. Education Learning

Blockchain Solutions for Cyber & Data Security

Your Training Edge

Digital assets are able to be controlled just like Bitcoins (which are, digital assets themselves, after all), so digital rights administration might well wind up with an entire new look and novel capabilities (such as easy transference of ownership of music collection – like reselling stuff you purchased through iTunes). Blockchain crypto currency Featured Featured Posts Learning & Development blockchain cyber data encryption music securityIn this post, we will see this in a more comprehensive way to reveal its capabilities specifically for cyber and data security proposes.

I have it within me.

Learning with e's

My profound appreciation of music is more down to the long hours I devoted learning to play guitar in my bedroom until my fingers bled. In fact I learnt more about music by self-teaching myself guitar and watching films of my rock heroes than I ever learnt playing repetitive scales on a recorder in school. Let's start with the word 'education'. This is not education, it's schooling.

So much music, so little time

Clive on Learning

I am currently reading David Jennings' excellent new book Net, Blogs and Rock 'n' Roll , which analyses how consumers discover music online. In the meantime, the book has got me thinking about my relationship to music and about how music and learning interact. I have been keenly interested in music all my life. I played rock music in bands from between the ages of about 12 and 25, and for about five years taught guitar as a source of extra cash (my most famous pupil being the actress Greta Scacchi, then only 12). So, why don't I listen to music more?

New Music Distribution Model: Video Games

Kapp Notes

A new music distribution model has arrived (about time for the music industry) and it's called Rock Band. pretty big discrepancy considering that music bought via "Rock Band" can't be transferred to a portable music player or even a computer for later enjoyment. Full Disclosure.see my musical tastes here. It can be played only via the game.