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4 Tricks for Achieving True Storyline Slide Mastery

eLearning Brothers

Creating an eLearning course can be a long process, especially if you have a lot of slides in your course. Part of achieving that mastery is learning how to effectively and efficiently utilize master slides in your course. There’s a lot you can do with Master Slides, but I thought I’d focus on four key things you should understand that can help you in your course design.

Adobe Captivate 5: New Slide, Blank Slide. What's the Deal?

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Take a look at the Insert menu in Adobe Captivate 5 and you'll see two similar commands: New Slide and Blank Slide. In fact, it will likely appear that New Slide and Blank Slide both result in a new, blank slide. It may not seem like such a big deal, but now you won't have to take the additional step of assigning the Master Slide to the new slide.

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Can I Get a Copy of the Slides? The Case for Blended Training

InSync Training

One person in a training program, or worse still, that couldn’t make it to the program, that asks, “Can I get a copy of the slides?" I am on a personal mission to never hear anyone ask for a copy of the slides again. Why do we so often hear people ask for a copy of the slides? There is always at least one. Blended learning BYTE

No, I Won’t “Tweak” Your PowerPoint Slides

Experiencing eLearning

The PowerPoint slides just need to be tweaked—editing the onscreen text, adding some animation, prepping the script for voice over recording, and syncing everything together. ” “It’s about 200 slides. ” “OK, I’m looking over the slides now.” The slides contain no practice activities or assessments. Are you available?”

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Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

Fill in gaps with DIY formats like PDFs or PowerPoint slides. Learning Insights 2017 1 Learning Insights 2017 Progress with purpose Learning Insights 2017 2 “WE’RE LOOKING TO CLOSE THE. GAP BETWEEN LEARNING AND. PERFORMANCE – BETWEEN. KNOWING AND DOING. IT’S ABOUT. THE TOOLS THAT’LL HELP PEOPLE. DO REAL WORK REALLY WELL” I like my. learning to. be thought. provoking, challenging. and not.

eLearning and PowerPoint: The Right to Bare Slides

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

  Try splitting the bullets up into separate slides with a single image to illustrate each point or forego the text altogether and replace it with a chart, diagram, or other informative image. It is not necessary to have every bit of information you cover on the slide. Trust me, your audience will not be impressed with how many moving, colorful parts each slide contains. 

Adobe Captivate: Jumping to Named Slides

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

You can allow your learners to jump from one slide in your eLearning lesson to any other slide via interactive slide objects. To create a branch, select an interactive slide object (such as a button or click box) and select Jump to slide from the On Success drop-down menu (via the Action group on the Properties panel). by Kevin Siegel.

My Learning 3.0 Conference Slides and Resources

Kapp Notes

Here are my slides and relevant resources from my Chicago presentation at Learning 3.0!! Here the slides from my presentation: Learning 3.0 I love Chicago, such a great city and relatively close by air travel. Great seeing old friends at the conference and meeting new ones. Hope you find these resources helpful. gamification. View more presentations from Karl Kapp. ZOMBIES, RUN!

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CIBP Forum Resources and Slides

Kapp Notes

Here are the slides from my virtual presentation to the CIBP Forum. Game based learning from Karl Kapp. Also, here are some links that provide some additional information about what we discussed in the workshop. Articles. Improve Training: Thinking Like a Game Designer. The Gamification of Retail Safety and Loss Prevention Training. Blog Entries. Creating a “Story” as the Foundation for Virtual World Learning Events. Storytelling and Instructional Design. Tell Me a Story. Accidental Learning and the Power of Stories. A Registry of Serious Games and Simulations. Games

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South Florida ASTD Slides and Resources

Kapp Notes

Anyway, here are the slides and some resources. Here are the slides from the presentation: Gadgets, Games and Google For Learning South FL Presentation. I had a chance to give a presentation to the South Florida ASTD chapter virtually this evening, would have loved to have been there in person. The beauty and curse of technology. View more presentations from Karl Kapp. Design

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Articulate Storyline: Does Slide Size Matter?

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kal Hadi     I often get asked the question about choosing the right slide size in Articulate Storyline. The Slide size or as it's known in Storyline as "Story Size" in not one of those things that you really come across casually in Storyline.   When creating a new project in Storyline, you are not presented with a dialogue box to input slide size.

2015 ATD ICE Conference Slides & Resources

Kapp Notes

Here are the slides and other information from my presentation. Take Notes Right on a PowerPoint Slide from Karl Kapp. Great time presenting at ATD ICE Conference, so many wonderful people and experiences. 8 Types of Stories to Effect Change. Storytelling and Instructional Design. Eight Game Elements to Make Learning More Intriguing. Gamification, Separating Fact from Fiction. Books.

#ASTDTK14 Slides and Resources

Kapp Notes

Here are the slides I would have presented. Unfortunately, the weather here in Pennsylvania did not cooperate with my desire to head to Las Vegas to talk about game design. So, I am going to try to provide information and ideas here. So disappointed not to be at the conference. Articles. Here is some information on thinking like a game designer. Five Gaming Elements for Effective eLearning.

How to Get Your eLearning Audience Hooked From the First Slide

eLearning Brothers

So, the first couple of slides are the most important for any eLearning course. You need to answer the following questions in those slides to ensure that the learners stay on. You don’t want to put off your audience from the first slide. The post How to Get Your eLearning Audience Hooked From the First Slide appeared first on eLearning Brothers. How will it help me?

Adobe Captivate: Replacing PowerPoint Slides But Keeping the Audio

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

The developer had imported a 60-slide PowerPoint presentation into Captivate and then added audio to each of the Filmstrip slides. In this instance, he was given a completely different presentation (the same audio was going to be used, but each slide visual was going to change). Next, delete all of the imported PowerPoint slides. Check out the Library.

Kapp ASTD 2014 (ATD) Slides and Notes

Kapp Notes

As promised, here are the slides and notes related to the presentation. Had a great time at ASTD 2014 this year (now known as ATD-Association of Talent Development). Had a wonderful audience for my session. Orange of course gets accolades throughout the land!! Blue…better luck next time. Getting a briefing on Flow during the presentation. Design Considerations. Polling Software. Books.


Designing eLearning For iPads (LT 2013 – Slide Deck)

Upside Learning

Below is the slide deck of my presentation. We have been talking a lot about iPads (by iPads we also imply other ‘tablets’) on our blog for the past couple of weeks. And it’s for a reason. We also shared a list of tools that can help you in both these endeavors. Some of the broad topics I covered in my 30 minute talk were: Understanding Tablets. Why eLearning on iPads (Tablets).

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Four Slide Shows about Different Types of Design

Kapp Notes

These three slide shows are not specifically about instructional design but, when creating online learning, I think these slide shows present a great deal to consider. Here is one on slide design: Visual Design Basics from Sumeet Moghe. Here are a couple of slide presentations about designing Infographics. Using just some of these techniques will make your online learning “POP”! Here is one on News Design, interesting visuals which can be used/adapted for instructional design. Tips for news design from chrissnider. Design

PowerPoint: Changing Slide Sizes for Importing into Captivate

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

If you resize the PowerPoint presentation, the size of the imported slides you see in Captivate will match the width and height of your Captivate project.  Changing the size of a presentation will likely result in slide object resizing and moving. Check your PowerPoint slides carefully before importing the presentation into Captivate.  by AJ George.

Organize your eLearning Projects: Grouping Slides in Adobe Captivate 7

Adobe Captivate

Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Technical Support Training and Tutorials Whats new Adobe Captivate Captivate 7 Groups Slide Group Tips This week I hosted Adobe Captivate Developer Anita Horsley in an eSeminar and was thrilled to learn a cool new tip. Yup, even I didn’t realize that you could do this nifty little trick with your eLearning modules.) Permit me to set the stage.

Adobe Captivate 5: Keep Master Slide Backgrounds at Bay

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

One of the best new features in Adobe Captivate 5 is Master Slides. I  I originally covered master slides back in June of 2010. However, there is one pesky feature of Master Slides that I didn't cover back then. I recently received an email from a concerned Captivate developer who had created a master slide similar to the one shown below. by Kevin Siegel.

Slides and Resources from My Keynote at The allen EXPERIENCE

Kapp Notes

Here are the slides and other resources from the presentation. Here are the slides. Today I had the pleasure of being the closing keynote at The Allen Experience and met some awesome people and had a great time. Don't Think Like an Instructional Designer—Think Like a Game Designer from Karl Kapp. Here are some other resources that might be helpful. Articles.

Adobe Captivate 6: Placeholder Objects on Master Slides

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel    When you insert a Standard Object onto a master slide, and then apply the master slide to a Filmstrip slide, the Standard Object also appears on the Filmstrip slide. If you want to edit a master slide object, you have to return to the master slide, and make the change there. Best of all, I was able to reset the slide.

eLearning Today [Slides from #LSCon]

Learning Visions

Slides from today's session available for your viewing pleasure: eLearning Today: Trends in Tech #LSCON from Cammy Bean Thanks for the great conversation OK, so I'm no Bill Nye the Science Guy , but I did have fun presenting today at Learning Solutions , happening this week in Orlando. My session, "eLearning Today", took a personal look at the evolution of tech since 1996 to today.


Kapp Notes

Sharon Boller, Steve Boller and Leanne Batchelder from Bottom Line Performance co-presented a workshop on game design and here are the slides and some other resources related to the workshop which you may find helpful. The workshop is called “Play to Learn.” ” And, if you couldn’t make it to this “sold out” workshop, consider joining us on August 28th in Indianapolis, IN. Learning Game Design Workshop from Karl Kapp. Game Development Software The Knowledge Guru. ThinkingWorlds (3D Software). Unity 3D (3D Software, fairly Complex). Articulate Storyline.


Adobe Captivate: A Master Slide for All Occasions

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Master Slides were first introduced in Adobe Captivate 5 and I've written a couple of articles about them including: Creating Master Slides , Placeholder Objects on Master Slides and how to Keep Master Slide Backgrounds at Bay. In each project, there is always a single Main Master Slide and multiple Content Master Slides. by Kevin Siegel. everything).

Learning Solutions 2016 Workshop Photos and Presentation Slides

Kapp Notes

The slides are included in this post as well. I also presented research on gamification I have been conducting with Axonify in a presentation called “Gamification Research: What the Numbers Reveal” Here are the slides from the research. Had a great time at Learning Solutions 2016 last week. Once again, Sharon Boller and I had a great time conducting our Play to Learn!

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Adobe Captivate: Master Slide Placeholder Objects

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

When you insert a Standard Object onto a master slide and then apply the master slide to a Filmstrip slide, the Standard Object on the master slide appears on the Filmstrip slide(s). You can click on the object on the Filmstrip slide, but you can't pass through the plexiglass and select the object. Best of all, I was able to reset the slide.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: Troubleshooting Pasted Slides

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

You've decided to paste some of the slides into another PowerPoint presentation following your own finely crafted master layouts. The cause is most likely that your presentation source did not use a master slide, or did not use standard content placeholders. Open the presentation into which you want to paste slides. View the slides in  Slide Sorter View  by choosing  View > Presentation Views > Slide Sorter. Open the presentation from which you want to copy slides. Perhaps the bullets are positioned incorrectly.

Adding Interactions as a Flash file to your Slides


You can add an engaging interaction on any slide of the PowerPoint. Read them and get trending with interactive PPT slides. There are no gimmicks to it but certainly simple guidelines to be followed. Open the PowerPoint presentation in [.]. Education Software eLearning tools Flash PowerPoint rapid learning raptivity Developer embed movie Flash file interaction powerpoint options PPT. presentations Shockwave flash object slideshow

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Shades of Instructional Design [Slides from eLearning Guild #OLF]

Learning Visions

Today I got to kick off the eLearning Guild's latest online forum, Instructional Design Approaches for Project and Learner Success. I talked about one of my favorite subjects: the many shades of instructional design and shared some tips and ideas for designing better eLearning along the way. Enjoy! Shades of Instructional design from Cammy Bean

Articulate Storyline: Displaying Notes Pane in Specific Slides

CommLab India

But what if you don’t want the notes pane to appear in some slides? Step 2: Now, go individual slides in the project which have audio and write the transcript. Step 3: Go to the Properties of each slide with the transcript and select Custom for the selected slides feature. Only those slides where the Notes tab is selected will display the Notes pane.

Behavior Change Slides

Usable Learning

These are the slides from my ATD ICE 2015 presentation on the Science of Behavior Change. Thanks! Brain Stuff Human Behavior Wackiness Instructional Design Interesting Research ATD ICE behavior change behavioral Economics psychology

Making Interactivity Count (Session slides from #ASTDTK14)

Learning Visions

Here are my session slides. I presented yesterday at ASTD Tech Knowledge, "Making Interactivity Count". It was a great session, with a lot of audience participation and great conversation. For conference attendees, I believe it was recorded and will be part of the post-conference package so you can hear all the banter. Enjoy! Four Ways to Make Interactivity Count from Cammy Bean

MATEC Webinar Notes and Slides: Social Media and Student Success

Kapp Notes

And here you will find the slides for the presentation and a few links to some interesting entries to support the presentation. I am giving a presentation today at 1:00 EDT. Called Social Media and Student Success:Leveraging Social Learning Tools. It will last for 90 minutes. It is free and if you want to attend click here to register. Here is a short description.

10 PowerPoint Tips to Make Your Slides More Effective

iSpring Solutions

Slides are filled to the brim with text, which the presenter literally reads out loud. Shared. The design of your PowerPoint presentation is often underestimated. Everyone knows the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, however in PowerPoint-land it seems to be quite the contrary. ‘A A thousand words are worth a picture’ seems a more fitting slogan. A missed opportunity!