Change the title, change the work?

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“This role will be creating high quality new learning programmes for [name here], being the designer of the blended, engaging and interactive learning programmes to address specific business needs.”


Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

There may be some info on the VLE, but is it really enough to showcase the breadth of knowledge behind the course and it’s creation?

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Monkey business

Learning with e's

I blame the management for setting someone loose at the sharp end of a busy restaurant without checking to see if she was up to the job. Got me thinking about the opacity of some VLE systems. Tags: VLE Edupunk learning management cognitive effort

How we think about learning influences our e-learning practice

Connect Thinking

The chaos and complexity associated with today’s business climate is often under-represented in our learning design and systems. To create such designs, I would need to deeply understand the micro-climate and workflow of different business units, even individuals.

VLE 188

All change

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

After two years with friends and colleagues at Leicester, May 2014, I made another move, this time to Warwick Business School. eLearning Blackboard Box of Broadcasts CMALT EasyCare Academy Education Technology Educational Technology Healthy Ageing Learning Technologist Learning Technology Pedagogy TurningPoint TurnItIn University of Leicester VLE Warwick Business SchoolIn April, 2007, I joined Bournemouth University as Learning Technologist.

Online courses must die!

E-Learning Provocateur

It requires time – which you don’t have because you’re too busy building the online course – or dollars – which defeats the purpose of developing it in-house! Unlike a VLE, an ILE is strictly informal. A touch dramatic, isn’t it?

Course 252

One busy week for Moodle

Moodle Journal

I have been running a not very scientific survey among my students with regard to printing over the last couple of weeks; how many print handouts from the VLE and how many leave them in electronic format? Lots happening this week. Ran a Moodle training session for staff on thursday morning, seven made it and it really went down well.

Moodle 100

The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

Learning with e's

For the majority, their busy lifestyles did not allow them to enjoy more than brief contact with their fellow students on more than a once weekly basis because travel into a teaching centre can be time consuming, expensive and tiring.

Web 83

The Emperor's new clothes?

Learning with e's

I'm grateful to all those who have commented on my recent ' Monkey Business' post. Also, conversely, that most (not all, but most) of the disadvantages of the institutional VLE can thus be avoided". With RSS it is possible to use the VLE as a focus for other web based services".

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Who Uses the Inquisiq LMS?


Our full-featured, affordable, and user-friendly LMS is primarily targeted to the small to medium sized business and to on-line training providers.

VLE 40

[from randommind] Learning with 'e's: Another nail in the coffin?

Learning with e's

The title of the symposium is 'The VLE is Dead!'. The results showed that the VLE concept was still a relatively new idea and that no institution had a VLE that covered all aspects of the curriculum. Tags: e-learning education 3D Virtual Learning VLE is dead ofsted

VLE 84

First week of 2012

Moodle Journal

Migration, Migration As part of the college merger project, the Christmas break has been used to migrate Orpington College Moodle vle away from hosting with ULCC and onto our own internal servers, a move that involved a change from unix/Linux to Windows.

VLE 130

Study Stack Flash Cards

Moodle Journal

The site features collections of Flash Card materials that are organised into categories of Geography History, Business, Maths, Miscellaneous, Science, Languages, Agriculture, Law, Medical and Standardized Tests, that you can both use and contribute to.

Study 151

Food for thought

Learning with e's

Yesterday was also a busy day, with plenty of food for thought, including two (yes two) sessions featuring the ubiquitous Richard Hall. The second session was an interesting rehash of the infamous VLE is Dead symposium we conducted a couple of years ago at ALT-C 2009 in Manchester.

VLE 79

Improve Quality of Life With Virtual Learning

CLO Magazine

Sodexo’s learning team sought feedback and made some changes and enhancements for 2010, laying the groundwork for more learning and its virtual learning environment (VLE). Employees submitted profiles about how each business unit “makes every day a better day” for clients, customers and employees. • An idea widget, integrated with other areas within the VLE, to enable brainstorming and collaborative problem-solving.

Migrating Moodle

Moodle Journal

The last couple of weeks including the usual half term have certainly been busy given that we took the opportunity to move a Moodle vle from a Linux to Windows platform. I can now say that apart from a couple of misplaced course units and what appears to be an issue with the odd mime type the whole exercise has run very smoothly. Being a merged college as we are, we now have two instances of the Moodle running on a single server and it all seems to be holding up extremely well.

Moodle 122

COVID-19 eLearning Resources

eThink Education

Building a Modern Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) . The Poodll team has also compiled a short list of “Remote Learning Recipes” on their website to help provide additional information for institutions and businesses moving their learning online. .

The New-School Virtual Leader

CLO Magazine

Few people are natural business leaders. Further, the role of the business leader has changed. Businesses tended to be hierarchical in structure: those in charge instructed workers on what needed to be done, and they did as they were told. Technology also allows businesses to look further afield when recruiting talent. Another key part of business leadership is allowing employees to grow and develop. Business never stops evolving.

Going Digital: How to Move from Instructor-Led Courses to Online Distance Learning

eThink Education

It is a good idea for every business to incorporate a Learning Management System (LMS) , or a platform that can support distance learning, to their business continuity plans.

Learning Space Mash-up: Toward a Collaborative Personal Learning Environment

Learning with e's

Thirdly, I will revisit the idea that mashup PLEs will rival and perhaps ultimately supplant the institutional Learning Management System (LMS) or VLE. These include Monkey Business , Changing the Architecture (about the future of Web 2.0

eBooks and Printed Books

Moodle Journal

I recall back in the early days of our vle here at College one of my selling points was that having materials in digital form would save not only on paper, but also those trips to the print room, and indeed this remains the case.

eBook 141

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Business Skills Library. VLE Platform. Executives Nominate 100 Solutions Across Expanded 30 Categories for Excellence. Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines, the industry voices of the enterprise learning and workforce technology market, announced today the Best of Elearning! Awards 2015 Finalists. Readers and professionals from both the private and public sector cast more than 4,000 nominations for the best-in-class solutions across 30 product categories.

Facebook for e-Learning


Hi guys, check this out: British Business School Offers M.B.A.

What passes for work

Learning Rocks

I have been thinking about this as I have been trying to get back round to blogging a little more often after getting distracted by Twitter (@danroddy if you fancy it) but I'm struggling as a) I'm fairly busy and b) not sure what to write about at the moment as I am all over the shop. I've just abandoned a post in which I wondered if it was time to ditch the 'e' in elearning.

Ning 40

What passes for work

Learning Rocks

I have been thinking about this as I have been trying to get back round to blogging a little more often after getting distracted by Twitter (@danroddy if you fancy it) but I'm struggling as a) I'm fairly busy and b) not sure what to write about at the moment as I am all over the shop. I've just abandoned a post in which I wondered if it was time to ditch the 'e' in elearning.

Ning 40

Hacking education

Learning with e's

The vaulted ceilings and subdued blue lighting of this subterranean venue provided a calm, business like environment for our Edupunk session. These included 'will we see a decline or a rise in the number of edubusinesses' and 'is the institutional VLE compatible with the PLE.'

The State of E-Learning in the Medical Device Industry


The quickness, efficacy, and the price of any medical device being offered are substantially important in a business sense capacity, just like a drug would be when looking at the pharmaceutical industry. Introduction.

Lost in translation (again)

Learning with e's

Most appeared to be VLE vendors. Again, the VLE companies were speaking in another language - this one more akin to Latin or ancient Greek, so I quickly left the arena. I said to him, 'Stephen, you're a busy man.'

VLE 52

A digital heretic?

Learning with e's

I was reading the book 'Tribes' by Seth Godin recently, and although it's rather simplistic in its use of language and doesn't tax the mind much (it's written for corporate types after all), I never the less enjoyed reading it through to find out what his take was on leadership and business.

What to Do With a Broken LMS

CLO Magazine

• Limited knowledge and scope on how to leverage the LMS for meaningful business impact. Moodle is a VLE designed to support learning in the academic community.

Around the globe

Learning with e's

2010 has been another busy year for me, with a lot of travel and I estimate that I have more than 54,000 air miles to my name - more than twice around the globe.

OER 72

Noughties. but nice

Learning with e's

The concept of personal learning environments was also introduced, as a counterpoint to the notion of the VLE. Seriously, social networking has blurred the boundaries between public and private, business and leisure, even good and bad taste.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been busy, as well. met with my new first year level 3 students and during the session introduced them to the vle. JSB on the roots of informal learning - Internet Time , September 5, 2010 Informal Learning begins with these words: “THIS IS A BOOK about knowledge workers, twenty-first-century business, and informal learning. Best of eLearning Learning in September 2010. As always, great stuff found in the eLearning world in September.

Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace

Janet Clarey

Google, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia for homework, the school’s VLE/LMS, instant message, text, profile on a social networking service like Facebook or MySpace.). Cisco internet Business Solutions Group, Global Education. Here are the slides from an online session I did yesterday on Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace. This was the first time I presented on this topic and the first time I led a session using Saba’s Centra platform.

35 Top eLearning Articles and 6 Hot Topics for March

eLearning Learning Posts

PLE vs VLE - Learning with e’s , March 22, 2010 Excellent video to associated with the paper: Integrating Personal Learning Environments into the Primary Classroom and goes beyond web tools, and even personal learning networks. Creating Assessment Questions that Measure Performance - Kapp Notes , March 25, 2010 While knowledge assessments have become more and more popular both in business and academia, there are still issues with the creation of valid and reliable test questions.