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It amuses me that I have done so well with my upgrade (I'm left with only Adobe Acrobat Writer, Captivate and Articulate yet to be installed with full Vista compatibility) while my friend, with whom I collaborate on music projects, has been waiting over a year for new versions of audio software that will work on his Intel Mac.

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So much music, so little time

Clive on Learning

I am currently reading David Jennings' excellent new book Net, Blogs and Rock 'n' Roll , which analyses how consumers discover music online. In the meantime, the book has got me thinking about my relationship to music and about how music and learning interact. I have been keenly interested in music all my life. In the last ten years I have devoted a great deal of time to composing and recording music, mainly alone, sometimes with colleagues.

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smart-e-bear by Intellitoys

Take an e-Learning Break

but put this toy on your list for 2009. Parents can customize the bear’s responses with their child’s name, favorite music and stories, by using the included software (PC and Mac compatible) and USB port on the bear. Tags: toys It's too late for Christmas.

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Tipping the balance #blideo

Learning with 'e's

As he waits for the music to start, he toys with a snow globe - a piece of trivia which holds his attention briefly. Then the music starts. and he begins to weep as the music washes over him. And yet, the music it produced was able to reduce a man to tears.

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Using Bloxels to Teach Programming, Adobe Digital Trends Report, and Video Branching Scenarios: This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

Bloxels is another toy/app combo that aims to bring the basics of programming to young minds. Maybe this toy could be the first stepping stone to some full-on programming! Kids Can Build their Own Games with this Nifty Block Toy.

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4 Ways Tech Today Impacts Learning


While the tech toys we have today do offer creative outlets for learning, they are also a distraction. Nothing is to stop an online learner from listening to music, watching a YouTube video, while also reading some elearning content.

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BLP Hosts “Game Design Day” for the Children of Dayspring Center

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Suddenly you’re a nerd because you got really excited about one of your classes—and I’ve seen it happen just as much with art and music as with math and science. Donated clothes and toys each Christmas in our “Adopt a Family” program.

Fostering Creative Design Opportunities

Coffee and Design

The quote below is from the music producer Brian Eno (U2, Talking Heads, Roxy Music) which comes from a book entitled Brian Eno: His Music and The Vertical Sound of Color. As Eno puts it, “start with new tools, from nothing, and toy around.”

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Behind the Glasses: Meet Kristy Muir


Before joining Degreed, Kristy co-founded an EdTech startup, created a learning computation toy that taught teachers and students through block-based coding and text-based scripting, and built out a curriculum that’s still used around the globe.

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4 Tips for Improved Video in eLearning

eLearning Brothers

No, I’m not one of those weirdos who insists that music must be listened to in the format it was originally created for; I don’t have Mozart recorded on a wax cylinder.

5 Best Practices Of Developing an E-Learning Video

CommLab India

You may also consider using elements of entertainment such as music and dance to make the course interesting. Video – an immensely popular media, used extensively in the world of corporate training.

Digital Easter Egg Hunt in the E-Learning Household


Inside each egg there is a little toy, a candy, or a dollar bill, as well as a piece of paper with the password. Being an e-learning professional is not exactly like being a firefighter or an astronaut, but we also share the basic human need of appearing as heroes to our children.

Airtable’s Chief Product Officer on Building Products that Amplify Our Creative Potential

Actio Learning

Now, it’s credited with fueling the 2000s music festival craze—as “suddenly everyone who’s producing electronic music has a clear path how to bring [it] on stage.”. We’re thrilled to feature this guest post from Andrew Ofstad, Chief Product Officer at Airtable.

How You Can Engage Your Millennial Workforce – Tips And Learning Strategies That Work

Adobe Captivate

While Baby Boomers or people from the Gen X group would have played with He-Man action figures or Barbie dolls as children, most Millennials would have had gaming consoles, computers, and mobile phones as toys back in their childhood.

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4 Simple Tips to Create Irresistible Video-based E-learning

CommLab India

Apart from these, you can also go ahead and add background music and conversational explainer narration if your budget is feasible. Do you know a whopping 100 million hours of video is watched per day on Facebook ? Breathtaking, isn’t it?

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Want to Inspire and Amaze Online Learners? Do What The Pros Do

SHIFT eLearning

Andrew Stanton, a Pixar studios filmmaker responsible for "Finding Nemo," "WALL-E" and the Toy Story franchise, says getting the audience to care is the most imperative commandment of all. No, he said you could find your music faster.

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eLearning Thought Leaders: Jane Bozarth – DevLearn Preview

eLearning Weekly

eLW: Think rock-n-roll / pop music, specifically live music–what was the first concert you ever attended and what was the most recent? I like Shazam for music ID. JB: Running an upscale toy store. . Jane Bozarth likes social media.

5 Golden Rules of Creating Course Content


Like kittens we will typically just go find another toy to play with as soon as we get bored with the current one. He has had a unique journey, from training and enablement services for small to large sized businesses to managing shows and artists for a major music label.

Transform corporate learning through e-Learning tools


Nowadays e-learning has become like a charming toy that everyone wants to play with. I am sure you would be using social media, watching videos online, or listening to your favourite music. Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

The (Initial) iPad Experience

Clark Quinn

Which isn’t to say that I didn’t have a case of techno-lust; I am a geek, a boy who loves his toys. I made a mistake and synched everything (all photos, music, etc) when I really just wanted the limited set I had on the iPhone, but I was able to rectify that. I’m usually a late adopter of new technology, largely because I’m frugal. I don’t like to spend money until I know just what the value is that I will be getting.

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How to Do Video Marketing on Social Media for Course Creators with Jason Hsiao from Animoto


We’ve built into Animoto so much stuff that just makes it so painless like just dealing with syncing with music and providing just all sorts of great fonts and colors and animations just all built into stuff to help your video stand out. It’s not like crappy elevator music.

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Learning with e's

He concluded with a reference to Apple's new toy, suggesting that the iPad will do to educational resources what the iPod did to popular music. Time to reflect on the Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) workshop on Open Educational Resources, which was held in Windhoek, Namibia this week.

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Wonderful Brain

Music played and the job was happily concluded—always to spectacular results. Dad: Cornering me in the kitchen, sotto voce: “Everything is in the trunk; some of the toys have to be assembled.” You know as well as I, the toys were for fun and laughs a temporary thing.

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Storytelling and Video Solutions at ATD TechKnowledge 2018


Of course, there are no talking fish or toys in the “real world”, but they thrive in Pixar’s worlds. Finally, audio can make a huge difference; it sets the mood, and in keeping with your budget, search for royalty free music on YouTube. Storytelling.

Why an Instructional Design Degree from Bloomsburg University ROCKS!

Kapp Notes

Sixth, we have a "commercial" arm of our academic department, The Institute for Interactive Techologies, that does ID work for companies like Kellogg's, Black and Decker, L'OREAL, Toys R Us and other organizations (real life experience) that include students working on projects. We had Chris from Zerion Software as company that builds iPhone Applications and Mark from viaAcademies which provides online Instrumental Music courses for school-aged students.

How Video-Based Learning Impacts the Future of Corporate Training

Obsidian Learning

It’s action figure reviews posted by their ten-year-old’s favorite toy reviewer (who is also ten). In the minds of learners, the future of corporate training is already here. It’s Google searches for YouTube how-to videos when they’re installing a new kitchen faucet.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Nothing to do with learning.but Transformers ROCKS!

Mark Oehlert

This film is not subtle - cmon, its based on a line of toys - it is unremittingly violent but not in a 300 kind of way. We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay

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My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

Whatever it is, this one is music to my ears after many years of toiling away to make mLearning a reality for the enterprise.

How to Level Up Your Marketing, Web Design, and Photography with Consultant and Business Coach Jean Perpillant


I’ve used it in a scenario where I’ve had it clipped onto a client where she was talking about something that was happening in an anniversary event that was happening behind her, and there was music playing back there.

57 PowerPoint Christmas cards to download and share!


Even though the design is very minimal, we were able to bring this heart-warming narrative to life using motion and music! New toys? Also featuring flurries of snow, gently flickering candlelight and music to warm your cockles, with a customisable label for your own message.”

eLearning Conferences 2011

Tony Karrer

link] February 9-12, 2011 Music Library Association, 80 th , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. link] March 7-11, 2011 Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education , (SITE), 22 nd , Sheraton Music City Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): GDC Update 2: Starting the day with Raph

Mark Oehlert

read Broken Toys). We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « GDC Update 1: Geez My Hotel Room is Small!

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Gadgets, Games and Gizmos: The Blog Book Tour - Week Two

Mark Oehlert

The critical question is of course – why gadgets over toys? We are plainly witnessing a restructuring of the music and newspaper businesses, but their suffering isn’t unique, it’s prophetic."--Clay

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eLearning Conferences 2012

Tony Karrer

link] February 15-19, 2012 Music Library Association, 81 st annual, Dallas, Texas, USA. link] March 9-18, 2012 South by Southwest (SXSW – Music, Film, Interactive), 26 th , Austin, Texas, USA. Clayton R.

eLearning Conferences 2012


link] February15-19, 2012 Music Library Association, 81 st annual, Dallas, Texas, USA. link] March 9-18, 2012 South by Southwest (SXSW – Music, Film, Interactive), 26 th ,Austin, Texas, USA. link] March27-30, 2012 IEEE InternationalConference on DigitalGame and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning (DIGITEL 2012), 4 th , Takamatsu, Kagawa,Japan. Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences for January to June 2012 Clayton R.

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It''s a mishmash of edtech, 80s pop culture, animated GIFs, retro toys, ds106 art, and all things cinema. I thought it might be a cool band name, but given I have no musical talent, I reserved the domain and settled for a blog.

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