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Pinnacle Performance Systems Launches Cohort Executive Coaching

CLO Magazine

Pinnacle Performance Systems Inc., a professional coaching firm, announced the launch of “Cohort Executive Coaching.” Source: Pinnacle Performance Systems Inc Cohort Executive Coaching aims to provide leaders with access to executive coaching by combining coaching, mentoring and cohort group work into a structured development process. Minneapolis — Oct. ” Cohort Executive Coaching aims to provide leaders with access to executive coaching by combining coaching, mentoring and cohort group work into a structured development process.

An Inescapably Awesome Storyline Game Template

eLearning Brothers

It’s the pinnacle of individuality. At one point or another, we all love to play the rebel. There’s something invigorating about throwing caution to the wind and playing by your own rules. It’s the reason we love characters like Robin Hood, Tom Sawyer, and Han Solo. Click on the image to view the template! Be careful, though. Wink, wink.

Modern Design: Clean and Simple

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

Apple products that show the pinnacle of this kind of thinking are great--the iPhone is designed to "know" whether you are holding it up to your ear or have brought it down to look at the screen, and it shows you what you need to see in order to click, hang up, enter numbers, or whatever. by Jennie Ruby    Right now design is all the rage. Companies are promoting designers to the CEO level (design-e-o's?), If creating easy-to-use, intuitive products is by design, then by all means give me more design. Cartoons have become flat. Images have become flat. Design

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Top 5 Benefits of Mobile eLearning

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Mobile eLearning templates  represent the pinnacle of user control. The past decade has seen an explosion in mobile technology. In a pretty short period of time, we’ve gone from being tethered to bulky desktops and “portable” 20-pound laptops, to carrying pocket-sized computers. Convenience. Quick Distribution. Collaboration. Engagement. Self-driven. eLearning Featured

Writing & Grammar: Confusing Words for 600

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

  Peak  can be a verb or a noun, and always indicates a pinnacle or high point. by Jennie Ruby    This week's confusing words pop up often in writing about training, creating a minefield of potential spelling errors. First, let's look at  lead  versus  led.    Lead  is a toxic element formerly found in gasoline and other products. It is also the common term for the graphite in pencils. As a verb,  lead  means to go first and show the way, so many of us  lead  classes. As a noun, it means anger. 

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Long live the King! TalentLMS named a “Leader LMS” for 2017


Leaders are the pinnacle of the software available for a specific market — offering the highest average value and capability in their niche. TalentLMS (and Epignosis in general) is no stranger to industry awards. Hey, it’s not bragging if others are saying good things about us! We are extremely proud of TalentLMS’ performance in this comparative analysis. The post Long live the King!

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Climb Every Mountain with this Articulate Storyline Course Starter

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Throughout the ages, humankind has sought to reach the pinnacle of these colossal mounds of stone, and the metaphor for climbing mountains teaches us about leadership, overcoming adversity, respect of the elements outside of our control, and how we seek to do only what is within our power. Mountains are some of the Earth’s most majestic natural wonders.

What is supply chain management, and how can it help your business?


The industries that benefit the most are typically those that produce and distribute tangible goods, particularly larger consumer and industrial products, however, all industries, markets, and individual businesses ultimately benefit and operate at their pinnacle with a streamlined and well-coordinated supply chain, which in turn bolsters their bottom line. And the process is no small task.

Get it together

Learning with e's

It replaces evaluation as the pinnacle in this revised model, but many have wondered why Anderson and Krathwohl suggested it in the first place. What can we learn from digital curation of content? Let''s start with some theory: According to the revised Bloom''s cognitive taxonomy by Anderson and Krathwohl, ''creating'' is suggested as the peak of achievement. Where is it best placed?

Learning is a lot more than schooling

Jay Cross

That’s got to stop, for schooling is an increasingly obsolete exercise in rote learning and the world is getting way too complicated to rely on schools and school models (think instructors, courses, schedules, tests, lectures) as the pinnacle learning. Quickly, now, “What word or words pop into your head if I say Learning ?” The L-word. Pssst!: Even smart people have blinders on.

The Best of Both Worlds: Learning Through a Marketer’s Lens

CLO Magazine

Catalyst, 3M Leadership Way’s pinnacle program, is a yearlong, externally focused development journey with a great deal of commitment from top leadership. When a leader with deep marketing expertise is asked to take over a learning role, learning — specifically leadership development — becomes exciting. It becomes engaging, and most important for participants, it becomes interesting.

Just how far can they go?

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The Engagement Pyramid (Adapted from Altimeter Group) The pinnacle of engagement is clearly the ability to generate one''s own content and then add value to it for others. Some while ago, I wrote a post entitled '' Lurking and Loafing '' about students who are on the peripheral of learning, and whose activity is often to ''lurk'' without appearing to directly or productively participate.

Merging Purpose with Design in the World of Gamification

Training Industry

Mastery by game is the pinnacle and most complex aspect of gamification. Gamification and gamified elements have been a hot topic for the last year or two. However, too much of the conversation stays at the superficial level of how to make learning fun, without delving into the real reasons gamification works to change behavior. We see fun as a means to encourage, support and change critical behaviors. So why is gamification now a critical part of our tool box? This definition highlights gamification’s reliance on digital technology and the design of the user experience.

E-Learning Design Part 5: Learning through Creating (Blooms 21)


Only the most academically adept are likely to reach the pinnacle.”. At CDSM, we draw on a range of theories – from the past and the present – to form the method and practice behind our award-winning e-learning. This is known as our ‘ pedagogy ’. What is Blooms 21? They are commonly displayed as a step pyramid, with the lower-level functions located at the bottom. Shelley Wright.

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5 Best Practices for Effective Performance Questions


Performance questions are the pinnacle of training programs and are usually based on the performance context. Performance questions are those ultimate questions that require your eLearners to perform actual work. Performance questions measure the learner’s capability to perform complex activities. If your learners are able to complete the assigned tasks in the performance test, they pass.

3 LMS Must-Have’s to Support Synchronous eLearning


Video Conferences Bringing video, audio and multiple people/places together at one time, video conferencing is the pinnacle of synchronous e-learning. One of the biggest benefits of e-learning is the flexibility it offers, learners anywhere around the world can all become a part of the same course and learning community. What is Synchronous Learning?

Going the extra mile

Learning with e's

Maslow was interested in how people are motivated, and why they reach to achieve the pinnacle of human experience which he called self actualization. This is number 26 in my series on learning theories. I''m working through the alphabet of psychologists and theorists, providing a brief overview of each theory, and how it can be applied in education. How can we make this happen in education?

The 3 Ps For Effective Courses!


The online trainer functions have been the pinnacle of debate for the past two decades. Trainers have several roles and responsibilities in the eLearning environment. When a course is launched, its success and popularity depends on the input and involvement of a trainer. An indifferent trainer will have fewer registrations and active members in the online community.

3 Simple Learning Strategies To Implement Today


” It’s the pinnacle of pressure and competition. There is no better words in sports than “Game 7.” Tonight is Game 7 of the Major League Baseball World Series. While it might not be currently but there is no arguing that baseball is America’s favorite pastime. But what’s interesting is – Hank had 799 more singles than Barry Bonds did in his career. Microlearning.

ELearning is Dead, Dormant or in Denial

Wonderful Brain

At the very pinnacle of opportunity, with a palette of stunning colors from which to create a rainbow of courses there’s no renaissance in the offing. It’s no secret that coming from leadership positions in public and corporate education I am very critical of substandard learning; ‘e’ or otherwise. So I ask, where have the learning leaders in major corporations gone?

Developing Training With What You Carry In Your Pocket

Training Industry

Mobile apps for editing video like iMovie, Vitrimpro or Pinnacle are cost effective and easy to use. Web video, as a means to deliver educational content, is clearly an idea whose time has come. What started as the result of the full motion compression (MPEG) efforts of Philips Interactive Media in 1992, has resulted in the proliferation of web-based instructional video content.  For example, YouTube reports that over 72 hours of video content is uploaded to its platform every minute.  Many of those videos are instructional or educational in nature. But, there is a solution.

Gamification for Enterprises

Your Training Edge

The recent introduction of gamification is what I believe to be the pinnacle of design and creativity to enhance the user experience within a simulated environment. Forrester Research ( [link] ) recently released a new study that highlights the fact that companies just don’t understand the concept of gamification well enough in order to make it work to their advantage. In the study, Forrester states that a company investing in gamification needs to know who their target audience is and what that audience finds as valuable. Is a much more participatory experience. All Rights Reserved.

MOOCs: Building Personal Learning Networks

Your Training Edge

When people with their own PLNs come together, they create learning communities or something similar to communities of practice, which Lave and Wenger (1991) defined as groups of people who share a craft or profession and who come together to teach and learn from each other. A PLN represents the pinnacle of informal learning. For the past year or so, massive open online courses (MOOCs) have been busy upending all kinds of assumptions about education: content is king, quality education is expensive, and instructor-led training is the gold standard, to name just a few. All Rights Reserved.

eLearning Host List February

Tony Karrer

Blogging in a Walled Garden Sacred Training Cows What is Informal Learning Design elements - a graphics style manual Mathemagenic " PhD conclusions in a thousand words: blogging practices of knowledge workers Why Doing Things Half Right Gives You the Best Results Pedagogy – MoodleDocs How to Find the Right Wiki for Your Project or Organization Hot Keywords During February - Social Media Business Conversation Twitter MindTouch Scuttle CourseMill Tools Sample Pinnacle Adobe TechSmith Atlassian Apple eLearning Technology. You can find a bit more on this capability in the post Hot List.

Zemanta – will it make me a rock star?

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Random photos - like this one of rock star  David Lee Roth  (but no pictures have him in his heyday, long haired pinnacle of rock stardom, like the one in the Fast Company article).  I believe the images are public domain, or at least Creative Commons … Or, is it that you actually have a way with words or have something insightful to say? Image via Wikipedia. Is it: Interesting links.

What I Learned from Reading “Learn or Die: Using Science to Build a Leading Edge Learning Organization.”

Bridgewater Associates, LP, one of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds, stood out to me as the pinnacle of the bunch. Edward D. Hess explains what successful learning organizations do right and offers plenty of strategies to help any group learn and thrive. But thankfully, no. The author, Edward. D. The right people. Learning organizations need people who can learn. The U.S.

What I Learned from Reading “Learn or Die: Using Science to Build a Leading Edge Learning Organization.”

Bridgewater Associates, LP, one of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds, stood out to me as the pinnacle of the bunch. Edward D. Hess explains what successful learning organizations do right and offers plenty of strategies to help any group learn and thrive. But thankfully, no. The author, Edward. D. The right people. Learning organizations need people who can learn. The U.S.

LMS Satisfaction Features and Barriers

Tony Karrer

Pinnacle Learning Manage. Update, Nov. You can get the abstract for the report and sign-up for a webinar on Sept. 26th on that same page. I was one of several authors who collaborated on the survey questions and wrote different sections of the report. The survey data itself I find to be pretty interesting and useful for some important aspects of selection. Some notes on these numbers.

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Microlearning – what the devil is it and 5 things it’s good for

Rob Hubbard

We haven’t seen the pinnacle of microlearning yet. The limitations of human memory are an eternal conundrum for learning designers – how exactly do you create meaningful learning experiences for learners who have a shorter attention span than a goldfish? Or who are only able to retain 7 items in their short term memory 1 ? Perhaps microlearning is the answer? So what is it good for?…

What Can We Learn From Toyota?

The Peformance Improvement

The point is that the climb often requires a distinct, unyielding philosophy, while setting up shop on the pinnacle requires something else entirely, like the ability to absorb some punishment. What can we learn from Toyota’s fall from grace? This company, that for the past two decades has been the benchmark for quality, has suddenly had severe damage done to its worldwide reputation and probably to its market share. Toyota seemed to be doing everything right in terms of high performance. Toyota’s problem seems to go much deeper than that. That is the Toyota way.

Ninety years on

Clive on Learning

edited the video using Pinnacle Studio, adding in dozens of stills, and exported to two DVDs which we duplicated and distributed to all family members. This January saw the cebration of my mother's 90th birthday (which, you must be thinking, means she must have had me when she was about 60). Now she might get to live another 20 years, but at 90 you know the odds are against you. think so.

My top ten tools

Clive on Learning

Pinnacle Studio: This is a cheapy video editor. Jane Hart asked me to come up with a list of my top ten tools. Jane has already persuaded Jay Cross to do his (and very interesting it is too, see here ) and now it's my turn. Here goes: Office 07: Unlike many of my colleagues I have never been a Microsoft hater. I use Office so much that it has to be on the list. really like the 07 suite with its new interface and wouldn't swap it for any cheaper alternative. particularly like the RSS feeds facility in Outlook. must stop thinking about it. It seems absolutely fine. What else can you say?

Access = Learning

eLearning Development

The idea that courses are the pinnacle of eLearning is as archaic as the idea of getting news only from the morning paper. Learning is about access to information. The more information people have available to them, the more likely they are to learn. Sounds pretty obvious, right? After all, Google has turned into the greatest job support/learning tool ever created because it gives us instant access to the information we need, when we need it. Why should we treat learning in our organizations any differently? The learning landscape is moving beyond the concept of a course.

Ideas, Tips, and Resources for Using Video in Your Online Training


Pinnacle Studio. I have a love/hate relationship with training videos. On the one hand I love how engaging video can be for demonstrating complex concepts or processes. On the other, I hate the cringe-worthy corporate training videos we’ve all endured in the past. You know the ones I’m talking about. think the following parody does a hilarious job of poking fun at these qualities.

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