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February 2016 #obsidianchat Summary

Obsidian Learning

New post February 2016 #obsidianchat Summary on Obsidian Learning. February 2016 #obsidianchat Summary. Here’s a summary of our discussion. The post February 2016 #obsidianchat Summary appeared first on Obsidian Learning. Time: 2:00 – 2:30PM 2/16/2016  . During the chat, we posed four different questions to the group. We also like this blog: [link].

Summary of a Literture Review on The Effectiveness of Instructional Games by Robert Hays

Kapp Notes

Hays then makes 4 recommendations in the executive summary related to games, he also make some suggestions outside of the executive summary. In 2005, Robert T. Hays, of the Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division published the results of an extensive literature review on games for instruction. Here is a link to the technical paper. situations. objectives. Games

Making Mobile Learning Work – LearnX 2013 Panel Discussion Summary


Here is summary of topics that were discussed and key points that I took away from the discussion –. I will be stating the obvious when I say that there is huge amount of interest in mobile learning across the globe. Technological shifts like movement away from Flash to HTML, and rapid adoption of tablet devices are shaking up how learning content is designed, and how learners access them.

March 2016 #obsidianchat Summary

Obsidian Learning

New post March 2016 #obsidianchat Summary on Obsidian Learning. March 2016 #obsidianchat Summary. The post March 2016 #obsidianchat Summary appeared first on Obsidian Learning. Time: 2:00 – 2:30PM 3/15/2016 This month, we chose the topic of gamification. It seems everything you read related to learning right now mentions gamification. link]. link]. When is it not?

FocusOn Learning – My Day 1 Summary

Tom Spiglanin

The FocusOn Learning conference has wrapped in Austin, Texas, and everyone has made their way home or to the next destination. For the first time, I chronicled my experience through a video log, recorded incrementally each day throughout the conference. This is the third post, this one covering day 1 of the conference. Thanks for watching! tomspiglanin. International License. International License.

Adobe RoboHelp: Custom Search Summaries

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Willam van Weelden      When a reader searches for a topic in your RoboHelp output, RoboHelp shows a small preview of the topic, the so-called search summary:   By default, RoboHelp uses the first characters of your topic to automatically create these summaries. With RoboHelp 2015, you can provide custom search summaries through the topic comments.

New! Transactions and Account Summary Report

DigitalChalk eLearning

You may have been used to seeing a ‘Payout’ report option – now you will see an ‘Account Summary’ report. Transactions and Account Summary Report appeared first on. With our recent release, DigitalChalk has given you a new way to look at your e-commerce transactions. Administrators will now see a ‘Transactions’ section under their administration tab that will allow them to see registrations as a graph. You can select any specific time period and view the graph for that given time frame. What do you think of the new transactions page? The post New!

[Vision 2014] Summary of Interview Series with Industry Experts


2014 is here … Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead! At the end of 2013 we launched an interview series with industry experts to understand their views and vision of what lies ahead for the eLearning industry in 2014. They […]. Ann Jackson Bob Little Clark Quinn eLearning eLearning Industry Experts eLearning Interactions eLearning Software eLearning tools game based learning Greg Gardner HTML5 Influencers Interview Janhavi Padture Jay Cross mLearning Paul Clothier raptivity Robert Gadd

Article Summary: Leadership and Employee Engagement: the Essential Guide

What I learned from reading Raconteur’s Business Guide on Employee Engagement. The key take-away. Engaged employees get better business results over the long term, and leadership can create a culture of engagement through sincere, two-way communication. About this article. But employee engagement remains stubbornly anemic for many companies.

Mobile Learning Survey Results Summary

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Rosie Hausler.   A few weeks ago I created a survey about Mobile Learning. Thanks to everyone that took time out to answer. The results are summarized below. 79% of respondents are interested in learning more about Mobile Learning. 50% currently neither create nor consume Mobile Learning. 86% think Mobile Learning can enhance the learning experience. 29% have used a mobile device as part of a blended learning experience. The respondents thought that Polls and Listening to Podcasts were the best way to use Mobile Learning right now. 57% of respondents use Facebook Mobile.

Introduction and Summary Scripts for Virtual Instruction Loan Representative Training in the Financial Services Industry

Training Industry

After years of successfully developing and presenting virtual instruction, I have found that the foundations of a firecracker virtual training class are lighting rod introduction and summary scripts. Summary Thank you all for attending this short virtual training class. Endings and beginnings are more important than middles. This is particularly true in virtual instruction where you are not physically present to excite your audience. Beginning on a high note and ending with a “bang” will not happen by accident! You need to plan for it. That was before. What would have helped them?

getAbstract Branches Beyond Business Books with TED Summaries by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

now offers summaries of TED Talks; each summary incorporates hyperlinks to the exact section of the. getAbstract provides executives worldwide with the best in business knowledge. The subscription service. video where the speaker discusses the linked information. Blended Learning Learning Media Management Professional Development Training Strategies

My Quick DevLearn 2015 Summary

Tom Spiglanin

This is my very short summary of the most important take-away I gleaned from the conference. Last week I attended DevLearn 2015. learned, I networked, I had fun, and came away stimulated and ready to tackle new challenges. This And don’t miss this video by Lisa Minogue-White. Thanks for reading! tomspiglanin. International License. Based on a work at

Social Media: Creating a LinkedIn Summary That Gets You Noticed

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

One of the most powerful assets in your LinkedIn profile is the Summary. What do you want recruiters and prospective employers to gain from reading your summary? Writing Your Summary Begin with a strong statement,  a "bang," if you will. End with a call-to-action , remembering your summary needs to be 2,000 characters or less. Gather your content.

DevLearn 2013 Summary


In late October an annual eLearning conference dedicated to training within companies -  DevLearn 2013  – was held in Las Vegas. The conference and the exhibition were organized by the eLearning Guild, which is one of the most active and dominant elearning communities (The second one being ASTD). Let’s start from a well-known vendor – Articulate, which continues to develop tools for tests.

10 ways to improve learner experience: webinar summary

Good To Great

Last week I posted some reflections on innovation , prompted by an LSG webinar presented by James Cory-Wright from Brightwave. James illustrated 10 examples of incremental innovation (or ‘butterfly moments’) in e-learning, which I think are well worth sharing. Reflect your users. Take the time to create a look and feel that aligns with what they know and that resonates with what they value. Respect your users. Credit them with the ability to find their own way round a course or set of resources and step away from the enforced linear path model. Resources not courses.

FocusOn Learning Day 3, my Summary, and Leaving Austin

Tom Spiglanin

This video log discusses day 3 of the conference, my brief summary, and leaving Austin. This is my fifth and final post about the FocusOn Learning conference that wrapped in Austin, Texas. In this video, David Kelly, Bianca Woods, Joe Ganci, and Nancy Reyes. This This also includes a brief clip of my second concurrent session. Thanks for watching! tomspiglanin. International License.

Back Again + Captivate 8 Review (Summary: WOW!)

mLearning Trends

First off, my apologies to all subscribers for being absent for so long in posting anything new to this blog. While my time and focus have never veered away from all things enterprise mobile learning centric, the time to write my thoughts down and share them with subscribers has been in short supply. The advent of our updated corporate web presence in the coming weeks has energized my efforts to write and share so hopefully this will be the first of many new postings in the coming months and quarters. Onward and upward, eh? It couldn’t come at a better time. How about “WOW!”

Strategies for learning and performance support: a summary


To wrap up this series of posts on strategies for learning and performance support, here’s a summary of the characteristics of each. To see the original posts, click on the images above or the column headers below.  . Exposition. Instruction. Guided discovery. Exploration. Examples. Lectures, presentations, policy documents, all types of required reading / viewing / listening.

Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 Tools - A Summary

Tony Karrer

Final week was a summary discussion The participants in the class were corporate learning professionals from a variety of medium to large organizations. Summary This has been a great learning experience for me. Background Over the past six weeks, I've been leading a course: Collaborative Learning Using Web 2.0 / eLearning 2.0 Approaches Course Description: The purpose of this course is to give you an opportunity to learn about collaborative learning by participating in collaborative learning. approaches. Note: all quotes below are from participants.) See the next topic.

3 Tips for Writing a Stand-Out LinkedIn Summary


and 39 million students and recent college graduates joining the site, it’s worth pausing to consider a simple change that can make you stand out in the crowded world of LinkedIn: writing a stand-out summary. On LinkedIn, the summary feature is the first part of your profile viewers must scroll through. So, spend the time to craft a professional and personal summary.

How eLearning analytics are improving content and delivery


This is a short summary of this post. We’re all familiar with the value of data. These days, it’s almost impossible to read an article about the future of any industry without hearing about the transformative power of data — and that. Visit The WizIQ Blog for full content and links. Teaching Online eLearning analytics Online Teaching

WizIQ 30

Learning and Cognitive Load

B Online Learning

In summary, to assist learners in transferring information from their working memory to their long-term memory, we need to present the information in such a way that it reduces extraneous cognitive load (non-relevant items) and, if possible, increases germane cognitive load (items […]. In a previous post, I looked at the fundamentals of cognitive load theory.

Monday Broken ID Series: Summaries

Clark Quinn

So, in summary, make sure you wrap up the learning experience with the same care that you began it. Previous Series Post. This is one in a series of thoughts on some broken areas of ID that I’m posting for Mondays.  The intention is to provide insight into many ways much of instructional design fails, and some pointers to avoid the problems. The point is not to say ‘bad designer’, but instead to point out how to do better design. When it comes to closing the elearning experience, not surprisingly too often we drop the ball here, too.  But there’s so much more!

How to Twitter: the infographic

Jane Hart

Good summary of twitter for those yet to explore it. Just found this! Source: Uploaded by user via David on Pinterest. Twitter

The day distilled – Learning UnConference Summary Videos

Learning Cafe

Focus on Performance – Michael Eichler- IAG. Leveraging Technology – Ryan Tracey – AMP. Effective Learning – Bob Spence. Developing Our Profession – Pierre De Villiers – Deloitte. Summarise the Day – Jeevan Joshi & Peter Davis - Learning Cafe. Thanks Robin Petterd from Sprout Labs for the excellent videol captures.

The day distilled – Learning UnConference Summary Videos

Learning Cafe

Focus on Performance – Michael Eichler- IAG. Leveraging Technology – Ryan Tracey – AMP. Effective Learning – Bob Spence. Developing Our Profession – Pierre De Villiers – Deloitte. Summarise the Day – Jeevan Joshi & Peter Davis - Learning Cafe. Thanks Robin Petterd from Sprout Labs for the excellent videol captures.

Six reasons why you should use polling in virtual classroom


This is a short summary of this post. When it comes to instruction, educators and trainers all aim for perfection — a compelling presentation that engages everyone while conveying information seamlessly and effectively. Visit The WizIQ Blog for full content and links. Virtual Classroom Online Teaching polling in classroom

Top 10 Moodle Plugins of 2014

Lambda Solutions

The list is extensive so if you are wanting to know the most popular plugins by number of downloads then continue reading as we provide a brief summary for the top 10 Moodle […] The post Top 10 Moodle Plugins of 2014 appeared first on Lambda Solutions. Last week we released an article that provides a detailed list of the best Moodle Plugins we curated over the past 12 years.

SyberWorks e-Learning Lingo Podcast #123: Relay Summaries

The Boggs e-Learning Chronicle

This week's word is " Relay Summaries ". Press Release: The e-Learning Lingo Podcast #123: " Relay Summaries ". Tags: e-Learning Lingo Podcast Items of Interest e-learning lcms learning management systems lms relay summaries traning The next episode of the e-Learning Lingo Podcast Series is up! On the e-Learning Lingo Podcast Series, there are three ways to comment on each episode. You may post a message to the blog; leave a web-based voice mail by clicking the button in the upper right-hand corner; or call in and leave a message about each show. elearning.

Why Storytelling Works - Summaries

Vignettes Learning

The power of storytelling and narrative is very much felt in in-person communications. The concern I had was the transfer of narrative between telling and listening might be lost in Web 2.0, e-Learning and digital technologies. gladly reconciled this predicament. Stories in e-Learning programs, Twitters, blogs and Wikis are succinct, fluid and disorganized – but they work. Heart of a good story. Do You Tell Stories, Rumors or Controversies? Concrete and Vivid Stories Exert Extraordinary Influence. Mobile: SBL is the technique, story is heart and soul. Ray Jimenez, PhD. link]. link].

‘Captivate & Raptivity’- A must have combination of eLearning tools in your course creation tool kit!


In a short but informative post, let me put together a summary of the webinar concluded on October 3, 2013 on ‘Creating Interactive Courses using Raptivity and Captivate’ with Joe Ganci as the guest speaker (PS: I was busy answering [.]. Authoring Tool Captivate Integration with Raptivity eLearning Course Creation Toolkit eLearning Interactions eLearning Software eLearning tools Game based Interactions Interaction Templates interactive learning Joe Ganci rapid learning eLearning applications eLearning software elearning webinars interactions interactive content Interactive courses

Research Spotlight: Corporate Learning Management Systems 2016 – 2018 by Sharon Vipond

Learning Solutions Magazine

This summary of The eLearning Guild’s latest corporate LMS research study explains. Regardless of industry, learning management systems (LMSs) remain the staple for managing traditional course delivery, reporting, compliance, and onboarding. Learning Research Learning Systems

Powerpoint Summary of Learning in 3D

Tony O'Driscoll

prepared a summary overview of the book in PPT to get the conversation going. Tonight Karl and I will be chatting with Randy Hinrich’s class at University of Washington. Knowing Ran’s students, we will no doubt be getting into the nitty gritty on a lot of these charts but I thought I would share for others who have yet had the opportunity to browse the book. Enjoy!