Your Learners Have Attitude

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Learners have a lot of attitude these days. Their choices are changing; their attitudes in the middle of learning experiences are shifting; and their assumptions about the yield of learning time invested are evolving. Allow our own attitudes to shift.

What the Online Learning Consortium’s 2016 Statistics Mean for the Future


Online learning statistics aren’t merely dry facts; they are gusts of wind that blow companies in one direction or another. Statistics help businesses discover whether or not what they are doing is working. A Summary of the Online Learning Consortium’s 2016 Statistics.

A question of attitude

Clive on Learning

Ernest had strong opinions on just about all matters of pedagogy and good practice and that included the issue of attitudes. Clive," he said, "It's not our business to try and change people's attitudes. There's a certain sense in what Ernest said, although time and time again I've encountered situations where attitudes are the major block to progress. It's almost impossible to address issues of knowledge and skill when attitudes are in the way.

Benefits of gamification in training


To provide some statistics, around 75% of the digitally-aware people are gamers. The system can even take note of the skills and attitude of the students, and not just their grades.

State of the Front-Line Manager

attitudes about their organizations.” xxiii These statistics are echoed in the. She’ll need to shift her attitude. State of the. Front-Line Manager Management and Supervisory Skills Development Contents 2 Contents. 6 The Next Step: Bridging the.

5 Successful Tech Founders Who Overcame Struggle

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Majority of business startups fail–and these statistics are consistent within the realm of technology. As we discover more people who are enjoying the benefits of being at the top, we also come to know that the true attitude of successful founders is not giving up amidst the challenges.

5 Trends in Compliance Training Analytics 

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An effective compliance training program can include an analysis of changes in attitude amongst participants – a far more useful measure of success then recording mere attendance and completion. Of all aspects of business performance, compliance can be one of the hardest to measure.

Are you getting eLearning’s Full Potential?

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This is definitely a worrying statistic, and my initial reaction is these organisations need to be speaking to Zephyr Learning to help turn this statistic around! The other interesting statistic was only 14% of organisations are using smartphone/portable devices for elearning.

Skeptical Optimist or Hopeful Cynic? A Science Mindset

Clark Quinn

Research suggests a positive attitude is overall better. Without a decent understanding of scientific validity, you might be swayed by statistical sleight-of-hand. Is there any difference? At core, my new book is about learning science.

Importance of Accessibility for People with Dyslexia

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According to statistics published by the Dyslexia Center of Utah , it is the most common language-based learning disability, with over 70%-80% of the people with poor reading skills are likely to be dyslexic.

The Most Important Drivers of Employee Engagement

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These depressing statistics illustrate the state of the workforce and indicate that there’s something deeply wrong with this whole concept. 71% of all workers in the U.S. are not fully engaged, while 26% are actively disengaged.

Re-thinking Learning and Performance from a Business Standpoint

ID Reflections

HR might take the “number of hours of training provided to employees” attitude in the interest of employee engagement and Gallup polls. These number of hours typically show up as statistics in the annual HR report and is of very little interest to either the CXOs or the employees. If anything, ironically these statistics further confirm the inefficacy of training. Yesterday, I wrote a post on Learning vs. Performance – the Dichotomy.

Understanding Educational Data Mining

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By using techniques from statistics and machine learning, EDM tools and algorithms work to predict learners’ future learning behavior as well as to study the pedagogical models that will work best to align with that behavior.

7 e-Learning Content Mistakes That Ruin Your Credibility


They affect your audience’s attitude toward your content. Statistics without sources. This shows that your statistics are real; more importantly, it shows that your course is well-researched and credible. Details matter. And the way an audience responds to any content is crucial.

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5 Big Leadership Trends Set to Dominate 2019


Engaged leaders need to stay on top of the current trends influencing their individual company, their industry, their employees and attitudes toward the working world in general. Becoming a great leader requires taking proactive steps to improve your own leadership capabilities.

There Is No ‘I’ in Team When It Comes to Emotional Intelligence

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Consider the larger question: Does team performance reflect the sum of knowledge, skills and attitudes of its individual members, or is something more complex happening at the team level?

Adult learning shminciples

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Instead, I want to expose some of the attitudes of adult learners that I have encountered over the years… “I haven’t got time for all this. As an education professional, you’re probably cringing at these attitudes. Their attitude depends on their circumstances.

When Traditional Classrooms Go Digital, Education Takes The Shape Of Blended Learning


Especially the millennials display a completely different attitude as discussed in the above point. This particular statistic applies to the corporate trainees. You might be surprised to learn that modern technology does not replace the traditional methods.

5 Steps to Successful Product Training Onboarding for Sales Reps


To avoid being a part of this statistic, it is important to establish an effective onboarding training program. Every new hire costs your organization both money and time. Financially this comes in the form of benefits as well as hiring and retention costs.

How to Manage Temporary Employees

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Bureau of Labor Statistics figures released May 3. And if they are customer-facing, then they are shaping customer attitudes toward the company. Temps, independent contractors, contingent workers, and free-lancers have become the norm, not the exception.

Should We Do More Apprenticeships?

Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than 5% of high school graduates go into apprenticeships. Also, without the pressure of a large salary, you can hire for attitude and make sure an employee is a cultural fit before you invest a lot of cash. Apprenticeships benefit employer and employee.

Why You Should A/B Test a MOOC, and How to Do It

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Retention, attitudes toward training, business performance metrics — these are all measurements you can use to judge training effectiveness. So don’t test a MOOC with just 20 people — it won’t be cost-effective and it will be less likely to yield statistically significant results.

Adopt Independent Lifelong Learning to Meet Workplace Challenges - Tip #189

Vignettes Learning

I recently came across two interesting statistics on learning and development. Today’s Challenges Require Lifelong Reskilling Several challenges brought about this attitude toward independent and continuous learning.

Adopt 76

Why creating e-learning personas can improve online training efficiency


Learner personas – from statistics to functional individuals. It’s a good way for instructional designers to get to know and understand their audience at a more personal level, beyond the statistics.

5 Ways the Learning Analytics Landscape Is Evolving


Read the in-depth third annual measurement survey report to dig deeper into the charts, statistics, and general takeaways. This shift in attitude agrees with what our own clients and other interested parties are telling us.

Measuring The Effectiveness of Your Blended Learning Program

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Sometimes, the goal of training is the attitude change. The fact is that improved soft skills can lead to improvement of measurable statistics such as increased productivity or lower levels of turnover. How do you know if blended learning is working in your organization?

Is Your Sexual Harassment Training Designed to Drive a Culture of Change?

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What these statistics indicate is that although many workplaces claim that they are trying to prevent sexual harassment, they are not doing enough to truly change their workplace culture.

Summary of #Games Research Qualitative Literature Review Conducted by Fengfeng Ke

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So, instead of a statistical analysis of the outcomes of aggregated studies, Ke followed the replicable process of analyzing textual reports through a qualitative method to develop new interpretations. This is based on studies that looked at affective learning outcomes, involving self efficacy, attitudes toward subject content learning and affective feedback toward game use as well as looking at continuing motivation.

Organizational Culture: Ignore at Your Own Risk

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Shawn Parr, a Fast Company blogger, writes this in his post titled, Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch : Culture is a balanced blend of human psychology, attitudes, actions, and beliefs that combined create either pleasure or pain, serious momentum or miserable stagnation.

Tips For Sexual Harassment Compliance Training In The #MeToo Era

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The statistics are staggering. Sharing this information and making it clear during training ensures that there is no possible way that employees can misunderstand your policies and attitudes about harassment in the workplace.

Getting Started With Learning Data and Analytics

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This level of analytics uses statistical techniques like correlation and regression analysis (think college level math) to determine which variables drive change in other variables. It’s amazing how quickly an attitude can change once metrics are shown to speak to the business.

Implement “Stay Interviews” to Improve Employee Retention


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics data , three million employees have voluntarily left their job every month for the past year. Even little changes can have a big impact on the attitude of that employee and future employees. “Why are you leaving the company?”.

Thrive as a First-Time Manager from Day One


Don’t fall into this statistic. With a positive attitude and a mind-frame to succeed, you will have the tools you need to be a successful first-time manager. Being a manager for the first time can be quite an experience.

Answering #Gamification Questions from a 7th Grade Student-Part 2

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So I am not sure they don’t think it’s as good but I don’t have a great deal of data on the attitudes of teachers toward gamification. I don’t have any statistics on this.

Top 10 Competencies of a Gamified Learning Designer


ATTITUDE: 9. He draws these thoughts from his book ‘The Gamification of Learning and Instruction’ and the most recently published ‘Fieldbook’, using statistical data and real-life examples to support and illustrate his points.

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