Microsoft One Note Training: What Is One Note and What Can It Do?


OneNote is basically a digital notebook, one that allows you to store notes and information in one centralized location, but also easily access it and share it. With OneNote you can capture and store text, images, video and audio notes.

Microsoft One Note Training: What Is One Note and What Can It Do?


If you’re like most people, you weren’t aware that Microsoft OneNote even existed, much less what it could do. This application is probably the most ignored and most underestimated of all of those found within the Microsoft 2010 suite. However, it is definitely worthy of your attention and more than that – take the right MS OneNote tutorial and you will have mastered an awesome tool.


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April Open Classes for MS Office Training

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AXIOM Updates News access classes excel ILT MS Office one note outlook powerpoint remote VILT wifi wordWhile we learned last week we’ll see 6 more weeks of winter, we can’t help but think that spring isn’t that far away. And we. Read More. The post April Open Classes for MS Office Training appeared first on AXIOM Learning Solutions.

Classes for 2018, Sign up Now!

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AXIOM Updates News classes elearning learning MS Office one note outlook power point project register sharepoint training virtual wordIt’s mid-December and you may be feeling the holiday crunch! It’s hard to think of yourself during this time of giving, but take a minute. Read More. The post Classes for 2018, Sign up Now! appeared first on AXIOM Learning Solutions.

Take a Class before 2019!

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AXIOM Updates News access classes elearning excel ILT MS Office one note online powerpoint sharepoint VILT virtual word“Deck the halls…” What, too early? Just kidding! Don’t worry, we aren’t rushing fall! We know some stores are already decking their own halls, but we’re in no rush. We’re appreciating the cooler weather, colorful leaves and are looking forward to our office Halloween party next week!

Education for the Educator!

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AXIOM Updates News access beach calendar classes excel ILT MS Office one note open outlook power point sharepoint VILT virtual wordHappy Summer! We hope you are enjoying every moment of this warm, sunny, beach-y time of year. Take a vacation! Stay out late! Grab an ice cream with your kids when the truck goes by! Summer is a time to recharge and have a little fun. It’s also the perfect time to take a look at your own job and skills and see what improvements you can make.

The best of April 2015

Jane Hart

I have chosen these resources from over 50 I shared on Twitter last month – and I have included a short quote to give you a taster of why I chose each one. Note: If you are not on Twitter you can subscribe here to get email notifications of the […]. Here is my selection of the must-read posts from April 2015. Social learning

eBook: Managing Millennials – Tailoring Your Hiring, Training and Onboarding Strategy


Skip the one-note training and insufficient on-boarding, and you’ll find that while millennial employees might be fickle, their new ideas and enthusiasm could mean it’s worth your while. Catering to a younger workforce means major changes for the way your organization does business, from hiring to leadership succession planning.

4 Tips to Writing eLearning Scripts That Sing

Association eLearning

But it flows more “singingly,” because it’s direct, uses several short sentences instead of one long one, and it sounds like a conversation rather than a textbook. One note of caution for lightening your scripts. Interesting side note: A recent Atlantic magazine article by Julie Beck cites research showing the fewer words you use, the more intelligent you appear.

Adobe Captivate: Close Caption a Video

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

One note: don't forget to enable the display of closed captioning via your skin editor. by Lori Smith    I received an email from a Captivate developer who was lamenting the fact that her Captivate videos didn't have closed captions. "Sure it's easy to add closed captions to a Captivate slide," she said, "but you cannot add them to a video." " This was a real problem since she was required to create  accessible eLearning.

How Do You Find A Great Instructional Design Company?

Spark Your Interest

Note, with the latter search term that uses the platform name (in this case Articulate) you need to insert company into the search. One note of caution is that doing a Google/web search might skew towards larger companies. Finally, if you are only looking for an extra pair of hands for a small project, you could try one of the many freelancer sites. If there are other ways you use to find instructional designers, drop us a note and add to the post in a future edition.

Adam Cannon Responds to #AskMeMonday on Captivate 2017

eLearning Brothers

Of all the new features, the one that I like best (as I said on Twitter) is the ability to convert a non-responsive project to a responsive project. One note: The tool is only designed to convert non-responsive courses created in Captivate 8 or later, but I’ve had success converting all the way back to version 6 with marked success. (I In light of last week’s release of Adobe Captivate 2017, our #AskMeMonday was focused on that topic.

Captivate 8 Custom Motion Effect Example

Experiencing eLearning

One note about these custom effects: they seem to be very glitchy and unstable. With just ScaleTo in one dimension, you could animate a glass filling up or a thermometer rising. I created a Captivate activity with a custom effect using motion and scaling to animate two cars driving away to the horizon. Each car moves depending on how you answer a series of questions. Click the image to view the activity (Flash only).

Custom 210

Using LearnDash with Live Webinars: A Guide


One of the most common questions we get from our users has to do with running a webinar. This one’s easy enough. Free platforms tend to have more limited course sizes than large ones. Many of our users want to offer live webinars through their course for learners. Here’s how.

Guide 238

Sharing pointedly or broadly

Clark Quinn

In a (rare) fit of tidying, I was moving from one note-taking app to another, and found a diagram I’d jotted, and it rekindled my thinking. I can’t fully recall what prompted the attempt at characterization, but one result of revisiting was thinking about the media in terms of whether they’re part of a natural mechanism of ‘show your work’ (ala Bozarth)/’work out loud’ (ala Jarche). a course) or sent directly to one person.

iTunes 129

Crash Course For Constructive Feedback

Association eLearning

Leave conflicting notes. One note says, “Replace the word ‘dog’ with ‘canine’ throughout this module.” A second note in the same document says, “Add the sentence, ‘The dog ran.’ ”. Feedback is a wonderful thing, when you can understand it. When you can’t… To quote Captain Jack Sparrow, “Well that’s even more than less than unhelpful.” You get the idea. Think back to the last time you got feedback on something.

Using Fantasy in Instructional #Games

Kapp Notes

One note of caution however is that you don’t need to add fantasy to everything and, at some point, you need to allow the learner to rehearse the desired behavior in a real or realistic setting. Think of the fantasy learning game as one point on the continuum to total application of the learned skills, attitude, behavior or knowledge.

Games 189

Microsoft Office 2013

E-learning Uncovered

Office 365 Home Premium (for non-commercial use) and its Business equivalent include the full suite of Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. The Office 2013 label applies to different combinations of the Office applications that sell for a single price for perpetual (as long as you want it) installation on one PC. Office Home & Business 2013: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note, Outlook for $219.99.

Learning Game Design Series, Part 4: Game Elements

Knowledge Guru

There are many game elements you can include; this graphic shows 12 common ones: Note: Because there are so many, this post focuses only on the first five. Cooperation gets people working together; competition pits people against one another. Only one person or team wins—while everyone else loses. What negative consequences might occur if only one person wins and everyone else loses, and how do I manage those emotions?

Games 179

Integrating LMS Within Microsoft Teams


Learning is one such great example. Increased Efficiency : Microsoft Teams enhances employee or student communication, productivity, and teamwork by integrating all forms of collaboration into one single user interface. One-to-one calls and much larger team calls are also supported.

Top Training Evaluation Questions To Ask


Here’s something no one can deny: Feedback is the cornerstone of quality improvement. Now, it’s one thing to evaluate learning conditions; it’s another thing to assess the actual learning and its applicability to the workplace.

4 Video Game Elements to Steal for Your Next Webinar


It’s a surprising number and one that might look suspiciously similar to that of the age of your average learner. Now, contrast the sights, sounds, and motivation when playing a video game to a webinar: Traditionally one-note and easily forgotten, webinars are rarely as exciting as button-mashing during a fight game, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as engaging. Not only does this break gameplay into more snackable sizing (“just one more level!”)

Genre: Mini game

The Learning Circuits

Mini games are "one-note" in terms of gameplay, often focusing on mastering an action, sometimes with a desired message as a backdrop. I think we are going to be using these more for formal learning programs, so I thought I would share a quick overview and, better, some examples: Mini games: small, easy-to-access games built to be simple and addictive.

Games 40

What I Learned at LSCon

Experiencing eLearning

I took about 30 pages of notes over the 3 days. This list is one thing I can use from every session I attended. I don’t do infographics often, but I do need to present data and charts in courses (including one of my current projects). One note is that Learning Locker is working with xAPIs that can talk to Slack and pull data. One quote stood out: “If you can test it online, you can teach it online.”

Top 6 Benefits of Performance Support Tools (PSTs) In Corporate Training

Adobe Captivate

Gloria Gery , one of its key champions summarizes it effectively as: “Performance Support focuses on work itself while training focuses on the learning required to do the work. The mechanisms vary: portals, performance-centered workflow interfaces, enterprise applications, integration projects, etc, but what’s important is that performer be able to name that tune in one note, to perform in exemplary fashion”.

How to add tests in eFront


Tests are one of the most interesting and significant parts of the training procedure. Type your question text, insert the choices (according to the question type you selected) and let the system know which answer is the right one. Note that in the question text you may insert multimedia files to make it look more attractive. Note that you can sort the questions using unit as a filter simply by clicking on it.

LinkedIn Learning Product Review

eLearning 24-7

Learning System vendors who have partnership agreements with LinkedIn Learning for its content, often see high usage (depending on the system, but, talk to vendors who do not have a LL partnership, and you will find the majority wanting one).

A Powerhouse of Possibilities – Unleash Your Creativity with Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate

I, for one, will be looking to do both of these, and then some! Final Feature Note – Hotspots also come with successful click indicators to visually help learners identify which hotspots they’ve already clicked, and those they’ve yet to see. so too does the burden of exporting, rendering, and syncing assets to one another. A few additional feature notes are detailed below: One file, as opposed to separate audio and video files. Hello, all.

Keeping Up - April's Big Question

eLearning Cyclops

April's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools. It is tough to stay on top of all the emerging tools. However, being involved in an e-learning community is a big help. For me it is a blog community and following many experts on Twitter. Not only am I often made aware of new tools, but also get opinions, tips, and examples of their use.

Top 8 FREE Open Source LMSs

eLearning 24-7

One Note: Open source systems in general are not “turnkey”, which means you have to do some customization to the platform – either heavy customization, adding plugins and so forth. I should note that in the world of free open source systems, a couple of items are starting to show up. At one time it was all – “on your own servers” or nothing. Everyone loves free, especially with software.

Learning, Net Generation, Mind Mapping, Brain Training, & SharePoint

Big Dog, Little Dog

Uses include knowledge and project management; writing theses, essays and books; creating simple web pages (like this one); note taking; brainstorming - and many others. WHAT WORKS FOR ONE MIGHT NOT WORK FOR ANOTHER. At hour six, I realized two things: The structure of SharePoint is based on the fact that people within an organization inherently do not trust one another. Harvesting Learning's Fruit: A Downstream Training Investment - Living in Learning.

Best Software Tools and Tips for Online Teaching

Hurix Digital

Explore a few tools from the list, create a sample session, see how it goes, choose one, and go! Schedule recurring or one-off calls and sessions. Microsoft Suite 365, especially One Note. We will keep the introduction short.

Creating an e-learning strategy that works

eLearning 24-7

On a weekly basis you are already doing some form of strategy (going to the grocery store, buying stuff online, renting a flat/apt/condo/house or buying one, etc.), I should note I define e-learning as online learning). Nowadays, three years is long term, anything beyond that will always change, heck in three years the ice cap could melt and we could all end up on one island or the robots can take over the world, so five years is too long). You will want one.

Tool Set 2009

Tony Karrer

The same tool and method can be highly effective for one person and not effective for others. No Excuses At one presentation someone told me that it was okay for them not to know about tools and methods because "they would find out about them when they needed them." No Clear Tool Choices One of the techniques I commonly use now that eLearning Learning has Related Terms is to look at a topic and see what relates to it.

ATD17 Post Review: Rants & Raves Edition

eLearning 24-7

There were a few video learning platforms there and one product I did like on the video course build side, more on that in a bit. Mobile – Sure vendors noted it, but it wasn’t a driver. To have adaptive learning you really need an algorithm, and admin capabilities to decide whether to assign points/weights to certain items versus others AND as noted numerous times, the option to say that folks do not have to complete a course to gain points or higher weighted value. .

Angela Brown’s Recurring Revenue Niche Membership Site Journey and Success Story


Creating a one-time course sale often will leave you in a position where you always need to hustle to make sales. LMScast is the number one podcast for course creators just like you. I lasted all of one day. And I grew up in a large family, I’m one of 19 kids.

Site 113

Product Review: Articulate Storyline

eLearning 24-7

One photo character – I mean seriously? New Slide – add a new slide to the project (more on that in one sec). Storyline as noted earlier is a robust product and this robustness is seen the moment you decide to add a new slide. One note about this. The ones I used the most (it could be different for you). Main one I did not use. Notes – I found this feature to be underwhelming. However there is one downside to the recorder.

Captivate - Acrobat Integration

Adobe Captivate

One note of caution: If your content contains assessments or significant interactivity, then this is not the best mode to publish in. . A typical scenario for creating an elearning course with Captivate is to create multiple 5-10 min modules of Captivate movies that are integrated using the aggregator or the multi-sco packager or by creating your own navigation shell using Flash Pro.

World of Learning Conference Review

eLearning 24-7

While I am sure that occurred at WOLC, the ones I gazed at, which were presented by vendors, had no sales pitch whatsoever, rather it was all about a specific subject tied to e-learning. I saw one list that had over three pages of key decision makers – you know the ones any vendor would droll over – walking the floor which led to. Heck, one vendor I know even landed a massive deal right there at the show. No one has asked me that before.”

The Year in Learning—89 Hand-Picked L&D-Related Articles from 2017

The Learning Dispatch

We’ve gathered all of Kevin’s 2017 “This Month in Learning” articles and commentary here, grouped into nine categories (noting the number of articles given in each): Accessibility (6). This one’s been making the rounds on social media. One of my favorite articles of the year, “ Prototyping Games at The New York Times: Live Fast. One of the best things about Change Talk 2.0 (in This one discusses spaced learning.