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Facebook as an “interactive learning resource”?

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For those interested in using Facebook with students the following links may be of use: Stephen Heppell: Using Facebook in the Classroom. Here Stephen writes with his daughter Juliette Heppell, herself a teacher at Lampton Academy in London, and this short page outlines the main events on using Facebook with students, and the do/ don’t mentality we all ought to consider.

What Facebook knows about you (and me?)

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This was posted in November 2011 so I’m sure there are updates on Max’s legal battle with Facebook – head on over to [link] for more details. YouTube: What Facebook knows about you. Related posts: Facebook tips for Educators. Twitter & Facebook use by Russell Group Universities. Video Facebook Smart Data Social Media Social Network YouTube

Evaluating Facebook and Twitter for e-Learning


Facebook and Twitter. YouTube for example, which started as a repository of mostly music videos, cat clips and “video blogs”, has turned into an excellent educational resource, teaching hundreds of millions of people lessons in cooking mousaka, playing the flute and everything in between. Specifically, are they any good for e-learning? That’s all for now.

Using Facebook as a learning platform


Let’s start this post by stating that Facebook was not actually created as a learning platform, it can however clearly be used to enhance and support elearning. Facebook makes it easy to network and interact with other virtual students, and because most people know how to use Facebook they don’t need to become familiar with a new platform. Ball, L., 2012). Mazer, Richard E.

The Performance Management Storm: Four Macro-Trends Driving the Change

years (Facebook). YouTube and find “everyday Joes”. 1Why Your Company Will Need to. Rethink Performance Management eGuide Part 1: The Argument. for Change 2 3About this Guide Organizations are increasingly. moving from traditional performance. management systems (organized as. an annual review process) to newer. performance development systems. organized around real-time dynamics).

Facebook for Educators

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I have in past postings made both positive and not so positive remarks regarding the use of Facebook as part of course delivery. Given all this, I do still continue to see articles and postings where clearly the application has worked well, then the other day I came across a YouTube video ‘ The Basics of a Facebook Page for Educators’ If you have not seen this for yourself then I can recommend it as a good starter. also came across this rather large sample of (The teachers guide to using Facebook) Facebook the missing manual from OReilly.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Evernote from Snagit!

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Once you install them, you'll see buttons inside Snagit to upload images and videos directly to Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube! The YouTube output is installed automagically when you upgrade to Snagit 11 or 2. The buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote must be installed manually. YouTube gives you an option to make the video public, private, or unlisted.

Your digital footprint, and how it can be used (against you)

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YouTube: Hot on Your Trail: Privacy, Your Data, and Who Has Access to It. Social Network Digital Culture Digital Footprint Facebook Google Google Maps Social Media Twitpic Video YouTube From a basic Google search to your phone carrier, from advertisers to government agencies, ‘they’ know everything about you! It’s not right, is it?

Part 2: Using Facebook as a learning platform (videos)


For those who missed last week’s post “ Part 1: Using Facebook as a learning platform ” we shared some important links for instructors interested in using Facebook with students. This week I would like to share my favorite YouTube videos on the subject! 1. eLearning Learning Social Media Facebook History Class. 2.

The Performance Management Storm: Four Macro-Trends Driving the Change

years (Facebook). YouTube and find “everyday Joes”. 1Why Your Company Will Need to. Rethink Performance Management eGuide Part 1: The Argument. for Change 2 3About this Guide Organizations are increasingly. moving from traditional performance. management systems (organized as. an annual review process) to newer. performance development systems. organized around real-time dynamics).

Textbooks: paper or digital?

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eBook App Digital Learning Digital Learnscape Dropbox eBooks eReader eTextbook Facebook Infographic Kindle LinkedIn MOOC Social Evolution Social Learning Twitter YouTube what do you think” : read the discussion we had on the link. So, will they? I don’t think so, not any time soon at any rate. shame on you! readers from all over the world.  eBook and eReader Infographic.

One More Thing … #BYOD4L

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YouTube: BYOD4L Reflection. eLearning Video App Application BYOD BYOD4L Collaboration Community Facebook Foldify iPad Online Course Smart Phone Social Learning Social Network Tablet Twitter VideoScribe YouTube I didn’t want to leave my journey into #BYOD4L without one final reflective ‘thought’ I wanted it to be different, graphical, interesting, and fun.

Why do Universities use Social Media?

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While Facebook is the biggest social network the Universities studied are using, services like Flickr and blogs have had the biggest investment (time or effort) since 2010. Social Network Facebook Flickr Infographic Social Learning Social Media Twitter University YouTubeJust how are Universities using Social Media, and how do they measure ‘success’ of the channel?

Reflection on the ‘eLearning and Digital Cultures’ MOOC, Wk.2 #edcmooc

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Isn’t this what causes the backlash each and every time Facebook changes it’s privacy policy? YouTube: Sight. Watch this and enjoy the presentation and the message, then head along to the website that accompanies the new(er) version, released in 2011 - : YouTube: A Vision of Students Today. But what of the learning? ” Holton (2010).

Opening up #learning: new forms of knowledge

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The exponential growth of online repositories of knowledge (Wikipedia), media (Wikimedia Commons - the source of the image above), images (Flickr, Instagram) and video (YouTube, Vimeo) would not have been so dramatic if there was less demand. affordances education FaceBook learning Technology Twitter wikipedia YouTubeTechnology can do this. Unported License.

Reflection on the ‘eLearning and Digital Cultures’ MOOC, Wk.1 #edcmooc

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There is so much going on, on all the platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Coursera discuss boards, etc.) YouTube: Surrogates Trailer. YouTube: THX 1138 Trailer. ‘ The machine is using us ‘ is a classic and well referenced YouTube video, and one of the first I ever posted to my blog back in November 2008. There is so much hype around this MOOC, why? and B.

Bring Your Own Devices for Learning: July 14-18 #BYOD4L

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YouTube: Bring Your Own Devices for Learning: July 14-18, 2014. If you’re interested in what we did last time, here’s my recap video I produced using the VideoScribe iPad App : YouTube: BYOD4L Reflection. have been invited back again this time to work with Sue, Andrew, and Chrissi (and the other team members) and will be engaging course participants online.

How ‘long’ is too ‘long’?

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Big Data: Measuring happiness with Twitter and Facebook – click to watch on FutureLearn. We have also used a mixture of both the above – taken a long interview and provided a shortened version for the students and the fuller version on YouTube, for those interested in more detail, background, and more depth to the work. What about case studies or mini-documentaries?

Social Media and the Classroom

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YouTube: Social Media and the Classroom. Classroom Collaboration Facebook Flipped Classroom Peer Review Social Learning Social Media Twitter YouTubeRather it could be tools they can use for their education: to advance their education, to collaborate on projects, to talk about homework assignments, to perhaps engage in peer review of one anothers works.”

Terms and Conditions May Apply

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Here’s the trailer: YouTube: Terms and Conditions May Apply. Social Network Ello Facebook Google LinkedIn Netflix Social Media Twitter Video YouTube If you’ve not heard about the film ‘Terms and Conditions May Apply’ then you ought to go look it up. fear, like in the film, we are totally oblivious. But how can we do so safely? Do we even have the time?

How to Reduce Your Course Development Costs By 90+ Per Cent

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YouTube alone experiences 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. YouTube Statistics. Comparatively, the course assembly tools built into some learning management systems (LMS) allow you to quickly create courses that contain: Instructional videos from the most popular sites including YouTube, Vimeo,, etc. An existing YouTube video. to find learning content.

Cost 73

12 ways teachers are using social media in the classroom

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Use Facebook to get feedback for your students’ online science fair projects. Use YouTube for your students to host a show or a podcast. Social Network Blog Blogging Digital Learning Distance Learning EdTech eLearning Facebook Learning Objects Learning Technologist Learning Technology mLearning Mobile Learning Social Learning Social Media Technology Tweet Twitter

Changing the learning landscape

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Such user generated content can be found on YouTube (over 70 hours uploaded very minute) and Vimeo, images on Flickr, Facebook and Snapchat, and other content on a myriad of blogs, wikis and other content sharing platforms. CLL1314 education FaceBook Flickr higher education learning Snapchat social media Technology Twitter University of Warwick Vimeo YouTube

Your Digital Footprint, your future

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Examples (of which there are many) include: Facebook post costs waitress her job. Teacher loses job over Facebook photo, files lawsuit. Teacher Loses Job After Commenting About Students, Parents on Facebook. Fired Over Facebook: 13 Posts That Got People CANNED. YouTube: Flame Fart Kid. it does both as well as inform. Related posts: Managing your Digital Footprint.

Year in Review / 2013

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August 2013: Facebook Guide for Educators. Welcome to a final few thoughts on and about 2013: what did I do, what did I read, what did I achieve, what did I miss, what did I not do … you get the picture. Well … After thinking, planning, and talking about it for nearly two years I finally got round to planning, writing, and publishing my eBook on QR Codes in Education. May 2013).

Digital story of the Nativity

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Yes I know it’s June, but this is still a good video: how social media, web and mobile would’ve impacted the Nativity story – as told through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Wikipedia, Google Maps, GMail, Foursquare, Amazon, etc: YouTube: The Digital story of the Nativity. Related posts: More “Digital Immigrant vs Digital Native” Posts.

Driver beware

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Whiz-bang  - Using the VLE to it’s maximum, as well as an early adopter of Google+ (and Google Wave), Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, etc before really understanding what they’re best used for. eLearning Blended Learning Distance Learning Facebook Google Google Wave Learning Process Learning Technology LinkedIn Mobile Learning Twitter YouTube

Keeping safe online

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nice little showcase on the kind of information we can so easily share online on places like Facebook, Twitter, etc, that we probably don’t want to and possibly don’t even realise we are. YouTube: European Cyber Security Month. Here’s a great video to support the European Cyber Security Month (yes, that was well advertised wasn’t it!).

The survival of higher education (2): Changing times

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digital media FaceBook higher education learning social web Technology The future Twitter universities Web 2.0 wiki YouTube This is a continuation from yesterday''s post on changing roles , disruptive innovation and the survival of higher education. Changing Times It is now time to take stock. As my starting point I want to examine the phenomenon that is Web 2.0 Web 2.0 and Purdon, M.

Social Media Libraries for Flash

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Various elearning development companies are integrating the popular social media services like Twitter, YouTube etc. Facebook – The most commonly used class for Facebook integration is facebook-actionscript-api. Developed by Adobe and Facebook, this API is fully supported by both. YouTube has the APIs for ActionScript 2.0 right into their courses and LMS.

3 Reasons Why Trainers Don’t Need Social Media

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Join a Facebook group with other relevant people, follow L&D industry pages. Here is the ATD facebook page , the Learning Rebels page – it doesn’t matter which L&D person or company you follow. In today’s world, people learn through YouTube and Vimeo. Through live streaming, facetime, periscope, Facebook video. Walk the talk ? To each their own. Seriously.

Share trading

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The arrival of YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare and of course Twitter, made it easier to share than ever. As van Dijk (2013) has proposed, the ready acceptance of Facebook and other social media into the every day lives of a global population of users ensured that the ethos of sharing became second nature. We teach our children that sharing is good. You don''t get something for nothing.

Cultural hegemony and disruption

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YouTube and other video sharing sites have gained a significant purchase in the broadcasting world, and are in the process of displacing some of the previously prominent media channels. All mainstream TV channels have now adopted Facebook and Twitter to capture views and news from citizen journalists from news hot spots around the world, just to keep ahead of the opposition.

Rules for Kids and Teenagers for Facebook Usage

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So I succumbed to pressure and signed up my daughter on Facebook. Most of her friends are already on Facebook. So I plan to give her a printout of the following rules for Facebook. UPDATE from Nancy Curtis on Facebook: ABSOLUTELY NON-NEGOTIABLE RULE OF ALL RULES for Facebook: you MUST be friends with your parent(s) and you MUST not use privacy settings to block your parents from any part of your page. Tags: Teenager Rules Behaviour Facebook Tips Kids In just a few hours, she has 7 friends and 3 more pending requests. Don't talk to strangers.

Policies for Staff use of Social Media and Social Networks

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Does your employer / Institution have a policy for the accepted use, by staff, for how they can use Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, SlideShare, YouTube, WordPress, etc)? Anyway, this really only covers Twitter, Facebook and Blogs for departmental uses. Delicious Facebook Presentation SlideShare Social Media Social Network Twitter Video WordPress YouTube

Video: “I Know What You Did Five Minutes Ago” #SocialPres

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eLearning Facebook Social Media Social Network Twitter Video YouTubeWatch this and enjoy … or start worrying and change all your settings on social media and network websites … ! Related posts: Infographic: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & the Social Media that Fulfill ‘Em. Video: What is Creative Commons? Video: the 21st Century Learner.