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VLE – the discussion continues #VLE

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The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a system/tool that sparks a fair bit of controversy when you mention it in any education setting. Whether it is the right classification for the tool is also up for discussion but the results show the term VLE as the one we use. Tim Dalton : “Feeling that the VLE is part of the assessment process so I filter what I write there?&#.

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WordPress as a VLE or CMS?

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But what of WordPress as a learning management system – whether you call them VLE, CMS, LMS, or something else? Here are a list posts and snippets of news I’ve collected from around the Internet over the last few months about WordPress, it’s ability to run as an alternative VLE/LMS/etc, and tools you can use to make it work as one. ” WordPress a Better LMS.

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A collection of VLE or learning ‘bad’ practices, pt.1 – Comments welcome

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What are your pet-peeves about how your VLE is used – are you the culprit or is this what you see others do? Come on, let’s have your examples of the things you’ve seen in your VLE that leave you in despair. eLearning eResources Flickr PLE Resource VLEIs it the technology at fault or how we / you / ‘they’ use it? Image Source: Naughty Funny Kids.

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Learning with e's

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How ‘long’ is too ‘long’?

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These kinds of resources are often loaded to a VLE or a MOOC and as part of a set of resources for the topic or week’s subject area. have heard the argument before, when asking for the context of the video, that you “don’t get that on YouTube” so the students shouldn’t expect it on the VLE. What about case studies or mini-documentaries? Lecture capture.

Know when to keep it simple

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Use structure: If you use a VLE or LMS of some kind (Blackboard, Moodle, etc) then it’s highly likely you can create folders and apply a structure to how the resources are presented, and how the student can navigate around them. When it comes to developing materials and learning resources for your course, I think it’s important to know when to keep it simple. to help the student.

Don’t give it to me unless I can customise it

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Note how I use names of the companies rather than more generic tool names like VLE, audience response, lecture capture? eLearning ARS Blackboard Blog Box of Broadcasts Distance Learning Echo360 EDCMOOC Facebook Future Kindle Learning Technology Lecture Lego LinkedIn Mini Cooper Mobile Learning MOOC ocTEL OpenBadgesMOOC Personal Learning PGCert PLN Smart Phone Social Learning Tablet Time-Constrained Paper TurningPoint Twitter VLE Wiki WordPress ZX SpectrumMy first car was a 1993 Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i, in British Racing Green (obviously). Months? Years?).

Interview with Peter Reed, #EdTechBook chapter author

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This external identity, largely built through (social) networking, has supported me in my role and offers a lot to the University – whether that be related to finding out what other Institutions are doing in relation to, say, Lecture Capture, or indeed in investigating how other Universities are approaching VLE minimum standards. DH – Hi Peter. PR: Massively. Or even, better?

Students and Information Technology 2012 #edtech #eLearning #educause

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eLearning Technology Android Blackboard Blended Learning eBook eBooks EdTech Education Educause Email ePortfolio eTextbook Facebook Game Based Learning Games info Instructional Design iPhone Learning Technologist Learning Technology Mobile Learning Personal Learning Simulation Based Learning Simulations Smart Phone SMS Twitter VLEECAR Recommends. grades).

Big Data, Learning Analytics, and the Learners

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aspect of Big Data and Learning Analytics are those associated with online behaviour in a specific system … the VLE maybe? eLearning App Big Data Blackboard Cyberpunk Edupunk FOTE11 Google Horizon Report Learner Analytics Learning Analytics MOOC VLE Big Data is the new buzzword. Firstly, what’s the difference between Big Data and Learning Analytics (if there is one)?

Facebook as an “interactive learning resource”?

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Student engagement – differences between the VLE and Facebook. eLearning Social Network Active Learner Education Technology eJournal Facebook Learning Technology mLearning Netiquette Policy Social Learning Social Media Stephen Heppell VLEFor those interested in using Facebook with students the following links may be of use: Stephen Heppell: Using Facebook in the Classroom.

It's complicated

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portfolios FaceBook Games based learning higher education learning LMS Pokemon Go social media Technology Twitter university VLE YikyakDuring my recent tour of Australia, I spent a day working with University of Southern Queensland staff on the Toowoomba campus. How do we reconcile these differences? It's not easy integrating technology into education. It's complicated. Unported License.

Embedding YouTube video in your VLE #VLE

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It is always a good idea to check your learning materials once you’ve loaded them to the VLE – if you have access to a student account then I strongly recommend this, if no other reason so you can test to see file permissions are set correctly. Induction Activities: Some good examples using video … Blackboard eLearning CMS Video VLE YouTubeSo, what do you do?

[from catspyjamasnz] Learning with 'e's: Two fingered salute

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Anyone with a modicum of insight will see that there are several parallels here with the battle between the institutional VLE and Edupunk style ‘do-it-yourselves’ personal web tools. The shiny, expensive and cumbersome VLE dominates the battlefield that is education, and is supposedly the killer application that all colleges and universities have bought into.

Online courses must die!

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Occupying a place on the continuum somewhere between a VLE and a PLE, an ILE is an informal learning environment that a facilitator manages on behalf of a group of learners. Unlike a VLE, an ILE is strictly informal. A touch dramatic, isn’t it? Now that I have your attention, please bear with me. There’s method in my madness… The myth of rapid authoring.

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10 claims about Technology and Learning #edtech

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eLearning Technology Blackboard Blended Learning Digital Learning Distance Learning EdTech Education Technology learn Learning Technology mLearning Mobile Learning MOOC Personal Learning PLE PLN Social Learning VLE Untrue. Campus investments on technology have been focused on equipment or software rather than teaching and learning.  Misleading. Untrue. Untrue. Untrue. Untrue. Untrue. Untrue.

Learning first, technology second

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Let me give you an example: Many schools, colleges and universities have by now implemented a managed learning environment (MLE) sometimes referred to as a virtual learning environment (VLE) or Learning Management System (LMS). mlearn14 digital strategy education learning LMS MLE pedagogy schools teaching Technology universiy VLE Learning should always come before technology.

Top 5 Turnitin Features #eAssessment

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Blackboard (VLE) integration – “Grades posted in GradeMark will feed through to the Grade Centre automatically  in Blackboard.” Blackboard eLearning Audio Audio Feedback eAssessment GradeMark Originality Report PeerMark Self/Peer Assessment TurnItIn VLEWhat are the ‘top 5′ features or functions of Turnitin? What would I have added to the list?

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2012 UCISA Technology Enhanced Learning Report

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This may include a formal VLE, an institutional intranet that has a learning and teaching component, a system that has been developed in house or a particular suite of specific individual tools.” eLearning Technology Distance Learning eAssessment Education Technology Facebook Learning Portal Learning Technology Plagiarism Social Learning Twitter UCISA VLE

Students and Information Technology 2013 #edtech #eLearning #educause

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eLearning Technology Analytics Blackboard Blended Learning CMS eBook eBooks EdTech Education Education Technology Educause Email Facebook Game Based Learning Infographic Instructional Design Learner Analytics Learning Technologist Learning Technology Mobile Learning MOOC Personal Learning Simulation Based Learning Twitter VLE See the ECAR 2012 report here. ECAR Recommends.

‘Out of Office’ emails put to good use

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using it to provide extra revision questions that the students will not get from class or the VLE (this will also show you who is interested in getting better marks)? Induction Activities: Some good examples using video … eLearning Conference EdTech Email Technology VLE” No one really wants to know you’ve booked two weeks holiday in somewhere warmer than they are.

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Presentation: myBU (Blackboard VLE)

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myBU - The VLE, Virtual Learning Environment. Tags: Presentations Blackboard CMS Collaboration eLearning LMS myBU PLN Presentation VLE

Reflecting on 2015

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Have we actually answered the question(s) yet about how to use a VLE effectively and efficiently for learning? EdTechBook David Walker Digital Pedagogue EdTech Learning Technologist Learning Technology Lesley Price Pedagogy Sharon Flynn Sheila McNeill VLE Yeah, go figure). No, what I see happening in discussions I have, tweets I read, posts I comment on, etc. ” (Price, 2015).

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Reading ‘Using the VLE more’ via @jamesclay #VLE

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As with quite a few of the posts from James Clay this one is short and sweet – ‘ Using the VLE more ‘ – and struck a chord with me. Getting academics and administrative staff to take time out of their busy day for repeated workshops on features and functions of the VLE just won’t work. eLearning CMS VLEWould that work? Thanks James.

Mobile Learning

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mLearning App FutureLearn iTunes iTunesU MOOC Smart Phone Tablet VLE I will hold my hands up and say I want an experience of ‘good’ mobile learning. know there are (or rather should be, we’ve been talking about it for long enough now) examples out there, but I haven’t ‘seen’ them. Is it so difficult to consider our mobile audience when developing a course?

Blackboard 9.1 (SP8) – ‘A New Beginning’

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This isn’t a post about Blackboard as a VLE, nor is it about the trials and tribulations of the whole upgrade process for a heavily used Blackboard system. Blackboard Flickr Mashup SlideShare VLE YouTubeSorry, the title is dramatic, it’s meant to sound a little like ‘Star Wars – A New Hope’, but doesn’t really get there. What is so good about it?

Surfer Dude vs. Shark! #blimage

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It’s a funny set-up of shark chasing surfer dude … and for me it’s the representation of our attitude to the VLE and the student(s). For me the VLE is the shark, and the surfer is the student. . Why? I’ve always believed the VLE we use is designed to elicit profit and control from the contract over efficiency or usefulness. Thanks Phil. blimage.

Jack & Jill of all trades (@reedyreedles)

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We spend so many hours emailing and ‘inside’ the VLE (or whatever we have available) but we are not tied to our desks – we spend a lot of time visitingyou at your desk, working on training and support packages, delivering training or support, liaising with other departments to minimise risk and downtime, liaising with vendors or other stakeholders to ensure tools and techniques fit the business need of the institution. eLearning Digital Learning eLearning Consultant Learning Technologist Learning Technology Personal Learning VLE might not.

Blackboard Users Conference #durbbu: Blackboard Roadmap and The Challenges Ahead

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Data-driven decision making: improve student ‘success’, optimise online and blended learning, leverage VLE investment (capacity planning, measure learning initiatives, etc.), Blackboard Conferences Analytics Blended Learning Cloud Computing Conference Crowdsource Digital Learning Distance Learning Engagement Learning Objects Learning Portal Student Experience Technology VLE

Anatomy of a PLE

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Originally a counterpoint to the institutional Managed Learning Environment (iMLE or 'VLE'), PLEs are becoming a much talked about concept, and were the prime focus of the recently held PLE Conference in Cornella, Barcelona. Now it's time to change direction a little and challenge the unhelpful binary of PLE versus VLE. Many located themselves in middle ground positions. Web 2.0

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How we think about learning influences our e-learning practice

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Learning Strategy Our Changing Practice Performance Support Research - Work-Based VLEMy EdD Supervisor is Emeitus Paul Hager , an educational philosopher who keeps it ‘real’ for me when it comes to the inter-relationship between learning and technology. recently read a number of Paul’s papers about learning in the workplace. Learning is far too messy for that. Buffer.

Thinking about your VLE

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If like us here at Bromley College you have been deploying a VLE, then like me you may be wondering after having structured courses with all kinds of content from Word files to podcasts, where the technology is moving and what the outcomes have been. For my part I have no real evidence that this is the case, have you, please feel free to post

Year in Review / 2013

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It’s too clunky at the moment to make a coherent or seamless ‘link’ to anything outside the VLE so being able to incorporate external sources / resources / systems will become a deal-breaker for some looking at their VLE provider. May 2013). Most popular posts (by month): . January 2013: Creative Commons Infographic: Licenses Explained. What about you?

VLE's and poor attendance

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I was surprised by the concerns expressed in the recent HE Forum about VLE’s leading to reduced attendance. The question posted was:- Using a VLE might lead to a reduction in attendance. And so an emailed was circulated to a national list, not by myself I must add, to see if this is generally seen as a problem. The responses indicate the opposite. Is it true? How do you counter it?