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A question of attitude

Clive on Learning

Ernest had strong opinions on just about all matters of pedagogy and good practice and that included the issue of attitudes. Clive," he said, "It's not our business to try and change people's attitudes. There's a certain sense in what Ernest said, although time and time again I've encountered situations where attitudes are the major block to progress. It's almost impossible to address issues of knowledge and skill when attitudes are in the way.

Effective Training Design & Delivery Considerations

ePath Learning

The effectiveness of an LMS relies on both the LMS technology and the quality of your training content. Training objectives are the foundation of an effective training strategy. Can someone verify whether the skill or desired behavior of the employee did or did not occur? Can the skill or desired behavior be assessed in terms of accuracy and effectiveness? For training to be most effective, employees must be self-driven and want to learn.

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Metrics for Measuring Training Effectiveness


Companies and organizations want to supply the most effective training to provide a measurable return on investment. It uses a simple, four-level approach to measure training effectiveness: Reaction – use employee feedback to determine course relevance and effectiveness.

Video Statistics, Habits, and Trends You Need To Know [New Research]

TechSmith Camtasia

The problem is many companies struggle with how to create and deliver engaging and effective instructional videos that viewers will actually watch. In this guide, you will find actionable tips on how you can leverage these video statistics. Make effective video thumbnails.

Measuring The Effectiveness of Your Blended Learning Program

Obsidian Learning

We should consider how to measure the effectiveness of that investment. Level 3: Behavior. At Level 3, we measure the application and implementation of learning – changed behaviors on the job. The best Level 3 assessments involve the evaluation of the behavior of the learner by others – a supervisor, mentor, or peer – for more objective assessment. Does change in employee behavior result in measurable gains for the organization?

5 Amazing Digital Education Trends to keep an Eye on in 2020 and Beyond

Your Training Edge

These statistics indicate that the world of education has already embraced digital learning as a significant force fuelling all endeavors effectively. For example, if a student lacks enough knowledge or finds it difficult to get the hang of it in a conventional classroom setting, they can catch up with the lesson much effectively in a hybrid school. Improved attitude and behavior towards parents and teachers.

Understanding Educational Data Mining

Origin Learning

EDM explores data patterns to answer questions like: Which student prefers what sequence of topics so that she may learn most effectively? What are the best features of the online learning program in terms of making effective learning possible? By using techniques from statistics and machine learning, EDM tools and algorithms work to predict learners’ future learning behavior as well as to study the pedagogical models that will work best to align with that behavior.

Re-thinking Learning and Performance from a Business Standpoint

ID Reflections

It was more of a theoretical exposition on why learning doesn’t necessarily translate into performance, and delved into some of the psychological and behavioral aspects of the same. HR might take the “number of hours of training provided to employees” attitude in the interest of employee engagement and Gallup polls. These number of hours typically show up as statistics in the annual HR report and is of very little interest to either the CXOs or the employees.

5 Trends in Compliance Training Analytics 

Interactive Services

Effectiveness of Compliance Training Analytics. A number of studies examine the effectiveness of compliance training analytics. The accumulation of statistics on reported incidents, for example, becomes far more useful if the analysis can include the demographic location of incidents within the organization, as well as the type and seriousness of the incident, and some indication of underlying factors such as intent and knowledge.

3 Essentials for Nurturing a Positive Compliance Culture

Interactive Services

Within a workplace culture, employees share assumptions, attitudes, beliefs and values. Here are 3 effective tips for promoting a positive compliance culture in the workplace. That’s a scary statistic! Furthermore, they must clearly and effectively communicate those values so that workers feel aligned with those beliefs. It’s also crucial to translate your compliance policies into every-day behaviors and standards that employees can relate to.

The critical first step to building strong organizational DEI

CLO Magazine

However, in order for these programs to be effective, employees must be able to safely and authentically show up and feel safe at work. Grant adds that leaders should be dealing with their own unconscious bias because it’s going to show up in their behavior at work. “We

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Is Your Sexual Harassment Training Designed to Drive a Culture of Change?

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What these statistics indicate is that although many workplaces claim that they are trying to prevent sexual harassment, they are not doing enough to truly change their workplace culture. According to Laura Hanson, chief of staff of a state Senator in the Capitol, “The trainer encouraged people not to report unwanted advances, inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment, or risk being branded a whistleblower.”

Managing change in the era of digital transformation

CLO Magazine

Managing change more effectively has shot to the top of the priority list for many organizations, with 81 percent of respondents to the 2019 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey saying the 21st century will require a special focus on “leading through complexity and ambiguity.”. The need for effective change management isn’t new, either — humans have had to work together to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances for millennia.

Grow multicultural leaders with coaching, not just business English

CLO Magazine

Consider the numbers: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 1 in 5 workers in the U.S. And in his supervisory role, in which he provides direction to more junior employees (the “less powerful”), he displays a hierarchical mode of behavior that can come across as overly authoritative and even condescending, according to recent performance review feedback.

There Is No ‘I’ in Team When It Comes to Emotional Intelligence

CLO Magazine

Consider the larger question: Does team performance reflect the sum of knowledge, skills and attitudes of its individual members, or is something more complex happening at the team level? Through team processes such as communication, decision-making and collaboration, there is a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes that emerge only at the team level; it is non-existent within individuals. Caring behavior.

How to Make an Animated Explainer Video (Step-By-Step Guide)

TechSmith Camtasia

You want the person reading to reflect the right attitude for your company, product, or service. Camtasia is a great choice because it’s easy to learn and has features like Animations and Behaviors that make animating your graphics a snap. Use these tutorials to learn how you can use Animations, Behaviors, and other key features in your project, no matter what style of video you decided to make: Transitions and Annotations. Animations & Effects. Camtasia Behaviors.

Modern Sales Training: Turning Learning into Currency


The end goals and the logical outcomes of sales training, of course, are improved skill sets and broader knowledge that enable sellers to perform more effectively (i.e.

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Games Teach!

Kapp Notes

In his review of the literature, Hays eliminated 169 of the documents due to structural flaws, the use of opinion instead of statistics, and other research related flaws. Yet, he still concluded, and I quote directly from his research paper: … games can provide effective learning for a variety of learners for several different tasks (e.g., Although research has shown that some games can provide effective learning for a variety of learners for several different tasks (e.g.,

Teach 213

Games Teach!

Kapp Notes

In his review of the literature, Hays eliminated 169 of the documents due to structural flaws, the use of opinion instead of statistics, and other research related flaws. Yet, he still concluded, and I quote directly from his research paper: … games can provide effective learning for a variety of learners for several different tasks (e.g., Although research has shown that some games can provide effective learning for a variety of learners for several different tasks (e.g.,

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Employee Engagement Survey Questions: The Best 100 to Maximize Productivity


While you may think this part of the review process is just a formality, a look at industry statistics may convince you otherwise. This is easier said than done and the “once-a-year” formal review process just isn’t effective. These surveys measure employee views, attitudes and perceptions of their companies which are also referred to as climate surveys. Not only will you have their buy-in, but different department heads may want to understand different employee behavior.

Monetizing Leadership Development

CLO Magazine

Open with a sentence like this: “Effective leadership drives productivity, operating revenue, cost management and profitability.” Revenue-generating leadership is a function of analyzing market forces plus the organization’s culture and desired individual (leader) behaviors. Leadership is a complex phenomenon involving more than just individual behavior. What kinds of values, attitudes and beliefs do they want to see in their leaders?

Mobile Usage Habits of Today’s Corporate Learner

SHIFT eLearning

You have to know more about the habits, preferences and attitudes of mobile learners. This is a common behavior observed by a Nielsen report. The question is, how can we make these owners of multiple devices learn effectively? Basically, all this means eLearning professionals need to consider the learner’s context to create effective mobile courses. Additional Resources: 2013 Mobile Growth Statistics.

Why Adopt Mobile Learning For Online Training – 10 Questions Answered

EI Design

The change in learner attitude in terms of getting to know what they want to know clearly warrants adoption of the mobile learning approach. Consider the following statistics. It can also be used effectively to foster collaborative or social learning. Behavioral change. A careful evaluation of these aspects will help you create an effective mobile learning strategy.

Building Relationships While Onboarding


Focusing on the building of relationship rather than just the job-specific attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviors, puts the goal of building positive working relationships at the center of the new hire’s successful career trajectory as well as the well-being of the organization. The statistics in the infographic by TINYpulse illuminates the necessity for good onboarding practices.

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Google Wave - Twitter - eLearning Learning Best of October 2009

eLearning Learning Posts

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