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20 eLearning Blogs You Simply Have to Bookmark

eLearning Brothers

In our own, considered, humble opinion, we have an awesome blog that every eLearning professional should read. But sometimes we like to see what our colleagues are doing, which means taking a look at the multitude of eLearning knowledge that exists all over the web. Here are a few blogs that you simply must bookmark and read on a consistent basis: 1. Learning 24/7 Blog.

Balancing Personal and Organizational Blogging

David Kelly

photo from Kristina B [link]. I’ve been blogging for a number of years now. In addition to my personal blog, I’ve also written for other magazines and periodicals over the years, including the eLearning Guild Blog, TWIST. It’s part of the reason that the posts to my personal blog have been less frequent in the last couple of years.

Harnessing the Power of Mobile eLearning: A White Paper from the eLearning Guild

eLearning Brothers

The good people at the eLearning Guild have been hard at work on a 27-page report regarding the state of mobile eLearning and where it’s headed. years, and—as eLearning Guild points out—the “Draw Something” smartphone game which took only 50 days to gain widespread adoption. Mobile eLearning allows for a very similar experience on the job.

35+ ID & Elearning Blogs

Experiencing eLearning

One way I stay connected with the community and what’s happening in the field is by reading blogs by instructional designers, elearning professionals, and educators. I use Feedly for my RSS reader, but you can use other readers or subscribe via email. If you don’t want to subscribe to all these blogs individually, check out eLearning Learning. More Blogs.

City & Guilds Kineo Introduces EssentialsPlus


  "This new style of elearning is some of the very best we have evaluated.  It is an exemplary example of learning materials.making mobile learning a reality." David Patterson, Learning Light.

Top 5 Blog Sites on E-Learning Instructional Design

CommLab India

Check out these top 5 blog sites on e-learning instructional design that will help you in designing first-rate e-learning courses. 1. Click here to go through instructional design blogs. 3. Learnlets is a blog capturing Clark Quinn’s learning and serving as the official Quinnovation blog. Click here to read the best eLearning instructional design blogs. 5.

Have a cracking Christmas from City & Guilds Kineo


Christmas is the season for giving and this year we’re spreading some off the shelf elearning cheer. Five EssentialsPlus subscriptions will be jingling their way to five festive winners courtesy of the City & Guilds Kineo Elves.

Blogging about #DevLearn

Challenge to Learn

I will be leaving for Las Vegas in less than one hour, visiting the eLearning Guilds annual conference. will try to post a daily blog about my findings. I’m really looking forward to it, last year was great. devlearn e-Learning e-Learning authoring tool EasyGenerator elearningEnough to look forward to. Some figures. 6/43 – 28/82. Wednesday @ 1.15 PM).

Brain Rules for Learning: Who Knew? We All Did. | Social Learning Blog

Social Learning

Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Brain Rules for Learning: Who Knew? You might wonder why Dr. Medina was speaking at a conference for eLearning professionals until you see this last credit…He is also the director for the Brain Center for Applied Learning Research at Seattle Pacific University. Blog this!

Saying Good-bye to The eLearning Guild (but not leaving the Guild family)

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

On August 27th I begin the next chapter of my eLearning career. I am leaving the Training and Development industry's most important professional association, The eLearning Guild , to be part of a startup in the data center industry. But before I go into more about the new gig I want to use this blog post as opportunity to reflect on my time with The eLearning Guild, and why DevLearn 2012 is going to be AWESOME! And in 2006 I was speaking at another eLearning Guild event, between sessions, when I took the call that finalized my leaving Intel.

Games and Gamification: Research from the eLearning Guild

Knowledge Guru

Recently, the elearning Guild published a report by Brenda Enders discussing games and gamification for learning. Out of respect for the Guild and the work they have done compiling their report, I encourage you to read the full report if you would like to see the specific studies. The post Games and Gamification: Research from the eLearning Guild appeared first on.

Instructional Design and E-Learning Blogs

Experiencing eLearning

Back when I wrote my instructional design careers series in 2007, I was only aware of a few blogs by instructional designers. Since then, I’ve discovered a wealth of blogs by instructional designers, e-learning developers, and workplace learning specialists. Design for Learning is written by Natalie Laderas-Kilkenny, a former coworker of mine who blogs on education and technology. Tracy Hamilton writes Discovery through eLearning. In the Middle of the Curve is one of the first blogs I linked to, back in January 2007. Instructional Designers. learning.

City & Guilds Kineo’s new Safeguarding training makes quality compliance easy


City & Guilds Kineo has launched new training in 'Safeguarding young people from harm, abuse and exploitation’.  City & Guilds Kineo has responded with a high quality curriculum and complementary elearning that trainers can trust. All government funded training centres, including those in private companies, are now required by Ofsted to have proven safeguarding training. 

Exploring Social Learning and Smarter Working (eLearning Guild Webinar) #inttime

Learning Visions

These are my live blogged notes from today’s eLearning Guild Webinars with members of the Internet Time Alliance (ITA): Harold Jarche, Charles Jennings, Clark Quinn, Jane Hart, Jay Cross Exploring Social Learning and Smarter Working The questions for the session were sourced from the crowd. Dirty Words: Training, Learner, eLearning, Informal, Social, School, Learning What is the role of L&D specialists in working smarter? The people asked and ITA answers… Working Smarter – all the things it takes to get things done in organizations. Make work more fun!

City & Guild Kineo and clients recognised at 2015 Elearning Awards


City & Guilds Kineo is committed to innovation and creating strong partnerships with our clients. We are thrilled that this commitment has resulted in Barclays, TUI Travel, and one of our top designers taking home a prestigious Elearning Award at the 2015 Gala event on 25 November.

5 Ways Managers Can Encourage Staff To Do Professional Development Online

Web Courseworks

How To Encourage Informal Professional Development At Work In my previous blog post, I wrote about how workers and job seekers likely undervalue the benefits of free online learning and professional development opportunities. Of course, if the impetus for this eLearning trend is based on employer demand for cutting-edge skills, managers in content development and […]. eLearning blogs elearning elearning guild informal learning instructional design Web Courseworks

I’m Glad Millennials Scare Learning and Development

Association eLearning

The winners of ATD’s BEST awards and the eLearning Guild’s DemoFest are great examples. In many cases, the shift from classroom training toward blended learning and eLearning has just meant the learners can sit somewhere other than in a classroom while they endure a lecture or get pelted by bullet points. Curious about the ruckus, I did some research.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to The eLearning Guild!!!

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

The eLearning Guild turned 10 years old today. Help me wish everyone at The eLearning Guild a Happy Anniversary!!! You can tweet to @elearningguild or blog about your experiences. 2012 is sure to be a banner year, so renew your membership and stay connected with your colleagues in eLearning from around the world. Cheers

Recap of The eLearning Guild’s 2014 Learning Solutions Conference

E-learning Uncovered

Concurrent Session: Implementing Project Management Software for eLearning Production. Concurrent Session: Ten Lessons Learned: My First Year in eLearning. Morning Buzz: Managing eLearning Translation Projects. Check out my previous blog post on E-Learning Translation Tips if you’d like to see more. Morning Buzz: Starting a Freelance Career in eLearning. The post Recap of The eLearning Guild’s 2014 Learning Solutions Conference appeared first on E-Learning Uncovered. As usual, we had a great time. You can find his PPT presentation here. Pacific.

How We Use Social Media for Informal Learning

Bottom-Line Performance

We take turns finding interesting articles and curating them on the BLP blog. Since the topics are posted in our blog and we create a transcript of the chat afterwards, even people who prefer to absorb the content at a slower pace can access the information and benefit from the learning. Social Learning Social Media case study elearning guild social learning talktech

The Changing Face of Corporate L&D


These survey results of the UK Learning Trends Index (produced by GoodPractice in partnership with The Corporate eLearning Consortium, The Charities Learning Consortium, Reed Learning and INL Consultancy Work) gives a fresh view on the current state of L&D in UK today. Four Big Insights From ASTD 2014 : Check this blog post (by Shum Attygalle of Axonify Inc.) The result? Quotes.

The Best of eLearning in August 2015

Everything E-Learning

First off, “Template Tuesday” is a great name for a blog series, and I’m mad I didn’t think of it first. Second, this is a great Lectora template from the eLearning Brothers with easy customization options. eLearning Authoring: Taking the Next Step with xAPI. eLearning and the Internet of Things. Is the Internet of Things the next big trend in eLearning?

A Look Back at 9 Years of Blogging - Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 Welcome Thanks for stopping by Corporate eLearning Development. These are AMAZING days to be alive! I''ve met people from all over the world and have had the most amazing conversations all because I started this blog. At my first anniversary of blogging I felt like I had learned more than in my entire formalized education. forget about it. to vent.a

What I learned from eLearning Guild #DevLearn Conference 2013

Designed for Learning

eLearning Guild DevLearn Conference #devlearn wrapped a couple of weeks ago. backchannel #devlearn #learning elearning guild While I wasn''t there, considering that we are in an instant-sharing world , this physical absence was not a deterrent to my learning. Spot new opportunities and reinvent. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Embrace change and focus in. Failure and customer obsession are areas where you need to be revolutionary. Everything is personalized. Filter bubbles - you don''t know what you are not seeing. There are bigger unknowns. Ask: Is it awesome?

eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

Past years eLearning Conferences 2012 , eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. link] December 6-7, 2012 mLearning : Making Learning Mobile, offered by the eLearning Guild, online. link] January 24-25, 2013 eLearning Software : Productivity Tips and Secrets, organized by the eLearning Guild, offered online.

21 top elearning communities

Sponge UK

Join thousands of other L&D professionals who are learning from each other in these elearning communities. Elearning network. The eLearning Guild. eLearning Global Network. Elearning edge. Elearning heroes. eLearning Industry. Elearning. Innovation in Elearning. Elearning network. LinkedIn – eLearning Global Network.

eLearning Conferences 2012

Tony Karrer

Past years eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. The list focuses primarily on the use of eLearning, technology in educational settings and on teaching, learning, and educational administration. link] December 8-9, 2011 Lessons and Insights from Ten eLearning Masters , offered by the eLearning Guild, online.

Attending Conferences a Must

Web Courseworks

I was inspired recently after reading Thom Singer’s blog post :  “Five Reasons You Should Attend A Conference.” The two main eLearning organizations I recommend are eLearning Guild’s DevLearn (we are presenting in November) and ATD’s TechKnowledge. Networking—Get to know your clone, you may need their assistance. Here’s to seeing you at the next conference!

Could You Shock Your Learners With Interactive Video?


As a new Lead Learning Designer at City & Guilds Kineo, I’ve been lucky enough to be able look through our back catalogue of courses recently. One of the things that I think we do really well here is experiential elearning.

Could You Shock Your Learners With Interactive Video?


As a new Lead Learning Designer at City & Guilds Kineo, I’ve been lucky enough to be able look through our back catalogue of courses recently. One of the things that I think we do really well here is experiential elearning.

Top 25 websites for elearning tips

Sponge UK

Keep up with the latest trends or focus on specifics with these 25 elearning websites. Cut down on the browsing and focus on really beneficial resources with our list of 25 websites for elearning tips. Elearning Industry. eLearning Learning. Elearning Provocateur. Julian Stodd’s blog. Rapid eLearning | Adobe Captivate Blog. Elearning industry.

How I Blog: #DevLearn Bloggers

Learning Visions

DevLearn , that mecca of a eLearning conference, is coming up quickly! This year, we'll be running around the MGM Grand in Las Vegas from September 30-October 2, filling our heads with eLearning goodness. Read the full story over at Twist, the eLearning Guild's blog I'm honored to be a part of the #DevLearn Bloggers team.

City & Guild Kineo and clients recognised at 2015 Elearning Awards


City & Guilds Kineo is committed to innovation and creating strong partnerships with our clients. We are thrilled that this commitment has resulted in Barclays, TUI Travel, and one of our top designers taking home a prestigious Elearning Award at the 2015 Gala event on 25 November.

The Connected Educator: Building a Professional Learning Network

Allison Rossett

The information aggregation tools are used to collect and organize information from various resources (websites, podcasts, blogs). RSS readers allow educators to rapidly skim through hundreds of blog posts and articles to find the most relevant information to their practice. Blogs to Follow:  EduBlog Awards , 41 Blogs to Follow by Subject Area. Information Aggregation.