My Big Learning in 2007


The December Big Question on Learning Circuit asks what did you learn about learning in 2007′ . But, my learning curve in 2007 has shown a visible shift towards a more comprehensive understanding of graphic interface and how it enhances the learning experience.

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Learnlets » 2007 Reflections

Clark Quinn


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Aha Moments in 2007

Tony Karrer

I wanted to go back and figure out what things really struck me during 2007. The Big Question is back. December Big Question - What did you learn about learning? I'm going after this just a little bit different.

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Spring 2007 CAC

Kapp Notes

Our bi-annual Corporate Advisory Council has kicked off today. The first day is when companies present what they are doing and how they incorporating e-learning into their organizations. So we are blogcasting the event live as it happens so feel free to participate and join in the discussion.

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Spring 2007 CAC: NXLevel

Kapp Notes

Bob Christensen presented for NXLevel. He discussed their product called i-Prism which has been designed for the creation of e-learning with a great deal of flexibility and abilty to manage content and learning objects. The tool allows the inclusion of videos, quizzes and Flash animations.

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PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Over the next few weeks I will show you how to insert YouTube videos into PowerPoint 2007 (both with and without an internet connection) and PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac.   Insert YouTube Videos into PowerPoint 2007 with Internet.

Looking Back at 2007

Tony Karrer

In December 2006, I posted my challenges and predictions for 2007. Biggest challenges for 2007? I could answer this as the biggest challenges for Learning Professionals generally, and maybe I'll come back and do that, but for now, let me just write what I see as some of my bigger challenges in 2007. I found several very high quality developers at several levels in 2007. This continues to be a challenge, but I'm way ahead of where I was starting 2007.

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CAC Digest: 2007 Event

Kapp Notes

Here is a digest of the CAC links, both in the blog and on alumni blogs (a first), of the 2007 event. Twice every year our Department of Instructional Technology holds its capstone event. Our Corporate Advisory Council Event. Alumni and professionals from the field return to the Bloomsburg Campus to participate in the event.

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We're a Finalist - Edublog Awards 2007

Tony Karrer

The Edublog Awards just announced their finalists for 2007. Thanks to all of you for participating, talking, blogging, commenting, etc., helping me with ideas, nominating this blog as a finalist, and generally inspiring this. It was great to see the other finalists as well.

Spring 2007 CAC: Banker's Edge

Kapp Notes

Stacey Gawrys and Kevin Bennett from Banker's Edge. The presentation was about how to add simple games to compliance training in the financial industry which is highly conservative.

Spring 2007 CAC: Pal-Tech

Kapp Notes

Andy Pasternak from Pal-Tech presented on the topic of Learning Management Systems. The company focuses on the Federal government and providing learning solutions to those agencies.

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Spring CAC 2007: ESP Systems

Kapp Notes

ESP Systems create an innovative system to help servers and bus-people in a resturant know when customers want their check or want to clear the table. Drew Palmer explained how their system works and who they need to create e-learning for.

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Spring CAC 2007: Ardent Learning

Kapp Notes

A last minute "surprise" presentation at CAC, Sam Shahani asked if he could present even though the company was not on the Agenda, of course I said "yes" it is always great to have information shared and presented.

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Industry News: 2007 Predictions

Kapp Notes

Predictions for 2007 __ Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content GuideEvery year Lisa Neal over at eLearn Magazine collects predictions of more than a dozen thought leaders throughout the learning community. Check out this year's predictions and see if you agree. If you do, let me know, if not, what are your predictions?

PowerPoint 2007: Insert YouTube Videos, Part 2

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George Last week I showed you how to insert YouTube videos into a PowerPoint 2007 presentation, but in order for it to work you would need to be presenting on a computer with an internet connection.

Learnlets » What did I learn about learning in 2007?

Clark Quinn

Spring 2007 CAC: Black and Decker

Kapp Notes

Greg Walsh presented a presentation called "Going to the Dark Side: Out Sourcing e-Learning" He described the environment in which outsourcing takes place at Black and Decker and how his group transitioned from an internal group to primarily an external group.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Top Posts in 2007

Learning Visions

Monday, December 03, 2007 Top Posts in 2007 Snow is falling general over Massachusetts. Cammy Beans Learning Visions Musings on eLearning, instructional design and other training stuff. Its the kind of day here in New England when you turn inward and take stock of the past year.

2007 - Year of Enterprise Mashups?

Tony Karrer

I think that Dion is a bit aggressive in his prediction of prime-time adoption in 2007, but this is certainly a trend that we will all be seeing in the next couple of years. I just saw an article/post by Dion Hinchcliffe - Enterprise mashups get ready for prime-time. In it, he talks about various tools that are coming forward as a means to be able to pull applications together using mash-ups. I saw IBM's tool when I was moderating a Web 2.0 event in Los Angeles.

eLearning Trends 2007 and 2008

Tony Karrer

See also - Ten Predictions for eLearning 2008 I was talking with someone last night who asked me what some of the bigger eLearning Trends were. I told him about eLearning 2.0 and the move to DIY. But I also promised to point him to some of my posts that I thought would help him get a handle on the most important eLearning Trends going on today: eLearning Trend #1 - eLearning 2.0 - see What is eLearning 2.0? and eLearning 1.0 vs. 2.0

CAC: Fall 2007 Corporate Advisory Council Event ReCap

Kapp Notes

Twice a year corporate professionals from the fields of instructional technology, e-learning, and instructional design arrive in tiny Bloomsburg Pennsylvania to evaluate students in a our instructional technology graduate program.

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ASTD TechKnowledge 2007 - Opening Sessions

Tony Karrer

I'm at the opening session at ASTD TechKnowledge ( [link] ). I'll soon be doing a session on Blogging and Social Bookmarking for Personal and Group Learning. Tony Bingham, President of ASTD, is doing his introduction, and his content is: Web 2.0, personal learning, easy distribution of software (software as a service), video is here now, push to pull, teaching Gen Y (what he calls the netGeneration). What a great setup for my presentation. Thanks Tony.

Experiencing E-Learning » Daily Bookmarks 12/22/2007

Experiencing eLearning

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Experiencing E-Learning » Blogging & RSS: My Learning about Learning

Experiencing eLearning

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Spring 2007 CAC: The Phoenix Group and Xerox Corporation Presentation

Kapp Notes

Cliff Sobel from The Phoenix Group and James Knittel from Xerox presented a solution they jointly created and how they developed entertaining ways to get across information about their new products. Transferring knowledge that the sales reps from Xerox could use.

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PowerPoint 2007: Adding Voiceover Narration to Presentations Converted to Movies

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Last week I detailed how to turn a PowerPoint 2007 presentation into a movie that could be uploaded to popular video sharing sites like YouTube.  by AJ George.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: Troubleshooting Pasted Slides

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George  Here's the scenario: You are an eLearning developer and receive a PowerPoint presentation from another party (a client, colleague, SME, etc). You've decided to paste some of the slides into another PowerPoint presentation following your own finely crafted master layouts. After you do this, you notice the formatting didn't quite take. Perhaps the bullets are positioned incorrectly. Maybe the title is incorrectly formatted. The whole thing is a big ol' mess.

Learnlets » Blog stats 2007

Clark Quinn

Buzz words for 2007

Learning with e's

Running under the title of Schott's Alamanac , the Times newspaper today carries an article about all of the new buzz words that have supposedly been introduced in 2007 and suggests that these are the words that will define the year. But some of them go back a few years, so although they may now define 2007, some may actually also define the first few years of this century, I think. Tags: MySpace Apple Mac Nintendo Wii iPOD FaceBook 2007 Edubloggers Bebo

PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: Save a Presentation with Embedded Fonts

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

If you are using PowerPoint 2007, click the  Microsoft Office Button > Save As. by AJ George    When creating PowerPoint presentations and moving them from one computer to another, one area of concern is fonts. If you've used specific fonts within a presentation, the same fonts need to be installed on any computers that will open the presentation.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): 2007 edublog winners announced!

Mark Oehlert

» December 10, 2007 2007 edublog winners announced! Congrats to all the 2007 edublog award can find the whole list here. Posted by: Stephen Downes | December 12, 2007 at 06:14 PM The comments to this entry are closed.

PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: How to Turn an Image Into An Animated Puzzle

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ George  A recent  question in the Microsoft Office forums  inquired about the process of animating a picture in PowerPoint so that it came onto the slide piece by piece--like a puzzle.

Edublog awards 2007

Clive on Learning

Thanks to Tony Karrer for alerting me to the fact that this blog has been nominated for an edublog award in the elearning / corporate education category. How exciting. Anyway, if you like this blog, go the awards site and cast your vote. If you don't, vote for Tony or one of the others.

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Facebook as a Learning Platform

Tony Karrer

Facebook seems to be coming up everywhere the past few weeks. The most recent, which finally got me to post, was a Stephen Downes post - I'm Majoring in Facebook, How about You?

PowerPoint 2007: Adding Custom Animation to Ungrouped Chart Elements

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

About the author: AJ George , a cum laude graduate of Towson University is IconLogic's lead Technical Writer and author of the book " PowerPoint 2007: The Essentials." PowerPoint 2007: The Essentials is now shipping and will get you up and running in no time