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#40years of educational technology: Social media

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40years blogging education FaceBook folksonomies learning social media tagging Technology TwitterPrevious posts in this series tracked the development of educational technology over 40 years. I first started working in the field of educational technology in January 1976, at a time when technology was used more for teaching than it was for learning. Unported License.

Use Snagit 12 – Save Time and Stay Organized to Prepare for Taxes

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This is where Snagit’s tagging and organization features can help you prepare for taxes, this year and next. Tips & How To''s organize Snagit Snagit 12 Snagit library Snagit on Windows Snagit Stamps tagging tax prep taxes techsmith snagit Time Saver Yes, it’s that time of year again – time to gather all your receipts, mileage logs, interest statements, and more.

The changing Web

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tools include popular applications such as blogs, wikis and podcasting; social networking sites such as FaceBook and LinkedIn; photo and videosharing services such as Flickr and YouTube; familiar utilities such as RSS feeds, social tagging (e.g. wikis Folksonomy social networking podcasting education tagging RSS darwikianism learningYesterday's post can be found at this link. tools.

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Taxonomy 101 from an Association Learning Technology Perspective

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information about an object that people can use to search and locate that object) can add value, so it’s important to seek out an LMS solution with a proper minimum feature set to accommodate (and enhance) these types of tagging, filtering, and sorting operations. Association Learning Technology facets information visualization LMS metadata tagging taxonomy Technology

TONCHIDOT - Tagging the world - Extreme Mobile Learning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

At least they will be if TONCHIDOT can deliver on their promise of tagging the world. "Our Sekai Camera ("World Camera" in Japanese) is a real-world interface for the iPhone that connects real and virtual worlds, allowing anybody to create, experience and participate in both." QR codes are so yesterday. I can't even begin to tell you about this unbelievable technology. You've got to see it in this video below: The powerful learning potential of this technology is exactly what I've been hoping to see. But I thought we had at least another 5 years before I saw it.Â

5 Features That Define the Next Generation Social LMS

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should be tapped by providing convenience features such as forum tagging, bookmarking, and chat/blog exporting. Social learning has been in existence for ages now. Inherently, man’s basic desire is to observe, learn, and share. Today, social learning is more defined to the extent of being perceived as a formal concept. Truly Social. In short, the flexibility in learning should be encouraged!

Turbo Charge Scheduled Events in Your Learning Management System by Using Tags

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Making this tagging technique even more powerful is the ability to e-mail to learners the search string that generates the list of upcoming sessions : Dear learner, Click the link below to get a list of all the sessions we have scheduled for the month of August: [link]. When people think of tags, they automatically think of topic keywords. We hope you find these resources helpful.

Content creation

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Without organisation and tagging (the use of key descriptive words) such content is not searchable. video Personal Learning Environment blog PLE tagging content creation wiki podcast digital literacyOne of the most important digital literacies students require today is the ability to create appropriate content. There are many other ways to create content besides the blog of course.

New Features of Moodle 3.1 that Make it the Favorite of Learning Experts

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The latest version includes unique, user-requested features such as competency-based learning, assignment grading, easy retrieval of deleted files, enhanced tagging, improved course editing, and more. Tagging Enhancements. Tagging ensures your search is easy across the LMS. Let’s say, the standard collection of tags can be used for tagging courses. Competency Framework.

Is E-learning Content Repurposing The Answer To Effective Use Of Available Resources?


Striving to save every single learning object will be a waste of time and effort towards tagging each object within the learning content. With increased popularity of e-learning in the corporate world, it is a good idea to build in the scope of repurposing content, especially when creating custom e-learning content. These learning objects are then reused to create further learning content.

Snagit Training: The Essential Tips

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Snagit Training Tip #2: Tagging within the Snagit Library. By taking advantage of the power of Snagit’s tagging capabilities, you won’t have to recreate the wheel each time. Tagging the library helps you to easily find and share those captures that you deemed ‘just right’! The day I was introduced to Snagit , my world changed. Snagit Training Tip #1: Snagit Video. Found it!

High Tech Businesses Choose an LMS Fit for Purpose and Future Ready


As an example of their impact, a recent study showed that 88% of airports worldwide plan to implement self bag tagging by 2018. Do you enjoy traveling? When you haven’t been to the airport in a while it can be an exciting experience leading up to the flight. But then you arrive at the airport and the reality of travel beats you down. Some airports are worse than others.

Webinar Digest: Benefits of Cloud Authoring

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A tagging system helps to quickly find files. Last week was our first webinar of our Fall eLearning Thought Leader Series. Web Courseworks CEO, Dr. Jon Aleckson, and Dr. Paul Schneider, VP of Business Development at dominKnow, discussed the Benefits of Cloud Authoring. This, in turn, has created a line of new authoring tools available via the cloud. Coining the term cloud authoring.

Top 10 Tools for Learning

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I like what Harold Jarche did about tagging his list with the steps of his Seek-Sense-Share model for Personal Knowledge Mastery , so I’m adding that as well. Jane Hart compiles, every year, a list of the top 10 tools for learning. And, of course, it’s that time again, so here we go. In no particular order: 1. Word: I write most of my articles and books in Word. The outline feature is critical for me (and the main reason I haven’t switched to Pages, it’s just not industrial strength) in structuring my thoughts, and writing is one of the ways I think out loud.

100 free eLearning templates and images + 2015 updates


We finished tagging the 40,000+ images in the system. We rewrote the search algorithm from scratch to give better results based on the keyword tagging. It’s been an eventful year at eLearningArt, and for me, personally. Mostly, I’m excited about the birth of my son, Rowan Hardin Jones, on Dec 1, 2015. He just cracked his first smile last week, so life is good! Personal updates.

The Six Hats Of A Community Manager


This could mean anything from inculcating practices like tagging for searchability, helping users to fill out their profiles for findabilty, to manually connecting the nodes. Community Management is an evolving role and organizations are beginning to see the need for this role. In this post, I want to talk about the different hats that we need to don as community managers.

2016 Top Tools for Learning

Performance Learning Productivity

The tagging and search functionality is good. The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies’ 10th Anniversary ‘Top Tools for Learning’ Survey closes midday UK time on Friday 23 September 2016. Each year’s survey output is both extremely interesting and useful. If it’s too late, make sure you’ve marked up the action to contribute to next year’s survey.

Personalize Learning by Leveraging Geolocation In Mobiles – The Pokemon Way

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You know the sensation ‘Pokémon Go’ created using Geolocation and Time tagging. It’s not an impossible thing; you just need to have a mobile learning app with geolocation tagging. It is the finest example of how ‘augmented reality’ makes it possible to bring virtual things to the real world. Let’s check how! Learning Based on Location.

Creating avenues for On-Demand Learning in the Modern Workplace


A series of such courses can be created and made searchable on the learning management platform through meta-tagging. Learning at the workplace is a continuous process. While formal training also has a place, more and more organizations are aligning towards informal ways of organizational learning. We explore some of the challenges that they face and the ways of overcoming them.

The architecture of learning

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Social tagging for example, is becomes increasingly stronger as people populate it with content and links. Collaborative, shared online learning spaces such as wikis and discussion forums are characteristic meeting places where content is created and shared, and the community also organises and moderates it using specialised services such as aggregators, curators and tagging. Web 2.0

First Look and Opinion of Moodle 3.0


combines popularity with efficiency offering enhanced options for installing plugins, four new quiz question types, tagging and course editing improvements along with a number of other welcome features. If you haven’t seen, Moodle recently pushed out a new version (3.0) in November 2015. According to the official release page: Moodle 3.0 Drag and drop into text (i.e.

Instructor-Led Material Development Made Easy

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Using the tool’s extensive tagging capabilities, you can identify the lessons within a module and automatically generate a separate set of guides for each lesson. New post Instructor-Led Material Development Made Easy on Obsidian Learning. Challenges of ILT Development. Effective classroom-based instruction requires a combination of visual aids, instructor guides, and participant workbooks.

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Skills for Learning 2.0

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There are many tools available today that learners can use to harness the power of web based content, including aggregation, curation and tagging tools, all of which can simplify complexity and allow learners to gain a purchase on chaos. I have been thinking and writing about ' Learning 2.0 ' for some time now. from passive to active, from individual to social and from consumer to producer.

Coach’s Eye + TEAMS: Every Practice, Every Game, Every Time

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Inside of your team dashboard on your mobile device, you get access to robust tagging and organization tools so that you can keep your video library in order. Coach’s Eye + TEAMS is now available. In this post you’ll learn about this game changing team video solution. In a nutshell. Coach’s Eye + TEAMS is designed for coaches and athletes who need to collaborate through video. Breakdown.

Personal Mobile Mastery

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You’d have to have rich tagging around your calendar to signal what it is you’re doing for a system to be able to leverage that information, but I reckon we can get there if and when we want. A conversation with a colleague prompted a reflection. The topic was personal learning, and in looking for my intersections (beyond my love of meta-learning ), I looked at my books. The Revolution isn’t an obvious match, nor is games (though trust me, I could make them work ;), but a more obvious match was mlearning. Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Is there more?

Blended Learning: Not your Mother’s, Grandmother’s, or Possibly Even Older Sibling’s Training

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Make no mistake, today blended learning goes beyond merely tagging on a movie or performing a Web Quest on the internet. Blended learning is not new to training. Remember the days when you looked forward to field trips to the planetarium, hovering over a formaldehyde preserved frog with your lab team, or seeing the movie version of Lord of the Rings on a Friday afternoon? Fringe Benefits.

Tools of the trade

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Social tagging sites such as Diigo and Delicious can offer this kind of filing cabinet organisation, but so too can wikis and other collaborative tools, which would I imagine, raise the level of engagement and profiling of individuals who organised and shared their content in this manner. Yet she leaves blogs and other authoring tools to insert into the final quadrant, the Portfolio.

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10 Patterns of Interaction: Implementing Social Learning Strategies in eLearning


Tagging and keywording items, and even creating mashups, help promote natural patterns of interaction in an online learning environment. There are a multitude of interaction methods in an eLearning environment to promote social learning. Research has repeatedly indicated the enhanced productivity associated with social learning. But which strategy is the most effective? Tutoring Interaction.

The future of libraries?

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They were some of the first to deal with the issues involved in content organization, leading to information science, and their insight into tagging and finding is still influencing content architecture and engineering. I had lunch recently with Paul Signorelli , who’s active in helping libraries with digital literacy, and during the conversation he talked about his vision of the future of the library. What I heard was a vision of libraries moving beyond content to be about learning, and this had several facets I found thought-provoking. But it goes further.

Blogging as literacy

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Knowledge about tagging, RSS feeds, trackback and other blogging features will enhance the presence of the blogger online. The advent of the social web has given people everywhere a virtually limitless new territory to discover and explore. Content too is being prodigiously generated, remixed, organised and shared on an unprecedented scale. Unported License.

Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

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Used Ektron ( ) a content management system – which allowed search, tagging, RSS, links, blogs, polls, surveys. edmodo (originally developed for teachers and schools – includes grading features social go – sharing features, including video, blogging and works with Wordpress allow microblogging, profiles, groups, messaging, questions, polls, tagging, search Public social networks: Facebook LinkedIn Ning Yahoo Groups Google groups Some of these have member control and private groups Facebook the most accessed site in 2010! Draw knowledge from dealerships.

Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today

ID Reflections

This could mean anything from inculcating practices like tagging for searchability, helping users to fill out their profiles for findabilty, to manually connecting the nodes. When I read Rachel Happe’s (@rhappe ) post, The Emerging Career Path of Community Professionals , I was reminded of my older posts on community management and the skills required. Ambiguity will doom any change effort.

Tag It in Snagit: Improve Customer-Related Content Management in Sales

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Read on to learn a few ways you can use the tagging functionality in Snagit to stay organized and take back control of your day. . Tagging can be especially helpful in this scenario, considering experiments aren’t typically the top of the priority list. Ever been immersed in a project—really in the zone, and suddenly need to switch gears when the phone rings? Enter Snagit.

Digital Assets Creates New Role for L&D Pros: The Content Curator

ATD Learning Technologies

“Merely tagging an article does not create knowledge,” says Jarche. The volume of information being created is increasing faster than we can make sense of it. Think: blogs, email, wikis, communities of practice. Think: SharePoint, Pinterest, YouTube, Yammer. However, it also has led to information overload, confusion, and sometimes even anxiety. For whom? Who will curate?

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