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Geenio Update - Messages and Communication


The desire to communicate is something every creature on the planet has in common. Humans went one step further and invented words and languages. Talking to each other has become essential for learning about the world and the people

Is Your Communication Style at Work Effective?

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The post Is Your Communication Style at Work Effective? Communication at Work Communication Skills Training eLearning Workplace Communication communication at work communication styles at the office employee communication stylesIf you have worked with people for any amount of time, you’ve probably figured out by now that every person practically speaks their own language. You can look directly into the eye of two employees and ask them to handle the exact same task and one will get straight to work while the other will [.]. appeared first on.

Technical Communication: Don't Wordpass on Passwords

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Technical Communications Technology training by Megan Pitkin      During one of my recent Electronic Medical Records (EMR) classes, a student asked about best practices for creating a password. Many people use the same password for everything (and I mean everything. from accessing Facebook to logging into their online banking account). This is especially true in healthcare.

Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation

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And I find myself talking about collaboration and communication. So why do I talk about communication and collaboration? Because the vehicle for cooperation is communication, and so we not only need the impetus to contribute, but the skills. The post Collaboration, Communication, and Cooperation appeared first on Learnlets That does require cooperation, of course.

Improve Leader-Employee Communication, Improve Business

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Better communication is needed to ensure employees are working on tasks that deliver results. Behera said a two-pronged system of communication can prevent that kind of downward spiral. Without goal setting and effective communication of these goals, employees are forced to come up with their own, and they may not be on target. And today especially, that’s critical.

Technical Communications: Writer Challenges in Agile and Traditional Development Teams

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Technical communicators have historically faced several challenges when working on development teams. This three-part series discusses those challenges, and shows why agile can be the better approach for technical communicators. The business case for this model is simple and common sense: Being treated as a vital part of the team leads to increased communication with other team members, inclusion in essential meetings, and improved product knowledge-all of which contribute to better, more effective documentation and user support. by Alyssa Fox.

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Moodle's Advanced Features: Communicating in Moodle

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How to Communicate With Any Personality Type

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That’s a good thing because both the quiet, introspective introvert and the outgoing, assertive extrovert have their place to communicate in the work environment. One of the biggest issues in such a group will be communication—both your communication with team members, and their communication with each other. The managers who best manage change and lead highly effective teams are the ones who adjust their communications to their team members, especially when there is a mix of introverts and extroverts. Overcoming this challenge is worthwhile. They listen.

Communications for an LMS Implementation


These include an organized implementation plan, communication, and management buy-in. This blog will focus on strategic communications. We recommend three communication releases at minimum to cover the inception of the project, the midway point, and the blackout / go-live phase. One I like to add in is the Launch Day communication. What is an LMS? Why now? Launch Day.

Technical Communications: Writer Challenges in Agile and Traditional Development Teams, Part II

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For additional information about agile concepts, see Fiona Hanington's article, Can I Be an Agile Technical Communicator When My Team Is Not? Documentation Help Authoring Technical Communications by Alyssa Fox. Last week I introduced you to agile, an increasingly popular development method primarily used by software companies. This week I'm going to cover how agile helps you get more thorough and timely reviews of your documentation from the team. Getting Helpful Documentation Reviews. Note: This article was originally published earlier this year on the TechWhirl website.

10 Elements That Will Destroy Your Communication Skills Training

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Strong communication skills training can provide substantial benefits to organizations of all sizes. Unfortunately, training employees how to communicate professionally via email, telephone, social media and in person can be a great deal more difficult than it sounds. It also teaches trainees that sticking to one communication style is perfectly fine. A Lack of Relevance.

3 Tips to Ensure Impactful Compliance Communication

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According to an article by Lisa DiBenedetto in The Compliance & Ethics Blog , communication is an integral part of a compliance program. . What exactly is compliance communication? It is the way of communicating various factors about your organization’s compliance such as its importance, the penalty of breaching it, and more. Message. Targeted Audience .

Clarifying and Communicating Training Objectives


Aligning the objectives to desired outcomes and clearly communicating using the WIIFM (“what’s in it for me”) model allows HR and L&D professionals to speak directly to the learners by turning abstract concepts into real-life situations. Secondly, communicate clearly with training participants how their efforts – and achievements – will impact business objectives.

What Games Can Teach Us about “Communicating” with Learners

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Games, the authors of the paper state, “have shown that reducing demands on the user’s attention can aid performance; through the user of sound, speech, transient text (text that doesn’t require any user action), and subtle animation, games communicate in a calm manner that promotes a fluid, uninterrupted workflow. Here are some of the ideas. E-learning, not so much. Game

Communicating Company Goals in 2015

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You need an easier way to create, send and manage communications – and with ej4’s Thinkzoom, you have it. Check out this video below to learn how easy it is to communicate your company’s goals using Thinkzoom’s content creation tool: Realize your full potential and communicate your 2015 goals by using Thinkzoom. Start Your Free Trial Now.

[Infographic] Confessions of a Technical Communicator

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It’s predicted that by 2019, video will account for 80% of all internet traffic, up from 64% in 2014, according to Cisco , and that includes using video for technical communication. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, your end goal as a technical communicator is always the same: create engaging content. The most painful problem for technical communicators.

4 Reasons Why Visual Communication has a Big Impact

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So much so, that eighty-four percent of all marketing communication is predicted to be visual by 2018. To give you an idea, check out these stats about visual communication: . So, why the increase in visual communication? Content creators are figuring out that using visual communication is a much more impactful way to get your point across. One Billion GIFs!

3 Ways Learning Will Amplify Your Internal Communications


Everyone seems to be communicating about the lack of communication within the workplace without much success. It’s not surprising, internal communications may be one of the hardest things to learn and foster, especially in a business where you are dealing with hundreds of people who all have their own ideas and needs. But communication doesn’t have to be this daunting ordeal that continues to disrupt company harmony. Once you link communication to learning, and you have this foundation, then you build on it in order to help your company succeed.

Communication Basics Every eLearning Designer Should Know

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Human beings communicate with one another incessantly in different (and even unconscious) ways. You have to get so many things right to communicate effectively. If you are not speaking, then you are probably gesturing with your hands to get across your point. The tone of your voice and even the speed of which you speak conveys some message to the receiver. eLearning

EdTech Tools and Apps for Encouraging Communication and Interaction

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This week, we continue our series by diving deeper into communication and interaction tools and apps that will help you support your blended learning campaigns. Last week, we looked at knowledge and content EdTech tools and apps. Again, these are the tools and apps you use to reach your learners – via email, announcements, and any other outreach broadcast media in this toolbox compartment, along with discussion forums, chat , collaboration , and virtual classroom meeting tools and apps. At the core of each of these tools is functionality that enables us to talk to each other and share.

Graphic Design vs. Visual Communications for E-Learning

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This week, I have the pleasure to traveling to Philadelphia, PA to teach our two-day workshop on Visual Communications for E-Learning. Visual communications, graphic design, and visual design are all terms that get lumped together and used interchangeably. However, graphic design and visual communications for e-learning represent two very different types of design processes.

Video: New Learning Modality, New Communication Skills

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In essence, training videos present a whole new learning modality that requires new communication skills. Making the transition to using videos for learning isn’t always easy. And technology isn’t the only obstacle. This short video highlights a few of these new skills like how to draw storyboard and plan how pictures will interact with each other and the spoken words. If you want to learn how to shoot professional looking training videos, join me for the ATD Rapid Video Development for Learning Certificate at ATD TechKnowledge 2017 in Las Vegas. See you there

7 Must Have LMS Features: #1 - Communication Channels

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The LMS landscape enhances training effectiveness for organizations in various markets, if you know which features to look for — but with over 600 options in the LMS market, shopping for a new platform is no easy task. This is the first of 7 blogs in our series, Must Have LMS Features. LMS Learning Management Systems

Adobe Announces Technical Communication Suite 5

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Earlier this morning Adobe announced an update to its popular Technical Communication Suite. Acrobat Adobe Captivate Adobe FrameMaker Adobe Illustrator Adobe Presenter Adobe RoboHelp Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Captivate Documentation eLearning ePub FrameMaker Help Authoring Help Systems HTML5 Instructional Design Kindle Localization mLearning Photoshop PowerPoint Print Publishing/Desktop Publishing Responsive Layout RoboHelp TechComm Technical Communications Technology User Assistance   More information.

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3 Tips to Design Compliance Communication Plan [Infographic]

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Compliance communication is communicating the various factors of an organization’s compliance program such as its importance, the penalty of breaching it, etc. But it is not just enough for the organization to communicate the importance of compliance. Well, by following a few tips while designing the compliance communication plan. Excited to know the tips?

Learning communications – 5 warning signs to look out for

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Creating a communications plan is the first step to having a successful training roll out, but how can you tell if it’s not working? We’ve outlined the best way to create a communications plan in a previous post , now we’re going to explore the warning signs that can signal that your plan isn’t working. Improving impact

Draw and Talk Over Your Images to Communicate Clearer

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From classrooms to boardrooms, you’ll notice people using telestration to visually communicate their messages. The post Draw and Talk Over Your Images to Communicate Clearer appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Have you ever watched your local weather reporter draw a weather pattern on the screen? Or a sportscaster draw on-screen to analyze a sports play? Press the Stop button.

Non-verbal communication for online facilitators

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At the University I did communication studies as one of my subjects and I always liked non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication can by via posture, eyecontact, gestures, but also movement or appearance - for instance having long hair as a man - what message does that convey? Learn to read digital meta - communication. Meaning : he is nervous or unsure.

Communication and learning in a digital age

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Issue 5 considers Communication and Learning in a Digital Age , and features papers from a number of scholars in the field, including my own paper on current research perspectives on digital literacies. Image source Communication and learning in a digital age by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Should Leaders Communicate or Listen?

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Some leaders are great communicators, while others are excellent listeners. Which leadership skill is more vital: being a strong communicator or a great listener? The best leaders are innovative and inventive as they communicate and listen. With his stellar leadership, communication, business and marketing skills, Schultz used these three steps to grow Starbucks: Communicate a vision while listening to others to maximize buy-in, support and enthusiasm. Schultz is a skilled communicator who can convey a vision. Great leaders excel at both.

Four Ways to Communicate a Decision in Captivate

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We’ve put together four new branching scenario templates for Adobe Captivate that you can use to build a more versatile course for your learners, while teaching them how to communicate more effectively. The post Four Ways to Communicate a Decision in Captivate appeared first on eLearning Brothers. You’ve got a letter that demands immediate action! Social Media.

Free Technical Communicators Event in Boston and San Jose

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Attendees will be able to: Meet the Adobe FrameMaker, RoboHelp and the Technical Communication Suite product management teams. Learn how other customers leverage Adobe's technical communication solutions. Adobe's Technical Communication SuiteAdobe will host two free, full-day customer events at the Adobe offices in in Boston and San Jose for tech comm decision-makers, strategists and managers at enterprise-sized companies. Share feedback on the above-mentioned products and influence the future product roadmap. Boston, Mass.: Tuesday, Oct. San Jose, Calif.:

Key Leadership Skill Understanding the Three Levels of Communication

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Do you always communicate with complete openness and honesty with everyone in the organization you lead? It means using communication strategies that match the situation. Communicating effectively is complicated - how do you do it? I have found it helpful to understand three different levels of communication and use them in an intentional way. Level One– Evasive Communication. Most of the communication that takes place in this category actually has to do with lying. Yet evasive communication is not always bad. Most leaders think that way.

Controversy over Objectives - How to communicate objectives to your learners

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A challenge in the training industry is how to communicate this information to our target audience without creating a mind-numbingly dull introduction. We all know that objectives provide the foundation for training design and performance improvement. My advice: Don’t do it! read more